Convertkit Vs Drip 2022: An Unbiased Comparison (#1 Pick)

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ConvertKit is a platform that is marketing oriented with its automation that is designed and created specifically for professional bloggers, content creators, and business professionals.

Drip is an email marketing software and also an automation software mostly for serious marketers, and also for people who intend to make money from content like coaching, e-books, and also online courses. 

  • No charges for duplicate subscribers
  • Integrations
  • Multiple forms and landing pages
  • Analytics and Performance Tracking
  • Automated workflow creation
  • Custom CSS
  • Builds a path for readers
  • Email design
  • Person gain genuine subscribers
  • Full-featured visual builder
  • 30+ app integrations
  • Advanced email campaigns
  • Limited testing functionality
  • Fewer templates
  • No free plan or trial
  • Learning curve
  • Frequent downtime
  • Drip is more expensive
Ease of Use

The interface is Simple and Easy to Use.

User-Friendly Dashboard. No technical skills are needed.

Value For Money

Convertkit is cheaper as compared to Drip. It offers free as well as paid service. It is a reliable platform for professional bloggers, content creators, and business professionals.

Drip offers 14- days free trial, which makes it worthy to invest this much money in Drip.

Customer Support

Very Active Customer Support. Polite and Professional.

24/7 Help. Get your issue resolved at any time.

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Are you looking for an Unbiased comparison between Convertkit vs Drip, Don’t Worry, I got you covered.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about marketing over the years, it’s that technology can be your company’s greatest ally when it comes to extending its operations. As a result of this, it is essential to get the technology that is most suited to your requirements.

It is that in order to determine which programs and tools will provide the best results, one needs to maintain an open mind and be prepared to assess a range of different possibilities. It could be a headache, right? Sometimes. Is there any point to it, though? Without a doubt, especially considering that the results will cover their own costs.

You’ve been trying to grow your mailing list for ages, but nothing is working. You’ve tried everything from pop-ups to ad campaigns, but nothing is working.

Convertkit & Drip are modern email service that makes it easy to create beautiful landing pages, sign-up forms, and link pages.

In this era, where every other person carries a smartphone in their pocket, new ways are emerging each day that are appealing to customers.

The more services get online, the more effort they need to put in to retain and expand their customer base. These ways have proven to be a boon for businesses and content providers all over the globe.

Convertkit Vs Drip 2022: Overview

Convertkit Vs Drip

We all can agree that the traditional ways of procuring customers and publishing lucrative offers have long gone outdated now. Technology is to our aid and who doesn’t like automation and saving up on time?

One such way of effectively engaging customers is email marketing Email marketing is something every business, small or big, every YouTuber, or any content provider is using to keep their audiences hooked on their offerings.

We’ll be reviewing two of the big players in the Email Marketing world – Convertkit Vs Drip; to offer an insight into what one should look for while purchasing one.

Bottom Line: Convertkit Vs Drip

ConvertKit is the way to go if you want an easy-to-use email marketing solution. If you’re a blogger whose time would be better spent writing rather than tinkering with the settings of a more complex platform, then this is the best option for you.

ConvertKit is the ideal option if saving money is your top priority when choosing a platform for your company, as it has lower monthly fees and transaction charges than competing services.

While ConvertKit is popular for its email marketing automation features, Drip is the superior choice for those that need to convert leads into customers.

Convertkit Vs Drip



Convertkit is used to create segments that automate easily & send emails to the right audience in the list. It creates a sequence of emails or maybe a single “broadcast” email that can help to easily communicate with people on the list. 

Convertkit Vs Drip- ConverKit Overview

ConvertKit is designed to avoid duplication of subscribers and with their marketing automation blueprints, this process becomes easier.

Getting started in marketing automation has been easier than it was before. It is a platform that is ideal for bloggers, because of its ease to use, reliability, and job precision.

Drip is the first email marketing tool that made autoresponders available to first-class citizens. Its grass-fed, organic software is handcrafted lovingly in California by the Numa Group. 


It is a platform majorly used for the business of selling products online.

Drip is an email marketing software and also an automation software mostly for serious marketers, and also for people who intend to make money from content like coaching, e-books, and also online courses. 

It focuses mainly on providing a built-in widget that can be added to every page of the existing website and email capture via embedded forms, email sequences, sending broadcasts, advanced email automation, lead scoring, and purchase tracking. 

