Why Is It Important To Start Your Blog With A Coming Soon Page?

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Getting started with a blog requires not more than half an hour, but unless you keep all important steps in mind, you will hardly achieve the wished result. The blog needs to be beautiful, interesting, and functional. 

At some point, you could feel intimidated or overwhelmed, but it doesn’t mean you should give up. Successful blogging has a lot of ‘must have’, but coming soon page is most important right from the beginning. While working on your website, you will probably make some mistakes, and you will learn from them, but there are a lot of potential failures easily to be avoided. 

The blog focuses mainly on the written content and pictures, and the coming soon page is a way you introduce the topic to your audience while building a fully functional website. Some blogs have a personal perspective allowing you to connect with the readers directly. First interaction on the coming soon or under construction page is what builds a base of your loyal readers and followers. In this way, you will gain their trust. It is crucial for monetizing your blog in the future. 

Design of the Coming Soon Page that Works for You

Although it seems that you cannot do much with the coming soon page, the truth is just the opposite. Its purpose is not to represent the full content but to greet visitors and inform with some basic but important information. You have a couple of sentences at your disposal, and you should use them well to grab attention. 

If presented in a beautiful layout, the coming soon page has fulfilled its purpose. Such a page has a lot of empty space. Instead of leaving it blank, try to make the whole page work in your favor. If you have a logo of the company, you can put it on the coming soon page and combine with other imagery in connection with the topic.

The design does matter, and if you pay attention to it, you can achieve that the whole design matches your professional identity. By doing so, you’ll become recognizable.

Why Is It Important To Start Your Blog With A Coming Soon Page?- design

Coming soon pages’ templates are various, and everybody can find something for themselves according to the topic or a business idea. The templates enable you to redesign your current page, bring something new and fresh, or start a completely new project.

Well-designed coming soon page will add quality to your online presence, and keep users posted about when you start going live. This information is important, and several templates contain a countdown timer. It’s an attractive addition that increases excitement about your new website.

Communication with the Audience

Site maintenance is normal and inevitable if you seriously take care of your website, but it isn’t a reason for traffic to decrease. Coming soon pages appear in the search engine, and you can encourage visitors to sign up to a mailing list or pay attention to your profiles on social media. Sign up forms enable sharing the updates with your audience. 

By keeping them posted about news and changes on your website, you keep their interest in your blog or business. A subscription box is the main compartment of the coming soon page. The emails you collect in this way may serve later in the marketing promotion. The traffic isn’t lost when the website is under maintenance.

There are many reasons requiring a temporary break in running the site like introducing new projects, for example. In this case, coming soon page is an ideal tool to inform the audience about what can they expect regarding your future plans with the blog or business.

So far, you can see that the coming soon page adds to your popularity on the web if you have a strategic approach from the beginning. That means, your website is alive even when under maintenance, and the interactive communication with your audience remains uninterrupted.

SEO Optimization of the Coming Soon Page

We all know how important SEO is, and its vital role starts on the coming soon page. If such a page is optimized, it will pop up on Google and get a higher ranking. Choose the content you want to display on the coming soon page wisely and consider it an investment for the future.

Although the coming soon page is basically maintenance page, it has to be organized including all of its content. The content on the coming soon page is short but informative, and accurate. If you carefully choose the words, it may sound appealing too.

Why Is It Important To Start Your Blog With A Coming Soon Page?- home page

Meta description, titles, and subtitles must contain adequate keywords. If the keywords don’t match the topic of your blog, the optimization will fail, and the results will be poor. Always remember that you want to hold your readers and followers, but also to attract new visitors interested in your blog.

They will easily find you on the web if you have optimized the coming soon page. CTAstrategies help a lot in attracting visitors, especially if a domain is the new one. The first action might be an email subscription. Use emails for important notifications about your website. It will lead to a closer connection with the readers.

Why Is It Good to Use Plugins?

The next question is how to create an appealing coming soon page that will 100% serve the purpose of introducing your blog to a wider audience. People love WordPress for its easy customization and user-friendly tools.

