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      Selecting the one from a pool of options is always confusing. One such confusion is which one to pick among CodeSchool and Treehouse. 

      Whenever I search for a course, I get a long list of options to choose from. Choosing any one of them to study is confusing as the internet is flooded with all informative options. You just can’t go with any random choice. One way to sort such a situation is looking at all aspects the course provides, getting through all reviews and ratings, contents the course is covering, and choosing the one which has maximum match as per your need, So what CodeSchool is? And what is Treehouse? What are they about? So let me tell you both of them are computer science-related course learning platforms with good ratings and reviews, So which one should we opt to work on? 

      Let’s take a look at both. 

      In this review, we will compare Code school and Treehouse, which is the better platform for learning professional web designing and coding skills and how to become a front end developer. CodeSchool and Treehouse both are on-demand classes that teach us professional web designing, coding, web development, JavaScript, etc. on a monthly subscription basis. All these are completely online. By completing these courses you are prepared for a variety of career paths from portfolio projects to job-ready front end developers if you do the complete beginner to professional level study. So let’s see which is the right one for you between these two.

      Treehouse is mostly about web design and development, also with IOS and Android development, Business Marketing related courses provider. Talking about CodeSchool which is now acquired by Pluralsight. So Pluralsight has all CodeSchool’s course contents, it has course content of not only Web development but also Software development, Data Handling Solutions, Data Science, Machine Learning, Cyber Security, Game development all such variety of courses with community support. A brilliant choice for a variety of course materials for computer professionals as well as beginner level students.

      CodeSchool Vs Treehouse 2020 | Which One Is The Best?

      About Treehouse

       Treehouse is a technology school that offers you to learn from a beginner to advanced courses like web designing, web development, mobile development, game development, etc. These are taught by their team of expert teachers who have a few years of experience. The theme of the content is very professional and the content is detailed. There is a very friendly atmosphere created by these teachers for a better learning experience. They promote self-learning and help them complete tasks at their own pace. The courses are planned out very smartly which makes us understand it with ease.

       CODESCHOOL Vs TREEHOUSE - Treehouse

      Its courses are mostly for beginners looking to learn coding skills for their career growth. All the teachers and instructors on Treehouse are screened precisely before hiring which ensures quality maintenance of the courses. Treehouse offers various subscription plans and you can easily access a wide range of courses in your subscription period. It has a unique track system that easily guides you throughout the course which acts as a roadmap to what you will learn next. Treehouse is a great investment for those who want to learn coding from the very basics and also for someone who is looking forward to learning new technology.

      About CodeSchool

       Codeschool is a school for aspiring developers who can learn in an entertaining and interactive way. The theme of the videos is creative and in the form of a storyline which makes it more engaging to go further. These break the norms of the classroom where everyone is forced to study at a speed set by the teacher. You can easily learn to code with them even I am learning to code with them.


      Here you are the controller as you set the speed at which you understand them no matter how many times you have to repeat it. In recent times code school has been taken over by Pluralsight and the content from the code school is only accessible to a premium subscription.

      CodeSchool (Pluralsight) : Products Available

         There are two types of products available in Pluralsight which are SKILLS and FLOW.



      The Skills product is used to develop your skills to drive assured results. Pluralsight aligns your technology strategies to your skills strategy to help you move forward with great speed. This product offers you :

      • The clarity needed to LEAD.
      • Skills to enhance your speed.
      • Achieve success ahead of the scheduled time.  

      The skills product offers solutions for :

      • Personal Use.
      • Software Development Teams.
      • IT Ops teams.
      • Security teams.

      The FLOW product can be used to debug and accelerate the velocity of your product release and provide faster visibility to your software engineering teams. The flow aggregates historical git data into a very easy to understand form and the insights and reports thus made help you make your team more successful. The flow product helps you to do the following:

      • To bridge the gap between code and your skills.
      • To build a better culture for engineering.
      • To visualize your code review dynamics.
      • To understand how your team is working and prioritize the matters in hand.

      The flow product offers visibility for :

      • Managers
      • Engineers
      • Product leaders and
      • executives

      CodeSchool (Pluralsight) Vs Treehouse: Courses offered

      Both Treehouse and CodeSchool(Pluralsight) have a wide range of courses to offer you and these courses are all well structured and give complete knowledge about the desired topics in detail. Let us have a look at the courses offered by each of these platforms in detail.

