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  • Most useful CPA media buying affiliate community
  • Exclusive STM-only access to tools, offers, landing pages & special industry reports
  • You Get $1652+ For Free Just by Signing Up
  • Advanced Step-By-Step Tutorials for newbies for every traffic source
  • 100% Risk Free 3-Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee
  • Secret strategies used by veterans that you won’t find anywhere else
  • Networking opportunities that can turn your campaigns from losers to winners.
  • Affiliate lawyers and tax conslutants love hanging out on STM
  • You can get $6948+ in STM-member-exclusive discounts & bonuses for dozens of invaluable tools, trackers and traffic sources.
  • Access to 50+ hours of in-depth video content from the worl’d best marketers.
  • Networking opportunities with like-minded entrepreneurs and super affiliates.
  • Lawyers and tax consultants specializing in affiliate and/or digital marketing businesses.


  • Newbies might find expensive
  • May be overwhelming for new users
  • Some case studies requires to buy premium tools

The Affiliate Marketing Industry Shifts Before You Can Blink –Something That Makes Money Today, May Not Work 6 Months from Now, STM Form is the gateway to your success with all the top notch strategies provided at your table.

Price:$ 99

Looking for STM Forum Review ? Is STM Forum Legit, yes it is Legit and I will hep you decide whether to join STM Forum or not. 

You’ve tried and tried to make money online.

You’ve spent hundreds of dollars on courses, books, marketing materials, and advertising, only to see your affiliate income plummet.

The problem is that there are so many conflicting opinions and strategies out there.

The truth is you need the right information and support to succeed.

STM Forum has the answers you need. It’s the right place for beginners, as well as experienced professionals. You can find free tools, articles, training videos, and webinars on a wide range of topics related to making money online.

If you are newbie and want to get started in affiliate marketing, then I have some great news for you, STM Forum, hell yeah it is one of the best affiliate marketing forum backed by super affiliates like Ian Fernando, Loz Green and many more top notch marketer.

Affiliate marketing is taking the digital marketing to absolute new levels today. It has indeed become that vital part of online marketing without which an internet marketer cannot survive strongly.

But for getting success in the relevant field, one needs a platform that is reliable, strong and offers all kinds of resources.

Bottom Line Upfront : 

The access to STM Forum is not only for professionals or newbies, but for everyone out there who needs networking to grow the business and answers to all the crucial queries related to affiliate marketing. STM Forum has now become an authoritative source for all kind of quality information and networking hub for affiliate marketers.  So I will be telling you why I join STM Forum and how I am using it for my business. How STM Forum can help you in scaling your business.

I am personally using STM Forum from my 3 yrs for my team who is doing Facebook ads , SEO and Google Ads. I am not sayings it cheapest affiliate marketing forum but paying $99/mo is worth to access to all top notch marketers. You can get the ROI instantly once you are inside the forum.


Me With Loz Green Man Behind STM FORUM 😍

Loz Green Man Behind STM
Loz Green Man Behind STM

STM is one such gateway that offers all that your need to establish you affiliate marketing business. Now I am going to discuss STM Forum Review  With STM Forum Discount Coupon $30 Off for first month 2021.

STM FORUM Coupon Code 2021 40% Off for First month

$59 first month, then $99/mo

Promo code BLOGGERSSTM2020


Stm forum coupon codes Stm forum reviews

Stm forum Stackthatmoney forum coupon

STM Forum Review 2021 Is STM Forum Worth It?

We all know that there are so many forums out there. But most of them are either too expensive or they don’t have the right kind of content.

STM Forum is the answer to all your problems. They provide the right kind of content with experts who can answer all your queries related to affiliate marketing and business growth.

STM is the biggest paid traffic affiliate marketing forum, with roughly $456,531,785 in combined revenue from our members just this year. Once you join STM Forum they have advanced Step-By-Step Tutorials for newbies for every traffic source and vertical you can imagine. Native, Facebook, Google Ads, Pop, Push, eCommerce and everything in between.

STM forum is your affiliate marketing heaven. They have everything, whether you have experience and require a systems administration centre, or you are just starting out and need to launch your first web campaign.

STM Forum was established to provide contextual research, guidance, and great data on a variety of topics in order to serve as a central systems administration hub for industry veterans. 

