Kartra Review and Pricing 2021 : Pros, Cons & Helpful Breakdown( Top 5 Features of Kartra)

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1-Click transactions
Multiple price points
Ease of Use
Kartra Helpdesks


  • Lots of explanatory videos available
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Internal video hosting capability
  • Done-for-you campaigns
  • Best membership platform
  • Behavioral Adaptive Marketing (BAM)
  • Integrations & API
  • Kartra Marketplace
  • Automatically tag your buyers
  • Upsells, downsells and order bumps


  • Some beginners might feel expensive
  • No evergreen webinar feature (unless via integrations)

Kartra is one of top notch tool in the market to sell our online products and services and Kartra is 100% PCI and GDPR compliant. One of Kartra's biggest strengths is that it's equally geared to both beginners and advanced marketers. I would highly recommend to Try Kartra and see your business skyrocketing.

Price:$ 49

In this post, I have featured my trustworthy and honest Kartra Review 2021 that includes detailed insights of its features, pricing, support, CRM and more. What’s more, check Kartra Coupon to get up to 25% Off on Kartra now. 

So let’s get started here. 

Bottom Line: Kartra is more than a just shopping cart system, it is an all-in-one platform which includes email marketing, list building, web-hosting, business management and much more. Marketers can easily manage their business with it and so can you. Give Kartra a try and see it for yourself.

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Kartra Review - Pricing plan

Detailed Kartra Review

Basically, Kartra is a one-stop solution and an all-in-one online marketing platform. Here this platform actually helps you to create, market and launch your online business without even using third-party tools or by hiring someone. 

Kartra has everything in one place like email marketing, list building, web hosting, business management platform and many other important features as well. It’s a cloud-based software that means if you want to access it you do it by having an active internet connection and browser to login to the platform. 

Kartra testimonials

Kartra Review - Kartra

Kartra was founded by two well-known marketer names Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins. Also, these masterminds are behind the creation of a webinar service called WebinarJam. With the help of Kartra, they launched a high-quality platform

We can say Kartra is a set of essential business tools that one needs to run any kind of business, all accordingly integrated into a platform. Kartra is quite new to the marketing world. 

Basically, it is a page builder, sales funnel builder, and marketing automation platform. In other words, we can say that it is totally different from all other platforms. The approach which it follows is the whole package approach which differentiates it from all other platforms.

Kartra Product Demo

Kartra is a kind of all in one platform which provides several features to its users such as sales page landing page online courses email system payments and membership in one place only. It also helps in making the tracking of marketing goals easier. It also helps the managers to manage their work because it provides the work in one place.

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  • Storefront design tool-  it provides standard templates with an easy to use tools setup customize templates to showcase store brands and optimize the user experience.
  • Product visualization- it means that it has the ability to display and manage photos, 3D views and videos etc for each product.
  • Promotions and discounts- it contains features that allow administrators to set up promotions on sites also provide a time-based discount and enter coupon codes.
  • Shipping options- the shipping address can be selected only by checking the delivery time and the price. If not agreed with the shipping functionality then it may be transferred to a third party.
  • Integration to add on the tool- it is easy to integrate to or has pre-packaged integration to a wide variety of leading add on tools or software
  • Security- protection against fraud and malicious attacks is done by software with the appropriate tools and functions.  

Some other features are as follows:

  • Full-featured product carts
  • Email marketing with powerful automation
  • Rich opt-in forms builder
  • Complete affiliate management
  • Video hosting with pre and post CTA
  • Full help desk with live chat
  • Beautiful and high converting marketing pages and landing pages

Products of Kartra:

Kartra testimonials

Kartra funnel & Campaigns:

 Kartra helps in building the sales funnel with the help of drag and drop options. Any object can be dropped into a canvas by them and makes the creation of sales funnel.

Any page created with Kartra pages can be connected to the multifaceted funnel flow you need and easily create. He also comes with a sequencer. An open interface Drag and drop your marketing genius directly into a reality that brings you money.

Kartra Review - Kartra Funnel

The best feature is that it has an IF and THEN function. Define a set of rules to control your marketing strategy and master all possible scenarios for your company to increase the number of customers easily with Kartra. 

Simply take advantage of Kartra Mail in order to easily and effortlessly integrate advanced email sequences into your campaign.

Kartra Funnels & Campaigns

You can also make a lead brand. Simply define the profile of your potential customers as they pass through their funnels and subdivide them into specific laser subgroups.

With Kartra, you can easily connect and play campaigns. Here, Kartra offers predefined marketing campaigns designed by top-level marketing specialists. And you can use it to create more profitable campaigns.


  • It provides advanced features for the products such as testimonials, calls to actions, countdown timers, etc
  • It is easy to make a funnel by the drag and drop option provided
  • The clear picture of the journey of customers can easily identify by tracking the flow of funnels
  • It also offers split tests to optimize open rates and conversions.


  • As there are no instructions on the page so it was difficult to know whether the users need to link step with a yellow arrow

Kartra Emails

With Kartra a user can create email campaigns and email broadcasts easily. To create an email in Kartra made it easy by few tools such as, header images, testimonials, buttons, videos, and calls, etc. 

