WiseStamp Review: Awesome Professional Email Signature Template

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What is WiseStamp?

Professional Email Signature Template Generator - WiseStamp Review

Wisestamp is one of the best email signature creators on the internet available nowadays. It’s a tool you can use to easily create professional looking email signatures that will enhance your business reputation and profits as well.

Why it Wisestamp required?

WiseStamp includes countless templates that make your email signature look good—and appropriate for a signature. WiseStamp helps you maintain a well-designed, professional and dynamic email signature with templates, which you can customize and modules and apps.


Not all templates are perfect for all uses. WiseStamp also reserves a good number of its designs for the paying members. The benefit of having this email signature is for your subscribers to further connect with you deeply which might end leading to more sales

WiseStamp Review - Professional Email Signature Template

Whether you are a paying or free member of Wisestamp, you are not limited to the templates WiseStamp includes, though the options for customizing your signature further might be more limited, you can pick between three fonts, a number of font sizes and colors, and you can adapt the icons for links to social profiles. With Wisestamp, you get to choose several options of displaying the

With Wisestamp, you get to choose several options of displaying the sort of email signature your business requires. Wisestamp helps in creating a vast variety of templates, apps, and designs to fit any kind of business.

How You Can Create an Account in Wisestamp

There are basically two types of accounts in Wisestamp, one is a premium one and the other one is a free account. Although the free account will give you all you need to create a professional looking email signature apart from the fact that the promotional links on the footer of every email you send are included beforehand.

There are three ways you can create your free account. You either sign up with your Facebook account, with your Google plus account or you can use your own email address to register.

With all the none-replies that you’ve been getting despite sending hundreds of emails, it makes you wonder if there are any kind of tricks that you can apply to your email messages that would cause ALL of your recipients to reply to your messages.

Professional Email Signature Template Generator by WiseStamp

The idea is; having a captivating email signature will help improve your personal brand’s image and make you look 100 times more legit than others who send mediocre and useless emails.

When you will work with Wisestamp, you will immediately start getting more replies to your emails only because the person from the other side of the computer can see your picture or verifies you.

Wisestamp Features

WiseStamp Pricing - WiseStamp Features

  1. The Web Editor

The feature that most WiseStamp users like about the platform is one can see your email’s signature on the same page where you have customized yours. Your email signature’s preview updates in real-time.

  1. The Elements That Can be Added On The Page

The “add another” link will let you add another clickable link for your signature’s social profiles, you’ll be surprised to see how many more icons they have for you.

  1. Email Signature Templates Options

Since most of the templates are there for the paid users and aren’t accessible to the free users. Upgrade your subscription to use the other templates to customize your signature well.

Beneficial Benefits of Using WiseStamp

Concluding from the above content the only and most important benefit one can have from using the platform is they’ll get way better replies out of the sent email messages.

WiseStamp Review - Professional Email Signature

However, that’s not all. There are several others benefits that one can get out of using the tools are.

  1. Showcase Your Integrated Portfolio

WiseStamp lets you include as a part of the portfolio, YouTube videos and the Instagram posts, which can be used as a means of displaying his/her previous works to the prospective clients.

If you’re also into writing, WiseStamp also has integrable apps from Tumblr or WordPress and more that you can add to your email signature.

  1. Better CTRs

As one comes up as a professional in the eyes of your prospective clients, they will take your email’s content seriously. Therefore, compelling them to click on the links in your email that route them to your landing page.

  1. Generating Leads

With WiseStamp’s “Signature Apps,” you’ll realize that there are several other helpful features that can be added to generate leads.

Here are some of them:

  • Event Promoter
  • Webinar Promoter
  • Banner
  1. Increasing Social Shares

The beautifully designed social sharing buttons that the platform has, tempting your recipients to click on the buttons becomes immensely easier.

The fact that the buttons “pop” because of how professional-looking they are is certainly a huge step-up for the WiseStamp users.

  1. Can Add Banners

If you’re running special offers or discounts, let your prospects know about it in a silent but powerful way. WiseStamp helps you do just that by allowing you to add banner ads to your email signatures.

  1. Increase Your Sales

When your email recipients are clicking the links in your email messages and lands on the landing pages, the possibility of converting them into actual paying customers increases on its own.

It almost doesn’t matter what kind of mindset the prospects have while they’re viewing your email messages.


  • WiseStamp is there for you to help you design an appropriate and unique email signature
  • You can include dynamic content in it.
  • Browser add-ons make WiseStamp work with Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and other web-based email


  • WiseStamp does not offer an alternative plain-text signature.
  • You cannot change the signature automatically based on recipient or subject
  • More formatting choices and design tools would be a better option to include.

WiseStamp Pricing

WiseStamp Pricing - WiseStamp Revew

It’s quite interesting how WiseStamp only costs about $6 per month, despite how powerful and useful the tool is. WiseStamp also accepts credit/debit cards payments, and through Paypal. Considering how the platform can help you book more projects and close more sales overall.

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If you are serious about growing your business, I will strongly recommend you to turn using Wisestamp as the Number 1 Email Signature Tool.

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  1. I have the PRO version. 5 years ago I was able to list the cities, countries and phone numbers for our 12 world wide locations. No more. My Personal signature blocks have Bigger pictures, my motto and a re sizable family crest image. You can’t do that anymore. Nor can you pay them to create a signature block that you can edit later.
    They have a product that I can not edit anymore from what I had 5 years ago. They don’t care about their customers needs either.

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