Top 15 Watch Affiliate Programs 2023: How To Choose Luxury Watch Affiliate Program?

If you are looking for Best Watch Affiliate Programs, you are at the right place.

I never thought of it until now… But people are obsessed with time.

Every day, we carry a small, portable clock that tells us how high or low the sun is in the sky.

And we don’t want to just wear any portable clock. People don’t always need a cheap watch to tell time.

But wearing a watch is a social norm, and the watch industry is worth at least US$116 billion annually.

By itself, the market for luxury watches is worth almost $7 billion a year.

Since more people are born daily, this market will continue to grow by about 4% annually for the foreseeable future.

We can make income statements like these based on growth and demand markets:

These aren’t boasting; we want to show you what’s possible with an affiliate marketing business.

But the affiliate programs you choose can make the difference between being successful and just making a little bit of money every month.

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What Do We Mean By Watches?


When we think of watches, we usually think of what we wear on our wrists to tell time. And for the purposes of this post, that’s about where our programs will be based.

And since the word “watches” is searched online more than 59,000 times per month, I think it could be an excellent way to start a small online business.

In this post, I’ve tried to talk about a wide range of watch affiliate programs, such as:

  • General watches
  • Smartwatches
  • Collectibles
  • Antiques
  • Accessories

And, of course, any other way you can think of to make money online with watches… Then, let’s look at some options that we can use to promote our programs.

So, we made a list of the best affiliate programs for watches.

Let’s take a look at what we found for you.

1. Brooklyn Watch Co.

Brooklyn Watch Co. has many high-end watches that affiliates can promote to their ideal customers. From casual to sports to more classic styles, the brand seems to have it all, making it one of the best watch affiliate programs.

Brooklyn Watch Affiliate Programs

I liked that the prices were in the middle of the range. The affiliate program gives potential clients a more comprehensive range of options because the brand can offer a royal collection of watches within their price range.

ShareASale’s safety features are another thing that makes it appealing. The brand promotes its affiliate program through ShareASale so its affiliates can see what is happening.

Aren’t these things that a good watch affiliate program should have?

Cookie Duration – 30 days

Commission Rate – 8.5%. 


  • A wide variety of products are available for promotion under the brand. 
  • Affiliates earn more commissions when the prices are affordable. 


  • As compared to other brands, this brand offers a lower commission rate.

2. Invicta Stores

One of the most well-known high-end watch brands is Invicta Stores. One of the things I liked best about it was that affiliates could also promote their most hard-to-find pieces.

 Invicta Stores Affiliate Program

The affiliate program for the brand is run by ShareASale. The program says it will give affiliates banners, coupons, and information about the products to help get more people to click on their links.

Auto Deposit is used so that affiliates can get their commissions faster.

Cookie Duration – 30 days.

Commission Rate – 5%. 


  • Affiliates can promote both popular and limited-edition pieces through the affiliate program. 
  • Affiliates can generate traffic with their help. 


  • Affiliate programs with the lowest commission rates are included in this list.

3. Original Grain

The Original Grain affiliate program says working with their affiliates is very important. It’s one of the things I like best about the brand because it shows how much it cares about its affiliate members.

Original Grain Affiliate Program

The program also puts the affiliates’ needs first based on who they try to reach. It has made general offers but also says it can help each affiliate.

We think this is one thing that makes it a high-ranking watch affiliate program. Affiliate marketers seem to have a lot of freedom with the affiliate program’s designs, which seem unique and made just for them.

Cookie Duration – Not disclosed.

Commission Rate – 6%. 


  • The program is designed to build relationships with its affiliates. 


  • Conversions and commissions aren’t high.

4. LuxChoice

LuxChoice is a well-known company that sells high-end watches. The brand says that style is the way to show off classic luxury.

FlexOffers is how the brand’s affiliate marketing program is run. The program says that its affiliates will have access to various marketing tools, such as text links, banner ads, coupon codes, customized banners, and much more.

One great thing about this affiliate program is that customers get free shipping after purchasing. This is something that other programs don’t offer. It gives the brand more potential customers and moves it closer to the best watch affiliate programs.

Cookie Duration – 45 days.

Commission Rate – 6%.


  • The brand name has a high reputation.
  • The cookie duration is decent for affiliates. 


  • There is not much of a commission rate. 