They are now the authoritative discussion on affiliate marketing, and their reach continues to grow. They provide advanced instruction, have meetings, and hold community organising events. In addition, they are working to improve and expand what the discussion has to offer each affiliate marketer.


🤗 7-8 Figure Super Affiliate’s Will Help You To Earn $XX,XXX 🤗

[Case Study] Follow David Atias to $800,000 Revenue in 42 Days – 1 Campaign – 97% ROI]

Stmforum case study

Are you ready to copy-paste his entire campaign?

Advent of STM Forum ( STM Forum Reviews)

This overwhelming platform came into existence in January 2011. It was established with the objective of providing quality info, case reports, and compendiums on a variety of subjects. STM Forum also acts as a central networking hub for industry experts. But slowly and gradually after 7 years, STM Forum became the influential council on affiliate marketing, and their scope continues to grow.

Now they offer higher learning, host seminars, and local networking events, and are taking initial steps to provide every affiliate marketer with the best solution.

I have personally been a part of STM Forum events and their Affiliate World Asia Conferences across the world. They have been doing beautiful conferences with top notch affiliate marketers and they know how to give value to people in Affiliate Marketing Forum.

No. 1 Rated Community for all Affiliate Marketers

STM Forum is the verge every marketer desires to get ahead in this industry. The team at STM generates a significant amount of affiliate revenue every year with the help of 27 years of extensive marketing experience. They guide via most of the major traffic resources you will encounter like:

  • Mobile
  • Native Ads
  • Facebook
  • Adwords
  • Display media
  • Adults
  • PPV

What Will You Learn?

Agencies, affiliates, ecommerce entrepreneurs, and their teams will teach the most current and effective methods of testing, scaling, and optimizing Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, YouTube, Snapchat and more.

  • Consistently Scale Facebook Ads
  • Generate leads for way less on Facebook Ads
  • Generate serious profit with Snapchat
  • Scale your Influencer Marketing
  • Use Facebook Ads ROAS benchmarks to scale with confidence
  • Make 20% more with ecom email tactics
  • Drive FB Ad costs down with AV Sequencing
  • Crush Omni-Channel launch strategies
  • Turn your customer service dept into a profit center
  • Reduce your merchant fees to 0%
  • Scale your Ecommerce operation globally

What STM Forum offers for you and me?

stmforum best affiliate marketing forum

STM Forum is a well-conversant, and one of the leading online community for affiliate marketers providing all that given below:

  • Quality Content

They keep on adding new and latest content, guides and tips for affiliate marketers, and foster an environment where other experts from the same field can share their experience.

  • Diverse Community

From an advanced forum, STM Forum has evolved to be the industry hub for all internet marketers. Its varied community of people includes:

  • Affiliate marketers of all expertise
  • Traffic source and network representatives
  • Affiliate network leaders
  • Affiliate legal representative and tax advisors
  • Tracking specialists and purveyors
  • All-around knowledgeable business authorities
  • Global Meetups

STM Forum organizes free meetups for all members across the world thus providing an excellent opportunity to meet and expand individual reach in affiliate marketing world.

What’s inside for us? STM Forum Features

STMforum review

Whether you are an industry veteran or a proletarian, STM Forum has something for us all. One can get the chance to:

  • Join the group of like-minded people from the same field
  • Face-to-face Connection with marketers
  • Access to Case studies and various campaigns on various traffic sources
  • Guides, feedbacks, support and technical help whenever needed
  • Information on outsourcing and techniques to manage it
  • Advice on balancing professional and personal life
  • Tips on managing money-taxes, investments, and banking
  • Private insider story of industry experts

Stm forum case study reviews

Other than this you will get hands-on:

  • Lots of tools for various promotions
  • Competitive information collection
  • STM social networking events
  • Special stackscripts
  • Offers for new associates
  • Exclusive FUnnelFlux partnership
  • Endorsements from traffic sources
  • STM video university
STm Forum Case studies Taboola

Why pay for STM Forum when free forums are easily accessible?

It is because quality content mattes a lot for those, who want real success in life. Free forums might offer you brief information, but not an in-depth and updated one. And the most important thing is that you have an alliance with the live success stories of experts from the same field. The members are active thru out the day to solve your issues and share their own experiences on the same.

Therefore, the information shared is genuine and by the industry experts.

