SamCart vs Kartra 2022 | Which Will Work For You? (#1 Reason)

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Are you looking for a definitive guide for SamCart vs Kartra? You have landed at the right place, I bring to you the detailed comparison between these two similar yet different tools. By the end of the article, you will be able to make up your mind between these two for sure.

All the digital marketers out there who want to run their online business and earn profits effectively must be aware of the many marketing tools available on the market. You can either use these tools effectively or hire a developer to do this task for you. Hiring a professional will add to the overhead costs, so the ideal option is to use one of the many useful and efficient marketing tools.

Choosing the best tool for business, which can help you with conversions and earning profits can be an overwhelming task. You require a tool that is easy to use, is simple, and does not require you to have technical knowledge. These tools will enable you to concentrate on your business’ growth and relieve you from other tasks, like content creation, website building, marketing, copywriting, attracting traffic to the site, sales closing, etc.

The business works on numbers, higher the conversions more successful is the business. The marketing tools help you save time, get rid of the technical jargon, and optimize sales with the help of the checkout page tools. They also ease the journey of the customers on your website and give them a positive experience.

In this article, we will compare the two powerful checkout page tools – SamCart and Kartra. These tools help optimize the checkout pages of your websites because this is a critical page that makes or breaks a business.

Overview of SamCart vs Kartra 2022 | The Ultimate Comparison?

Overview SamCart

SamCart is a handy, third-party checkout page tool designed by Scott Moran and Brian Moran, which offers impressive features that help boost sales, checkout experience, and determine how sales and page funnels work. These sales pages deliver higher conversion rates.

This checkout platform is web-based and ideal for business owners or entrepreneurs who do not hold any technical knowledge. It offers incredible checkout templates that are optimized for conversion, one-click upsell, payment plan capabilities, and order bump.

 SamCart vs Kartra- Samcart

Thus, online businesses can sell their products quickly. SamCart will do everything for you as soon as you plug it in. You just have to create an account to register, edit the settings, connect a payment processor, and finally create your product page. The eCommerce checkout pages created by SamCart are superb and boost sales.

Overview Kartra

Kartra is an all-in-one checkout software, designed by Genesis Digital, whose founders are Everwebinar and WebinarJam – the two dominant webinar automation and webinar tools, respectively. You can check our Kartra Coupon to avail Kartra Discount offer without any hassles.

This multi-use tool enables managing email campaigns, checkout, site builders, membership portals, and other critical business facets. It achieves this by incorporating different tools which serve the purpose of email marketing campaign platform, marketing automation platform to create and build sales funnels, affiliate management system, page builders like sales pages, landing pages, squeeze pages, etc.

 SamCart vs Kartra- Kartra

Thus, Kartra is a one-stop solution for all your marketing needs as it eliminates the need for subscribing to multiple other tools, which can be time-consuming and annoying. It also offers vital tools for sales conversions and gives everything under one roof to the digital marketer. We have even compared Kartra with other platforms such as Infusionsoft aka Keap. Check out our detailed comparison here —

Purpose of SamCart vs Kartra


Anyone who wants to sell digital or physical goods, seminars, or events, etc.  online can use SamCart. It is ideal for beginners and SMEs as it can be easily set-up. They can simplify their checkout process and boost conversions and revenues.

Even if you have a lot of products to sell, SamCart gives you the option to up-sell and cross-sell across the range. It also enables the customers to move to new funnels and, thus, enhance their experience.


Kartra is an all-in-one automation software and ideal for an online store or site owners looking for automating their sales, selling digital products, and enhancing the conversion rates, but do not have an eCommerce tool.

It also offers marketing page builders like landing pages, email marketing, etc. It will fully automate the processes while you can concentrate on other business aspects.

Comparison of Features SamCart vs Kartra


  • A/B Testing – SamCart offers the feature of split testing, which is a reliable method to determine and quickly roll out the most credible upsells.

SamCart - optimizations

  • Payment Plans – It offers lucrative plans for the customers and allows them to pay over time. It is capable of converting around 17.8 percent of customers.

SamCart - Page Design

  • One-click Upsells – The upsells feature of SamCart enables the business owner to make three times more on every sale. It offers the customer either an upgrade or an option of buying another more expensive product.
  • Membership – SamCart allows you to create membership access through OPMember, Zapier, WishList Member, MemberMouse, etc., automatically.
  • Order Bumps – This great feature lets the customer add another product at checkout. This addition further increases the average order value tremendously.