      CodeSchool (Pluralsight): What are the courses offered by CodeSchool?

      CodeSchool offers more than 5000 courses for technologies like Software Development, IT Ops, Data Professional, Information and Cybersecurity, etc. Along with these courses, CodeSchool also offers many paths and assessments. You can use courses to learn your skills or you can ever use certain paths offered to do the same.

      CODESCHOOL - CourseIn the above figure, the various courses, paths, and assessments offered under software development are mentioned. 

      The courses offered for Software Development are :

      • Python
      • JavaScript
      • Java
      • C++
      • Web Development
      • Mobile Development, etc

      The Paths offered for Software Development are:

      • JavaScript- it has 9 courses and is for 21 hrs
      • Angular JS – it has 14 courses and is for 55 hrs
      • Java – it has 13 courses and is for 48 hrs

      The Assessments offered for Software Development are:

      • Angular
      • C++
      • Python, etc

      Treehouse: What are the courses offered by Treehouse?

      The different courses offered by treehouse are APIs, Business, C++ Computer science, Data Analysis, Data Science, Database, Designs, Development tools, Digital literacy, HTML, CSS, Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, Security, etc.

      Treehouse Course - Companies have been using treehouse for offering various types of training to their employees through these courses offered. Treehouse is designed to empower your entire team and complete the training goals set by the company.

      Is learning with treehouse easy?

      To answer this question we would first have to take a look at the learning environment at Treehouse. Team Treehouse has created a great learning environment for all its users.

      This environment focuses on motivating the students to develop their desired skills quickly. The learning environment at Treehouse consists of the following four factors:

      • Learning tracks – These tracks are specially designed for students so that they can easily keep track of their progress. These tracks contain collections of courses that divide courses into stages and makes learning easy.
      • Engaging and fun- Treehouse uses game-based learning as a tool to keep their students engaged and add a fun factor to learning. The gamification helps students to stay focused and motivated and each time a student passes a quiz or completes a course, they receive points that are displayed on their public Treehouse Profile.
      • Tech-focused – all the courses at treehouse are focused on technology and they include content that teaches all types of developments in various languages. They have a structured feature for the beginners in their minds and hence learning becomes easier.
      • Course Library- the course library of Treehouses has all the course tracks and workshops at a single place. The students can easily access any content they want through here. They can easily find what they need and continue their earning process.

      All these above-stated features do make learning a lot more fun and easier while keeping the students engaged and motivated. hence I would say that- Yes, learning with Treehouse is easy and it has a great learning environment.

      CodeSchool (Pluralsight) Vs Treehouse: Teaching

      While comparing and deciding which is the best platform to learn coding from, teaching is going to play a very vital role. In order to decide the best learning platform, the teachings in the courses should be easy, precise as well as give all the knowledge of the topic. So, now let us look at the various teaching methods used by CodeSchool and Treehouse.

      Treehouse teaching

      Treehouse teaching is excellent as they don’t rush through the topics and take time to teach every topic in depth which is very good for beginners as well as everyone else. Their teaching style can be said to be very advantageous for someone learning the skills from scratch.

      Treehouse- PathWayA great thing about the teachers/instructors on Treehouse is that the instructors are active on the Forums. If you ever have any problem you can easily contact the respective teacher through the forum and you would surely get a reply.

      CodeSchool Teaching

      CodeSchool teaching is similar to that of Treehouse but the thing that I found more attractive about the teaching here is that CodeSchool has a lot of different themes for their courses. Each course will have a different theme which not only enhances and uplifts your mood but also makes you look forward to finding out the exciting theme coming up next. CodeSchool also instantly tests you on a topic you have just been taught. For example, when you finish watching a video, you will get a test after that to check your learning.

      CodeSchool (Pluralsight) Vs Treehouse: Resources

      CodeSchool - Resource The various resources offered by CodeSchool (Pluralsight) are: p

      • Blog- CodeSchool (Pluralsight) has a great blog that is always up to date and helps you to be updated with recent developments in technology and also help in constant skill development.
      • Customer Stories – they provide the stories of their customers so that their users can learn about the challenges and problems that their customers faced and the methods they used to overcome these problems. These stories give an insight into how companies all over the world built their skills and evolved.
      • Webinars – CodeSchool (Pluralsight) also conduct various webinars for their users so that they can gain more knowledge in their courses and enhance their skills with the help of expert insight. They also give many tricks and tips to their students through these webinars.
      • Live conferences- CodeSchool (Pluralsight) also conducts live conferences from time to time for active interaction with everyone.