With Kartra you can enable various automation based on the behavior of your recipients. For example, automatically send a tracking message if you have not opened the previous email and assign them a tag by clicking on the link and adding several items in a row.

Kartra Emails


Kartra Mail also comes with a smart division test. Here Kartra can easily test the content and themes (subject lines) of your email, track conversions and finally choose the version that best converts automatically and much more.

Choose from a selection of exceptional models and components designed by experts, including hero sections, content blocks, countdowns, testimonials, video thumbnails and more. Simply drag and drop your emails, copy them, paste them and enter them in seconds. Everything is drag and drop and super easy.


  • The templates can easily be saved by the users
  • The emails can be easily customized with custom header, images, and fonts
  • Ability to broadcast with several categories
  • Segmentation of email lists in order to provide tailored communication based on their behavior.


  • It has a logo on every page at the bottom which leads to many of deals damaged because the customers think that Kartra put its own brand name without knowing customers interest 

Kartra Checkouts:

Kartra has various kinds of categories of payments and products which can help the user to create a product with different variations to suit any type of product, which includes ebooks, online courses, and others. 

This feature of Kartra has actually various price levels, there are now several prices and different payment methods available for each product: individual, recurring or in installments. Define everything you want for each price plan.

Kartra Review - Kartra CheckOut


Now you can just make your products irresistible with excellent product pages. Then, their customers are forced to buy beautiful boxes optimized by their marketing experts.

A one-click transaction option is also available with this feature.  Kartra reminds previous users and customers, as soon as your customer visits your payment page, everything is complete and you can click on the “confirm order” button, which is very impressive.

Kartra Sales & Analytics


  • It provides a one-time payment with recurring payment or a limited number of installments
  • Tags can be easily created and specific communications of the tags can be delivered
  • It is very easy to understand how the use of products of kartra is done


  • For creating a product several steps to be followed

Kartra Page Builder- 

Kartra comes with a page builder. Here the pages are organized in a way that a user arranges its own pages into various categories. It becomes easier for the user to identify any page of any category.

It is one of the best and reliable page creator by drag and drop or page creator with hundreds of professionally designed templates. This platform provides maximum flexibility and 100% mobile responsive pages.

Hundreds of pages and section templates are available in Kartra. Its professional designers have created more than 500 pages and section templates. All you have to do is navigate and select the one you want to use

Kartra Review - Kartra PageBuilders

All available customization options, such as If you want to resize an image or something else, you can do so with Kartra. Simply change the position of two elements or do what you want to make your website attractive and attractive.

Perfect integration in the Kartra ecosystem. Everything is connected and integrated with Kartra. You can even add a member page in Kartra. Everything can be done. You can build pages simply by dragging and dropping elements. 


  • The page builder can easily be used.
  • The drag and drop option can be used on the page
  • Videos can also be added on the page by using youtube channel or Kartra
  • Sales pages can easily be created and also linked with the check out pages


  • It does not label the font or line-height of the text
  • The content is not saved automatically. If the browser gets disconnected it gives rise to an issue.
  • Every time what a user creates is he needs to fill a form and go through with a series of steps

Kartra courses and membership- 

Kartra is the best platform to deliver courses or memberships. It also has its own membership portal management system for delivering courses and memberships. It has the ability to make the delivery of products easily as well as managing of content.

Offer your customers a first-class experience with Kartra. In this way, Kartra Memberships is a feature-rich portal that allows you to organize and share your content with your customers easily and effortlessly.

Whether you are looking to create a training class, a private community section or even a TOC on multiple topics, the Kartra Membership option makes it easy for you.

Kartra Review - Kartra Membership

With Kartra memberships, you can easily create a membership platform, while ensuring that the entire user experience is simple for you and your users.

Kartra Memberships Analytics

The Kartra option also has a drag and drop interface. Instantly create your subscription with a modular interface. Simply select, drag and drop and go.


  • With the help of this, the user can also show the list of their courses
  • By using the categories option in sidebar users can manage and organize the courses into modules
  • It also provides content styles such as text, audio, videos etc  which can be used with the drag and drop option 


  • It provides a limited number of styles to select from. The membership builder does not have such features as compared to page builder

Who is Kartra for?

Kartra is an all-one marketing automation platform that one can use to build a profitable online business. It is a perfect option for: 

  • Entrepreneurs who already have a product idea as well as existing audience
  • The heavy influence of social media can send people directly from social into their funnels. 
  • People who don’t want to blog daily and wanted to refuse the traffic on funnels
  • Who gets frustrated with a tech of tying together tons of different system
  • People who want to sell their own funnels for additional value
  • People who want to focus on actual marketing customer service
  • Agencies who want to work for local businesses expand their product selection into digital products. Kartra provides them single service that can handle all the important functions

Kartra Integrations

Without a doubt, Kartra also connects to the platform. Simply connect Kartra to many of the platforms you know and use for your business, including many payment gateways, membership platforms, email marketing platforms, SMS, Zapier and more. Best of all, they also add many other platforms. 

