GoToMeeting Review 2023: Is it a Reliable Conferencing Platform? (Pros & Cons)

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Screen Sharing
Business Messaging
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  • Unlimited Meetings
  • Keyboard & Mouse Sharing
  • Dial in Conference Line
  • HD Video with 25 Webcams
  • Join the meeting by simply answering a call – no codes or PINs needed
  • Choose between VoIP and toll-based options at no extra charge
  • OpenVoice makes setting up toll-free conferencing easy and manageable
  • Join from your Mac, PC, Chromebook, Linux or mobile device
  • Pass keyboard and mouse control at any time
  • Direct attention using drawing tools while sharing your screen


  • Limited Pricing Plans
  • Whiteboard functionality is absent
  • Virtual backdrops need a different, cost-free product

GoToMeeting is the leading platform for remote collaboration. With features like video conferencing, it's perfect no matter what your business needs are!

Price:$ 29

Looking for an Unbiased GoToMeeting Review, Don’t worry, I got you covered.

The video conferencing software from GoTo, which changed its name from LogMeIn in 2022, is called GoToMeeting. To its credit, the program has significantly advanced recently, especially in terms of its user interface.

GoToMeeting strikes a fair mix between price and feature set, but it falls short of our Editors’ Choice recommendations, which also include Zoom Meetings, Webinarjam, Intermedia AnyMeeting, and Webex by Cisco.

What is GoToMeeting?

GoTo’s online conferencing software is known as GoTo Meeting (it was earlier known as GoToMeeting).
It is a software package that includes online meetings, desktop sharing, and video conferencing capabilities, and it gives the user the ability to meet in real-time with other computer users, customers, or clients through the Internet, as well as coworkers.

Late in the year 2015, Citrix made public its intentions to create a separate company out of the GoTo Meeting business, which would have a market value of approximately $4 billion.

Citrix and LogMeIn made an announcement regarding their intention to combine their GoTo product families in July 2016.

How to Started with GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting Review

GoToMeeting deserves praise for supporting a variety of platforms. GoToMeeting clients are accessible for Android, Chrome OS, iOS, macOS, Linux, and Windows. GoToMeeting provides browser-based access as well, just like its rivals.

The process of starting a meeting is simple once you’ve made an account. The quickest method is to just click the Start button next to Meet Now. However, you should choose the Create Meeting option if you want to plan a meeting later or at a specific time or if you wish to customize the meeting by choosing a custom URL and color scheme.

The design is user-friendly and competitive with similar products. There are a number of buttons down the bottom that allows you to access the standard meeting features, like the mute audio & video for when you need a feel to be unavailable or inactive.

The moderator control panel is primarily found in the flyout menu. You can lock sessions, invite participants, and mute or unmute voice and video for certain users. When you want to change the audio source or camera you are using, there is also a Settings menu.

This is needed if you switch headsets in the middle of a meeting. GoTo also recognizes this and asks you if want the adjustment to be made automatically.

Chat and Sharing of Screens

Chat and Sharing of Screens - goto meeting review

GoToMeeting gives you the option to share a specific application or the entire screen, just like the majority of video conferencing applications. After sharing the screen, a presentation tab will show up.

This provides you personal controls to annotate the screen, hide or reveal certain meeting components and begin or stop recording.

GoToMeeting offers screen-annotation tools that are decent but not very impressive. You can control the transparency, size, and color of your drawings using a brush, and you also have a toggle tab for having paintings automatically vanish.

In order to save time searching for the eraser tool, there is a fading feature too that makes anything you draw fade away after a small period of time. A real whiteboard is one thing that’s missing, which is bothersome. You must open the program or a blank page that provides such a feature if you want a white screen.

Another user might also ask to take control of the screen. This is fantastic if another person needs to operate. The function is so effective that I’m tempted to call it GoToMeeting’s best feature.

A popup window on the right side provides access to the conversation. The conversation feature is, regrettably, at best minimal.

Features for Advanced Conferencing

GoTo-Meeting-Features for Advanced Conferencing

The button that controls meeting records is located in the upper left corner. The default location for recordings with this feature is your preconfigured documents folder. An administrator must enable cloud recording. Beyond that, meeting recording functions as planned. You’ll be able to check the recording after your meeting as well as get complete meeting highlights and transcription.

GoToMeeting allows you to start reactions, just as Zoho Meeting. This functions similarly to raising up your hand, giving someone the thumbs up or down, applauding, laughing, and other gestures. Any comments you make appear in the meeting area’s lower right corner.

It is a useful tool, but Webinarjam, our Editors’ Choice option for small to midsize businesses, may be the best at it.  Through the use of hand movements in front of your webcam, you are able to start reactions and record them through the use of Webinarjam.

The option to directly integrate GoToMeeting with Microsoft 365 calendars or Google Workspace or is an upgrade above previous iterations.

Despite the fact that only one calendar can be synced at once, which is a very helpful feature. It enables you to share meetings with others by enabling you to watch them right away. There are additional add-ons that enable you to add meeting invitations directly from Outlook or Google Calendar.

The capability to set virtual backgrounds is a feature that GoToMeeting has long been without. GoTo has partially filled this void by offering a free license for the third-party tool ChromaCam Pro, which enables you to blur or alter the background without using a green screen.

However, we would want to see a comparable technology incorporated into the main product,  which is available with the majority of current competitors.

Effective Conferencing

GoTo-Meeting-Effective Conferencing

GoToMeeting has improved a lot, including a new user interface and some pretty useful screen annotation tools, though an effective whiteboard is still absent, and installing a separate program is still necessary to use virtual backgrounds but customers that also use other products of GoTo’s for webinars, call centers, and remote management benefit most from GoToMeeting.

Also, if your requirements are more general in nature, we advise you to check out our Editors’ Choice options, which include Zoom Meetings and WebinarJam.

You should consider Webex from Cisco if you have more complex needs (and the money). Finally, take a look at Google Meet if one needs a straightforward platform for gathering for browser-based video conferencing.

GoToMeeting Pricing Plans


Like the majority of its rivals, Price points for using GoToMeeting are broken up into tiers (a free 14-day trial is available, too). The base membership plan, called Professional, bills $12 a month per organizer on a yearly basis. Each conference can have up to 150 people in this section.

However, you should choose the Business tier, which costs $16 a month per organizer, if you want the unique features that genuinely set GoToMeeting apart from competing platforms.

This subscription includes limitless cloud recording, smart transcription, note-taking, sketching tools, and other helpful features in addition to meetings with up to 250 people. GoTo’s cost is generally a touch higher than that of competitors like BlueJeans because it comes with so many more tools.

GoTo also provides customized packages for customers, but you’ll need to get in touch with the business to request a price.

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Conclusion: GoToMeeting Review

GoToMeeting has a few quirks and omissions, but it also has a lot of options that make it a valuable video conferencing program. This is especially true if your company has already made an investment in the GoTo ecosystem. GoToMeeting has a lot of options that make it a valuable video conferencing platform.


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