      Team Treehouse has its Business resources as stated below.

      Treehouse - Resource

      • Who can use treehouse for teams?
      • How will your team learn with treehouse?
      • Treehouse course catalog.
      • Top features for tech eLearning platforms.

      Along with these business resources, Treehouse also has 

      • Blog – this is a wonderful blog that keeps us updated with all the emerging trends in technologies.
      • Presskit-  It is a full detailed report containing every tiny bit of information regarding Treehouse.
      • Affiliate program- The highlight of this program is to score high commission rates, to get the support of a dedicated affiliated manager, and to promote a product to people.
      • Treehouse libraries- These libraries are a great collection of data on all the courses offered. They help the students to learn without being interrupted and the students can easily get access to the desired materials through here to complete their courses.

      CodeSchool (Pluralsight) Vs Treehouse: Specifications

      Now, let me give a brief comparison between the two in terms of their specifications. The specifications I would be using here are features and coding languages.

      CodeSchool (Pluralsight)Treehouse
      Coding languages – some coding languages taught by CodeSchool are:Coding languages–  some coding languages taught by Treehouse are:
      SQL,etc.Swift, etc.
      Features of CodeSchool include- forums, progress savers, editors, video tutorials, etc.Features of Treehouse include- projects, progress savers, editors, video tutorials, etc.

      CodeSchool Vs Treehouse: Pricing

      Let us have a look at the pricing of Treehouse and CodeSchool.

      CodeSchool (Pluralsight) Pricing:     

      CodeSchool offers a skills plan and a flow plan. The skills plans are the ones who enable you to master the latest technologies with your expertise and the flow plan maximizes your productivity. 

      Let us take a look at the cost of these plans in detail.

      1.) Skills  Subscription Plan


      The skills plan is available for individuals and teams both. 

      2.) Skills individual plan

      For individuals, the cost of the plan is $19 monthly and $159 premium per year. Both these plans have courses, skill assessments and paths for individuals.they also offer a premium plan which costs$239 per year and it includes access to exams, projects, and various interactive courses.

      3.) Skills team plan

      CODESCHOOL - Skill Team Plan

      The skills team plan has a professional and enterprise plan. The professional plan costs $579 per user per year and includes features like basic reporting and user analytics.

      The enterprise plan costs $779 per user per year and offers features like more flexibility and advanced analytics for the complete enterprise.

      4.) Flow Subscription Plan 

      The Flow subscription has three different plans. These plans are built for enterprises and packages for any team.

      CODESCHOOL - flow Subscriptions Plan

      • The Standard plan costs $499 for an active contributor per year. It offers to seep visibility and snapshots to your software development process. It also includes 50 Repos and a free 30-day trial.
      • The Plus plan costs $599 for an active contributor per year. This plan offers maximum productivity and activates your product release cycles. With unlimited Repos, it also has a 30-day free trial.
      • The Enterprise plan costs $699 for an active contributor per year. This is a customs plan for very large teams with enterprise requirements. With unlimited Repos, flexible PCOs are also available.

       Treehouse Pricing 

      The best thing about treehouse is it doesn’t have any subscription plans to choose from.

       Code School Vs Treehouse - Treehouse Pricing

      You can easily start using Treehouse with a free trial and the cost of getting a tech degree from Treehouse is just $199 per month. All you need is a credit card to start your free trial and have a look at this amazing platform.

       CodeSchool (Pluralsight) vs Treehouse: Free Trials

      CodeSchool (Pluralsight) and Treehouse both offer free trials. Treehouse offers a 30-day free trial while CodeSchool offers a 10-day free trial. You can easily avail of these free trials to have a better idea about these platforms and have a close look at all the courses and features offered.

      CodeSchool Vs Treehouse: Important Differences

      Let us have a look into some important differences between Treehouse and CodeSchool.

      CodeSchool (Pluralsight)Treehouse
      1. Not all courses require a subscription.1. All courses require a subscription.
      2. $19/month subscription plan2.Basic subscription plan of $199/month.
      3.More variety of courses3.Less variety of courses
      4. Courses include programming languages, web development, AI, Machine Learning, Android development, etc.4. Courses include web development, IOS and Android development, etc.
      5.Both beginner and advanced level courses5.Beginner level Courses
      6.Near about 6000 courses.6.Total of 303 Courses.

