ThriveCart Vs SamCart Vs PayKickStart 2021: Which Is Better? (Ultimate Comparison) Pick the Best Shopping Cart Builder

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ThriveCart is a platform for those who owns an e-commerce store and wants to find niche products for their store.

SamCart is one of the best ecommerce shopping cart made for direct to consumer ecommerce platform, it is very easy to build beautiful checkout pages with SamCart. You must definitely try SamCart as your ecommerce cart software.

  • Automatic Receipts
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Easy To Use Funnel Builder
  • Library of pre-designed templates
  • 100% mobile responsive
  • Zero coding required
  • Full access to all cart forms land checkout templates
  • Create new product within a few minutes
  • Amazing Affiliate Management System
  • An amazing checkout experience
  • User-friendly platform to sell digital or physical products
  • Coupon codes are easy to create
  • There are not many checkout templates available yet.
  • Only supports Stripe and PayPal
Ease of Use

The user interface is really easy to use and really user-friendly which means even if you don't know much about this platform but still you can set it up within a few minutes by following some instructions.

The user interface is not only easy to use and friendly, but it takes very little time to set up the store

Value For Money

with Thrivecart's special offer you get to buy lifetime access to this platform and it is totally worth every penny. Though bit expensive for the first-time users.

Real Value for Money, with the right product one, can recover the monthly samcart payout.

Customer Support

Thrivecart Customer support is 24/7 available to help you with relevant Solutions.

Samcart customer support is top-notch, your query gets resolved in a day's time or before.

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Looking for an Unbiased ThriveCart vs SamCart comparison, don’t Worry, I got you covered.

If you are selling products whether a physical or any digital product online, then you require an exponential increase in sales conversion. None of us really want to lose our potential customers and sales too.

Sometimes, at the time of making a purchase, due to a small shopping cart issue or dysfunction, your potential customer may get distracted and leave the page. Most probably due to bad user experience, most likely they may not come back to your store again in the future.

In this case, you lose your customers as well as sales too. So, in order to avoid these kinds of mistakes, we provide the best solution for the checkout/shopping cart applications: ThriveCart vs SamCart Vs PayKickStart Comparison.

🚀 Bottom Line Upfront: ThriveCart Vs SamCart 

🔥 Thrivecart is an online shopping cart that lets you sell your things on the internet. You can use it to sell physical items, digital products, ebooks, and digital courses. This tool is handy because it helps people buy these things easily with a high-converting checkout page.

💥SamCart is a web shopping cart for digital marketing professionals. It can help you sell physical and digital products.

Thrivecart is better than both Samcart and PayKickStart in terms of pricing and features offered by this platform. This platform helps you in increasing the revenue of your e-commerce store by showing relevant products to the customers after when they make a purchase. Get lifetime access to Thrivecart for just $595 and boost your sales today.

ThriveCart Vs SamCart Vs PayKickStart- Shopping Cart

This problem is not only with you as there are a huge number of people out there in the world who are facing the same issue. As most, approximately 40% or more sales are not being processed by the customers because of non-optimized and dysfunctional shopping carts.

These 3 different Checkout/Shopping Cart Applications are basically for the sellers who are selling their products online. These applications help in increasing the sales conversion, integration with popular payment processors along with integration with powerful email, webinars,s and also membership service providers.

The thing we like most about these checkout/shopping cart applications is that they are more affordable than many premium checkout/shopping cart applications right out there in the market.

Benefits of Having a Checkout Cart Application

Many of you are selling products online and doing a lot of hard work in bringing a customer to your sales page. But what if you don’t make any sales and your customers are bouncing back from your checkout page because of not having a properly optimized and functional shopping cart. Related read — ThriveCart vs ClickFunnels Comparison

Don’t worry here we have got the solution ThriveCart vs SamCart Vs PayKickStart Comparison. These are fully customizable and integrate-able along with a powerful and dynamic shopping cart platform.

Shopping Cart / Checkout Applications will help in numerous ways that are listed below:

  • Vat Tax calculation and integration.
  • Provides different payment options.
  • Price Bumps, Coupon Codes and One-Click Upsells.
  • ESP/Autoresponder, Membership along with Webinar software integration.
  • Features in cart abundance features that mainly save email, auto email along with retargeting the people who are leaving the cart.
  • Let you customize the style and content right on the checkout pages that includes the branding, products details, terms, and condition, testimonial, guarantee, scarcity timer, products descriptions, and features.

