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Take control of your advertising spend and do more with less time spent managing your campaigns. Join the thousands of users who have used Adzooma to optimise their Google, Microsoft and Facebook Ads and help grow their businesses quickly.

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  • Award Winning Team Award-winning technology, loved by thousands
  • Improve your campaigns
  • Slash the time it takes to run your campaigns
  • Cut wasted spend and improve efficiency
  • Unlimited Ad Accounts
  • Unlimited Ad Spend


  • Limited features for Facebook at the moment
  • Onboarding can be better


Price: $ 29

In this Adzooma review, I look at one of the most popular PPC platforms available and provide a complete overview of its key pros and cons. Is it right for your business?  Let’s find out. 

Before discussing Adzooma, let me ask you few questions:

  • Do you have lots of ideas for Google, Facebook, and Microsoft Ads and want to start growing your business?
  •  You’re not sure how to get started with Adzooma. Are you struggling with setting up multiple campaigns or trying to keep up with all the competition in the market?
  • Do you have a growing business?
  • Are you frustrated by the time it takes to manage multiple campaigns in Google Ads?

🚀 Bottom Line Upfront:

Adzooma is a fantastic software that has helped me consolidate many tasks. It’s been a game changer for coordinating marketing plans across numerous platforms simply and securely. My favorite part is that my customers enjoy it as well!

As an entrepreneur, I understand how difficult it is to achieve growth. That’s where Adzooma comes in to help. I can easily set up and manage campaigns thanks to its automated capabilities. The technology also delivers real-time performance monitoring across over 60 different advertising networks.

😍This means I can closely check how my efforts are going and make modifications as needed in only a few minutes every day. Adzooma’s ease and efficiency have completely revolutionized the way I approach my marketing efforts.

Instead of spending hours navigating several platforms and juggling multiple tools, I now have everything I need in one central point. It has not only saved me time but also assisted me in optimizing my advertising efforts and driving greater outcomes for my firm.

If you’re a company owner searching for a comprehensive solution to handle your marketing efforts, I definitely recommend giving Adzooma a try. Its user-friendly interface, automation tools, and vast network coverage make it an important asset for any organization seeking development and success.

Adzooma reviews by users

What is Adzooma? 🥇

Adzooma is a platform for managing online advertising. It is structured for you to make it easy to use and cover all types of advertising channels so you can control them all in one place. Adzooma works as a CRM (Customer Relationship Technology) technology that enables you to manage relationships with current and potential customers and streamline processes.

With a range of cheap and easy-to-use tools, Adzooma allows you to optimize and manage your online advertising accounts in seconds. With agencies, you can manage multiple accounts to hire more customers without hiring more employees.

Adzooma Review - Adzooma

It is powered by a unique opportunity module that analyzes your accounts with more than 50 self-reviews and creates customized recommendations to improve your campaigns. Even better, most of them can be implemented with a single click directly from the Adzooma platform.

Adzooma eliminates long, repetitive tasks with one-click automation. This allows you to set up custom rules that save you time and receive immediate alerts when changes are made to your account.

In addition, Adzooma also provides messages that can be used in seconds. Enter the necessary details and set up relationships with your logo, ready to impress your managers and customers. Adzooma is completely omnichannel with Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Microsoft Ads. It’s the only advertising platform you’ll need.

Features & Benefits of Adzooma:

You can use the Adzooma tools for optimizing digital advertising campaigns in just one place for all your users. It offers a unique combination of reporting features and dashboards with easy data access so that you can focus

Here are some core features of Adzooma Review:

1. Opportunity Engine

Opportunity Engine is the main function of Adzooma that analyzes your account data 24/7. Adzooma identifies a significant trend and highlights opportunities to improve your account. You can use 85% of your options with a single click within Adzooma. You can list multiple changes and distribute them immediately.

Opportunity Engine saves working time every week. Thanks to the quick and easy time optimization of Adzooma. At the same time, it improves office performance, reduces unnecessary expenses, and increases campaign profitability.

Adzooma Review - Opportunity Engine

2. Custom Reporting

Reports are one of the biggest time savers for PPC managers and marketing managers. It’s a long and complicated process that takes time.

That’s why you’re gonna love Adzooma’s Custom Reporting tool. This feature allows you to select the desired data and how to display it. The choice is yours. It is straightforward to create beautiful and intuitive reports and extract and drop data into a template. Branding allows you to add text, upload images and create reports with a white label.

Adzooma Review - Custom Reporting

All this takes just minutes to prepare messages to be exported and sent to your customers or internal teams. You never have to create a long process report again.

3. Automation Rules

Adzooma’s Automation Rules save you time by eliminating manual tasks. You don’t have to constantly log in and check your statistics, endless data tables, and unreliable development scripts. By setting up a few simple rules, Adzooma will become your automated assistant throughout the day. 