5. Jomashop 

Jomashop is one of the best places to buy expensive watches and jewelry. The brand says that they try to make their affiliate programs as easy as possible for their affiliates.

Jomashop Watch Affiliate Programs

The affiliate program ensures that their offer benefits get to the right people. Affiliates can use a creative platform and tools to keep track of their sales.

One of the things I liked best was that there were ways to make more money. It has a simple way of making transactions, high-value orders, and much more.

The program also gives its affiliates promotional coupons every day

Cookie Duration – 7 days.

Commission Rate – $5 to $50 flat fees. 


  • Commission rates are higher than those of other programs.


  • There is unreasonable cookie duration.

6. Nowa 

Nowa is an independent brand that makes Smart Hybrid watches and is based in Paris. Their watches are said to have features like automatic time zone changes, sleep tracking, and more, which makes it easier for their affiliates to sell the products.

Nowa Affiliate Program

Nowa is one of the best watch affiliate programs because it lets affiliates promote the types of watches they feel most comfortable promoting.

The company also says that it spends a lot of time putting affiliates in touch with affiliate managers for weekly updates and reviews of their performance.

Cookie Duration – 60 days.

Commission Rate – 20% commission per sale. 


  • A dedicated affiliate program manager oversees the program. 
  • You can sign up for free and easily. 


  • The program doesn’t demonstrate international recognition.

7. Bob’s Watches 

One of the most famous watch affiliate programs is the one with Bob’s Watches. Their affiliate program says that retailers can make a lot of money from their online inventory without doing any extra work.

Bob’s Watch Affiliate Programs

The easiest part of becoming an affiliate for Bob’s Watches is how easy it is to sign up. Affiliates can use the pre-made templates to build and launch their landing page.

Affiliates can easily keep track of sales and commissions, which is another great thing about the platform.

Cookie Duration – 14 days.

Commission Rate – 5%.


  • A convenient marketing experience is provided by the program. 
  • A ready-made template is available to affiliates. 


  • Commissions aren’t very high. 
  • It is unreasonable to keep cookies for such a long time. 

8. Flex Watches 

Flex Watches is a stylishly simple brand that sells a range of high-end watches you can promote as an affiliate on your website. The brand also says that selling licensed watches will bring in more customers.

Flex Watches Affiliate Program

Their affiliate program rules seem fair, and they give affiliates enough time to get the conversion rate they need to keep getting recurring commissions.

Cookie Duration – 30 days.

Commission Rate – 10% on each sale.


  • Most other brands have a lower commission rate than this program. 


  • Support isn’t always cooperative with customers.

9. Filippo Loreti 

Because Filippo Loreti sells directly to consumers, it has become one of the top affiliate programs with the most weight. They can sell luxury items at fair prices because they sell directly to their customers.

Filippo Loreti Affiliate Program

The affiliate program says it will give its affiliates the marketing tools they need to start their own businesses, like newsletters, advertising techniques, and sales opportunities.

Cookie Duration – 30 days.

Commission Rate – 8%.


  • Tracking and reporting in real-time. 
  • Data feeds are fully automated. 


  • The brand seems to keep on changing its policies.


10. Ashford 

Ashford has been in business since 1997, making it one of the oldest online stores that sell luxury watches. Their excellent affiliate program for selling watches is well known.

Ashford Affiliate Program

The brand’s affiliate program is run through the Commission Junction (CJ) network, and affiliates are said to be able to get banners that are made just for them.

The Ashford affiliate program also says there will be no minimum payment amount.

Cookie Duration – 45 days.

Commission Rate – 6% commissions.


  • Coupons and vouchers are available through the affiliate program. 
  • Cookies last for a decent amount of time. 


  • Programs with lower conversion rates are offered by this program.

11. Neiman Marcus 

The Neiman Marcus group owns a chain of high-end stores called Neiman Marcus. It is one of the most well-known brands in the United States.

The affiliate program has a variety of high-end watches that need to be promoted in many different ways. It says its affiliates will have chances to bring in customers and make steady commissions.

Cookie Duration – Not disclosed.

Commission Rate – Not available. 


  • Affiliate program of a well-known brand.


  • Brands don’t reveal much information about themselves. 

12. Daem 

Daem shows its affiliates a portfolio of hand-made watches they can sell to their target audience.