SamCart- Manage Scale


  • Marketing Automation – SamCart enables marketing automation by integrating with smart tools like HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, Infusionsoft, Ontraport, etc. to send customer data and tags when decisive actions are performed.
  • Trial Offers – SamCart offers free and paid trials that are easy-to-implement and aid in increasing conversion rates significantly.
  • Subscriptions – It offers subscriptions to deliver persistent revenue.

SamCart Ads Academy

  • Coupons – Coupons enable a considerable boost in the sales with the help of discount coupon codes and helps the customer in finalizing their purchasing decisions.
  • Payment Processing – SamCart enhances secure payment processing with apps like Stripe. These payment processor apps accept credit cards from all major banks.
  • Subscription Saver – This feature lets you automatically recover any failed subscription payments. It is because the subscribers are provided with a simple way to update their credit card details.
  • Fast Setup – You can create useful and market-tested product checkout pages within minutes with SamCart.
  • Custom Closers – This feature allows you to add photos of your product, testimonials for trust-building, guarantees, and benefits. These things help in boosting the conversions to a great extent.
  • SSL Certificate – SSL-certified pages show they are trusted and secured. SamCart proffers one SSL certificate for free to gain confidence in you and your checkout pages.
  • Checkout Popups – With this feature, your customers get an easy way to pay from the product page of the website.
  • Affiliate Center – With this feature, you can make and monitor a team of salespeople, privately. These people can help in selling your product and earn money from it.
  • Customer Support – The customer support of SamCart is offered via email and in-app responses. You can also consult their knowledge base for queries, product info library, tutorials, training webinars, etc.
  • In-depth Dashboard – The dashboard of SamCart is descriptive and lets you monitor and track the analytics, run custom reports on sales, profits, conversions, refunds, page reviews, orders, and other factors. Sales By Product
  • Integrations – SamCart offers the functionality of integrating smoothly with your trusted apps and software. This software can sync with many tools, like payment processing tools, marketing automation tools, etc.

SamCart - Integrations


  • Mail – This fantastic tool allows the user to create live or automated email/SMS marketing campaigns. This feature lets you engage and connect with the customers effectively.

Kartra Emails

  • Funnels and Campaigns – Kartra lets you create funnels and campaigns to build multi-page funnel flow. This feature helps in converting visitors to leads, customers, and finally, repetitive clients.
  • Pages – Kartra proffers a superb page builder with drag and drops functionality. You can build a large number of professional and flexible templates. These pages are also 100 percent optimized for mobile devices.
  • Videos – Kartra lets you perform video marketing wherein you can pop offers in the middle of the videos the customer is viewing. You can also incorporate marketing tools like multi-video playlists, lead capture forms, etc.
  • Leads – This feature enables building a base for your leads, customers, and prospects. These lists and custom tags can then be used to organize them GroupWise.
  • Calendars and Forms – The calendar feature of Kartra lets you register and organize schedules and sessions with your customers via a single dashboard. It also enables you to use the fantastic lead capture forms with automation rules.
  • Checkouts – The safe and pleasant checkout forms help you sell your products online via PayPal or credit card payments.

 - Kartra CheckOut

  • Help Desks – Kartra checkouts integrates with the help desks to carry out live chat and support.
  • Memberships – This tool also proffers a skillfully designed drag-drop membership portal builder. This builder can deliver courses, content, and training materials to the customer base.

Kartra Memberships Analytics

  • Agency – The agency feature by Kartra helps in serving and managing customer accounts from one console.
  • Affiliates – With Kartra, you can manage, enroll, and track your sales affiliates for promoting your products.
  • Integrations and API – This feature lets the user use the exhaustive API to plan out custom add-ons. You should have the technical knowledge to do this. Kartra can integrate with SMS gateways, email gateways, payment gateways, membership integration, calendar integration, help desk integrations, etc.

 Kartra Integration

  • Marketplace – The marketplace is the best place to look for other’s resources and sell expert services or marketing funnels.

Sales & Analytics SamCart vs Kartra

  • Support – Kartra proffers excellent help to the users and gives prompt answers through social media pages, FAQs, online tickets, etc. Their Training Page helps understand the working and features of Kartra. They also have a Facebook community.

Pricing of SamCart and Kartra


SamCart tool proffers four lucrative pricing plans for its customers. Here are their details:

Plans-Pricing-SamCart vs Kartra

  1. Launch Plan – The cost of this plan is $49 per month for one admin user. This plan is the ideal package for people who want to launch their business and design an excellent one-page site for advertising products. However, it does not support features like pre-purchase add-ons, custom checkout fields, post-purchase upsells, multiple payment options, etc.
  1. Grow Plan – The cost of this plan is $99 per month and is available for three admin users. It boasts of providing more conversions and increases the buying value.
  1. Scale Plan – The cost of this plan is $199 per month and is available for ten admin users. It comprises all the features that SamCart has to offer.
  1. Enterprise Plan – This plan costs $399.99 per month, integrating the advanced features of SamCart with white-glove services consisting of – subscription migration, launch reviews, technical setup support, dedicated account manager, custom reporting and exports, and multiple sub-accounts.

