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Now  Google is acquiring Famebit. If you have the ambition to make money on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr account. You may get a great revenue stream through this platform.

The best part is that you do not need any blog to start this step. Famebit is all about sponsored posts.

“Sponsored Post is basically known as a promoted post. It is posted to any community-driven website which is sponsored as advertising by some particular company. They will gain popularity by user promotion.”

You can get a sponsored post from the social media channels. But you have to be the active profile on the social media networks and have more than 5000 followers. To get started with you should start with Twitter and Youtube.

“Social Media Monetization”. is the term given to Famebit.

FAMEBIT: (How to Use it)

It is a type of platform which somehow connects with social media and influencing with brands. The best part of this platform is you do not need to be gaining that fame to be a “social media influencer”.

“Famebit will help you in getting sponsorship for your social media channels and definitely through this sponsorship, you will definitely earn handsome money”

It is a type of self-service marketplace and you can easily get started with it. Famebit has taken an initiative by supporting Youtuber’s and many other social platforms. All you need is 1K followers to get started with sending proposals.

After signing up you should update your profile. You have to create an impressing bio and then link all of your social networking profiles having at least 5K followers.

Money making process with FAMEBIT:

After the creating account with the free registration process, you will be given access to their marketplace instantly. Here you can talk to influencer to promote their product. When you will be doing so then you may find products like technology, gadgets, beauty and fashion and many others.

You have the choice to sort the offers based on the targeted social networks and pricing. Just click on to details option you will get the details of sponsorship. Anytime you can contact the brand owner from there onward and tell them your idea of promoting them.

Just send the proposal and share your ideas with the brand and tell them what you will be doing to promote their products.

Keep one thing in mind that when you will be creating the proposal then show your creativity and make a good proposal so that they may get attracted towards your proposal.

It will be good if you attach your past working experience.

If you want to make your proposal extraordinary then use some templates.

Keep this thing in mind:

  • If your proposal got accepted then start working on the promotion plan and share the draft in the Famebit dashboard
  • You can go live after the acceptance of proposal

Also, read:

Terms and Conditions of FAMEBIT:

  • After the submission of content to the channel, the sponsoring company has the rights to be the copyright owner.
  • It will be good for you go through the terms and condition of the company
  • Famebit will charge 10% of the sponsoring fees for providing this platform.
  •  PayPal or with a paper check is used as a method of payment.
  •  Download the official Famebit iOS app from the app store

When you will be using Fame bit then you will be getting the physical product to review and try. So it will be better for you to keep the proposal money low because in return you will be getting the products to review.

Over To You : Famebit Review

Overall, the Famebit is that type of monetization technique which is not limited to the bloggers. Anyone who is active all the time on social media platform he can earn decent money through this. Any youtuber can earn $10 to $20,000 from anywhere.

Stop thinking just go and grab this opportunity of making money.

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