Daem Affiliate Program

Since there aren’t many products to promote, affiliates have more time to learn about each one and come up with the best results, earning them commissions.

The commission rates are the most well-known part of this watch affiliate program. One of the best commission rates in the watch niche is found in this program.

Cookie Duration – 45 days.

Commission Rate – 20% on each sale. 


  • Commission rates in the watch niche are among the highest.


  • The program promotes a limited number of products.

13. Grayton 

The brand says that it gets its inspiration for one-of-a-kind designs from the things that make cities around the world unique.

Grayton Affiliate Program

The Grayton affiliate program makes it easy for affiliates to get started. The program seems to use tracking technology to keep track of how much money your referrals pay you.

Affiliates can get paid daily, weekly, or monthly, depending on how much traffic they can bring to the product they’re promoting.

Cookie Duration – Not disclosed. 

Commission Rate – 20% on each sale. 


  • Commissions and conversion rates are higher with this program. 
  • Affiliates can earn commissions daily if they wish. 


  • The cookie duration is not available.

14. Ambassador 

Ambassador watches are a great example of combining luxury and style in a wristwatch. Their watches could be the best choice for both casual and fancy wear.

Ambassador Affiliate Program

The company has an affiliate program to track commissions and payouts each week. Affiliates can download things like banners, videos, and photos from their dashboard.

The affiliate program also says that affiliate sales can be tracked in real time.

Cookie Duration – 60 days.

Commission Rate – 8% on each sale. 


  • As a result of high conversion rates, affiliates earn more profit. 
  • It has a longer cookie duration than is required. 


  • There is limited brand recognition.

15. AmericanSwiss 

AmericanSwiss has a wide range of high-end watches from the most popular brands. Because of this, the brand is a top affiliate program for watches.

AmericanSwiss Affiliate Program

One thing I like about the brand is that you can combine them with more minor affiliates to make the most money overall. Your affiliate strategy can be built around the brand.

Cookie Duration – 30 days.

Commission Rate – 7% on each sale. 


  • Affiliates with smaller boutiques have the potential to maximize profits.


  • Nothing new about the program makes it stand out from the rest.

Choosing A Luxury Watch Affiliate Program? 

Finding information about affiliate programs can be a daunting task.


So, the first thing you need to do is think about the commissions. What makes you want to join an affiliate program is the chance to make money. At this point, your job is to look for affiliate watch programs with higher commission rates.

Affiliate marketing is based on getting people to visit a website. You can earn more commission if you can get more people to click on your personalized link.

The commission rates for each affiliate program are different, but here’s the catch: the rates shouldn’t change.


The second most important thing to consider is how well the watch affiliate program converts. Your main goal should be finding programs that can get people to click on your promoting links.

When choosing a watch affiliate program, you must also keep the affiliates in the loop. Before doing business with any merchant, it’s always best to carefully read the terms and conditions.

A good watch affiliate program will let you keep track of how well you’re doing each month. It can help you determine whether you’re doing a good job.

The watch affiliate programs’ cookie length is also a significant factor. Cookies let you know how many people have clicked on the link you promoted.

FAQs On Watch Affiliate Programs

✔ What is a watch affiliate program?

A watch affiliate program is a marketing arrangement between a watch retailer or brand and an affiliate partner. The retailer or brand pays the affiliate a commission for each sale that the affiliate generates through their unique referral link.

✔ What are the benefits of joining a watch affiliate program?

Watch affiliate programs offer several benefits, including high commissions, access to a wide range of watches, and marketing tools and resources to help you succeed.

✔ What are some common mistakes to avoid when promoting a watch affiliate program?

Some common mistakes to avoid when promoting a watch affiliate program include making false or misleading claims, promoting watches or retailers that are not reputable, and spamming potential customers.

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Conclusion: Watch Affiliate Programs 2023

Who knew that watches would be so standard?

I mean, sure, everyone will buy at least one watch in their lifetime.

And sometimes that could be a high-end watch.

But this article had hundreds of affiliate programs for watch sites.

This is always good news since people spend money in this niche.

Lots of big commissions are being paid out.

So much so that this niche sometimes crosses over into luxury affiliate programs, but it never did that on purpose.

With the tips above, all you need to do now is work on your affiliate marketing skills and make a niche affiliate site.

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