Adzooma Review - Automation Rules

You can create automated rules for managing campaigns, ads, and targeting. What I like about this feature is the control you can get. You can set up notifications when rules are enabled, choose to make changes yourself, or let Adzooma do it for you.

You can automatically pause your campaigns when they reach your budget, report whether your conversion rate will change significantly, or lower your keyword bids for low keywords to protect your budget. If Adzooma is configured correctly, this tool can save hours of manual work and protect you from excessive spending if no problems are detected.

4. Performance Report

The performance report is Adzooma’s core product, which provides an overview of the performance of your advertising accounts. It comes with a score of 100 and an easy-to-verify subdivision of the main areas of your account, which shows the changes you can make immediately.

Adzooma Review - Performance Reports

With the Funnel Performance Report, you can keep track of where users are going, identify problems and see exactly how each step of your funnel is reported. You will get a complete breakdown of your campaign performance on each unit and prepare your precise and accurate targeting.

5. Reporting Suite

You can also discover the best and worst campaigns, keywords, and ads you run. You can use this information to reduce losses and collect several winning combinations.

The Cross Channel report lets you analyze and compare campaigns on Facebook and Google, so you can find the best channels for each campaign.

With the KPI Trend Report, you can track your KPI results over time, and identify your weaknesses and trends that you can take advantage of.

It is a very significant offering and an excellent set of tools for all marketing professionals in their arsenal. I’d say it’s better than some paid platforms that I’ve reviewed. This series of messages is forever completely free! It means a life of ideas that can be realized without paying a dimension.

The only drawback is that you must link your Google Ads account to Adzooma in order to run a performance report so you can access a set of reports. However, connecting your account should not be of much concern to you, as Adzooma is a Premier Google Partner and manages hundreds of millions of advertising costs.

How To Get Started With Adzooma?

These are 3 simple steps to getting started with Adzooma.

Adzooma Review - Get Started With Adzooma

Step 1: In order to use Adzooma, you first need to set up a Google Ads account: when you are signing up, you’ll be asked to add your Google Ads account. If this succeeds, you can continue to set up your account.

Step 2: It will be necessary to determine the type of activity and business type. There is a drop-down menu with different selection options.

Step 3: Next, you must specify where your customers will be directed to the local area, nationally, globally, or custom (you have to specific regions or countries as well).

Then, Adzooma collects your data and starts analyzing it. It will also check the status to see what your current situation is. You’ll see an overview and suggestions for improvements.

Note: Your Google Ads account is mandatory. Without your Google Ads account, Adzooma can’t proceed further.

Adzooma Customer Support Review

Not all Adzooma help options are available for all plans. The cheapest plan of Adzooma doesn’t have any phone support. For other plans, staff can be reached via live chat, email, and phone.

Adzooma has a feedback portal where you can use Facebook or email to contact the Adzooma staff to request their features and look for product updates.

Although customers can expect competent help Adzooma’s customer support does not have a knowledge base. The Help Center or Knowledge Base can help you understand how this technology works or give you tips and tricks for managing your ad.

Pricing Plan of Adzooma 

Adzooma has two different price plans to meet the needs of different businesses. The Essentials plan is free, but the Plus plan will cost you $99 per month.

With the Essentials plan, you can easily watch and manage your Google, Facebook, and Microsoft ads from a single platform. It lets you make changes to your projects to make them better and get better results. The automatic rules feature helps jobs run more smoothly and saves hours of manual work. You can also use Campaign Performance Reports to track how much you spend on ads and see how well your efforts are doing.

The Plus plan builds on the Essentials plan and adds more features and perks to make it more complete. With Plus, you get access to Listings & Reviews Management, which lets you handle your business listings and online reviews effectively. The Premium Opportunities feature gives you more ways to improve your advertising, such as by letting you analyze landing pages and change your bids.

Also, the Plus plan gives you access to 81 more automation templates, saving you time and money. You also get access to advanced SEO insights, which give you useful information about how your website is doing in search engine results. And with Dedicated Account Management, Adzooma makes sure you get personalized help and advice at every step.

Adzooma gives you powerful tools and features to handle and improve your advertising efforts, whether you choose the Essentials plan or the more complete Plus plan.

Adzooma pricing plans

Adzooma pricing plans Plus

Is Adzooma Really Free?

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Adzooma’s founders decided to make Adzooma Free for everyone. You can enjoy all offers without paying a single penny.

They helping businesses during this difficult time and,

  • It is not necessary to enter the credit card information.
  • This is not a free trial It is just full access to the platform.
  • You can add as many ad accounts and users as you want to benefit your entire team.
  • If you are already an Adzooma customer. They have canceled billing for 2 months. You don’t have to do anything, they will take care of everything.

