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Overall Verdict

Preply is an online educational network that links language students and instructors worldwide for online one-on-one sessions.

Out of 10


  • The number of instructors accessible is enormous.
  • Booking system that is simple to use.
  • Tutors are very reasonably priced.
  • It's simple to locate tutors.
  • Lessons on trial are offered.


  • There is no possibility to schedule individual lessons.


Price: $ 5

I’ve devoted my Preply review and also I will share share Preply student discount code to be as thorough and candid as possible to demonstrate the platform’s real benefits and drawbacks.

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When I study a language alone, I’ve always found that my studies unintentionally get dominated by input learning techniques. I sit at my desk and study textbooks, review flashcards, and watch programs in my Target Language without subtitles. It’s simple to sit down and consume a large amount of anime daily. However, that is a substantial amount of usage.

However, when it comes to output, speaking the language and using it in real-world circumstances may boost your language skills. It’s simple to sit down and study from books; it’s far more difficult to place yourself in a position where speaking your target language becomes essential.

Naturally, this is much easier to do when studying abroad, which is often what I suggest… However, hopping on a plane and traveling to the nation of your TL to gain full absorption is not always simple.

Rather than that, it is often much more convenient to just connect with an online private teacher. You may immerse yourself in your Target Language’s culture and practice from the comfort of your own home. It’s even better when you feel at ease with your teacher before your first session with them.

This review will cover every aspect of Preply and get you up to speed if you’ve never used it before. For those who are more acquainted with it, maybe I can throw some light on some of Preply’s more obscure aspects. Naturally, I’ll be sharing my personal experiences and candid views on the platform.

What Is Preply? Is Preply offering any Discount Coupons today?

Preply is an online educational network that links language students and instructors worldwide for online one-on-one sessions.

Preply began in 2012 as an online marketplace for SAT and ACT tuition. In 2013, the company expanded worldwide and rebranded its marketplace as an online language teaching platform. As of 2021, Preply’s tutor roster has grown to 49,000 and the number of offered courses (including languages) reached 100.

What Is Preply?

Preply now has a sizable number of tutors, and that number is increasing quickly. Finding a good teacher for whatever subject/language you want to practice is a snap with such a wide pool of tutors. I was able to locate a teacher within minutes using Preply’s straightforward Search engine.

Preply is not a teaching organization. It simply serves as a conduit, providing you with access to its massive database of online instructors. You may read each tutor’s profile, view their introductory videos, and sort them by price, rating, specialization, and availability, among other criteria.

Preply serves as a mediator between you and the tutor, ensuring that everything runs well. The tutor is paid by the student, and the tutor provides the lesson. Lessons are then delivered via Preply’s Space platform. Students are entitled to a full refund if the instructor fails to deliver or delivers the session below an acceptable standard.

As a result, instructors on Preply are reliant on good student evaluations, which means that providing reliable, high-quality sessions is critical for them. This is comparable to the functionality of other systems such as Italki.

How Does Preply Work?

How Does Preply Work?online tutor

Each Preply instructor has a unique profile that details their experience, expertise, teaching style, and hourly fee. Most also provide a little video clip that allows you to get to know them better before enrolling in a session.

Students may browse instructor listings for their preferred topics and utilize the profiles to narrow down their choices.

Once a student has chosen a tutor, they may schedule a trial class, which typically lasts an hour. Following the trial class, students must purchase tutoring packages of 5, 10, 15, or 20 hours. Preply handles all reservations and payments, making it a one-stop-shop for everything.

Another fantastic feature of Preply is the ability to locate a tutor in your neighborhood. If you’re not a fan of online learning, you may explore the market for a tutor in your area who might be willing to meet in person.

To provide you with an up-to-date, accurate, and honest evaluation, I enrolled in a couple of Preply courses. As an intermediate-level Russian speaker, I sought native speakers who were comfortable and experienced teaching adult speakers.

I was astonished to see an abundance of instructors, offering a variety of services beginning at about $5 an hour. Each instructor has a little video introduction on the site, which I found to be the most helpful tool for finding the appropriate teacher for me.

