Growth Marketing Pro Review 2023: A Legitimate SEO Tool At $ 29 ? (Pros & Cons)

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If you are looking out for a Honest review of the tool namely Growth Marketing Pro. you have entered the right post.

I am sure as all entrepreneurs, you look for one thing – Growth. Not just any kind of growth. Fast Growth. In today’s world, people want results. But results alone don’t cut it anymore. Fast Results. Those are the only kind of results this generation will accept.

With certain kinds of tools, your growth can be accelerated. Ever wondered what you could do if you had all the data you need right in your palm? Had the secret to a good marketing strategy.

What if I told you there was a tool that keywords and backlinks that boost your SEO with just a few taps on your keyboard? Can such a tool really exist? Yes, it does.

The name of that tool is Growth Marketing Pro. It is the tool that we are going to talk about today. It could just be the tool that powers the profits you will make tomorrow.

Interested yet? Then keep reading and you are sure to rediscover the world of Digital Marketing.

Growth Marketing Pro Review: In A Nutshell


The Growth Marketing Pro is known as the Growth Bar. It is said to be the #1 ranked Chrome SEO Plugin. With detailed insights into the right keywords to use, and the right ones to target.

Ways to score backlinks to your page.

It is a tool that is trusted by huge successful brands. With proper tracking and data analytics, the Growth Bar is sure to bring your marketing game to the next level

I am sure you now know that the Growth Bar has been made for marketing. It is bound to bring results.

Curious yet?

It is obviously a tool that is packed with features beyond comprehension. Just check out some of the cool features that are mentioned in detail down below!

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Who is it for?

Growth Marketing pro is an efficient tool for anyone in quest of more leads and sales. You will find it very useful if you have a start-up, or a small business owner, or any kind of a marketer who wants to grow their business online. It will serve the best of your needs if you are a freelancer or entrepreneur, or a small team of professionals.

GrowthBar - Who is it for

Growth Marketing Pro has mastered the skill of SEO and growth marketing. They are the leading searches for anyone who requires any of their services. They have an experience of more than ten years and render their services to anyone who needs it.

About the Founder

An idea is easy to visualize, but hard to execute. Hailey Friedman and Mark Spera made it possible for themselves.

GrowthBar-SEO-About the founder

Hailey Friedman hailed from Dix Hills, New York. She completed her graduation from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. She continued as a High School English teacher for eighth grades, for the next two years. Along with teaching, she was working for a mobile application with a team remotely.  Then she joined a startup in new york, to learn about business growth.

There she met Mark Spera, who was already working as Head Marketer for a start-up team of 70 people. Mark was from Connecticut and was an easy-go- kid, did his schooling from the public school, had a small group of friends, and was a great soccer fan.

But life changed for him in his senior year at High School. As his grades started slipping he was unmotivated and lost interest in any activity. Once he had a Panic attack in a Spanish class. As a 17-year-old he didn’t know how to deal with it.

He was breaking down, with no clue about what he is going to do in the future. This continued for a long period, and the frequency was as often as possible. But all this was inside him, not a soul knew about it. After that, he went off to Virginia for further studies.

The Freshman and Sophomore years were not easy for him too and became worse with ill-drinking habits and bunking classes. And then he finally took the decision to change. With the help of medication and therapy, we overcome most of it.

And the time changed when both Hailey and Mark started working. The road was easy, nor hassle-free. There were ups and downs but they continued.

How did it start?

It all started when 2 college graduates shared the same marketing dream and came together to make it a reality, Hailey Friedman and Mark Spera. Friedman was born in New York, graduated from Emory College and went on to teach High School English to eighth-graders. It was then, in the middle of one of her classes, when she came up with the idea of an app – ‘Thursday’. After days of working on building the app and pitching the idea to an audience of hundreds, Friedman realised the importance of customers and how vital it is to know how to bring them in.

This was the epiphany she needed to jump into the marketing world. She has since been obsessed with what it takes for someone to buy a product or invest in something. The urge to get answers resulted in her joining a startup to learn all about how to start off from ground zero and build upwards. But this wasn’t enough. She left her life in New York to move to San Francisco to dive deep into the world of marketing.

It wasn’t smooth sailing but after about 50 calls and interviews, she finally heard from Mark Spera, marketing head of a 70-person startup. They then went on to be co-founders of Growth Marketing Pro.

Mark didn’t have the easiest of lives. From California, he was grappling with low grades and panic attacks; he had lost all hope. Only when he finally decided he needed help, things turned around for Mark. Since then, his no-nonsense attitude has driven him to do great things and always take action.

Mark and Hailey made one hell of a team. Hailey continued in her search for answers, dove into research and started exploring secrets of marketing experts. She went on to become the president of a large society of business founders and marketing specialists with over 20000 members all over the world. Interviews with big names in the industry gave Friedman a lot of insight that she inculcated in her work.

After working together for various startups and helping them earn millions, they decided to put all their combined experience and skill into Growth Marketing Pro so that they could help businesses flourish using their secrets of success.

Growth Marketing Pro : Key Features

1) Ranking Difficulty

GrowthBar-SEO-Feature - Ranking Difficulty

We all know the usefulness of keywords in the content to gain traction. But how do you know which keywords to use and which terms will be most searched for and drive traffic to your page? This is where the Growth Bar can be advantageous. With the Growth Bar installed, any keyword you type into the search dialogue box will be compared against thousands of other competitors and scored accordingly. You can then easily gauge the function of that keyword and up your SEO game.

2) Keyword Suggestions

GrowthBar-SEO-Feature - Keyword Suggestion

Not only is each individual word scored against million others, but Growth Bar also gives you a list of other recommended keywords based on your search. These words are displayed along with their respective monthly search number and competitive score.

