10 Best Email Finding Tools 2023 How to Find Anyone’s Email

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When trying to contact a person you do not know, email is the best, the most discreet way to do so. That is why email is and will probably remain the main channel for conveying business offers. Still, the trick is to find a relevant address of the person you need, which is not always easy.

You can technically try and search email addresses on social media, google the people you need or even try to make a guess based on their company email standard. In some cases, you may even get lucky. Still, none of the above solutions ensure adequate results, and what is even worse, they take tremendous amounts of time.

If communicating with strangers and conveying your business-related messages is your daily routine, you simply cannot rely on luck. And, of course, you cannot spend hours googling someone’s email. Fortunately, plenty of professional tools can help find anyone’s email in just a few clicks. Of course, most of these tools run on subscriptions, but their prices are moderate, and — let’s face it — these days, we must always invest to achieve the best results. So, let’s take a look at the top email hunting tools that can save you both time and effort.

BEST Email Finder Tools (FREE/Paid)

1) Clearbit

Clearbit is the most basic of plugins that work directly with your mail client. Right now, this extension is compatible with Google and Outlook emails. This tool claims to have a 97% accuracy rate and is incredibly simple to use.


All you need to do is type someone’s name or company title in your main search box, and Clearbit will pull this person’s email for you. You will not even need to copy the address because you are already in your inbox; so, you can just click on ‘compose message’.




2) SellHack

SellHack is another example of a simple tool that can pull virtually anyone’s email. This plugin is integrated into your browser and currently supports Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Despite its name, SellHack is popular not only with sales representatives but also with recruiters and marketers.


One of its primary benefits is that it allows exporting contacts in bulk as opposed to looking for just one email address at a time.

Save Upto


SellHack-Pricing - Find Email


3) SignalHire

Another example of a bulk finder is SignalHire. This useful tool is loved by marketers and recruiters alike because it is versatile and can pull up more info than just an email. This browser extension can also find the phone number you are looking for and even offer you backlinks to personal and professional social media accounts.

SignalHire - Find Email Tool

Another bonus of using this tool is that it can work directly from your Chrome and Firefox browser and is fully functional when browsing LinkedIn. If, for example, you find an interesting connection on this leading social network, you no longer need to message them over the platform — just click on the SignalHire plugin and get all the relevant info without closing your LinkedIn tab. Alternatively, you can search their 400+ million databases by name, industry, or skillset, exporting all the info you’ve found useful in bulk.



SignalHire - Pricing Find Email Tool

4) Headreach

This is another database that allows looking up more than an email address. Similar to SignalHire, it can search people by name, company, industry, website, etc. It also has an advanced search where you input any data you have (no matter how insufficient) and get relevant contact details of the people you are looking for. It’s the only downside that you have to conduct all searches via Headreach website because there is no handy browser-integrated plugin.

5) FindThat

Positioned as the Yellow Pages for Email, FindThat is a versatile tool that can be integrated with 500+ different apps, including HubSpot, SalesForce, MailChimp, and many others. This is a very functional plugin that can find virtually anyone’s email address, allows exporting contacts in bulk, and is easy to use.

FindThat- Lead Email Tool

However, in comparison to other tools we’ve covered above, FindThat’s pricing is rather steep. While it does offer 15 free searches a month, accessing 3000 searches will cost you and your team $149. The functionality is, without any doubt, impressive, but other companies offer similar functions for less money.


FindThat Pricing - Find Email Tool


6) Voila Norbert

Another powerful tool that can quickly find and verify emails. It does not offer phone numbers or links to social networks, but its email success rate is estimated at 98%. Another important bonus of this plugin is that it offers 50 free searches a month, which is more than most other extensions offer. So, if contacting people is not part of your daily routine, this tool can be both useful and budget-wise.

Norbert - Email Finder Tool

Those are the primary email finding tools that are both effective and cost-efficient. As you can see, some of these plugins will give you a chance to find more than just an email. So, instead of wasting your precious time googling, think of investing in one of these plugins. Any of these extensions can be irreplaceable when conveying your business messages, conducting sales & marketing campaigns, or reaching out to prospective job candidates.


Norbert - Pricing Email Finder Tool

7) ContactOut

Contactout review

If you’re looking for a tool to help you find email addresses and phone numbers for prospective candidates, then ContactOut is the tool for you. It has the ability to provide you with personal emails for 75% of people in the western world, making it an invaluable resource for recruiters and human resources professionals.

ContactOut is simple to use – all you need to do is enter the name and location of the person you’re looking for, and the tool will do the rest. You can also specify the type of contact information you’re looking for, such as email addresses or phone numbers.

One of the best things about ContactOut is that it’s constantly updated with new contact information. So whether you’re recruiting for a new position or just trying to get in touch with a potential business partner, ContactOut is a great way to get started.

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