Finally, I decided on a woman named Yana. Preply’s internal messaging system made it very simple to communicate with my instructor and discuss my expectations for my first session. I was able to see Yana’s availability schedule and book my trial session with a single click of a button.

The connection was excellent through Skype, and Yana shared her screen on Preply to walk me through any materials she had prepared for the class.

While I found online teaching rather uncomfortable, Yana made it very simple and comfortable. Indeed, the whole procedure, from signing up for Preply to getting the lesson, was very straightforward.

 How To Book A Lesson With Preply?

 How To Book A Lesson With Preply?

 It’s simple to schedule a session with a tutor! I’m here to schedule a session with a Japanese instructor. Any new tutor’s first session is usually a trial lesson.

The trial lesson is a single 60-minute session that is completely refunded (or transferable, your option) if you are even the tiniest bit dissatisfied.

Simply choose the time and date that work best for you. Following that, you’ll be asked to complete a brief preliminary questionnaire. It will elicit information about your reasons for learning a language and your objectives. These are intended to assist the tutor in planning your session, but as you can see, the choices are very restricted.

 Within 15 minutes of making my booking, my tutor messaged me, which was a nice surprise. They enquired more about my desires, my present level of language ability, and my objectives. I like this kind of connection because it demonstrates that my instructor cares about me and wants to give me the best lesson possible.

After purchasing your lesson(s), you may access them, as well as any other future lessons, through the My Lessons page.

 If you ever need to cancel a session for any reason, you may do so for free up to four hours before the class is scheduled to begin. It is important to remember that if there are fewer than four hours left before the start of your bought session, you will not be eligible for a refund. You may still cancel your class, but you will be charged for it as if you had taken it.

 Preply is primarily focused on giving educational assistance and courses to individuals who reside in distant locations. Having said that, the platform may be an excellent resource for anybody interested in expanding their knowledge of a topic or talent.

 Preply is often criticized for being feature-limited in comparison to rivals such as Italki. Preply succeeds at what it does: it connects students with instructors.

They guarantee that scheduling and payment go smoothly and that students enjoy their sessions. Then, provide a place for the student and tutor to meet online. I believe several Preply features are often neglected.

 If you’re too busy or unsure how to locate a good teacher, you may request a private tutor through the main website. Preply will then do the necessary research and connect you with a tutor who meets your specifications and demands. You may also request on behalf of another person, such as a friend or kid.

 Haven’t tried it personally, but you may input as many details as you like in a personal tutor. You may provide a pricing range and any special needs you may have, for example. On paper, this seems to be an excellent tool that saves you time and effort.

Because you’re just making a request, you may choose whether or not to work with Preply’s recommended instructor. I’d still read their reviews and watch their video before making a purchase!

Is Preply a legitimate company? We’d answer affirmatively. Preply’s extensive topic list and a large network of instructors set the business apart.

Benefits of Preply

Consider the following primary benefits:

1. Genuine and certified instructors: 

They have a manual procedure in which they authenticate instructors’ identities by double-checking them.

2. Incredible Dashboard: 

Preply Enterprise provides customers with access to a dashboard that enables them to monitor their team’s progress.

3. Specifically made Programs: 

Additionally, Preply Enterprise is a specific program inside the platform. This is a program designed specifically for business, team, and organizational language training.

4. Very easy to use: 

Fortunately, Preply has an easy-to-use feature that enables you to arrange lessons with a teacher in your timezone at a time that is convenient for you.

5. Best for studying overseas: 

Unlike many of its rivals, the site has instructors that can assist you with both conversational and business language. Numerous Preply language courses reviews indicate that this is particularly beneficial for anybody studying a language to go overseas for employment.

6. Uses Skype:

Skype is the ideal platform for lessons.

7. Suggests the best instructors using AI: 

Preply differentiates itself significantly from the competition by using machine learning and algorithms to suggest the best appropriate instructors for each customer.

8. Accurate Results:

The site’s search results are extremely accurate. Users may complete a comprehensive form that contains information about anything from the location to the topic.

9. A lot of Subjects and content offered: 

They provide instruction in almost 40 subjects, including 27 languages. While many of the courses focus on academic topics and programming, some focus on interests such as music.