We are assuring you that these shopping cart applications will definitely increase your sales conversion. As the market is flooded with many types of shopping cart/checkout page applications but as always quality matters the most.

Don’t worry we have done the work for you and here we have provided you the world’s best and easiest most powerful cart platform ThriveCart, SamCart, and PayKickStart.

Here we have done the ThriveCart vs SamCart Vs PayKickStart Comparison 2021 that includes the full insights of these top-notch cart platforms out there in the market.


✌️Where SamCart excel over ThriveCart?

Basically, Shopping cart software is the main piece of e-commerce software right on a web server that generally allows visitors to set up an e-commerce store and add shopping cart so that customer can buy products from there easily.

✅ Which one is best ThriveCart vs SamCart Vs PayKickStart?

Look! All of these shopping cart platforms are prominent ones in the market. You need a shopping cart that meets your budget and other requirements as well. But, from these three I would like to recommend ThriveCart because it offers a reliable shopping cart platform with advanced features and affordable pricing structure.

✅Who Should Choose SamCart?

Businesses that do not require many integrations should choose SamCart. The companies which are still exploring can choose SamCart as they don't require long-term commitments and can easily use services by paying monthly. SamCart has monthly paid plans. The interface is user-friendly and accounts does not require big startup fees.

👍Who Should Choose ThriveCart?

ThriveCart is suitable for all entrepreneurs irrespective of their type of product. ThriveCart platform does not provide multiple product choosing options and pays at the time of Checking out at once. Therefore, not suitable for companies having products with variations.

✅Can I build sales funnels with SamCart?

To manage affiliates with SamCart you need to upgrade the plan to Premium or purchase a Premium subscription plan. This feature is not available in Pro account membership.

🔥How to manage affiliates with SamCart?

ThriveCart vs SamCart Vs PayKickStart Comparison 2021: (In-Depth)


Check our in-depth ThriveCart Review here.

ThriveCart is owned by Josh Bartlett, he created ThriveCart to work flawlessly with the online stores. ThriveCart is one of the best and reliable cart software for small businesses and also for marketers too. ThriveCart is the most beneficial checkout software in the market.

ThriveCart Review - ThriveCart Vs SamCart Vs PayKickStart

If you sell any of the physical products then ThriveCart is the best option you have got as it has the built-in feature to make payment along with taking all of the shipping information from the customers. ThriveCart gives your customers an option to pay via Stripe or PayPal along with many other payment gateways.

We have tried this amazing app called ThriveCart to sell everything from digital courses, e-books along with many SaaS products too. Really, ThriveCart is an amazing app that will generally help you in numerous way to improve your sales.

Thrivecart reviews

ThriveCart Features:

  • Coupons
  • 1-Click Upsells
  • A/B Testing
  • Auto Follow Up
  • Autoresponder Integrations
  • Detailed Stats
  • Customer Hub
  • 2-Step Authentication
  • Dunning/Auto-Retry
  • Discount URL
  • Product Upgrades
  • Membership Integrations
  • Automatic Receipts
  • Video Carts
  • 1-Click Popup Carts
  • Embeddable Carts
  • It provides funnel builder
  • Comes with Split-testing
  • It has an affiliate center.
  • Simple  Checkouts Pages
  • Single and Subscription payments

ThriveCart Review - Features

ThriveCart Native integrates with almost every popular email autoresponders like Infusionsoft, ActiveCampaign, Get response, and many other on a row. So if you do have one of them, then you can easily set it up in just a few clicks. Really, setting up these autoresponders is very simple as you just have to click the connect button in order to integrate ThriveCart with your email autoresponders.

Benefits of Having ThriveCart

  • High converting Converting Pages
  • Embedded and 1 Click Popup Checkouts
  • It has built-in Affiliate Tracking
  • You will have Secure
  • URL’s & Checkout Process
  • Will retarget and provides Trial & Offer Options

ThriveCart  Integrations

Integrate with thrivecart

The best part about ThriveCart is that it is the only Shopping cart platform that generally offers Apple Pay to its customers. That one is the best thing that I like most about the ThriveCart as it provides more liberty to its customers to pay and enjoy.