If you are a complete beginner, I strongly advise you to start your own follow-up as soon as you join. It’s the fastest way of learning and making profits. You hold yourself accountable, or other members may choose to hold you accountable.

You get tips from affiliates, specialists in eCommerce, SEO experts, traffic networks, partner networks, and methods for spying.

If a traffic type’s dying and another’s making moolah, it’s gonna be in the guide.

This is the industry’s bottom. Each time they publish them, these documents generate hundreds of thousands of copies.

Stm forum case studies Stm forum case studies Stm forum pricing

The risk of getting involved with free forums is that you might not get the recent info which might lead to loss of time and money in future. The private forums always limit the entry of those who do not have experience on the same subject and join only for passing their time by giving irrelevant info.

STM Forum Moderators :

Affiliate Marketing Forum STM Forum

STM have top notch moderators who help the forum in lot of ways like banning members who are spamming or selling courses or trying to mislead other members. If anyone found to be violating the rules inside the forum STM moderators will kick the ass  of  those members and permanently banned them. Thats why I say this forum is clean and owners of STM Forum makes sure that atmosphere inside the forum is healthy and encouraging.

IS STM Forum legit?

Most people who are on the STM Forum are happy with it. People like the fact that there are successful digital marketers who will answer questions and mentor newbies.

– Join an exclusive community of affiliate marketers.

– You will benefit from the knowledge and experience of industry experts with real life experience in affiliate marketing.

– Gain access to the best and latest news related to affiliate marketing in this informative forum (highlighted by top marketers).

– Enjoy exclusive discounts on products and services including free access to special discounts offered only to members.

Is Stack That Money worth it?

For many people in the affiliate marketing industry, it’s worth the money. It’s their community and a place for them to meet people they wouldn’t otherwise meet.

STM Forum Have Experienced Teachers

STm Forum Teachers

I have been part of iStack Training from long time and I can vouch that these people are legit and here to provide value to affiliate marketing industry. Get FREE Access to 50+ Hours of In-Depth Video Content From “Facebook & Ecommerce Mastery” Events

istack training free with stmfrom

STM Forum Pricing

STm Forum Pricing options

STM Forum FAQ’s

✅ How much STM Forum Costs ?

STM Forum Costs 99/mo with all top notch information available at your doorstep.

😍Does STM Forums work for Newbies ?

Yes STM Forum works really well for the newbies and it gives the all the working strategies to help you succeed in the business.

🔥How is STM Forum compared to other Free Forums available in the market ?

Ofcourse free forums will have lot of annoying advertisements and lot of paid courses pitching. STM is very clean in terms of advertisements and moderators takes care of the members who are violating policies. No course pitching is allowed inside STM Forum.

🔥Does STM Forum have coupon codes ?

Yes STM Forum have lot of discounts when you their membership get $1652 worth of FREE tools to grow your business. I do have special coupon code for STM Forum and you can use that save upto 40% on STM Forum first month membership.

✅Who Are The Rockstar Teachers at STM Forum ?

STM Forum have lot of great teachers like Tim Burd, Nick Peroni, IAMAtilla, Dan Nikas, Nick Shackelford, Nirav Gandhi, Larry Kim & Maxwell Finn’s. They are very much experienced and have successful clients & case studies to share at STM.

🙄Does STM Forum offers free trial ?

No currently STM Forum dont offers any free trial.

🔥Does STM Forum offers refunds ?

STM Forum offers 100% Risk Free 3-Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee .

🔥Does STM Forums offers case studies ?

Yes STM Forum offers lot of case studies, all the top teachers at STM share great strategies & live case studies with paid members at STM.

STM Forum is really worth to buy ?

Get case studies, tutorials & video training worth $11,652+, yours FREE when you join, so get STM Forum. Exclusive STM-only access to tools, offers, landing pages & special industry reports. With over 364,004 posts It’s no surprise they call it a Community. Home. Networking Hub. The moment you log into the forum, you'll be rewarded

Top notch affiliate marketer interviews I did at Affiliate World Asia With STM Forum Community Members like Neil Patel, Ian Fernando


STM Forum Testimonials from Super Affiliates


Together, our revenue has been around $120K USD and profits around $77k in 10 days. I met someone on here who I asked if they would teach me and in return I would give him a permanent share of my profits. After teaching me for awhile, we found out we got along really well in terms of complimentary skill sets and then we decided to move forward and become partners. Currently, we have grown our team to around 20 people.



