EdrawSoft Review 2023: Ultimate Diagram Solution Provider (Worth it?)

In a world that runs by data at its core, flowcharts and graphics are an essential instrument in analyzing and understanding the data. It is no surprise that for all corporations from big multinationals to start-ups, every company uses flowcharts and graphics in one way or the other.

While Microsoft has been the go-to software provider for various functions involving charts and graphics, the modern times call for a more dedicated solution. EdrawSoft is one such tool that comes as a one-stop solution for all the flowchart and graphic needs that an organization might need.

These tools are highly functional and have a user-friendly interface which makes these tools easy to use for everyone. If you are wondering what these tools are and their benefits, look below for my review after using these tools myself.

EdrawSoft Review 2023:Best Ultimate Diagram Solution Provider?

What is EdrawSoft?

EdrawSoft is a comprehensive platform which offers a number of tools. These tools have become part of many Fortune 500 companies, highly important to the functioning of the businesses. Let’s look at all the tools that this platform has to offer.


What are the tools that EdrawSoft offers?

EdrawSoft offers a number of tools that come in handy for different purposes.

  • MindMaster

MindMaster is one of the best Mind Mapping solutions that I have come across. This tool is capable of handling many functions and have a highly user-friendly interface. This tool allows you to create mind maps which you can use on multiple platforms that include web, mobile, PC and tablets.


What I find the best thing about this software is that you can create the mind maps on any platform you like and access it on all your devices after linking, If you are looking for a platform that will allow you to seamlessly work and collaborate with your teammates, you will find MindMaster very useful.

Here is the list of features that I find most useful in this exceptional tool.

  • 12 Unique Structures

MindMaster offers you a wide range of 12 unique structures to utilize from. In addition to the traditional radial map, you also have a fishbone, treemap, timeline, and sector map, to name a few.

Edraw-MindMaster Features

While customizing a theme can take countless hours, MindMaster offers you a list to choose from of 33 themes. I find these themes highly useful and time-saving. Browsing through the list, you will most certainly be able to discover them

  • Over 33 Themes

e which you need for your project without any hassle.

  • A Huge Database of Stylish and Unique Cliparts

Finding an idea to work on is hard enough, let alone finding clipart to accurately depict that idea. MindMaster makes your task quite easy by offering you a huge database of over 700+, which will help you visualize your ideas with ease.

  • Scope for Customization

Mindmaster allows you a wide scope for customizing your visuals. You can change lines, fill, and even branch colors as per your tastes. You can also choose from multiple connection styles and replace the shapes as well.

  • Brainstorming Mode

If you are looking for a space to conduct those crucial brainstorming sessions, MindMaster has the Brainstorming mode. This mode allows you to conduct effortless brainstorming sessions while allowing you to record your ideas and organize them effortlessly.

  • Project and Task Management

You can create, track and manage tasks using the Gantt Mode.

  • Platform Support

You can use this tool on multiple platforms, including mobile phones, tablets and personal computers.

  • Date export and sharing

This tool allows you to export and share your data in various formats such as Microsoft Office, PDF, and Evernote, etc. This tool also allows you to share your work on various social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

  • Infographic Maker

This tool, as the name suggests, helps you create infographics. While creating the infographics for your business can be time-consuming and difficult, this tool allows you to do it in 5 easy steps. If you want to know how this can be done, look at the five steps below.

  • Select a template
  • Use Library Symbols
  • Add Text
  • Customize
  • Export and Share

Here is the list of features that I believe are its USPs.

  • A huge database of Vector Cliparts
  • Wide scope of easy customization
  • Save your work in multiple formats
  • One time purchase for lifetime access
  • It does not need ultra-fast and regular internet connectivity to operate
  • Edraw project

This tool is specially meant to help you schedule, monitor, and manage your projects on a real-time basis. This robust tool has a highly user-friendly interface, does not need tons of storage space and is powerful.


Here is a list of its most helpful features which makes it stand out in project management.

  • Gantt Charts

Interactive Gantt Charts helps you to manage all your projects with relative ease through easy to use interface.

  • Resource Management

Efficiently manage all your projects on a single platform with the help of unique features like drag & drop, planning & tracking, reports, etc.

  • Cost Estimation

This tool’s interface helps you to accurately estimate your project costs and helps to manage your budgets.

  • OrgCharting

For efficient strategic planning and managing your workforce, it is important to have various types of organizational charts. OrgCharting is one such interactive tool that helps you create professional and data-centric organizational charts to support planning and managing your workforce.

Here is a list of its best features to help you decide for yourself why you need this software over any other similar option.

  • Custom Made Templates

EdrawSoft’s OrgCharting has a huge database of templates that helps you get your work done in no time. These templates also act as a base if you want to design your template easing your work.

  • Auto-create Mode

The auto mode is the most impressive feature of this website. This feature allows you to build a chart by just clicking or by importing an excel data file. You don’t need to do any manual work and spend hours building the charts that you need for your next meeting.

  • Data-interactive interface

OrgCharting has an interface that acts on the data. It allows you to convert data to a chart or vice versa in no time. Additionally, this tool also allows you to synchronize and resynchronize your data with the updated source.

  • Planning & Management

Orgcharting helps you organize and prioritize your tasks which helps to increase productivity.

  • Bulk Data Upload

This tool allows you to upload bulk employee data quickly, saving you a lot of time and effort.