For ThriveCart special (limited time available) one-time discount price of (only) $595.00, use this link: ThriveCart (Note: the new price will be $1995.00 soon, so don’t wait too long)

Thirvecart Pricing:

Basically, ThriveCart is one front-ended product and where you can access ThriveCart at an initial price of $599 for lifetime access.

The best part is that during the process of checkout, you have the option to upgrade ThriveCart with the Client license worth of $95 that will let you do the following things that are listed below.

  • Here you can download sales tax reports for many specific users
  • Liberty of removing ThriveCart branding from any of  your checkout footers
  • Here you can also set an owner of a product in your account (that provides the specific business information)
  • You can sell your client’s products through your account.
  • You can also create additional user logins with the various levels of permissions and the access.

Thrivecart pricing review

For ThriveCart special (limited time available) one-time discount price of (only) $595.00, use this link: ThriveCart (Note: the new price will be $1995.00 soon, so don’t wait too long)

ThriveCart Support:

Whether you are looking for sales inquiries or technical issues, one of the important considerations, when you are looking for cart platforms like ThriveCart. Don’t worry about the customer support that you will be getting with ThriveCart. They are very helpful and supportive.

Thrivecart support

Basically, ThriveCart uses Zendesk for support. You will be getting support from the team of professionals that will be helping you in every possible way. The best part is that 100% satisfaction is guaranteed.

SamCart Review: ThriveCart vs SamCart Vs PayKickStart

SamCart is another popular name in the list of best and reliable best cart platforms. SamCart is owned by Brian Moran and is he is the founder of too. Basically, the mission of building SamCart was to give store owners more flexibility for the checkout pages as there are numerous issues and problems users face with their cart.

SamCart is really very simple and also very powerful cart platform that is having tons of smart and advanced features that you may not get in any other cart. It is the best cart platform that is available right out there in the market.

SamCart is a simple solution for marketers in order to sell their products online and simply create an advanced and stunning shopping cart. The best part about SamCart is that it integrates with top-notch most powerful email service providers so that you can easily create high converting sales funnels.

SamCart Features:

  • Order Bumps
  • 1-Click Upsells
  • A/B Testing
  • Payments Plans
  • Subscription Saver
  • Coupons
  • Trial Offers
  • Fast Setup
  • Custom Closers
  • Check out Pops
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • In-depth Dashboard
  • Affiliate Center
  • Customer Support
  • Knowledge Base
  • Marketing Automation
  • Membership
  • Payment Processing
  • Convert 2X more customers
  • It will easily maximize the profit.
  • Integrate with all of your favorite tools.

Samcart features

SamCart generally works on a useful SandBox mode. This mode allows you to simply ensure each and everything works fine for you. This truly indicates that you can test all of the payments just without charging your credit card which can start messing everything up with your stats.

Hurry! We Have Got The Best Offer For You Here. Get Your 14 Days Free Trial For Each of The Plans… Redeem Your Free Trial By Following The Link Given Below!!!

Benefits of Having SamCart:

Check out page matters the most and so here SamCart will let you create and customize a stunning checkout page that will bring more sales and will definitely increase your sales conversion.

SamCart Review- ThriveCart Vs SamCart Vs PayKickStart

  • All the check-out pages that you will create with SamCart will fully be mobile responsive as we are living in an era of mobile phones.
  • The Templates you will be getting here basically support multiple languages so that it’s your choice to sell products in any language you want.
  • All of your shopping cart and checkout pages will be fully SSL Encrypted so that your customers can easily rely on your site and make a safe and secure transaction.

One of the down parts we noticed while using SamCart is that it doesn’t give full customizing power to us in order to create checkout pages the way we want.

But for those who just want to get started and running with a low earning curve, then SamCart may be the right choice you have got in the market.

SamCart Integrations:

Just before selling the product, you need a way so that you can collect and receive payments from your customers. In this case, you will need a payment processor through which your customers can pay.

The best part is that SamCart generally integrates with all of the major and trending payment processors and gateways that give the liberty to your customers so that they can pay you in the way they want.

SamCart integrations

SamCart also integrates with all of the leading email service providers so that you can get started with your email marketing thing in a simple and extraordinary way.