You can create a well-designed blog with the great content in WordPress administration area, but for the coming soon page you can use Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode plugin for WordPress which creates, customizes, and tracks sparing you a lot of manual work. The truly multi-functional plugin does a technical part so you can devote your time to other aspects of the blog. 

Why Is It Important To Start Your Blog With A Coming Soon Page?- coming soon page

Coming soon page may at no terms slow down the website, and you can direct your creativity to build a page that corresponds with the blog. Whether you intend to use ready-made solutions or to design the page on your own, keep always in mind that this page stands for the ID of your blog. The plugin offers a lot of options considering design, but in a domain of optimization, it is irreplaceable help. 

The SEO strategy is complex, and if you are not an expert, it is better to use the tools which have been built to do the job flawlessly. Coming soon page occupies an important place in traffic, and it is not easy to track data. You need those data to establish an adequate strategy and achieve ongoing progress.

Built-in tests analyze the content and underline weaknesses. You can react instantly to solve the problem and improve the page, which is the first announcement of your future blog.

Start Coming Soon Page as Soon as You Get Idea

You might be asking what time is ideal to start a blog with a coming soon page? Our answer is simple – soonest possible. Most common beginners’ mistake is to wait for the website to be ready to launch. You won’t be able to enjoy a number of advantages if you build coming soon page a couple of days before the site launch.

It will be too late and senseless. As soon as you come to an idea about the blog, start thinking about the coming soon page and proceed to its installment. Introduce your idea to the world, and start building a base of users. It is important to collect email addresses and connect with your audience, but even more important is to listen to comments and feedbacks. Before you launch the site, you will know how to match readers’ expectations.

A lot of ideas and inspiration are hidden in feedbacks, and it’s up to you to use them to provide the best quality content about some topic. 

The coming soon page has to be optimized, in the same way, you will do it with the finished website. Elementary keywords in the title, subtitle, and meta description affect Google ranking and increase chances for your blog to be found. Never underestimate the power of keywords. Coming soon page is a kind of maintenance page. Formerly, it was called under construction page.

Although it might seem that it doesn’t show much of content, it shows exactly what needs to be shown – a serious introduction to your blog, connection to social media profiles, the opportunity to subscribe to email notifications. Best of all, it shows your professionalism and attitude to gain a position on the Internet from the beginning.

Regular Maintenance with the Help of Plugin

Once your blog is running, be prepared to maintain it on a regular basis. What you have learned while building coming soon page is applicable later on, during maintenance. Sometimes, you will need under construction page to preserve your online presence while you are changing the design or doing some other work on the website.

It’s not only necessary to have such a page, but it is also polite to inform visitors and readers that the website is currently unavailable.

In this infographic, you can easily find Why Is It Important To Start Your Blog With A Coming Soon Page?

Why Is It Important To Start Your Blog With A Coming Soon Page?- infographic

However, old-fashioned under construction pages have changed over time, and they look nowadays more modern and appealing. Normally, you would have needed coding skills to create such a page, but now you need a reliable plugin instead. Using plugins is more convenient than a DIY method for many reasons.

Some of them are speed and precision. Under Construction Page free WordPress plugin builds all kinds of coming soon and under construction pages in minutes. Traditional pages are not enough though, and it is much better to build such kind of page that will encourage visitors to call to action.

Quick Links,

Coming soon landing page is ideal to invite visitors to subscribe. It is utmost important to keep your audience posted with notifications about the blog. Once you launch the completed website, you will already have readers in line.

It is important to start your blog with a responsive coming soon page. If you want it to be absolutely efficient, don’t forget to personalize and optimize it. The first process will enable you to communicate with the audience while the second will ensure your ranking in search engine. Regarding design, there are countless options which might seem confusing. How to choose the right design is not less important.

The best is if you stick to the point of your blog and choose what matches the topic. Each template you can customize to your needs and preferences. The clean design underlines clear information, and it can be done in a unique and creative way. If you are not sure what to choose, try different solutions, and find the one that suits you best.

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