Why Choose Adzooma?

Adzooma is an excellent tool with cutting-edge technology. It’s easy to set up, and has many amazing features, making it easy for you to optimize your Google ads for your business. Machine Learning offers some very intelligent tips for your ads, and you can even make changes to your Google Ad account with a single click.

In addition to being a daily productivity tool, Adzooma can be an integral part of your strategy and PPC account development. Adzooma’s user interface and design simplify the interpretation of large amounts of account data. In addition, the Adzooma Administrator, Opportunities, and Automation sections can help you save a lot of time from daily optimization and get an idea of ​​how to design an ongoing strategy for your account. 

You can easily identify problems and weaknesses in your accounts and effectively focus your efforts accordingly. The reporting tool is also a very interesting feature, and it is again a much more effective way of gathering data on the results of the Stakeholder Office and then communicating it to GAD or integrated reporting.

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Adzooma Review - Customer Review

Pros & Cons of Adzooma

Pro of Adzooma

  • One-click integration
  • PPC account management
  • Google Ads integration
  • Provides more clicks and conversions
  • Cuts wasted spending and boost ROI
  • Improves quality scores for lower CPCs
  • Customer Support via email & phone
  • The Best tool for advertising and managing ads

Cons of Adzooma

  • Cheap plans don’t have phone support
  • It doesn’t help with organic search advertising

Best Adzooma Alternatives 2023

1) Madgicx

Madgicx is an omnichannel marketing platform that uses AI tags, creative insights, custom automation, and campaign overviews to enable solopreneurs and enterprises of all sizes to manage ad optimization.

Content management, conversion tracking, customer targeting, automatic publishing, customer involvement, social media monitoring, and campaign management are just a few of the key features.

Madgicx review Facebook ad tools

Madgicx has bid optimization capabilities, which allow customers to leverage the system’s pre-built procedures to find prospecting ad sets, understand their winning bids, and obtain insights into their most profitable bids.

Ad Care enlarges ads in the comments section, assists in managing unsubscribe processes by employing landing sites to automatically prohibit unsubscribers from receiving future campaigns, and inserts direct connections to pages in the comments to improve traffic.

Check out Madgicx Reviews With Features.


  • User experience- Madgicx users are enthralled by the software’s claims and how quickly they demonstrate their honesty.
    Audience Development- The Sales Funnel does a fantastic job! They assist you in attracting more consumers and growing your business online with no work on your part.
  • Automation– With Madgicx, you can automate all of your settings and go to sleep without worrying about astronomical budget costs or ad schedules.
  • Unlimited ad creation– No limit to how many ads you can design or generate. This enables you to work on multiple projects at the same time.


  • Madgicx and its attributes can be effectively recognized by larger firms or firms that command a specific market growth pattern. On the other hand, small enterprises cannot fully leverage the software’s capabilities.
  • Although the tools are quite valuable, getting a handle on them may take some time. However, you will become familiar with the tools’ functioning with time.

2) Revealbot

Revealbot is an AI-powered Facebook and Instagram ad automation, optimization, and management platform for agencies and brands that use Facebook to advertise.

It’s a cutting-edge platform that allows marketers to automate Facebook Ads, alerts them when they’re wasting money on unsuccessful ads, and provides recommendations for how to improve them. Machine learning is at the heart of the system, making it simple to examine previous data and forecast CPA and conversions.

Revealbot Review- Powerful ads automation tool

For Facebook Ads, Ad sets, and Ad campaigns, Revealbot allows you to design custom automated rules. With basic actions like start, set/increase/decrease budget, pause, and bid, the rules streamline the majority of your marketing team’s routine.

Revealbot also includes a robust log interface that allows you to tweak the criteria and evaluate the outcomes. Aside from that, the software offers a variety of data such as ROAS, custom conversions, and time metrics. These indicators can be compared and used to help your Ad campaigns perform better. Check out Revealbot Reviews With Features.

It simplifies the marketing process and ensures that your postings receive the most attention possible. Even better, it sends you automatic notifications in Slack, via email, or through your Reveal account, so you can keep track of the auto-boosted posts.


  • When it comes to automation, it offers a variety of products.
  • Customization options using the marketing toolbox
  • Easy to use drag-and-drop editor
  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Reports that are tailored to the metrics that are important to you
  • Integrates with a number of different platforms, including Facebook Ads and Insights, Google Ads, and YouTube.\


  • A bit expensive for small businesses.

Who are the usual Adzooma users?

Adzooma's usual customers are as follows: Startups, SMEs, and Corporations

Adzooma supports which mobile platforms?

The following devices are supported by Adzooma: Android

Adzooma is compatible with which OS systems?

Adzooma is compatible with the following operating systems: Web App

Adzooma accepts which payment methods?