At the start of last month I had some of my best days thus far in affiliate marketing. The 5th of April was particularly good where I had a ROI of 175% and revenue of $4300+ AUD which is roughly $3000 USD! I



My team is built from 24 employees in Tel-Aviv, 20 content writers WW & 3 developer in Russia. (For the moment We are generating 7 figures a month for some times now, all white-hat and big % on Facebook.)



From Zero to $9,682,830.21 at 21 (High School Dropout Success Secrets)

I went from a confused (but driven) 14-year-old with $100 in my pocket to over $9,682,830.21 in revenue in just the last 2.5 years.


From 0 To 40k In Debt, To 1k/Day

I have a custom pops setup that runs smartlinks on complete auto pilot doing $500-1k/day. It’s been truly amazing. I think I am the only person who is doing exactly what I am doing.


STM Forum Discount Coupon Code Save $40 & Get $6948+ For FREE

STm forum free trial

Here are some of the pictures from Affiliate World Asia Bangkok 2017 pictures ( STM Forum Top Affiliates Always Come at AWA Events)

StackThatMoney Review 2018- Is IT No. 1 Affiliate Marketing Forum
Neil Patel in AWA Bangkok 2017

StackThatMoney Review 2018- Is IT No. 1 Affiliate Marketing Forum StackThatMoney Review 2018- Is IT No. 1 Affiliate Marketing Forum StackThatMoney Review 2018- Is IT No. 1 Affiliate Marketing Forum StackThatMoney Review 2018- Is IT No. 1 Affiliate Marketing Forum StackThatMoney Review 2018- Is IT No. 1 Affiliate Marketing Forum StackThatMoney Review 2018- Is IT No. 1 Affiliate Marketing Forum

If there are free marketing sites for partners out there, why would you ever register for one?

Because it costs money for value. A lot of information is horribly outdated or written by unqualified people on free affiliate marketing forums. It’s like the blind leading the blind off a ledge into a pile of special offers crappy fighter. You ‘d lose more money and time with bad information.

Private platforms are through the entry barriers and you realize that everyone here is serious about making profits.

The money encourages the owners/employees in a public setting to share information they wouldn’t normally share. Veterans such as myself post to help others, network, or to increase our visibility in the community. What you get is a community of people who all mean business.

Few tips on getting more from STM

  • Get interactive
  • Strive for best responses and reply back
  • Shout out for best posters and seek out their help
  • Join a mastermind and support with a follow along post every time they share something
  • Network with those who already have a good background in the same filed
  • Try to get lots of relevant information related to your area of expertise.
  • Overloading yourself with unnecessary info is always waste of time.

Top Best Alternatives & Competitors to STM Forum

1)  affLIFT

Afflift forum review

Affiliate marketing can be challenging. With their traffic source recommendations, analytics, and the help of their amazing community, affLIFT strives to make it a lot easier! affLIFT has evolved from the ground up to become one of the top affiliate marketing forums in the modern era.

They provide you open, courteous, and accommodating discussions about everything obtainable with Affiliate marketing. Furthermore, they publish new associate promoting articles that are open to everyone to read.

  • A monthly subscription costs $20, a 6-month subscription costs $100, and a lifetime subscription costs $350.
  • They have over 40k registered users and over 60k messages in their forum.
  • You are only a few clicks away from experiencing its first-rate affiliate marketing services.
  • Use follow-along articles to track people in the community’s advertising and monetization journeys.
  • Exclusive recommendations to help you make money in your first month of online marketing.
  • Seek advice from the greatest affiliate marketing influencers and pros.

2) Affilorama

Affilorama- Affiliate Marketing Platform

What is Affiliate Marketing and how can it help you generate money online? Affilorama is the platform that can teach you this ‘How’ if you don’t already know. Affilorama teaches you how to generate money online by promoting other people’s products.

This platform is completely free, and you can begin your subscription at any time. With the help of Affilorama, you can be free from internet marketing.

  • It comes with an easy-to-follow quick-start tutorial.
  • You may easily access your success plan by downloading it.
  • You’ll have access to about 120 video lessons.
  • Using a variety of methods, you may assess the health of your website.

3) Warrior Forum

Warrior Forum is the world’s largest internet marketing community. Warrior Forum is home to over 1.1 million members who rely on it for the greatest affiliate programmes. Furthermore, it includes approximately 78,000 product launches.

