EComHunt v/s DropshipSpy 2019: Which Is Best Dropshipping Plugin?

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  • Reasonable Pricing
  • Hot Products to Sell
  • Ad Hunter
  • List of Data for a Product


  • No Free Membership
  • Limited Targeting

Dropshipping!! Dropshipping!! You might have heard this word often now. It is certainly in the list of Top businesses online that can make you money with no or low investments.

The business model like Dropshipping is the one from which you can make six figures giving nothing. But, it will only work if you have got the strategy and plan to run the business.

A lot of Shopify store earns millions by Dropshipping whereas some of them have to sell those stores have at the recurring fees at the end. It all depends on the implementation.

Dropshipping- Online Business Ideas In India


What I mean is that you would always need a business strategy to make a dime like any other businesses.

However, there are a number of Dropshipping tools nowadays that can ease your task and some of the tools are essential to run the store and make a profitable business.

One of the tools that I have found while exploring is that you can look for the most profitable businesses without spending a penny or two. The best tools that I have found for searching the winning products are Ecom hunt and DropshipSpy.

ECom Hunt & Dropship Spy

There are other useful tools too on the list; Oberlo for Shopify and similarly, the WooCommerce and WordPress, there are a number of plugins.

I have given a detailed comparison between EcomHunt and DropshipSpy and help you decide which tool is the best suited for you!!

 Comparison Between EcomHunt & Dropship Spy: Which is the best Dropshipping Tool?

There is a fair competition between the EcomHunt & Dropship Spy. While they are equally popular and efficient, they give each other the run for the money. The features may vary slightly or the pricing may which helps you decide the best tool to decide the winning products for the Dropshipping.

Let’s have a look at the detailed comparison between EcomHunt and DropshipSpy.

Detailed Review of EcomHunt 2019: Find Winning Products For Dropshipping with Discount Code

ECom Hunt vs Dropship Spy

The Ecom hunt works on the basis of watching and keeping an eye on large companies and the social media accounts as well as the Aliexpress to trace the best products for the Dropshipping.

This tool daily updates the list of the best selling products overall using certain parameters:

  • Profit
  • Analytics
  • Links
  • Facebook Ads
  • Engagement
  • Product video
  • Facebook Targeting

Comparison between EcomHunt and Dropship Spy

These data can totally sum up and give you the best product which can be sold on any platforms such as Shopify, eBay, WooCommerce and Amazon and still be successful in any of the platforms.

Also, once you have got the best selling products and the links to the stores selling them, you can look for the other products too from that store and get invariably the best selling products.

Ease Of Use

The dashboard is intuitive and too handy. You can get each of the products that are winning on the cards without much struggle. Each day, this dashboard gets updated and shows you the best product.

In the dashboard, once you have seen that the product you like, just click on ‘Show me money’ and all the data related to the product will be displayed to you searching for the best one.

ECom Hunt


  • Sells the Trending Products

 The key feature on which the tool is based is that it helps you find and sell the most trending products.

Using this tool is of great use if you are using the pro membership. In the pro membership, you can find the Facebook ads that are winning and can use those data to create the ad that wins.


  • Product Analytics

The best products can keep an idea of profit from that product collectively. You can get the profit margin and then you can plan your ads accordingly. This analytics will tell you a lot of story about that product.

It gives you the idea of how well the product is doing on social media as well. It also tells you that from where the product came from. Also, it will state the number of orders, ratings, reviews, the total votes to the products and a lot of other data.

For instance, in the data below, there is a data ranging from profit, reviews orders, votes and reviews. Also, you can see that the source is Aliexpress.

ECom Hunt review with Dropship spy


  • Facebook Ads

 The Facebook Ads are vital and make a major part of your traffic. So, this tool gives you the access to the Facebook Ads. In the membership, you will be getting a free product video that you can use to run in your store.

Ok, so now it is better to have this feature as it can tell you a lot about how successful Facebook ads may work and you can learn the strategies using them.

The tool also gives the Facebook tutorial so that if you are a newbie in Facebook targeting, you can learn the targeting with ease.

Facbook Ads Information- Ecomhunt Review

  • Adhunter Extension

This is by far the best feature in the EcomHunt. This chrome extension is available for both the free as well as the pro members. The extension picks out the Facebook ads from your competitors and searches the best and the winning ad.

Introducing AdHunter – Reveal Your Competitors Facebook Ads Performance – Ecomhunt Review

It then uses the template and re-run the Facebook Ads. The data shows the traffic amount, the location of the ad and how long it has been running for.

Thus, the free to use Adhunter extension can prove to be really useful for getting more traffic. It filters the best product and also displays the Facebook Ads beside them. This includes the links to Facebook Ads for the products, ad interest, targeting and various factors.


  • Webinars & Tutorials

E-commerce and Dropshipping are certainly the robust ways to make money but it is hard to get. A guy with no knowledge can only get into if he has practised the things or learnt the art of Dropshipping.

To serve this purpose, there are a number of webinars and tutorials that can teach you Dropshipping. It is only available for the pro members. The free plan doesn’t have the webinars.

Webinars and Tutorials- Ecomhunt Review


  • Links to the Winning products

As I mentioned above, use this tool to find the winning products and use that product to reach the store.  Once you have reached the store, you can get the links to the store and the best selling products in that store.

Now, you have got the store and you have got the products to choose, use the Oberlo for Shopify or the WooCommerce plugins to get the products to your store. I love this feature because it saves up my time.

Tutorials- Ecomhunt Review



EcomHunt has two plans to choose; the Free plan and the Pro plan. Free plan is not of a great importance to me as it has got the limited features to use.

