Shopify Booster Theme Review 2019: Secret Discount Coupon (100% Verified)

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Profit increase


Convert better


Creates Trust on Store




Countdown Timer


  • Urgency with countdown timer
  • Scarcity with number left in stock
  • Direct to cart or checkout button
  • Improved search with product focus
  • Promotion header strip
  • Visitor counter to hurry your customer to buy faster
  • Show latest sales (Live mode) *NEW
  • Improve the customer experience


  • Price is expensive as compared to other themes

Dropshipping is one of the best online businesses from the past few years and it is certainly going to progress. There are a number of Dropshipping tools and platforms in the market. Some Dropshipping tools and plugins are necessary for better conversions and to generate more sales.

The most important part of the Dropshipping tool is the platform. For this purpose, Shopify is the best solution for the Dropshippers. I have written a number of posts about the Shopify and its other plugins as well as tools.

Shopify has got a number of themes which can be profitable to boost your sales. I have used a number of themes for the Dropshipping stores and I was amazed to see the features that Booster theme offers. Booster theme was previously known as the Shopify Booster does not merely have the themes but also a number of plugins in it.

Shopify Booster Theme Discount Coupon 2019 (100% Verified)

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shopify Booster Theme Discount Coupon

 Shopify Booster Theme  Review (2.0)- Double Your Conversions Now

Shopify Booster theme or just Booster Theme 2.0 is not just a theme but also has a lot of functionalities inclusive of all the plugins.

Best Shopify theme Booster

Shopify Booster theme has a lot of functionality. You can create the product stores using these themes. Also, you can create the mini sales funnel which is not as effective as the other sales funnels but yes the appreciable one.

It includes the add-on upsells, sales page and the direct checkout to the Shopify checkout page. I have shared a detailed review of the Shopify Booster theme with you.

Here is Purchase for Shopify Booster Theme :

Booster Theme Discount Coupon


I would prefer this Booster theme because of its ease of use. The most amazing part about this them is that it saves up a lot of your time.

Most of the times, customers leave the transaction in the middle as the checkout process is tedious or too long.

Shopify Booster theme redirects you directly to the checkout page without any waste of time. This way, you can make the most of the conversions using this awesome booster. You can install the theme with just one-click.

The sales page of your Dropshipping store has all the features that are needed for the better conversions. Let’s have a look at it:

  • Countdown Timer
  • Number left in the stock
  • Currency converter for worldwide customers
  • Remaining stock bar
  • Number of visitors
  • Estimates Delivery time
  • Security Badges
  • Read More Button
  • Image Zoom
  • Jump Direct to the Checkout page
  • NEW* Button Shaker
  • Mega Menu
  • Header Strip
  • Search box for the Products

1. Direct Checkout

The tedious task of adding to the cart and then jumping to the checkout page can be tedious and certainly be irritating for the customers. To get more conversions and less bounce rate, Booster theme redirects the customers to the checkout page and save their time.

booster Shopify theme for Dropshipper

So, to increase the front end conversion and get better sales, you can either get the sales funnel or this awesome booster theme.

2. Sales Notifications

That’s a great way of boosting your sales and getting more conversions. This tool gives the fake sales notifications and creates a sense of urgency for the customers. It is a great way to put your customer’s trust and prove them with the social proof about a specific product.

Make sure you don’t use it too often and it’s completely up to you that how frequently you want to keep the pop-ups. You can disable it anytime you want to.

Shopify booster sales page

3. Product Upsells

Upsells are a great way to generate more sales. You can sometimes sell the cheaper product to attract more customers. When someone orders a product and navigates to the checkout page, you can create the suggestion for those products which goes well with that product.

It actually helps!! Suppose a customer has purchased a torch, he would need the batteries too. You can add the batteries in an upsell and thus create an urge to buy the recommended product. You can add up to 6 products as an upsell.Best theme for Shopify-booster

4. Currency Converter

Another reason to choose this Shopify theme is that of its robust feature of the currency converter. You might often face difficulty in converting the currency of your products. Your audience might not just be limited to a specific country.

Let’s say if you have got the audience from the USA and Europe as well. If the product is merely showing up in USD, then it would be less interesting for the audience in Europe.