Warrior Forum features fantastic bargains on a wide range of Internet Marketing goods, training, services, and other offerings. As a result, a fantastic internet marketing marketplaces. Here’s additional information on it.

  • There are numerous categories to pick from.
  • You can include your sponsored thread for as little as $20 per listing.
  • Get the most out of expert advice.
  • On the forum, you will find unrivalled assistance and guidance.

 4) Affplaybook

Affplaybook is not only a terrific tool for affiliate marketing, but it is also a terrific way to learn more about this topic. As the name implies, Affplaybook is ideal for beginners because it will guide you through a wealth of in-depth knowledge on affiliate marketing.

Here you can learn how to choose the best Affiliate programme for your company. Furthermore, it is an excellent way to profit from this multimillion-dollar market.

  • Affplaybook has been in business for about 20 years.
  • Learn more about the techniques and technology that can help you make the most of it.
  • Create a business that revolves around your niche.
  • Get professional assistance in monetizing your traffic and earning money online.

5) Mobidea

Mobidea Affiliate Tracking Platform

Mobidea is an award-winning adaptable affiliate network that works with affiliate marketers in portable proposals. Mobidea, which is driven by innovation and training, understands its members and what motivates them to thrive.

The Multicultural Support Squad of Mobidea can converse in a variety of dialects. Furthermore, they recognise the importance of revenue for subsidiaries. On Mobidea, you can request your instalment whenever you want, and you’ll be paid immediately.

Mobidea Academy is a learning platform where partner advertisers may get the greatest advice and ideas.

  • Take advantage of its FREE integrated tracker features.
  • It is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Displays real-time responses for any business.
  • They execute over 2.000 campaigns in various verticals, such as Mobile Content, Pin Submits, Sweeps, Coupons and Vouchers,
  • Beauty, Health and Fitness, Dating, Games, Music, and Videos.
  • Work with over 100,000 members who are constantly adapting to their basis.

6) AffiliateFix

AffilaiteFix is the next possibility on the list of STMForum alternatives, with over 1 million users. This is one of the finest ways for people to find the greatest affiliate programme for their business. It operates in a range of niches and has worldwide reach.

The nicest part about AffiliateFix is that it offers a fantastic and extremely friendly community that assists people in building their businesses to their full potential. You may simply ask your questions and begin working on your affiliate marketing under the guidance of an expert.

  • Work with the most approachable affiliate marketers in the community.
  • Search via several categories such as general, business, traffic sources, and so on.
  • Get fantastic savings on your affiliate network.

 7) Affbank

Affbank gives Aggregator and Networks Directory with exceptional Affiliate apparatuses. It allows you to easily search for deals from multiple Affiliate Networks.

Affbank provides a powerful Ads Spy Tool – here you may view Ads of competitors for free!

  • Affbank offers subscription plans ranging from $1200 for three months to $3000 for a yearly plan.
  • They offer affiliate and advertising services.
  • Affbank – it is the right tool for figuring out in this “Timberland” of Networks via Affiliate audits and useful offers search.

8) BlackHatWorld

Following that, we have BlackHat World, which is another excellent STMforum alternative. The great part is that it is completely free of charge. Let’s face it, the bulk of people like freebies, which BlackHat provides.

It debuted on the market in 2019 and now receives an average of 1,670,000 visitors each month. Without a doubt, BlackHat receives massive traffic on a regular basis.

  • Increase the amount of traffic to your business.
  • Exceptional support system
  • Programs that you can access are always being upgraded.
  • It features a sizable component dedicated to the affiliate network.

 9) Affpaying

Affpaying is involved in assisting CPA advertisers in joining the appropriate CPA partner groups. They zero down on the handful who can truly multiply your time, efforts, and money. It is based on legitimate affiliates. They depart with their uncompromising viewpoints on the organisations into which they have gained knowledge.

They provide evaluations in five key areas of a CPA branch organisation: Offers, Payout, Following, and Support In general,
As an added incentive, Affpaying is not only for Affiliates but also for the Network.

10) Affplus is a search engine for affiliate offers that encourages you to find affiliate projects and CPA offerings. Their website has an excellent inquiry separating and coordinating framework that allows you to search in a split second.

