Interview With Scott Desgrosseilliers | CEO Of Wicked Reports

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1. First of all, thanks a lot for coming on my blog, you made my day by accepting my interview request. Tell me something about yourself & your educational background.


I grew up always wanting to be a financial trader so I got a finance degree and refused to take a “real job” until I got a job at a financial trading firm. This took 2 years to get! So I spent the time doing odd jobs such as waiting tables until I got my break.

2. How did you enter into entrepreneurship? Any motivator behind you?

It was always in my blood to be my own boss and to face the unknown and succeed.

I have started 3 companies:

The 1st one failed due to low funding and bad strategy, even though it was a great idea ( – it taught me you need a LOT more than a great idea!

The 2nd company was successful but I did not have the passion for it.  The company built internal web/database applications for business workflows.

The 3rd company is Wicked Reports.

3. How do you share your success with your friends? What you suggest to them about entrepreneurship.

I don’t try to romanticize entrepreneurship.  You either have to be an entrepreneur, or you definitely should not be one.  It is certainly not for everyone, there is a lot of risks and unknown.

Also, read:

4. What are the risks involved in entrepreneurship? Please tell us.

All of it.  Your idea stinks.  Your idea is great but no one cares.  Your idea is great, people care, but no one will pay you for it.  Your idea is great, people care, people will pay you for it, but you can’t make money.

5. How you are building relationships with your Customers? How you make them stick to your platform?

We obsess about their success and constantly innovate, test, and ask them if we are succeeding.

6. What is the biggest weakness & strength in you? How you handle it?

Biggest strength is grit.  It’s not a sexy strength, but I’ve been able to continue to focus and grind on improving our platform and now it’s significantly stronger than our competition.

Biggest weakness is optimism.  I almost put this as my biggest strength!  I think things will get done faster and easier than they usually take.

7. What’s the next move for your company and what can we expect to see in the near future?

Find more ways for our customers to make more money while spending less time thinking about their marketing data.

8. How do you market your platform?

Facebook, Google, email, podcasts

9. How do you take criticism? How do you react when somebody tries to pull you down?

That doesn’t happen often, fortunately.  I’m generally too busy to be looking online for anyone that is being negative.

10. Are you a fitness freak? Do you take out time for fitness?

Yes.  CrossFit, ice hockey, yoga, meditation.

11. If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Get a minimal viable product that people will pay for as fast as possible, and then get a paid marketing funnel that drives people to the product sale as fast as possible.  If you can’t acquire customers, or if people won’t pay for your product, you need to find that out immediately and focus on those things first, in my opinion.

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  1. Get a paid marketing funnel that drives people to the product sale as fast as possible…That’s a really valuable advice.


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