Thus, you need a currency converter that can effectively and quickly convert the US dollars or any other currency into the audience’s location-based currency.

shopify booster theme

The basic Shopify theme doesn’t offer the currency converter and it becomes a headache when you have to download a currency converter for your store.

5. Mobile-Friendly

Mobiles are more convenient and handy than the laptops. Thus, to make your store more convenient and easy to use, this theme suits well. This Shopify theme is fully mobile optimized. At the top, the images, as well as add to cart button, is present which are helpful for the conversion.

6. Email Discounts Plugin

best shopify booster theme

Most of the times, the customers might not return to your store or even abandon your store. Booster themes bring more traffic to your Shopify Dropshipping store. You can build your email list by giving the discount offers as a pop-up to the visitors.

There are plugins too for this purpose but Booster theme gives you everything right with this plugin. Once the visitor gets to your website, he/ she will have a pop up with the discount offer where you can customize the pop up asking for the relevant details.

7.  Automatic Mega Menu

review for Shopify booster

This is the only Shopify theme in the market that offers the mega menu option. The navigable mega menu gives every product and category easily visible. The better design for your store is responsible for the higher conversions as well.

The mega menu gives a better user experience. You can promote the discounted products inside and also Showcase only collections, products and menu.

8. Optimizer + Free Shipping

booster 2 theme for shopify

If you want to sell a product for free, you can edit the button text and optimize the product according to you.  The Booster theme automatically detects the free tools and thus edits the button text.

You can add ‘Just Pay Shipping’ or ‘Free + Shipping’ in case you want to give the product as well as the shipping for free. It is a great way to the sales at the initial stage of your Dropshipping. This way, products will be added instantly and also you can grow your email list.

9. Optimized Cart Page

This feature is not available with the other Shopify themes. The cart optimization page can boost your sales by creating a sense of urgency for the visitors. With this, you can increase the reach after checkout. It has got 2 checkout buttons which makes it handier for the customers.

How to Install Shopify Booster Theme?

Shopify Booster Theme is really easy to get. You will have to purchase this theme in order to proceed. There is no free trial for this theme.

Click on ‘Get Now’ on the left-hand side of the page.

best shopify theme for Dropshipping

Once you have purchased the theme, you will receive an email. In the email, click on the green button ‘Download your Order’.

booster theme for shopify

You will be taken to the download page where you can save the zip file or download it to your desktop.

Next step is the installation of your theme. Log into your store admin and click on ‘Online Store’.


Though there are a number of themes already available, you can upload the Booster theme by clicking ‘Upload theme’.

Shopify Booster theme upload


After uploading the theme, it will be visible on the saved themes. Click on the available theme and publish it. Lastly, you will need to copy the license key and you are ready to customize the booster theme.

Pricing: Shopify Booster Theme Discount Coupon BID10

The Sale is ON!! Booster theme is offering the Black Friday deal on all its pricing plans. The pricing plans for the Shopify booster are not fixed as the company keeps updating it with each new updates. Previously, the booster theme premium was available but there are three different pricing plans for this theme.

The single site license plan is charged for $179 for one-time recurring fees.  If you are willing to get the license for 2 sites, the 2 site license plan would cost you $297 and 5 sites license is charged for $497.

With each plan, you will get the auto-update free for 1 year.

Booster theme pricing

 Pros and Cons of Shopify Booster Theme


  • Increased Conversions and Sales
  • All in one app; no need for the paid apps or third party apps.
  • Complete control over the layout and design.
  • Mobile Optimized
  • No monthly charges; one-time recurring fees


  • Variable charges; charges may increase or decrease any time.
  • No Free Trial

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Conclusion: Is Shopify Booster Theme Best for the Shopify Stores? Shopify Booster Theme Discount Coupon BID10

review for Shopify

Though there are a number of themes available for the Shopify, none of them offers the robust features as much as the Booster theme does. You will certainly see an appreciable increase in sales.

The most important thing is that it is all in one package and does not need different plugins. This way you can spend less and earn more. Dont forget to use Shopify Booster Theme Discount Coupon:  BID10 at checkout to save money 🙂 

Everything is set up and you just need to spend a few bucks. This was my detailed review for the best Shopify Booster theme that goes well with its name and certainly boosts your store.


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