Furthermore, it examines associate ideas from all major CPA branch networks in one quick and easy search.

  • The best part is that their website is completely free – they don’t tack on any fees or levies.
  • It excels at locating affiliate programmes and CPA deals.
  • Filter searches are used to identify the best software for you.

Conclusion: STM Forum Review 2021

Stm forum live events

STM FORUM has helped many people like me to learn the affiliate marketing techniques and tricks in the best possible way.

I would always recommend people like me to spend some money on that platform which is worth your time because time wasted is money wasted.  Get on your toes if you really want to achieve something in life thru marketing your talent, and affiliate marketing is that field which will help you to grow leaps and bounds in a concise time.

Why STM Forum is Worth It ?

– Improve your understanding about the best practices of affiliate marketing

– Increase the success of your affiliate program.

– Gain insights from all experts and real experience with different types of marketing campaigns

– Earn a lot of money with affiliates, from day one.

– It is a premium platform that supports both advanced and beginner affiliates in affiliate marketing.

– Save time with STM forums that share experiences on different niche programs and tactics you can use to earn your money online.

Join the team of experts with STM FORUM and flourish your online business today.

Stm forum best affiliate marketing forum

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Jitendra Vaswani

Jitendra Vaswani is a Digital Marketing Practitioner & international keynote speaker currently living digital nomad lifestyle and founder of  internet marketing blog & Digital Marketing Agency DigiExe. During his more than 8 years long expertise in Digital Marketing, Jitendra has been a marketing consultant, trainer, speaker and author of “Inside A Hustler’s Brain : In Pursuit of Financial Freedom” which has sold over 20,000 copies, worldwide & contributor of “International Best Selling Author of Growth Hacking Book 2”. He had trained 10000+ digital marketing professionals till date and has been conducting Digital marketing workshops across the globe. His ultimate goal is to help people build businesses through digitization make them realize that dreams do come true if you stay driven.  Check out his portfolio( Find him on Linkedin, Twitter, & Facebook.

10 thoughts on “STM Forum Review 2021🥇Is STM Forum Legit? (STM Forum Coupon Code 40%)”

  1. STM Forum has up to the mark case studies! There are case studies that no website ever has and these are absolutely practical and with actual big numbers. This way, one gets to learn in new and amazing ways no one would ever teach with.
    Also it provides with step by step tutorial!
    There is a step by step tutorials present for all the new people who don’t have enough knowledge about affiliate marketing. This is the first and the best guide towards getting to know this kind of marketing before one truly starts applying those tactics.
    Overall simple love it, must really try it out!

  2. There are many pros to using STM Forum like
    ■Newbie and Expert Friendly
    ■Very helpful moderators
    ■Access to exclusive discounts on essential tools and traffic sources
    ■People will take you more serious just because you’re a member of STM (I’m not even kidding)

  3. STM Forum is a really cool website. There are lots of people online all the time, making it easy to learn new skills or get advice from more experienced marketers like me who know what they’re talking about.

  4. I am so glad that I joined this Forum. It is the place where you can get answers to all the questions related to affiliate marketing, talk with other successful marketers and make friends who also go into online marketing. There are many categories of threads in topics like website design, webdesign resources, mobile apps development and other types of promotional activities on FB or Google+ etc., The forum moderators not only keep spam content at bay but allow free discussion for tough questions as well which is really helpful for newcomers in the field.

  5. I got so much to learn about my profession from STM Forum and it has changed the way I do business. The concrete advice is something that cannot be replicated elsewhere. Worth the time and effort, improving your own skills as well as the future of marketing in a big way.

  6. I’ve been using STM Forum for about three months now and I still find myself going back to it. There’s so much helpful information on there you can’t take in at one time, but its worth getting used to the format. Make good money from home just by clicking links? Yes please!
    It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all of the info on this site. It would be very hard if you try skimming through without taking your time. This is an excellent website with people looking out for your best interest as a fellow affiliate marketer, they’re willing to give their opinions on what really matters when struggling to grow your business.

  7. Thank you kindly for this rather in depth review. I had actually never heard of Stack The Money!. As a forum, how does this differ in a way from many of the free ones online and is it what you would call beginner friendly?

  8. STM Forum is one of the best & amazing for Affiliate Marketing Forum and this is really a good time to see an amazing Review for STM Forum.

    Which is really amazing 🙂

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