Here comes the list of integration:

  • ActiveCampaign
  • Aweber
  • Constant Contact
  • ConvertKit
  • Digital Access Pass
  • Drip
  • GetResponse
  • HubSpot
  • PayPal
  • iContact
  • InsfusionSoft
  • Kajabi
  • MailChimp
  • Maropost
  • MemberMosue
  • OntraPort
  • OptimizeMember
  • Stripe
  • Wishlist Member
  • Zaiper

So here we have ended up with an integration list, as you have seen the list, it’s really a long list of integration of software and automation that will help you in automating each and everything.

How To Create a Product Using SamCart?

Launching your first product with your marketplace is pretty easy with Samcart. Here, you can easily find the large visible icons to launch a new product.

Samcart dashboard

In the dashboard, click ‘Add Product’.

A dialog box will be displayed. In this box, you need to enter the details such as product name, product price, description and product payment frequency.

samcart vs thrivecart vs paykickstart


After entering the details above, Click on ‘Create Product’. A page will appear displaying all the details for your cart. Below you have the option to choose from the digital or the physical product.

Samcart how to add product


If you have a physical product to sell, you can set the shipping price accordingly. Make sure the shipping price is not too high. You can add locations for different shipping prices in different locations. Similarly, the coupons can be used too.

comparison samcart vs paykickstart


Next, you need to choose the right checkout design for your cart. There are 18 checkout designs to choose from.

Samcart checkout designs


You can customize your template later. You can add colors, content, upload logo, add fields such as billing address, phone number, add testimonials. You can also add the terms and conditions with the URL.

samcart customiz template

After the checkout template has been created, click on the payment next and set the payment options that you want to include. You can add or remove payment integrations in the dashboard.

samcart payment integrations


Also, there are options for email integrations and you can add a description to the footer of the product’s page.

review for samcart

SamCart Pricing:

Basically, SamCart is having 3 different plans that include the- Basic, Pro, and Premium. Below we have listed each and every plan in a detailed way.

SamCart Pricing- ThriveCart Vs SamCart Vs PayKickStart

The Basic Plan comes at the price of $19/month, the Pro Plan comes at a price of $99/month and the Premium Plan will cost you $199/month. Let’s start discussing the benefits of each and every plan.

The Basic Plan will provide you with access to many templates along with email integrations. But here the SmartCart will generally cost you 1% of the processing fee on all the orders and you will not get many advanced features like upsells, reporting, split testing.

The Pro Plan will give you all the features excluding some of the features like the Subscription Saver and Affiliate Center features and it will not charge any subscription fees.

The Premium Plan will generally give access to all the amazing features along with many add-ons that will definitely give a head start. All you need to pay is $100 and you will get access to 2 Extra Premium Features.

  • The Subscription Saver: This feature is for people who generally sell subscriptions to their products and services.
  • The Affiliate Center: This is a premium feature called SamCart Affiliate Center. This will definitely help you in getting many sales with the help of an army of affiliates that will help you in bringing more sales.

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SamCart: Shopping Cart Templates

SamCart is having 18 checkouts templates that include One Page Funnel, World Wide, Classic, Clean Blue, Showcase, Marketer, Machine, Formula, Blue Pro, Sales Letter, Sales Letters No Header, LS Sales Letter, Sales Letter Popups, RS Letter, Army Portfield Yellow, Amy Portfield Red, Army Portfield Teal, Business Class.

Samcart checkout designsSamcart comparison

You can customize everything and the best part is that all of the changes will get auto-saved. It doesn’t have the ability to live preview the changes.

samcart customiz template

We would like to say that ThriveCart is expensive but it leads SamCart as it is very easy to use and provides more flexibility and customization options. But SamCart is not worse, if you do have a low package, then you should go for SamCart as it is really very easy to use.

SamCart Support:

The thing we like most about SamCart is that they are keen to provide the best support to its customers. And the best part is that you can contact their support team any time you want. If you need to contact SamCat support then you can contact them in many ways.

PayKickStart Review: ThriveCart vs SamCart Vs PayKickStart

PayKickStart is another alternative to ThriveCart and SamCart. Basically, SamCart is one of the new shopping cart and affiliate management that is created by Mark Thompson and his partner Matt Callen. These two are very popular and well-known marketers that deliver high-quality software products and they also run a successful internet company called digital kickstart.