  • Data Sharing and Cloud Collaboration

While you can easily share your org chart through an HTML link, you can also collaborate with your teammates on multiple tasks. This is made possible with the help of cloud storage which saves all the projects that you are working on.

  • EdrawSoft Office Viewer Component

One of the most challenging tasks is to host all types of documents in one place. There is a number of Microsoft tools including Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Project and Visio. Edraw Office Viewer allows you to save all types of documents at one place.

Edraw-Softwa -How It Work

Edrawsoft makes all documents available to you in the form of a web page or a custom form with easy and flexible control. Also, if you are a developer, this will allow you to customize their own solutions and explore new possibilities.

Let’s briefly look at all the Office Viewer features that make it such a handy tool.

  • Supports all MS Office file formats
  • Easy customization
  • Supports all major type of operating systems
  • Supports multiple popular web browsers
  • Password protection for additional security
  • Easy user-interface that allows you to quickly upload and download data files
  • Multiple language support which allows its operation in over 40 countries
  • Edraw Max

Edraw Max is the latest edition to Edraw’s arsenal. It is a complete tool which takes care of all your diagramming needs at a single place. This tool is available for multiple platforms including Linux, Mac operating system, Windows and online.


Whether you want to draw flowcharts, design floors, mind maps, UML diagrams or anything, as a matter of fact, you can draw it using this robust tool. Let’s look at the features of Edraw Max.

  • A database of over 260 diagrams that includes flow charts, mind maps, floor plans, etc.
  • The complete solution for all your graphic needs
  • Supports Visio’s documents with XML format
  • Drag and drop functionality
  • MS Office interactive solution
  • Scope for customization
  • Includes over 2000 clip arts
  • Supports Hyperlinking

What are the pros and cons of EdrawSoft?

EdrawSoft offers a number of tools. This makes it difficult to define its individual pros and cons. While this platform takes care of all your designing needs, you can easily choose from the options to decide which is the best choice for your business. However, these are some pros of using EdrawSoft which you can read below.


  • Quick customer support

You can reach out to their customer support team via email or chat support available at their official website. These team of customer support executives makes sure that you get help as soon as you need it.

  • Reasonable pricing

While most of the

  • Tutorials and video lessons

EdrawSoft has a database of video lessons and tutorials which are self-explanatory. Moreover, these lessons offer you a step-by-step guide for all their products which makes these tools easy to use.

tools that EdrawSoft offers you are free, you can avail the EdrawSoft max for a fairly reasonable price, especially when you consider the list of features that it offers.

  • Free Trial     

You won’t really need the free trial for most of their products as they are free. However, in the case of Max, they offer you a free trial period as well.

  • 30 Days money back

Consider taking the premium package for the Edraw Max. In case you feel that it is not worth your money, which I highly doubt, you’ll get your money back in 30 days.


If you ask me the cons of EdrawSoft after testing all these tools, I have to say that there are none. Moreover, if you find any feature missing in one of the tools, the other tool compensates for it.

How much do all the EdrawSoft tools cost?


Let’s look at the pricing policies for all EdrawSoft tools.

  • Edraw Max

While most of Edraw’s tools are free of cost, you need to pay the subscription fees for Edraw Max. Here is a list of all the pricing plans available.

  • Single User Half Yearly Plan

This plan applicable for a single user costs $12.95 per month for which you get a bill of $77.7 every six months. While this plan allows you access to Edraw Max Online, you don’t get the desktop version.

  • Single User Annual Plan

This plan applicable for a single user costs $9.95 per month for which you get an annual bill of $119.4. This plan also doesn’t allow you access to the desktop version.

  • Team and Enterprise Plans

Edraw gives you special deals and offers if you are a team of five or more people. It is best to contact them and discuss your requirements for a quote.

  • MindMaster

While Mind Mapping platforms generally cost a fortune, Edrawsoft brings you this robust tool free of any cost. All you have to do is download the free version available at the website, and you are ready to go.

EdrawSoft Office Viewer Component

Just like MindMaster, this is also a free tool. All you need to do is download the free version from the official website, and you can start using it right away.

  • OrgCharting

OrgCharting is also a free tool which is available at their website for easy download.

  • Edraw Project

If you are using project management software, you’ll agree with me that this software can burn a deep hole in our pockets. However, EdrawSoft has a solution for us. You can use Edarwsoft’s Edraw Project without paying any type of fees.

Also, Edraw supports almost all the payment options ranging from PayPal, debit cards, and credit cards to wire transfer.

Key Takeaway EdrawSoft Review

All in all, EdrawSoft is a very comprehensive platform which helps you build graphics and flowcharts with superlative ease. This platform offers you a huge database of templates and clip arts which helps you save a lot of time.

Also, you can use the majority of their tools for free while you the ones with premium subscription come for genuine prices. Moreover, there are no cons of using their tools as per my understanding after testing all their tools myself.

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FAQs Related To EdrawSoft Reviews

👉What is the cloud storage space that I get with the paid plans?

You get 1GB cloud storage with all their paid plans.

👉Can I cancel my subscription at any time I want?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time you want. However, they have a recurring billing cycle which will lead to an automatic deduction in case you don’t cancel the plan.

👉How can I cancel my subscription?

Cancelling your subscription is quite easy with EdrawSoft. You simply need to send across your cancellation request to [email protected], and it’ll be processed soon enough.

👉Which is the best way to reach out to their customer support?

You can choose to either chat with their customer support team or email them at [email protected]. However, reaching out to them via email is the best thing to do.


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