Free plan has got only 2 products a day with only the limited access. In the free data, you can neither use the link tracking for the Facebook ads. Moreover, you will not be able to see the links to the sellers which is a big drawback. Neither does it give the webinars and tutorials for free. Just find the products and do the research yourself. This plan is available for 14-days after which you have to switch to Pro plan.

The not much costly Pro plan comes up with all the features listed above. The Pro plan costs you just $29 per month. It means you can find unlimited products every day. You will have the full data access to all the products as compared to the free plan. You can save unlimited products in comparison to the ability to save only 5 products in the Free plan.


Pricing- Ecomhunt Review

You can get this awesome tool at just $20/month by using the special discount coupon!!


Pros and Cons of EcomHunt



  • Facebook Ad Insight: As mentioned above, it gives the deep dig into the Facebook data for the products.
  • Hot Products: EcomHunt chooses the hot products for you and can tell you that in advance before it gets viral completely.
  • Niche Products: Not just the hot products overall, you can narrow the search and find the best product in your niche. Just find the niche and you are ready to find the hot product in your niche.
  • Ad Hunter Extension
  • Free Trial and Coupon:  The company gives 14-day free trial and the 31% Discount on the pro plan.



  • No Free Membership: Thought the company calls it as a free membership but it has got the least use of all the resources and features available there.
  • Limited Products in the niche: This matters because most of the products that I have found here are generic and not particularly to a niche. They need more products in a niche.

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Detailed Review of DropshipSpy August 2019: Find Best Products on Social Media

Dropship Spy is same as the EcomHunt but may vary slightly in the features and the pricing. It works like EcomHunt but this tool pays more heed to the products which are actually searched and more trending on the social media.

Detailed comparison- Dropship SPy and Ecom Hunt

The products are then made available to the members on the dashboard gathering all the data. Let’s take a quick review of the DropshipSpy tool.


Ease of Use

I would consider it easier to use when compared to the EcomHunt as because of its fairly intuitive dashboard. The toll has got the cool design that makes it really attractive to use.

Dropship Spy vs Ecom Hunt- Comparison
Above all, there are features that you cannot afford to miss. The dashboard includes the Winning product finder, Facebook audience builder, Instagram Influencer on its dashboard which is fairly easy to use.


  • Facebook Audience Builder

Dropship Spy is really helpful when it comes to choosing and finding the products to run your ads on Facebook. Running a Facebook ad might not seem easy for many newbies as it poses man challenges such as the most basic one of how and where to start from.

You can choose your niche and search for the right ads.

Dropship-facebook audience builder

No worries!! The Facebook product hunt shows you the interest that serves the product right. Thus, you can start altogether with the Dropshipping as well as the Facebook Ads in once.

This can actually save up a lot of your cost and investment on testing and targeting the right kind of audience. Thus, it saves your time as well as the money to a much greater extent.

You can look for the best interests and copy those keywords in the targeting section.

Dropship Spy vs Ecom hunt

  • Product Analytics

This analytics will give you a better insight into the best products for the Dropshipping. The analytics includes a lot of details about the product.

Dropship spy or Ecom Hunt

The product has the product description, buying and selling price of these prices and the profit margins from that. Similarly, it can give you the video advert of the products that you can use on the Facebook as the videos and use them to get more conversions.

On the other hand, it gives you the data about the total no. of products that sold, no. of reviews feedback score, the product rating, etc.

product analysis for Dropship spy

  • Instagram Influencers

After the Facebook, if you have got the niche that really works well on Instagram, then go for it. Instagram Influencers can help you bring the conversions but without DropshipSpy, you cannot find the Instagram Influencers.

You will get the detailed information about that product or the influencer which includes the engagement percentages, prices, follower counts, etc. This way, you can find the best Instagram Influencers for your niche without wasting much of your time.

  • Amazon Review Downloader

Amazon reviews are great. In this case, if you haven’t got the products review and you want some, just use the Dropship Spy tool to download the Amazon review.

This tool can, in fact, make your customers more confident when they have got the reviews like that. So just download and upload the file in CSV format to your store.

  • Engagement Calculator 

This is a really awesome tool for finding the engagement on a particular product. You can enter the details about a particular product and look for the engagement calculator.

Engagement calculator in dropship spy



Dropship Spy is somewhat similar in pricing to EcomHunt but yes it has got the three different plans to choose from. The basic plan starts at just $15 per month while the Premium one at $25 per month and the last one Pro at $35 per month.

Dropship SPy and Ecom Hunt discount coupons

The downside is that it gives the free trial only after signing up for the premium or Pro plans. Look at all the features that are available with these plans.

Pros and Cons of Dropship Spy


  • Facebook and Instagram ready
  • Live Chat
  • Promising and Hot Products to sell
  • Reasonable Pricing
  • Flexible pricing plans

Dropship Spy and EComHunt for spy products


  • No Free Membership: Thought the company calls it as a free membership but it has got the least use of all the resources and features available there.
  • Limited Products in the niche: This matters because most of the products that I have found here are generic and not particularly to a niche. They need more products in a niche.
  • Limited Facebook Targeting


The Final Verdict: Who Is The Winner: EcomHunt Vs Dropship Spy?

Both of the tools are really great for finding the winning products but yes they might differ in functionality and the approach that you would like to use with.

If you need to spend less and get more, then go for the EcomHunt but yes Dropship Spy isn’t bad too and it doesn’t even cost you much.

The decision now lies within you !! Try them and choose the winner.  I hope you have liked my detailed comparison between the EcomHunt and DropshipSpy.

If you have used these tools earlier, please leave a feedback with us in the comments box.

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