      CodeSchool Vs Treehouse: Pros & Cons

      While doing this comparison between Treehouse and CodeSchool, comparing the pros and cons of the two platforms will give you a better insight into what makes these platforms successful and where these platforms lag.lets have a look at their Pros and Cons.

      CodeSchool (Pluralsight)Team Treehouse
      1. Access to Free and Paid Content as per course selection.

      2. Side by side you can make notes while taking the course just by clicking on the Notes tab.

      3. Optional assessment tests can be given by you to know your level in a selected course.

      4. A fun and creative theme.


      5. Challenges are given which enhances our skills.

      6. There are people assigned called screencasts to solve your problems regarding the challenges or any other projects.


      7.Daily practice.


      8. There are a few free courses

      1. Exercises for every course for practice purposes.

      2. It has diverse courses on web design, Photoshop, business marketing, etc. 

      3. Easily adaptable content.

      4. Access to forums and frequently asked questions about the class.

      5. Many coding challenges and quizzes.

      6. Certificate of Completing the course which is useful for the job point of view.

      7. The content is of great quality and there is a vast Library

      1. Only some Courses are Free, many are paid.

      2. Some courses are outdated.

      3. A few of the content is not that detailed as an advanced point of view.

      4.Limited Library.

      5. It gives more emphasis on web designing, web, and mobile development.

      1. Only a 14-day free trial to access courses.

      2.Without subscription no access to course contents.

      3. For the  sign-in purpose, you need to enter your credit/debit card details

      4. If you forget to unsubscribe after free trial then the amount will be deducted from your account.

      5. There are no free courses

      6. The structure is such that you have to learn from the beginning and you can’t skip anything.

      CodeSchool Vs Treehouse: Who is it best suited for?

      If you are a beginner thinking of starting your own business both treehouse and CodeSchool would be suited for you. For a Freelancer I found Treehouse to be more suitable. If you are a designer then the courses offered by CodeSchool are more suited for you as compared to Treehouse. If you are already into some business and need to enhance it then CodeSchool offers more solutions for you. Hence, depending on your need and expertise, you can easily choose among Treehouse and CodeSchool and decide the best platform suited for you.

      Personal Review:

      If you are looking for totally technical material then you can opt for a Treehouse and If you want a variety of courses both technical and nontechnical Pluralsight is the best choice, You can get access to some free courses on Pluralsight this is not as with Treehouse. Subscription plans also play an important role to decide which course to opt for, so it’s also upon you to select a course and it’s a platform which one is affordable to you. I made this article for you all through a deep study of both learning platforms and clearing most asked doubts hope you find it helpful.

      User Words

      TreeHouse Review & Testimonials

      TreeHouse - Customer ReviewCodeSchool Review & Testimonials

      CodeSchool - Testimonials


      👉🏻Does Treehouse give free trial?

      Yes, you can get a 14 days free trial. You need to unsubscribe after a 14 days trial. If you don’t want to continue, you will be charged for the course.

      👉🏻Can we suggest new content or courses to Treehouse?

      Yes, you can mail Treehouse for suggesting new content or any course you want to study, they review your suggestions and get back to you.

      👉🏻On Treehouse Can I give a subscription to someone?

      Yes, they do offer gift certificates. Please email [email protected] for more information.

      👉🏻Does Treehouse offer a Group Membership at a discounted rate?

      Yes They do offer group membership discounts. Please fill out the form and someone from their Organization team will follow up with you.

      👉🏻Can I get access to course contents if I cancel my subscription on Pluralsight?

      Yes, you can access your course contents until the expiration date of your subscription.

      👉🏻How frequently are new courses released on Pluralsight?

      They publish new courses every week.

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      Conclusion: CodeSchool vs Treehouse Comparison 2020

      In the end all you need to know that, Both platforms are very similar to each other with few differences in the quality of content, how they interact with you, the planning, or the theme of the content. Both the platforms are not that friendly if you have already had the knowledge.

      If you just want to upskill, you will still have to go through all the beginning lessons. CodeSchool is an excellent platform for a beginner with a fun and creative way to keep us engaged and Treehouse is perfect for someone who has to do a detailed and advanced study or aspires to be a job level or Master developer.

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