PayKickstart- ThriveCart Vs SamCart Vs PayKickStartPayKickstart- ThriveCart Vs SamCart Vs PayKickStart

With the PayKickStart you can manage things like affiliate partners, owed commission payments and many such things. The best part about the PayKickStart is, it mainly integrates with all of the major payment gateways along with email autoresponders and many other things. You can also start accepting credit cards and also PayPal payments from all over the world.

Now you can grow your business with PayKickStart as it is one of the easiest and most powerful Shopping Cart and also an Affiliate Management software. You can sell anything you want to, from Digital Products, Physical Products, you can sell anything you want to sell. PayKickStart will help you in increasing your sales conversion.

How can you sell products with PayKickStart:

  • Setup Free and Paid Trials.
  • Charge one-time payments and subscriptions.
  • Easy-Upgrades and Downgrade membership levels.
  • Allows you to select from a variety of beautiful checkout pages, widgets along with form embed templates.

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PayKickStart Features:

  • True 1-Click Upsells
  • One-Time subscription
  • Upgrade/Downgrade and Trials
  • Visual Point-n-click Funnel Builder
  • On-Page Checkout Widgets
  • Payment/Email/Membership Integrations
  • Declined Payments and Auto-Fallback
  • Integrated Licensing System
  • Vat Handling / Taxomo Integration
  • User management
  • Robust API (Build Anything)
  • Demographics and Full contact integration
  • Single Sign-in Affiliate Account
  • Life-time and per campaign commission
  • Campaign and Sub-Id Tracking
  • Hassle-Free Retargeting
  • Automated Affiliate Bonus Delivery
  • Customizable and Branded Checkout pages along with Affiliate links

PayKickStart Integrations:

  • ActiveCampaign
  • GetResponse
  • Ontraport
  • Maropost
  • MailChimp
  • SendLane
  • Aweber
  • Interspire
  • SendReach
  • MarketHero
  • iContact
  • Drip
  • InfusionSoft
  • ConvertKit
  • Constant Contact
  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • BrainTree
  • EasyPayDirect EPD

How To Use PayKick Start?

When you sign up, you will first see the dashboard which displays the entire sales summary such as the Gross revenue or Net Revenue. Also, you can look up the average transactions in a month or a year.


Below is the sales summary, you can look for the number of units sold and the number of units that were refunded.  The dashboard is too descriptive and certainly the best one to manage all your products and business.

sales summary for paykick start

As you go down further, you can look up the traffic summary, best-performing products and affiliate summary in one dashboard.

comparison samcart vs paykickstart product

If you want to create a new product, click on Campaigns. Enter the name of the campaign and with just one click, your new campaign will be created.

Paykick start how to create a product


You have the option to integrate your cart with different payment methods. You can also tick or untick the email notifications that you want to send to the buyer.

Paykickstart vs thrive cart vs samcart


While in the thrive cart, there was a different page for the support email. In the Paykick start, this page is available in the campaigns tab below.

Similarly, you can enter the trial period, enable or disable affiliate or integrations.

support paykickstart


If you want to create a coupon, in the campaign tab click on create the coupon and enter all the relevant details.

paykickstart new coupon

Next, you want to add the product to your store. Go to campaigns and click on add products.

PayKickstart add a product

You can create the product name, pricing, description, landing page, and refund for the product here.

PayKickstart New Product

In the next step, select your desired checkout page. You can choose a 1-step checkout or multi-step checkout page form the give templates. There are 12 checkout templates to choose from; default, ocean, charcoal, official, Vienna, district, Kale, Forest and others.

PayKickstart vs thrivecar

Customization of templates can also be done here. It also gives the pop-up templates that will appear before leaving the check-out page.

quick comparison paykickstart vs samcart vs thrivecart

Lastly, you can create the integration for your page by enabling it. You can use the email integration option to integrate with your email list.

How To Create Sales Funnel For your Product Using Paykickstart?

If you want to earn from the affiliates, it is important to create the sales funnel for your product. In the dashboard,  click on ‘ Create Funnel’.

how to create funnel in paykick start

A dialog box will appear where you can choose the product that you want to sell. A unique code will be provided in the sidebar. Copy the code to your landing page URL to track the sales and impressions.

paykickstart compariosn

The Dashboard

The dashboard here is the most robust one among the three. I would rate it as one of the best dashboards for your cart. You can create campaigns, create sales, set up affiliates and commissions. Also, you can look for the monthly or annual reports of sales, funnels, commissions, and subscriptions separately.