3) Track keywords and export data

GrowthBar-SEO-Track Keywords and Export Data

For every keyword you use, the Growth Bar Dashboard allows you to track its rankings. What’s more, you can also export any feature to a CSV where you can further break it down and analyse each one in detail.

4) Traffic, Backlinks and more

GrowthBar-SEO-Traffic Backlinks and More

With Spyfu, it is child’s play to access information such as natural traffic, backlinks, Google and Facebook ads, word count, owner, etc, of any website. With such important data at the tips of your fingers, you can quickly unlock the secrets to successful marketing and apply them to your own ventures.

Growth Marketing Pro : Pricing 

Growth Marketing Pro - Pricing

To reap the benefits of the growth bar tool you will have to pay just $29 per month. You will be able to find keywords, backlinks, and suggestions in the search section with ease of the few clicks. This is the only rate that Growth Marketing Pro offers. If you are a little doubtful and yet you are determined to try a website builder, you can avail the services free for five days.

Growth Marketing Pro : Pros and Cons


1) Invaluable content

Under the guidance of co-founders who are experts in their field and have a lot of hands-on experience, the content provided both on their website for free and on their course is invaluable. Their aim is to share with the world what they’ve taken a lot of difficult days to learn and hone. Once you uncover their secrets, it is pretty much a piece of cake.

2) Free 5-day trial

If you’re not sure about investing in Growth Marketing Pro, it provides you with the advantages of a free trial period for 5 days. Within the trial period, you can see if the features are actually advantageous and fulfill your purpose or not.

3) Promising Reviews

It is not only cost-effective but also for people’s favorite. It has the best reviews, with almost no complaints whatsoever. Having a minimum number of cons is a Pro itself.

4) Lower-end Pricing

Compared to a lot of other marketing courses or SEO tools, Growth Marketing pro is on the lower end of the pricing spectrum. This way, you do not have to worry about spending more than you’re bringing in.


1) Only useful for marketing

If you’re the owner of a business or a startup, you know what it takes to build something from scratch and the effort that goes into it. For this, a vast knowledge of the trading world is essential of which marketing is only a piece of the pie. Only if you already have a brilliant idea and the resources to execute it can you then think of ways to promote it and attract customers. This course and tool, therefore, only applies to the marketing aspect of a business.

2) The trial period isn’t inclusive of all features

Although a trial period is generally beneficial to get an idea of how the system works and the entirety of what it offers, Growth Marketing Pro’s 5 day trial period is not inclusive of its complete features which might make it difficult to decide if it is the right way to go.

3) No customer Support

Even if technological skill isn’t required to run the Growth Bar, there is always a possibility, as with everything digital, that one might run into an issue with the interface or otherwise. Unfortunately, not much is available in the name of customer support at Growth Marketing Pro. All they can offer is the claim that it is user-friendly and does not usually face any obstacles.

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Is the trial period absolutely free, and are there any cancellation charges?

GrowthBar by Growth Marketing Pro has a free five-day trial period, during which you can try out some of its main features. If you decide not to continue after the trial period, you can still continue using GrowthBar. However, the free version does not include all the features offered by GrowthBar, which are included in the paid version. You can only view SEO statistics on-page, query based scoring and the value of traffic generated for your marketing. There are no cancellation charges or hidden costs.

Do I require any additional software/plugin to run GrowthBar by Growth Marketing Pro?

Not at all! GrowthBar is an extension which can simply be added to your Google Chrome Browser. All you need is the Google Chrome Browser and an account on Growth Marketing Pro, and you are good to go! After the easy process of installing your extension, all you need to do is use Google Search for any keyword you want to analyse and you are done! You get all that you need right there and then, without batting an eyelid.

Does Growth Marketing Pro offer any customer support?

Unfortunately, there is no customer support offered by the website, even for their extension. There is no support offered even in the form of a dedicated FAQs section or an online chatroom. The GrowthBar extension is actually very simple to install and use, and you shouldn’t be running into any obstacles. Nevertheless, you can always mail your queries and concerns to the co-founder of Growth Marketing Pro ([email protected]). There are also quite a few online blogs, which offer you tips and tricks on how to make the best of these online tools.

Conclusion: Growth Marketing Pro Review 2023 

So now that you have read all about Growth Marketing Pro, including the features that are amazing, and those that are a little disappointing, the question arises- Is this something that is actually worth my time? Of course, at the end of the day the decision is completely yours.

As the pricing of their growth marketing tool, GrowthBar is on the lower end, and the fact that the website has free content, which is frequently updated and extremely insightful, it is indeed a terrific option for those who are looking to take baby steps into the world of growth marketing.

The GrowthBar Chrome extension by Growth Marketing Pro definitely seems to have the edge over its competitors, not only because of its popularity, but the content offered by the founder website is full of invaluable information. For those who have not had much luck with their start-ups, the detailed course matter and tools offered by Growth Marketing Pro will definitely give you the boost that you need to increase your sales!

The glowing reviews on their site are definitely a plus point in their bag and is an assurance that Growth Marketing Pro has something for beginners and non-beginners alike. It is unbiased and transparent and gives you guidance just like a college professor would. It is easy to access, has a minefield of valuable content which is obviously useful for any businessperson. However, for those looking to venture solely into the world of digital marketing, Growth Marketing Pro, may not be their cup of tea.

So, head on to Growth Marketing Pro, and find the support that your business or blog needs! It is hassle-free, user-friendly, and does not need any complex knowledge of growth marketing. It is sure to be your business’s best friend and a thorn on your competitors side!

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