All the above plans comprise checkout templates payment processing, integrations, checkout popups, coupons, and one free SSL certificate.


Kartra proffers four exciting pricing plans. Here are the details:

SamCart vs Kartra Pricing Plan

  1. Starter Plan – The cost of this plan is $99 per month, which includes sending up to 15,000 emails, selling 20 products, hosting 50 videos, and 100 pages, up to 2500 leads on a single custom domain.
  1.  Silver Plan – The cost of this plan is $199 per month, which includes sending unlimited emails, selling unlimited products, hosting unlimited videos and pages, up to 12,500 leads on three custom domains.
  1. Gold Plan – The cost of this plan is $299 per month. It comprises sending unlimited emails, selling unlimited products, hosting unlimited pages and videos, up to 25,000 leads on five custom domains.
  1. Platinum Plan – The cost of this plan is $499 per month and lets you send unlimited emails, sell unlimited products, host unlimited videos, and pages, up to 50,000 leads on ten custom domains.

All the pricing plans of Kartra comprise of Kartra checkouts, leads, funnels, pages, forms, memberships, campaigns, mail, marketplace affiliate management, helpdesks, calendars, and videos. You can add additional domains to your pricing plan if needed without upgrading to the upper pricing plan.

Karta offers a 30-days money-back guarantee facility for users in case they are not satisfied with the product. They will get a full refund within these 30 days of purchasing the software.

Pros and Cons of Samcart & Karra

SamCart Pros

  • Split testing facility
  • Easy to use interface
  • Adaptable pricing payment plans
  • Rich in features affiliate management
  • Active dashboard for reporting
  • Supports major payment platforms
  • Sets up very fast without any extra fees
  • Less card abandonment rates due to single-page product and checkout

SamCart Cons

  • Templates have limited design options.
  • Only the premium plan offers all the features of SamCart.

Kartra Pros

  • The software is easy to use.
  • It offers a better value than other similar tools.
  • It is a combination of many software in a single platform.
  • Kartra training offers help in using this software effectively.
  • It has a Facebook community for users to gather more ideas.
  • It provides the features of sales funnels and split testing.

Kartra Cons

  • A bit costly for SMEs and beginners.
  • The all-in-one feature is not perfect for all as some business owners prefer using separate tools for specific purposes.


👉I am new to online marketing, which should I use – SamCart or Kartra?

If you are a newbie to online marketing, then SamCart is the tool for you. It is not complicated and easy to use without having prior technical knowledge.

👉Is Kartra an all-in-one tool and good for my business growth?

Kartra is an all-in-one solution for all your digital marketing needs because it comprises all the essential and advanced features. It serves you everything on the platter. But, if you prefer using other tools for specific purposes, then this tool will lose its importance and will be overhead in your budget.

👉 I have no coding background. Will I be able to use Kartra?

Using Kartra software requires some technical knowledge as it comes handy to use some essential features of Kartra. Even if you are not a technical person, you can refer to Kartra training and tutorials to learn and understand how to use the software.

👉Will I lose money if I buy Kartra but do not like it later?

Do not worry because Kartra offers a 30-days money-back guarantee for people who are not satisfied with the software. Within these 30 days, you will get a full refund. You can contact the customer support via helpdesk or email and initiate a refund.

SamCart vs Kartra & Testimonials

Customer Review

SamCart vs Kartra Testimonial

Customer Review

SamCart vs Kartra Testimonials

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Final Verdict: SamCart vs Kartra 2022 |

It is evident from the above discussion that both SamCart and Kartra are robust checkout software tools beneficial for your online business. Whether you are selling digital or physical products, events, or seminars, both these tools help earn revenues.

Their features are fantastic and enable the customer to purchase without leading to the abandonment of the cart. Their user-interface is easy to use and does not involve technical expertise to understand. Their dashboards offer all the analytics they need to monitor.

Both software has minor differences and has a different fan base. For example, SamCart has one-click upsells feature, whereas Kartra has funnels, the marketplace, and videos where they can sell the products.

The main difference lies in their pricing because Kartra is priced more than SamCart. The latter is ideal for beginners and newbies, whereas the former will benefit intermediate to advanced businesses. However, Kartra does not perform well in areas like email marketing.

I would recommend using SamCart as Kartra is new to the market, whereas SamCart is a tried and tested software. It is also a convenient tool for running an efficient online business store.

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