The uptime monitor feature notifies the user if your site goes down.

uptime monitoring in paykickstart


The survey tab creates the survey for the customer to help you improve your site better.

survey creation in paykick start


In the demographic tab, you can track your customer demographically and thus create a better audience. Build your audience on Facebook too by using the custom audience builder.

paykickstart demographics

PayKickStart Pricing:

Basically, PayKickStart is having three pricing plans that include the Basic Plan $29, Professional Plan $99 and Premium Plan $199. Here we have explained each and everything that you will get with each of these plans.

PayKickstart Review- ThriveCart Vs SamCart Vs PayKickStart

With the Basic Plan, you will get to sell 5 products only and with the basic plan, you may miss some of the important advanced features like the order bump, Affiliate Center, API, User Management, Demographics, and many such things.

The Pro Plans will let you sell an unlimited product. This is the best part of it and also you don’t have to give the transaction fees. But with this plan, you are also limited as you will get the must-have features like the Demographics, Surveys, Audience Builder, and also the Up-time Monitoring.

Premium Plan costs you a bit high but you will be getting all of the advanced features like the Audience Builder, Surveys along many add-ons features too. But to try it you have to pay a bit expensive.

The best part is that you will also get 14-Days free trials with all of the plans that PayKickStart offers.

PayKickStart Support:

The support you will be getting is quite good and also they are willing to help you in every way possible. They have many communities that help you and if you do have any problem then you can contact them 24/7.

Their support center includes the following things: Knowledge Base, API Documentations, Skype Group, Facebook Group. Just contact them via email or submit a ticket and you can also get their help by the means of chat options. By the way, it is quite impressive as PayKickStart offers you different options to contact them.

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Quick Links:

Conclusion: ThriveCart vs SamCart Vs PayKickStart

As we have gone through each and every cart platform in detail and we have covered all the important factors that you should look at before choosing and getting started with any of the platforms.

If your budget allows you and you really want to have some advanced features then you must try ThriveCart as it is one of the most advanced cart platforms that will help you in numerous ways. The best part about the ThriveCart is that it gives you the full customization option and ThriveCart is also fully flexible and reliable.

You can check out them out here. Or you can connect with them on their social media handle Facebook.

Here if you are looking for a less costly and reliable cart platform then you should go with PayKickStart as it will provide you many amazing features along with 20 shopping cart templates. And here the best part about PayKickStart is that it has the most powerful advanced affiliate platform. But the down part is that it doesn’t give you full liberty to customize the pages.

Check them out here. Or contact them on their social media handles such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

And if you are just getting started and want to have something in the budget then you must go with SamCart as it is very easy to use and flexible. But here with SamCart, you will be getting a basic and simple checkout cart platform.

You can check them out here. Also, connect with them on their social media handles Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Youtube.

Your opinion matters the most, and it’s all about your requirement and fulfillment, all of these shopping cart applications are the best and reliable, and these will definitely help you in boosting your sales conversion along with giving an outstanding checkout experience to your customers.

We hope this post suits your purpose well and helps you in finding the best cart platform. Feel free to tell us which one did you like the most among the ThriveCart vs SamCart Vs PayKickStart in the comment section.

Price:$ 495
Pederson Tucker

21 User Reviews on ThriveCart Vs SamCart vs PayKickStart

  1. Before I didn’t know exactly what to do with my landing page, but thanks to ThriveCart that’s no longer a problem.

  2. SamCart is one of the most user-friendly programs I’ve ever seen! It’s easy to use, which made me nervous at first since I’m not very tech savvy. But then when I realized that it can work for donation-based classes or anything else—I was hooked. SamCart just made something that seemed impossible into a reality.

  3. SamCart is my new best tool! I’m not sure where I was before they came along, but now that Samcart has arrived my business is thriving.

  4. ThriveCart turned out to be one of the best investments I’ve made in my online business. This checkout page is beautiful and sleek, and their team has been incredibly helpful during the setup process. They also offer great customer service if you run into problems with anything-I’m so glad I made this choice!

  5. One of the best aspects about this cart is that you can make upsells and downsells! It’s easy enough to set up, which makes it perfect for webpages like ThriveCart.

  6. Why are you still using ThriveCart when SamCart gives you so many cool features? With this platform, I can easily bump up my order because it’s so easy to see! Plus, it looks amazing on my website because there are templates that make me stand out. Straightforward and sleek design for one low monthly price.