Top Reasons to Choose Convertkit over Drip

  • Straightforward user interfaces
  • A full-featured CRM for content creators and bloggers
  • It includes a fantastic automation visual builder that is really simple to use
  • Smart landing page editor that aids in responsive page creation
  • Enables you to build any form type
  • Dependable customer service
  • A vast library of informative books and documents
  • Includes a free, perpetual plan

Top Reasons to Choose Drip Over Convertkit

  • The quick-loading, clean, and contemporary user interface
  • Monitoring your performance with sophisticated reporting and analysis options
  • Tracking the customer experience through integrations with top industry leaders like Facebook Custom Audience and Facebook Leads
  • Advanced automation visual workflow builder for sending emails that are highly targeted
  • A robust eCommerce CRM platform
  • Flexible segmentation and tagging tools let you deliver tailored emails
  • The price is reasonable given the variety of functions it provides

Convertkit Vs Drip: Integration

The integration of the system is a process that brings together all the subsystems including design, software, and so on, functioning as one whole system.

There are mainly three types of Integration, namely

  • Vertical integration
  • Star integration (spaghetti integration)
  • Horizontal integration

Each of these functions differently according to the integrations. 


Convertkit Vs Drip- Integrations

  • Leadformly integration
  • Outlook integration
  • Gmail integration
  • Salesforce integration
  • SugarCRM integration
  • Microsoft Dynamics integration
  • Zapier integration
  • The number of integrations possible is 1000+
  • The average rating for the app is about 3.5 out of 5.



  • Leadformly integration
  • Outlook integration
  • Gmail integration
  • Salesforce integration
  • SugarCRM integration
  • Microsoft Dynamics integration
  • Zapier integration
  • The number of integrations possible is 1000+

Convertkit Vs Drip: Features



  • No Charges For Duplicate Subscribers:

As your subscriber base grows, this would surely increase the chances of having duplicate subscribers. To save you paying double on the same subscriber, ConvertKit ensures that you’ll not have to pay for such subscribers.

  • Analytics

As the data grows, the amount of meaningful insights that can be extracted from this data also increases. These insights help in visualization and decision-making.

Analytics also provides help in planning strategies; it helps in analyzing the status of a business. ConvertKit provides analytics to help you effectively utilize the data in hand and derive actionable insights from them.

  • Integrations

Depending on the systems you currently use, ConvertKit can provide you with the necessary integrations. They offer a variety of integrations like Woo Commerce, Shopify, WordPress, Zapier to name a few. They provide over 20 integrations as well as custom integrations. 


Drip Features

  • Analytics And Performance Tracking

Drip provides a dedicated dashboard for analytics and performance tracking. You can see how your campaigns are performing, and how the engagement metrics are performing, and plan ahead accordingly.

  • Only Active Emails Are Retained In The List

As you get more leads from various media, your mailing list will expand rapidly. Drip provides you with tools that let you make sure that your mailing list is clean and that only the activation emails are retained in the list.

  • Integrations

Similar to ConvertKit, Drip provides a variety of integrations. These include Woo Commerce, PayPal, Shopify, Salesforce, Pipe Drive, Magento among others, and custom. Over 94 integrations are provided by Drip. They also offer custom integrations as per your needs.

Common Features

Being in the same business, both providers offer a set of common features. These features include the most important functionalities that you might look for to scale your business. Here’s what they are and what they’ll allow you to do.

1) Email Campaigning:

This feature allows you to start and manage a campaign. For e.g. a festival is coming up and you wish to host a sale at your store. You can start a campaign and inform your customers about the sale. You can plug in your loyalty program strategies in this campaign. This mail will further be sent to your subscribers.

2) Multiple Forms And Landing Pages:

Templates are provided for you to design various forms, emails, and landing pages. The templates are customizable and you’ll be able to design a landing page without any knowledge about coding.

3) Broadcasting Emails To All Subscribers:

Once you design an email, you will be able to broadcast it to all your subscribers. You can even schedule the emails to be sent on a specific date and time.

4) Subscriber Management:

You will be able to target specific subscriber groups and create campaigns for them.

5) Automated Workflow Creation:

With this, you can design your own workflows hassle-free. You will be able to decide what the user journey should be like. You can also decide where the subscriber will be listed after certain events.

