List Of Top 10 Best Adult Networks(CPM, PPC & CPA ):Updated 2018

While there are lot of CPA network software available but most of them doesn’t allow adult traffic sources such as google AdSense doesn’t allow their AdSense to be integrated, if you’re an adult traffic source. Hence, there came some other CPA network software which allows adult traffic sources. These adult sources also generate high traffics due to the human nature of people visiting various porn sites. These allows many targeting options such as web, OS, devices etc. List Of Top 10 Best Adult Networks(CPM, PPC & CPA ):Updated 2018

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Top 10 Best Adult Networks(CPM, PPC & CPA ) Networks 2018

So, today I’ll be talking about the best adult CPA Networks one can go for. Let’s get started!

1.      CrakRevenue

With a great AND huge selection of high-converting offers in many verticals, CrakRevenue is the best CPA Network if you want to make money online. CrakRevenue is mostly known for its great support and its exclusive deals, mostly in the Cam vertical, where they are clearly in the lead. Located in Quebec City, Canada, CrakRevenue is the perfect combination between longevity and innovation.

More than 10 years later and winning almost 20 international awards in the last five years, they have become one of the largest, longest running, reputable and the most trusted CPA network in the industry.

crakrevenue best adult cpa networks

CrakRevenue provides better reporting while taking advantage of the more detailed stats and analyzing the data in more intuitive way. Apart from these, it provides markets best paying affiliate programs with customized tours and landing pages. Its fully responsive allowing you to view your stats with greater ease, anywhere and everywhere.

CrakRevenue is known for its top self-service where you can create, post backs and manage more trackers, and find everything you need in their advanced knowledge base. Minimum payment for crack revenue is at $100 with a Net-30 Payment frequency. Payment can be done by check, Paxum or Wire.


2. Adsterra

Launched in 2013, Adsterra delivers over 10 billion impressions each month. Less than CrakRevenue, but this CPA Network has earned the trust of affiliates and advertisers alike. Their strength is mostly their vast choice of ad formats which really adapt to affiliates desires. With almost 10 Billion impressions per month,190 GEOs covered,20k successful campaigns and 6000k leads last month makes them almost one of the best choice for CPA network.

adsterra_best Adult CPA Networks

Adsterra provides personal account manager with the help of their multilingual team which develops personalized solutions and always strives to provide you with an expert opinion to improve and enhance your campaign or business performance.

It allows you to choose your profitable plan to properly target mobile and desktop traffic for high conversion through best fitting payment model; CPM, CPA, CPL, CPO, CPI(PPI). Adsterra provides you an effective combination of in house and third-party fraud detection systems that automatically monitor security of all ad campaigns. Real time statistics lets you instantly access and track your performance in real time.

  • One of the best alternatives to AdSense.
  • Allows it offers for mobile as well as desktop which ultimately lets you to maximize your chance of earning.
  • Provides a wide range of payment options; Bitcoin, PayPal, Payza, Wire Transfer, Webmoney, Paxum, Skrill and ePayments.


  • Minimum amount for getting payment is $100 I.e. after attaining $100 from clicks they transfer money to your account.
  • It is not suitable for sites with low traffic.


3. Evoleads

Located in Montreal (what’s going on with those Canadian folks?), Evoleads has been in the business for more than 10 years. With high payouts and exclusive offers, Evoleads also offer nice support, although not as strong as CrackRevenue. Payments can be slow at first. Established around 2005 Evoleads has supported a multitude of media partners, optimizing campaigns across all platforms with their cost per lead, cost per action affiliate network, performance marketing tracking solution and their team of top industry professionals.

Top Adult CPA Network - EvoMarketplace

Evoleads mission is to uphold their extensive network and to provide an unparalleled support to their partners, allowing them to achieve optimal results. They tend to explore the hottest, most relevant, verticals circulating in the online marketing space today.


  • Access to 500+ offers across verticals and 200 active publishers across platforms.
  • Provides on time payments.
  • Professional and experienced team.
  • Offers updated every day.


  • Minimum payment is $100.


4. Global Fastads

Well, well, well, another Canadian CPA Network. Global Fastads has great support, a variety of commission type and pays on time. No fuss, no muss. With years of their industry experience they take a hands-on approach to affiliate marketing, tirelessly testing, compiling data, and considering user feedback for both advertisers and publishers relevant feedback to build a business, as opposed to making a quick buck. - Best adult cpa network

Their purpose is to unify elite members with the affiliate marketing space, combining mobile and web marketing expertise with an impressive roster of advertising and publishing partners. They provide highly coveted exclusive and branded campaigns, superior quality traffic sources, and seamlessly integrated tracking capabilities and performance reports. They accept payments methods such as check, PayPal and wire while Net-30 is the payment frequency. Referral commission is about 2%.


  • Payment on time.
  • Best support team available.
  • Easy to use platform.
  • Minimum payment is $50 as compared to other networks which have the minimum payment around $100.


  • No of offers are bit low compared to others i.e. around 200.


5. BillyMob

Billy - Top Performance CPA Network

Operating exclusively in mobile, Billy Mobile is a fast-adapting CPA Network with more than 2000 offers. Based in Barcelona, this CPA pays by Payoneer, Bank Wire and PayPal only. Browse with their directory of 6000+ CPA, CPI and CPL offers in the marketplace. Billy mob provides the filters and lets you check the real time aggregate stats from each source to find the right offer for your traffic. Payment frequency is NET-15 with a referral commission of 5%.


  • Propriety technology with BxLink is present.
  • Single link to monetize all the traffic which optimizes your results and make revenues fly.
  • More than 2000+ offers.
  • Easy to use platform
  • Payment on time


  • Minimum payment is $100.