10. A lot of instructors available:

Preply now has over 47, 000 instructors enrolled.

Preply Pricing


 Each instructor on Preply charges a different rate, ranging from as low as $ 5 to $ 40 per hour. While tutors are free to establish their prices, rates are often determined by the tutor’s unique expertise, credentials, and ratings. I discovered that the typical price range established by instructors is between $ 10 and $ 15 per hour.

In my experience, a tutor’s cheap price does not always indicate a poor-quality instructor. The same is true when a tutor’s fees are excessive.

Due to tutors’ full flexibility to establish their rates, evaluating them only based on price is not a reliable method to determine a tutor’s competence.

Rather than that, you’ll want to adjust your budget using the slider and then use filters to show instructors within your budget. From there, you may research each instructor, read their profile, read student evaluations, and most importantly, watch their introductory video!

Then, use the sample lesson to see whether or not the instructor is a suitable match for you. If the session and/or instructor do not live up to your expectations, you are entitled to a complete refund.

One feature I like is the ability to see prices and make payments in a broad range of currencies. This eliminates the hassle of manually converting currencies to determine the cost of each instructor. They may not accept all currencies, however, having the option of which currency to pay in is very good.

Customer Service at Preply

Preply’s customer support is available exclusively through live chat and email. At the time of writing, Preply is not reachable by phone or video call.

A light blue circle is located in the bottom right corner of your screen. When you click on it, the chat function will appear. There, you may immediately contact Preply with any issues or concerns. I called them once and received a response within less than an hour, despite the two-day stated wait time. Preply’s chat function is not available 24/7, and you’ll need to verify their operating hours (which vary by country)

Additionally, they guided how to use the platform, tutoring advice, as well as learning resources for students, and suggestions on how to locate a decent instructor. Additionally, they offer language-specific FAQs, which may be beneficial if you’re unfamiliar with the language. It’s an excellent introduction to the language (and its country) you’re interested in studying. 

Pros & Cons 


  • Lessons on trial are offered.
  • Finding instructors with a timetable that works for you is simple.
  • Booking system that is simple to use.
  • Tutors are very reasonably priced.
  • It’s simple to locate tutors.
  • The number of instructors accessible is enormous.


  • At first, tutors earn a hefty commission.
  • There is no possibility to schedule individual lessons.
  • Trial lessons are not compensated.

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FAQs | Preply Review

👉Is Preply a safe website?

Indeed, it is. Preply makes a concerted effort to keep its website secure for both students and instructors. If you are concerned about providing personal information with an internet business, an identity theft service may assist you in feeling more secure.

🤩Does Preply use Skype?

Yes, Preply makes use of Skype for video conferencing. As a result, this will also be the location of instruction. Users like this since the software is free and easily available.

😮How many tutoring hours are recommended?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to schooling. The number of hours required is determined by your knowledge and experience, as well as the tutor's style and area of expertise. It is suggested that you discuss this with the instructor you are considering hiring.

🙋‍♀️How useful is Preply?

It is a very effective metric since it is based on what users say about the site. Preply evaluations are generally favorable. Both consumers and instructors have benefited from the platform.

Conclusion | Preply Review 2023

 If you’re new to language study, it’s critical to talk with a native speaker. Preply simplifies the process of locating, scheduling, and connecting with another human person. It’s a great tool for locating a language teacher, and I strongly suggest it.

Investing in a private teacher is one of the most effective methods to improve your language skills. It fills a need in many other language learning tools – speaking practice with a genuine human being.

 The ability to pose queries in real-time to a native speaker and get an instant response is very useful. Having said that, I still like to combine this kind of study with a private study technique that allows me to develop at my speed.

Preply will provide an online language instructor for individuals in need. Instruction is offered in 27 languages, and the platform has a large enough instructor pool that you will almost certainly find a teacher that matches your budget and learning style.

 If you’re looking for a more robust platform with more capabilities, you may want to seek elsewhere, since Preply’s extras are almost non-existent.

You may alternatively opt to support a platform that does not charge its instructors such hefty commissions. Preply is worth considering regardless of your choice.

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