3 Legit Growth Hacks For Bloggers, eCommerce And Software Companies 2023

“What’s the best way to increase a site conversion?”

To answer this question we made huge research, reviewing hundreds of case studies and data-backed articles.

And we started to see the pattern:

  1. Different business industries need different on-site Growth Hacks.
  2. You can install most of the Growth Hacks in 20 minutes or less

In this article we’ll tell you about the BEST #1 Growth Hack for each of the business types: the simplest to implement, though extremely powerful.

Growth Hacks for Bloggers - Conversion

What’s more, to make this article actionable we’ll provide a short step-by-step guide on how you can launch these Growth Hacks using a 3-rd party software. We’re using Convertful as an example, but you can use any other software that offers the described features, as well. Check out Convertful Review here

(Full disclosure: this article contains referral links to Convertful; but we recommend it as we’re using it ourselves, and it’s proven to be effective.)

Table of Contents 

  1. Best for eCommerce: The Spin-to-Win Gamification
  2. Best for Bloggers: The Yes/No Welcome Screen
  3. Best for Software: The Tripwire Welcome Popup

#1: Best for eCommerce: The Spin-to-Win Gamification

It’s a popup that instantly shows to all the new visitors, and offers to win a prize, which can be a discount, free shipping or some small but a pleasant gift.

 Growth Hacks for Bloggers - Tap To Spin Offer

Each of the prizes unlocks a coupon code, which can be redeemed with the first buy.

If you’re using Spin-to-Win for your online store, on average it will convert 11% of visitors into email subscribers.

You can launch your own Spin-to-Win campaign in 3 simple steps.

1. Create Coupon Codes for All the Prizes

If you’re using Shopify, open the Coupons settings, and create 6-8 separate coupon codes, one for each of the prizes.

 Growth Hacks for Bloggers - Create Offer

The simplest option is to offer discounts. The better is to have free shipping as one of the options. The best is to prepare some small valuable product and offer it as one of the prizes.

2. Create a Spin-to-Win Gamification and Describe Your Offer

If you’re using Convertful, choose one of the pre-built Spin-to-Win templates.

Growth Hacks for Bloggers - Create a Spin-to-Win Gamification

3. Make Sure the Offer Shows to the Right People at the Right Time

The best option is to show the offer instantly as the page loads or after 5 seconds.

Growth Hacks for Bloggers - Customization

Also, it’s great to make sure the popup won’t show once again for a while to people who closed it or submitted the form, in order not to annoy the visitors.

#2 Best for Bloggers: The Yes/No Welcome Screen

This one is extremely simple.

Make your best offer instantly as a visitor opens your blog for the first time.

Growth Hacks for Bloggers - Templates

If you have a good offer/copywriting, on average, you can expect to convert an amazing 4.7% of visitors into email subscribers this way.

The best part: you can launch your own Yes/No Welcome Screen in 3 simple steps.

1. Describe Your Best Offer as a New Welcome Screen

If you’re using Convertful, choose one of the Welcome Screen templates.

Growth Hacks for Bloggers - Choose A Template For Best Offers

(In the other software this feature may be known as “Welcome Mat” or a “Welcome Gate”.)

Once the widget is created, use the visual builder to describe your offer:

Growth Hacks for Bloggers - Customization Of Offers

2. Make Sure the Offer Shows to the Right People at the Right Time

The welcome mat should be shown instantly, as a visitor opens the site.

Also make sure that the widgets won’t show to the visitors that closed it, so not to annoy them.

For example, in Convertful you can adjust this using the Display Rules tab.

Growth Hacks for Bloggers - Show The Right Offer To Right People

3. Add the Yes/No Step

When you show sign-up form instantly, most of the people will close it without even reading the offer.

That’s why it’s useful to add a separate “Yes/No” screen, which doesn’t contain the form but contains two buttons: the very same call-to-action; and the close button.

Growth Hacks for Bloggers - Add Yes or No Option

The important detail here: the close “No” button should contain the refusal, driven to the point of absurdity.

For example, “No, I hate money.” Of course, nobody hates money, so the people will less likely to click this button in order to close the widget.

If you’re using Convertful, you can add the “Yes/No” screen at a single click:

#3 Best for Software: The Tripwire Welcome Popup

Generally, people use software to solve some specific issue.

That’s why the perfect lead magnet for software is a downloadable guide on how to solve this specific issue.

It targets the core interest of the visitors, and it naturally leads to a sale, by telling more about the software and how it can be used.

On average, this type of promotion converts 3.4% of your visitors and looks like this:

Growth Hacks for Bloggers - Welcome Popup

You can launch the same type of promotion in 3 steps.

1. Prepare the Downloadable Guide

Choose the #1 major challenge that the users are solving via the software.

Write 800-1000 words PDF-guide telling more about the challenge, and how it can be solved.

2. Create the Popup and Describe the Offer

If you’re using Convertful, start creating a new widget, switch to popups templates and choose the one that will fit you the best.

Growth Hacks for Bloggers - Create The Popup

3. Make Sure the Offer Shows to the Right People at the Right Time

The best option to show the tripwire welcome popup is after 10 seconds after a visitor came to the website; and right before he/she wants to leave (in case he/she will close the page even sooner).

Growth Hacks for Bloggers - TripeWire Welcome Popup

Also, it’s important to make sure the popup won’t annoy visitors. Because of the 10-seconds delay, this type of promotion will get more attention, but will also be a bit more annoying. So we make sure not to show the popup once again in the next 30 minutes, in addition to the other user-friendly rules.

Conclusion:  Legit Growth Hacks For Bloggers, E-Commerce & Software Companies 2023 

Different business types require different approaches.

Choose the right ones, and display only highly-relevant offers that won’t annoy your visitors, but will engage them and make their on-site experience even more valuable and fun!

Make sure to use a reliable full-featured conversion software like Convertful to run your on-site promotions.

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    My favorite is the yes/no option. People like to get involved and a simple yes/no doesn’t take much time for them to do. Also it is a great way for us to pinpoint what the person is looking for.
    I’ve done that a while ago and it gave me so much information about each person, that I created a good PDF for follow ups.

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