6) Personalized Information Feeding In Specific Mails:

A personalized touch never fails to impress; hence these platforms allow you to feed personalized data about the subscriber in the mail.

7) Custom CSS:

In case you are a coding geek and you wish to add a code snippet to achieve a result of your choice, you will be able to do so easily.

8) GDPR Compliant:

Ever since GDPR came into effect, major providers have altered their platforms for compliance. Both ConvertKit and Drip assure GDPR compliance.

9) USPs:

After discussing the common features, let’s see the USPs of these two platforms. These are the deciding factors depending on your business. You may or may not require some of the features and after analyzing those things, you will be able to make an informed decision

Convertkit Vs Drip: Pricing

Convertkit Pricing:


ConvertKit pricing is straightforward and easy to understand. They offer a variety of packages, depending on how many subscribers you want on your list; prices range from $15 per month for up 300 contacts all the way up past 3k at 79 dollars/month.

There’s also an option if someone has less than 1000 Subscribers with them as well where they can go to Free Mode which lacks some features but provides basic reporting.

ConvertKit has a higher plan called Creator Pro, which comes with advanced reporting and Facebook custom audiences. They’ll migrate your list from another service at no extra cost on the creator or pro plans

Drip Pricing:

Pricing of Drip

Drip is a great email marketing tool that offers many features to help you automate your campaigns. The only downside? It’s not free!

But there are trial periods of three weeks each, so no matter what level or plan choice suits your needs best you can test them all out before making any investment in this software solution.

Convertkit Vs Drip: Some Interesting Facts

Now that we have acquired a decent amount of knowledge about these platforms, let’s talk about the facts. Both these platforms have one thing in common which is “Email Marketing”, but still the features and working of both these platforms are widely different.

The audience profile of these platforms also differs depending upon how much you pay for a certain number of subscribers or audience and both these platforms are used for different purposes. 

ConvertKit was designed especially for bloggers and its algorithms are created from the beginning specifically for bloggers.

Drip, on the other hand, is built for users who make heavy use of the API (application programming interface). API is a computer program that defines the interaction between other program software.

It keeps track of calls, requests made, and the methods that can be followed to achieve the conventions. It also has features like purchase tracking (which keeps track of what your subscribers are looking for) and Leads scoring. 

Both these platforms are being recommended by several users, because of their ease of work, reliability, and features that make them unique. ConvertKit and Drip are very close in terms of both providing advanced email marketing and marketing automation features in a very accessible manner.

ConvertKit is a platform widely used by Bloggers, to reach their respective audiences on a wider scale, whereas Drip is a platform that is used to sell products online or any form of content.

Convertkit Vs Drip: Pros & Cons

ConvertKit Pros

  1. It builds a path for readers that can turn into subscribers.
  2. A person can create their landing pages and can get their work published online.
  3. The site also provides sign-up forms that can easily help a person gain genuine subscribers.
  4. It has an email design feature that helps a person generate emails that are precise and up to the mark, with an easy email builder feature.
  5. It has integration tools that can help to create a catching landing page or tools to enhance the work.

Convertkit Cons

  1. Limited testing functionality
  2. Fewer templates

Drip Pros

  1. Drip has a “forever free” plan.
  2. It provides a genuine platform to sell your products to the appropriate audience.
  3. Drip has a full-featured visual builder, that makes the workflow easier.
  4. Drip has around 30+ app integrations, including JavaScript API, complete segmentation of subscribers along with ad-hoc querying, and also tracking of your subscribers and their web actions.
  5. Drip is designed to handle almost every aspect of email marketing and automation, including marketing emails, which include emails to trial users, and emails to customers as well. 

Drip Cons

  1. Frequent downtime
  2. Learning curve

Best Alternatives to Convertkit Vs Drip

There are many good programs to use instead of ConvertKit and drip. Some of them are like ConvertKit and drip, but not all of them.

1. GetResponse



Get Response is a good program for managing email marketing. It’s also easy to use, but you’ll need to learn how it works first. It doesn’t have a free plan, but there are 30-day trials that are enough for you to understand.

The Landing Page Builder is better than ConvertKit and Drip. It has features for making a more comprehensive landing page, and it also offers better automation tools for getting people to convert.

It tracks people when they do things, or when they don’t do things, and then it uses the learnings to create automation workflows personalized for each contact.