  7. ThriveCart offers beautiful checkout page that offers so much more than just a streamlined check out process. It’s easy to use and it looks great too, plus their customer service was incredible. Call them now and see for yourself!

  8. SamCart was the first platform I found that made it possible to charge people any amount they want to pay. We use SamCart for our donation-based class where students can choose their own level of payment. The developers are incredible–always listening and responding to questions quickly, with multiple features being added every week, bugs fixed immediately, requirements for hosting figured out by them automatically. It’s so simple!

  9. I run a small business and grew tired of our dated SamCart checkout. I thought ThriveCart would be more expensive than it is, but their features include beautiful design and intuitive UI/UX, so the investment pays off many times over when you see all your customers rave about how great it looks too. My favorite feature is the built-in analytics to see how people order: what quantity do they purchase at once? How much does shipping cost them in total? What items sell best and generate most sales per sale? All these questions slid into my past finally answered after we installed ThriveCart!

  10. I love that it’s so easy to use and very straightforward. Your customer experience should be simple, not complicated! I’m able set up my ThriveCart with ease and can get back to growing my business.

  11. ThriveCart is a beautifully designed checkout page that will help you increase your income without really doing anything. I’m talking passive, residual income with low overhead and zero chance of customer acquisition cost. Better yet, add in some affiliates into the mix and watch them do all the work for you!

  12. ThriveCart is one of the best investments I’ve made in my business. Creating and managing a checkout page with ThriveCart has been easier than anticipated. With just a click, I can add or edit details about shipping and billing methods while seamlessly integrating pages for returns and terms and conditions. The design process was easy too – just follow the step-by-step instructions to create your personalized storefront template.

  13. Another thing that I like about the thrivecart is how customisable it is. You can edit any of your product options right on the page, so for example if someone goes to buy a t-shirt but decides they want something smaller or more expensive you can change what’s available without reloading anything.

  14. No more worrying about tech when I have ThriveCart. It handles everything from checking website stats to creating new product pages without any hassle at all. The setup is a breeze, and it’s just as easy to use in general. I love being able to promote my business with so little effort because of this app! Trust me, having the perfect system would be worth every penny for anyone else looking for a drag-and-drop solution in today’s world.

  15. SamCart is so easy to use! I’m not tech-savvy and always get nervous when we use new software, but SamCart is extremely user-friendly. But what I like the best is the fact that we finally have a way to charge people to pay whatever they want. We have a class that is donation-based. People can pay anything from 0 to however much they want to pay. That seemed impossible until we found SamCart. So happy!

  16. SamCart is my favorite thing, literally. I’m not tech savvy at all and this software lets me do whatever I want. It’s never crashed on me or anything, but it has plenty of features to keep people interested too without seeming overcrowded with unnecessary tools. They have all the options you would need for an online cart, except that they are even more user-friendly than any other cart I’ve used before!

  17. I’ve been using ThriveCart for a few weeks now and I was able to set it up in minutes. I used to waste so much time trying to make my site work as well as it seems like everyone else’s but this has saved me a ton of stress! Even the customer service before, during and after purchase is just a wonderful user experience.

  18. Finally, an amazingly easy to use and affordable payment system with a built-in customer service team for individuals or small companies. You can have a website up and running in less than 30 minutes, which is awesome because I was so tired of begging family members for help. Now we can work on our own without having to compete with other businesses who are already online. Did you know that over half of people abandon shopping carts because they have to fill out their credit card information? SamCart removes any worries about personal data being leaked by using the latest encryption technology.

  19. SamCart is so easy to use! Rolling out a new software could be such an intimidating process, but the seamless integration with our current website and button system made it easier than ever. I’m not tech-savvy and always get nervous when we use new software, but SamCart is extremely user friendly: there’s no frustrating tinkering or coding involved in getting them to work. But what I like the best is the fact that we finally have a way to charge people to pay whatever they want.

  20. I’ve been using ThriveCart for a few months and I can’t get enough of it! No more spending hours on my computer, no more confusing software.

  21. I used SamCart for the first time last month, and I can honestly tell you that it has come in handy. Their templates are well-built to accommodate my product selection with easy checkout options, which is what I need at this stage of the game. After using it for a month now, I absolutely love how much easier it’s made running my business.

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