The following payment methods are accepted by Adzooma: Monthly, Yearly

What kind of deployment is it?

Adzooma's deployment is cloud-based.

What is Adzooma used for?

Adzooma is a platform for demand generation (DSP). The following features are available through Adzooma: Targeted Audiences Budgeting and Reporting Bidding in Real-Time Geographical Targeting Targeting by Demographics Retargeting is the process of retargeting a AI Enhancement Management of the Arts Learn more about the features of Adzooma.

Does Adzooma offer an API?

Adzooma does not offer an API.

What is Adzooma's revenue model?

Adzooma's objective, after all, has always been to make Internet advertising accessible to everyone. Giving up the platform for free aids them in their endeavour. Instead, they make money from the Adzooma Marketplace, a monthly fee-based marketplace where agencies and SaaS can offer their products and services.

Is Adzooma really free?

Everyone can now use the Adzooma platform for free. No credit card information is required. Their AI and machine learning-powered automated PPC management and optimization software allows for stress-free marketing automation. Ad optimization is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with simple changes.

What is the procedure for unlinking an account?

Connected accounts, linked accounts, or Apps are the options. This might be found in the Google app's settings. Locate the third-party account from which you wish to delink your Google Account. Select Remove or Unlink next to the third-party account you want to unlink.

How much does Adzooma costs?

Adzooma's monthly plans start at $299 and include everything you need to get started with your Google Ads campaign. In addition, you'll get $75 in free advertising in your first month, as well as a monthly ad cap of $180.

How do I terminate my Adzooma account subscription?

Their billing partner recurly lists the pricing for each subscription you've subscribed to, which you can find by entering into your Adzooma account and selecting billing from the menu. You can cancel your Subscription(s) at any time by going to the same page and clicking on the Cancel Subscription option.

Quick Links:

Conclusion: Should You Use Adzooma? 

I’ve tried Adzooma, and it’s a top-notch platform that’s growing in popularity for the correct reasons. It transformed how small firms and individuals manage web advertising.

Adzooma’s ease of use is a highlight. Its user-friendly interface streamlines internet marketing campaign management. Adzooma simplifies campaign optimization for marketers of all levels.

Adzooma excels in audience insights. Adzooma lets businesses learn about their target audience on any website. This insight helps them plan marketing and budgets. The result? Increased conversions, rankings, and ROI.

Adzooma’s powerful features help users optimize their campaigns and beat the competition. Adzooma delivers performance monitoring and keyword analysis to optimize your advertising strategy and get great results.

Adzooma’s user growth proves its efficacy and business worth. I recommend Adzooma for quick and effective internet advertising management. Businesses of all sizes benefit from its extensive features, user-friendly design, and potential to boost conversions and ROI.

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  1. When i was setting up my Facebook advertising campaign with adzooma, it only took me a few details to set up! And it helps keep track of my progress too…just add a descriptive title as the objective for ads on Facebook and watch your stats go by in real time. All you have to do is monitor them on any device – even while you’re on the go!

  2. Wow! It’s so easy to use and it teaches you how to do things step by step. I’m like a pro now!
    A lot of people say that Adzooma is really complicated, but this app makes everything super simple. Basically, once I made my account with the app, I could create ads in just three clicks – one for each type: Google, Facebook, or Microsoft. Next, I set up the basic details (exactly what they’ll say), placed them on my social media network profiles, and boom! The whole process was done in just five minutes flat. Oh yeah – it even tracks stuff too which part of your ad got more hits over another etcetera… wow again!! 😉
    Again this software is awesome

  3. I’ve been putting off learning Google AdWords. With Adzooma, I could get an account set up in just three clicks. The interface is user-friendly and the features are easy to use for beginners.

  4. Surprisingly, it was pretty easy to get things up and running on Adzooma. Tracking performance is a total breeze with the analytics features built into the system. Easy one-click ads for Google, Facebook, and Microsoft mean I’m saving tons of time by picking my own filters with readable colors instead of going through that tedious copy/paste process.

  5. Adzooma goes above and beyond to assist us whether it’s Google Ads, Microsoft Ads or even any other relevant advice he can give. Would absolutely recommend Adzooma!
    Also by giving the software is free, it provides an impeccable amount of information suited for beginner to even advanced PPCers.
    Also the customer support is top notch! It also gives a valuable time on repetitive ad scenarios.

  6. I implemented Adzooma in my business and it was a correct choice that I made!
    Implementing Adzooma into our accounts and has been seamless, stress free and opened my eyes to new areas of account opportunities to create value. Adzooma goes beyond being a tool for day to day productivity and has become an integral part of our PPC account development and strategy.
    The UI and design of Adzooma makes interpreting large amounts of account data really simple. Plus by utilising the management, opportunities and automation sections of the Adzooma you can shave serious time off your day to day optimisations.

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