This gives you a clear estimate of how engaged and valuable your contacts are. Plus, there is a fully customizable dashboard that offers a lot of functionality and usability!

Read our full Get Response Review before making your final decision.

2. Benchmark

Best Alternatives - Benchmark

Email marketing is a hard thing to do. Benchmark will help you with it. It simplifies complex tasks and is a budget-friendly option too. Their free plan comes with many features that you may need, perfect for new small businesses that are just starting out.

Besides email marketing tools, the benchmark also offers free polls, surveys, and event marketing. You can get a dedicated IP address for an added monthly cost if you want it to!

Benchmark Email lets you preview your email in Gmail before sending it. Benchmark Email will cost you $14 per 100 tests, but the first test is free.

Benchmark is easy to use, but it still has a help system that can guide you through the app. These messages are helpful for people who are new to the app and will help them enjoy it more.

3. ActiveCampaign


ActiveCampaign is a good option. It’s an advanced email marketing company that lets you set up any automation you want. All ActiveCampaign plans let you do this, from sales follow-ups to email segmentation.

ActiveCampaign also gives you access to a robust sales and CRM solution. This includes lead-scoring features and machine-learning tools that let you focus on your best-performing campaigns.

Active Campaign offers a 14-day free trial to help you make your decision before switching to a paid version.

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My Honest Take

Both platforms have gained an equal fanbase and a decent amount of ratings, while there might be certain glitches but these platforms offer the best in what they’ve been created for. According to various reviews, drip and Convertkit have a lot in common.

If one is a blogger then Convertkit is the appropriate platform but if one prefers a more advanced platform then Drip might be the right choice. Many such reviews describe Drip as an easier and more convenient platform than Convertkit.

Since drip has made a lot of changes in its working and functioning over Convertkit. The workflow on drip is considered to be smooth, advanced, and beneficial.

Hence, one has to be sure of exactly what they’re looking for before judging any of these platforms. It is always better to check the tutorials and reviews, and most importantly to check the application firsthand.

It also differs from person to person what they require. It will give a better insight into what works better to get maximum output and to make better use of the applications.

Convertkit Vs Drip: Customer Reviews & Testimonials


Convertkit Vs Drip: Convertkit Customer Reviews & Testimonials

” ConvertKit lets me build a relationship with my listeners beyond audio. Now, every week, listeners not only hear my voice but can read the story behind the episode too!” — JAY CLOUSE, CREATIVE ELEMENTS PODCAST

“Marketing is the thing that makes sales possible. And you have to segment your customers and prospects. Now I do a lot of that segmentation with ConvertKit .” — CHRIS HOWES , AMERICAN VIOLINIST


Convertkit Vs Drip: Drip Customer Reviews & Testimonials

It’s already a winning app in and of itself. Add the fact that their support team is SPOT ON, and you’ve got a complete beast! These guys really care about your success and setting up your account, using it properly, and creating an amazing revenue channel for your store. – Christian, Got Drip

Drip is a powerful toolset that lets you access customer segments for targeted email comms. I have a 90k mailing list and the brilliance of Drip is that I can segment that list down with a handful of logic statements to a tiny focused group that I know are on the cusp of a purchase and only require the lightest of nudges to pull the trigger. I drive about $30k of monthly revenue from it… It’s easy to use, quick to learn, the staff are responsive to requests and the reporting is accurate and simple to digest. – Evolution Power Tools

FAQ related to Convertkit Vs Drip Comparison

👍 How much does ConvertKit cost?

Prices start at $29 a month for a maximum of 1,000 contacts, $49 per month for up to 3,000 subscribers or $79 monthly for a list of 5,000 contacts

😃 Does ConvertKit have an app?

ConvertKit can handle it all from one app: forms, landing pages, drip emails, and newsletters.

🙍‍♀️ How long is ConvertKit free trial?

The ConvertKit free trial is good for one month free of charge for up to 1000 subscribers. After thirty days, the cost is $29/month until you exceed 1000 subscribers.

🤞 Why ConvertKit is so expensive?

You can charge readers to get your newsletter. This is good because it's another way you can make money. But it's expensive for this. Other tools are cheaper, but it depends on which one you want to use.

😎 How much does drip cost?

Drip starts at $19 per month for up to 500 contacts, and it offers pay-as-you-go plans starting with 1k sends.