Kartra Review - Kartra Integration

Pricing Plans Of Kartra:

It is a kind of platform which includes modules for most marketing automation tasks which includes email autoresponder, sales funnel builder and a lot of things are included in the pricing. It also helps the users to save the unwanted expenses. The pricing patterns are as follows:

Kartra Review - Pricing Plan

  • Starter plan-  It comes at $99 per month and also includes contacts upto 2500,15000 emails per month, 20 products, 100 pages created, 2 helpdesk portals, 1 custom domain, 20 dynamic follow up, unlimited page visiting, 50 GB bandwidth per month, 2 membership sites and also 100 automatics.
  • Silver plan-  It comes at per month and also includes contacts up to 12500,125000 emails per month, unlimited products, unlimited pages created, unlimited helpdesk portals, 3 custom domain, unlimited dynamic follow up, unlimited page visiting, 125GB bandwidth per month, unlimited membership sites and also unlimited automatics.
  • Golden plan-  It comes at per month and also includes contacts up to 25000,250000 emails per month, unlimited products, unlimited pages created, unlimited helpdesk portals, 5 custom domain, unlimited dynamic follow up, unlimited page visiting, 200 GB bandwidth per month, unlimited membership sites and also unlimited automatics.
  • Diamond plan-  It comes at $699 per month and also includes contacts up to 100000,1000000 emails per month, unlimited products, unlimited pages created, unlimited helpdesk portals, 10 custom domain, unlimited dynamic follow up, unlimited page visiting, 600 GB bandwidth per month, unlimited membership sites and also unlimited automatics.
  • Platinum plan- It comes at $499 per month and also includes contacts up to 50000,500000 emails per month, unlimited products, 100 pages created, unlimited helpdesk portals, 10 custom domain, unlimited dynamic follow up, unlimited page visiting, 500 GB bandwidth per month, unlimited membership sites and also unlimited automatics.

Why should you prefer Kartra over other platforms?

Kartra not only provides you with a complete set of integrated sales and marketing tools that help you easily create your emails, pages, registration forms, orders, and sales funnels.

Here, Kartra also offers complete and ready-to-use sales funnels, designed and written by respected Internet marketing professionals, which can be customized and activated in minutes, and may not be usable on other platforms. forms with said rate plan.

Kartra also offers you a complete set of impressive ready-to-use design templates that allow you to create new emails, pages, cash payments, registration forms and more. Best of all, these models are fully customizable and perfect for all screen sizes.

Thanks to the ease of use of Kartra and the marketing resources it has developed for you, Kartra allows you to start all your online activities in just a few hours with a little more effort. With Kartra, you don’t have to use other tools in the market to increase your company’s income and more.

Pros & Cons Of Kartra:

  • Extensive support for new users- the foremost advantage of Kartra is the enrolment process. It provides a support portal and academy training platform in order to get the answers to the questions which helps the users to get their query resolved easily and quickly. When a user becomes a member of Kartra then he has to register to an extensive training program
  • More pricing packagesit does not only offers pre-built funnel templates but also offers pre-built sections that allow the customers to easily get mixed with different components and more customization to users. This will also help them to create something which will fully represent their brand. It also provides a professional and clean vibe that their marketing funnels have.
  • Affiliate marketplaceit offers an affiliate marketplace which helps the users to browse marketplace depending on their interest and businesses. The users can also earn money by promoting the other products of other users and can earn a commission. It means they are not limited to their products they can expand their income anyway. They can select and product or service of their own interest there is no such boundations related to product selection.
  • Unlimited customization- this system helps the customers to promote the fact that users need more money to be more successful. It also guarantees more leads by making the purchase of higher packs. The main purpose behind Kartra was to offer a variety of marketing tools at a reasonable cost. Starting up plan or basic provides access to users for all its features which definitely does not mean that users need to get access to the functions by paying more amount


  •  Do not educate much- it does not provide much training to the users. It also offers limitations for integration options and webinar services. As it does not provide much information so the users have to go through some of the tutorials before starting the platform.
  • Pay more as grow- it does not favor the growth of any business. It is just because the users have to pay $1 for the testing of software. Whereas users have to pay more to their visitor’s contacts or funnels to grow more. For this, they need more membership sites and emails etc for the visitors 
  • Technical terms- it also helps the users to manage their business significantly but there some technical errors arise which may be difficult for an average person to understand.
  • Sales oriented service- it is a kind of business management tool and therefore does not have essential depth tools for sales-oriented services.

Kartra Testimonials By Customers

Kartra Testimonials

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Conclusion: Kartra Review 2021 | Should You Go For It??

Kartra is a one-stop solution if you want to build and grow your online business easily and effortlessly. The pricing is also flexible and affordable when compared to other platforms in the market. 

If you’re one of them looking for an easy-to-use business solution that offers better features then you should go with Kartra as it will be easy to navigate and understand its features as well. You can check them out here.

Connect with them on their social media handles such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.

Kartra 1: How To Use Kartra - An Overview

It also offers Kartra university for its user’s so that you can get familiar with their platform quickly and make most out of it. 

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