6. Evnvyus Media

With competitive payouts and nice support, Envyus Media always make sure that you get your payment on time. Their staff is very friendly. We also love that their minimum payout is 25$, so it’s easier to get started. Its one of 500 fastest growing company for 2015 and is ranked #242 in the united states, #33 in the advertising and marketing industry and #1 in the state of Kansas. - top best adult CPA Network

With their vast array of tools, resources and years upon years of knowledge and experience makes them one of the best CPA networks. Payment methods accepted are bank wire, Paper check and ACH. Payment frequencies are Net-15, Bi-weekly and Weekly.Its one of the best reviewed software on with a rating of 4.95/5.


  • Provides complete client satisfaction.
  • Totally dedicated and unbiased management.
  • Minimum payment is $25.
  • No of offers that are offered are more than 400.
  • Great customer service.

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7.  CPAMatica

Flexible, but also stable, CPAmatica has a good selection of offers in many different niches, especially in dating. A team of only 20 people who carry a passion for partner marketing and technology with the aim to provide great variety of offers, competitive payouts and excellent customer service both for affiliates and advertisers.

Cpamatica - best cpa adult network

CPAMatica provides advanced solutions for a rapid growth of their customers. They tend to provide the best and the fastest customer service with a dedicated support team and continuous monitoring. CPAmatica Payment frequency is on weekly basis with available payment options such as Wire, PayPal, Payoneer, Webmoney. Commision type that are available are CPA, CPI,CPS and CPL. Referral commission that is received is about 2% with an in house propriety platform tracking software.


  • More than 500+ offers.
  • Minimum payment is $50.
  • Best customer service.
  • Experienced team
  • Easy to use and deploy.


8. Adthink

Located in Switzerland, Adthink runs like a swiss clock. Stable and trustworthy with quick and efficient affiliate manages, Adthink could be everything that you look for. Adthink rose to the deloitte 22008 technology fast 50, posting the highest growth in the technology sector in France while being 8th in Europe with the total growth of 8.33% between 2003 and 2007.

AdThink -Adult cpa network

Their audience monetization ad-exchange makes it possible for match buyers and space sellers in a virtual market place according to price and advertising placement. They have very powerful algorithms which helps to identify and allocate bids in real time. Adthink prioritizes displaying the advertising campaign to generate the most income and is helpful in guaranteeing publishers that they get maximum income while getting optimized performances that keep to their budget objectives. Adthink have different technologies that includes ad-exchange, Data exchange, Mail routing, micropayment, audiences and outsourcing.

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They have been awarded for the innovation and has been considered as an innovative young company by the French ministry of research. They have been further listed on the alter next market of the Paris stock exchange since 2007.Adthink consist of about 170 people.Net-30 and Net-15 are its payment frequency. Wire is the only payment method. Adthink uses has offers as the tracking software.


  • More than 400+ offers.
  • Best support team.
  • Easy to understand and use.


  • Minimum payment is $100 or 100 Euros.


9.  Affil4You

XBIZ Winner of 2012 Mobile Services Company, Affil4You really made adult mobile marketing their forte. In the business since 2003, Affil4You could be the best one to monetize your mobile traffic.  Compared to other CPAs, there is no minimum payment on Affil4You.They accept different payment options; Wire, Check, PayPal and Payoneer. Payment Frequency is on monthly basis and there are no referral commission applicable.

affil4you - top adult cpa network


  • Ongoing and auto renewing subscriptions; successful conversion from subscription into purchases.
  • Allows you to monetize your mobile traffic from efficient services
  • Easy to use.
  • Allows you to create your own website with few clicks and earn money on it.
  • Google and other search engines see them as mobile versions of the websites.
  • Allows you to you configure your SEOs too.
  • Provides you to see your mobile sites performance in real time.
  • Import of the data can be done into your own statistical tools.
  • Content can be chosen on the basis of the preference.
  • Supported on all mobile platforms.
  • Easy payment methods.
  • Allows you to analyze your audience for free I.e. you can find out from where your audience comes from and other related information too.


  • Limited offers.


10. Spiroox

For Desktop to Mobile and with Mail traffic, Spiroox really target your traffic wherever it is. They will adjust their strategy depending on your particular traffic. Depending on the goals of each campaign and the type of traffic involved, they provide you with access to campaigns all over the world with different payment methods. Spiroox offers two different advertising supports, where you can start to monetize your traffic in most successful way possible. It works on simple method; advertiser pays commission to the publisher that would be you.

Spiroox - adult cpa network

Your further promotes to different kinds of user which provides sales to the corresponding user. Spiroox provides unique and direct inventory from US and parts of Europe for both desktop and mobile. Payment frequency is Net-60 and Net-30 while payment options are Wire or PayPal for payments less than $1000. However, Referral commissions different from other CPA networks, it provides 15% while most of them provides around 5-10%. Depending on the business it provides you different things;

If you are an Advertiser

  • It provides you with global audience.
  • Different traffic sources such as display, mobile, social, email , video.
  • Allows you to target audiences.
  • Get more leads and sales for the performance based campaigns.

If you are a Publisher

  • Allows you to maximize in your traffic sources.
  • RTB in different models
  • Get access to top campaigns in different verticals worldwide.
  • Best performance based campaigns.


  • Access to thousands of affiliates across the world, who generates hundreds of thousands of conversions.
  • More than 400+ offers.
  • Payment on time.


  • Minimum payment is $100.


OVER TO YOU :  List Of Top 10 Best Adult Networks(CPM, PPC & CPA )

So, this was the top 10 best Adult Best Adult Networks(CPM, PPC & CPA ) Networks 2018. Drop your comments and queries in the comment section below.

Happy earning!

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