💁‍♀️ Who is ConvertKit good for?

ConvertKit is a good way to send emails. It's fairly easy to use and its paid plans are not too expensive. It's designed for online creators who need e-commerce features built-in, so it's good for people who want to send emails but don't have time to deal with other things.

🙌 How long is ConvertKit free trial?

The main thing to keep in mind is that you will have full access to automation and sequences for 14 days. But if you collect any emails, then you'll have to start paying after 14 days.

👉 Is there a ConvertKit app?

ConvertKit is an app that was built by people who know what it takes to be a successful creator. they have built features that help you grow your audience.

👉 Is ConvertKit any good?

The product is trustworthy and reliable, and customer service is helpful and quick to respond. ConvertKit excels at streamlining processes. The user interface (UI) is simple to use, and creating and using templates is simple. A visual interface makes it very simple to set up automation.

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Convertkit Vs Drip- This was a quick review of the two Email Marketing giants. On one hand, Drip provides variety, but on the other hand, it has some significant cons. Likewise, ConvertKit might have an edge over Drip in some points but it offers limitations in functionality or variety.

Based on the requirements of your business, you can decide which functionalities matter more to your business. You might have to overlook certain cons/limitations but you’ll find a better fit.

Hence, in conclusion, depending upon the nature of your use, an appropriate platform can be chosen as both provide great service and opportunity for growth.

Whether you are a blogger and you sell content online through eBooks or blogs, these applications are of better use than others available and the workflow is very easy. 

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9 thoughts on “Convertkit Vs Drip 2022: An Unbiased Comparison (#1 Pick)”

  1. ConvertKit is a good tool for marketing your small business. It lacks the freebs features that Drip has, but once you learn how to use it, it’s really easy.

  2. Someone should have Drip when they lack choices. They are lightening-fast, easy-to-use, and perfect for the small business owner to do one time campaigns or throw up a newsletter in minutes.

  3. My first impression of Drip was really good, they are very transparent which is important to me as a customer. It’s easy to use, has powerfull workflows that will fit every business style. What excited me most was their automation- it will do everything automatically so you don’t need worry about setting up campaigns or what day/time certain emails should go out!

  4. ConvertKit is refreshing refreshing to use. I’ve never felt like the interface was hindering me, actually quite the opposite actually. It’s simple, intuitive, and gives you bright navigation buttons that are easy on your eyes unlike other systems that seem constricting or detached. They have a solid reputation for being reliable without crashing too often either which is great because let’s face it – nobody likes when their tools just stop working! Now, personally my only complaint with Convertkit is the free version doesn’t include all of the good features so if you want things like built in services or advanced segments you have to upgrade which can be pretty pricey at times… but there are many plans to choose from so even if you an average Joe this isn’t much of

  5. As a user of ConvertKit, I felt compelled to create this review for the benefit of other potential users. My experience with the free version was not a good one and it left me feeling inconsequential due to a lack of desired features. This resulted from my being unable to effectively communicate with colleagues in an effort to generate much-needed conversions because there were no pitch templates or landing pages within reach.

  6. Do you need a tool to help automate your entire workflow and save time on repetitive tasks? Drip is the answer! With their powerful automation, you can build workflows on top of all your automations. You get hundreds of pre-built workflows that fit for every business and then edit or create new ones. Some of these workflows include: checklist builder, social media posts, website traffic goals tracking and more!

  7. ConvertKit is a Solid and improving email marketing software, but only really if you’re using the paid version. The free version lacks a lot of good features that come in the paid version worth the money. It’s priced competitively against other software on the market today and once you learn how to use it, it’s pretty user-friendly with its easy tutorials. Reliability-wise, I’ve never had a problem as far as I can recall. Customer service is quick in responding or giving help when needed too!

  8. I tried the free trial for Drip. My favorite features are the workflow builder and how it is ridiculously easy to use. The automation is simple, yet effective to organize my business well. It supports all sorts of funnels – which makes it really versatile for anyone in e-commerce marketing! I can already see myself staying with this service for a long time because of their excellent customer support!

  9. Convertkit is a reliable option, but only really if you’re using the paid version. The free version lacks good features that are essential to any user. I personally recommend using either Convertkit because their set-up rates are low and they have far more advanced features than what comes with Convertkit.

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