Grant Cardone University Review 2024: Is It Worth The Hype? (Pros & Cons)

In this post, I have featured my Grant Cardone University Review 2024 which is a flagship sales training course that is designed to take anyone regardless of experience and make them into a great salesperson.

First, we will discuss Grant Cardone who is the author of The 10X Rule and Sell or Be Sold which was dubbed by Forbes (#1 Marketing Influencer in the World). So let’s get started here. 

Grant Cardone University Review- Reviews

Grant Cardone University Review

Who is Grant Cardone?

Grant Cardone is a well-known entrepreneur. He has a great ability to turn words into money.

At the age of a teen, Grant Cardone found himself in rehab. But after that, he eventually became an entrepreneur, salesman, and 8-digit earner.

He has an amazing philosophy on life and insights into human nature – which serves him very well in his sales tactics.

Grant Cardone is a self-proclaimed middle-class guy that came from nothing.

Earlier he started working at McDonald’s, a country club, offshore boating, and a furniture store. Unfortunately, he got fired from every single one of them until he found himself in drug rehab.

He found himself lost and confused.

At the age of 23, he decided to take his life into his own hands and failure was not an option.

Grant Starts Selling Cars.

You don’t believe that after this kind of failure, Grant became a car salesman. He decided that he would learn everything about selling cars.

He spent about two years doing just that and becoming more aggressive at selling than the dealership owner himself.

In just two years Grant was in the top 1% of the car salesman in the country.

But after witnessing corruption in the car dealership and he was being fired subsequently for calling it out. After then he decided to start his own business.

Getting into Real Estate

Grant saved some money for a few years and then finally bought his first property – a single-family residence in Houston, Texas at age of 29.

However, Grant’s property was running a loss because of tenants left after a little while.

This tragedy taught Grant a valuable lesson. At the age of 34 Grant comes to real estate. He bought a 38-unit apartment complex in San Diego with most of the money he earned as the car salesman.

Today he boasts a 9-figure real estate portfolio because he continues to funnel the income that he makes from his sales business into real estate.

Net Worth of Grant Cardone

Do you want to make more money?

Then obviously you are interested in Grant Cardone University.

Over the years, you would wonder how much Grant Cardone’s net worth has become.

Grant Cardone University Review- Cardone Capital

No one knows correctly but his real estate investment company, Cardone Acquisitions, bets to hold over $566 million of multifamily properties throughout the country.

You can say thatGrant Cardone’s net worth is about to $100 million at least. After knowing this, we can learn some tactics from him.

The Secret of Grant Cardone’s Success

The ability to sell Grant Cardone has taken to the place where everyone wants to be. No one can figure out the real secret.

The ability to sell is exactly what will set apart the abundance from the middle class and the poor.

Grant Cardone has taught the go-getters the art of selling over the years.

Grant Cardone’s 10X Daily Planner

10X Daily Planner is probably one of the most affordable ways to tap into Grant Cardone’s wealth-building methods. You just have to organize your day with 10X Planner. You could get some of his books like The 10x Rule. 

  • Schedule Your Day: Set yourself for success by organizing your day. Set a reminder to do tasks on time. Challenge yourself in every activity to see how fast you can complete tasks.
  • Write Down Your Goals: There is no life without any targets. Remind yourself what the bigger picture is. What are you doing with your precious time? Writing down your goals keep it in your sight and set it to the top of your mind.
  • Motivate Yourself: God helps the person who helps themselves. It’s only you that can motivate yourself to do something great in your life. Study those who are successful and use their words and lifestyle to inspire yourself. You can use quotes as your own mantra which helps you push through to achieve your goals.
  • Set Your Targets: To achieve your dream, aim high, and raise the bar. You don’t know what you are capable of. You are much more capable than you think. Once you set your targets, show some commitments to get them. Never ever lower your target it will demotivate you.
  • Note Your Accomplishments: Whenever you solve any problem or complete a task, write down the positive accomplishments to motivate yourself. It will help you to do more things like that. Always learn from your defeat. Defeats are like lessons. Learn from them to grow up.
  • Keep Your Goals in Mind: Chase your goals like a lion because it will never let go of its prey. Keep everything in your mind. End your day by revisiting your goals and add new ones. Make them huge and get obsessed with them. Push yourself to greatness by achieving your goals.

Detailed Grant Cardone University Review

I am not kidding, Grant Cardone makes 8 figures a year in his sales business.

He has spent thousands of hours and money as a young man to figure out what works when it comes to selling. As like others he was trying and testing how it works.

Cardone University is Grant’s product, has high ticket items, it’s what their entire company’s marketing efforts ultimately want to get you to buy. He sells these products to individuals as well as to companies and their entire sales team.

GC University is a self-proclaimed best online training on the planet.

Grant Cardone University Review- The University Review

This course everything from sales like handling objections, motivation, finance, goal setting, webinars and more. They add new content consistently.

Many of the teachings here felt familiar from Grant but nonetheless, I thought that the organized format that you can consistently go back and really enhances your learning capabilities & to really make his teachings part of you.

How much you can retain the information while reading a book? They said maybe 10%.

This is why you begin living by it. One should read a book 5-10 times. I am not saying that you should read every book so many times but you should read those books that are really important. Some of his important books like The 10x Rule, or Sell Or Be Sold and get Cardones main principles of sales. 

In the same way, many people learn better when there is audio and video. The repeated browsing of this material at Cardone University should work for Grant Cardone and be a personal mentor.

If you are a fan of Grant Cardone, you came to know that how beneficial is to become better at sales.

I will highly recommend you getting his 10X Rule audiobook if you are just starting to get to know Grant Cardone and what things he went through.

The thing I like the most about Grant is that he gives you real practical teachings that you can apply immediately including a sales script and all the different ways to follow up on a prospect which I especially found very helpful.

He also has this way of motivating you to push forward to do more and get more. You can adopt Grant’s 10X mindset to show noticeable increases in your results.

I am often surprised how much more I am able to do each day using 10X planner.

Cardone University is an online sales university that uses Brad Lea’s lightspeed VT platform. It is extremely easy to understand and navigate.

This platform has over 1100 videos to help you in all areas of your business.

Quick Links:

Cardone University Course Topics

These are some courses topics:

  • Personal Finances
  • Handling Objections
  • Basics of Selling
  • 100 ways to stay motivated
  • Cold Calling
  • and much more!

How Much Does Cardone University Training Cost?

Grant Cardone University provides $99/Month for individuals and if you want Cardone University for the business you contact them.

Grant CardoneUniversity Review- Pricing Plans Of Training

Cardone University Training Curriculum & Pricing

Course Content

Grant Cardone made this originally for big companies to train their salesforce. He had huge success with Cardone University. So he decided to open it up to individuals.

The courses are broken up into small, manageable chunks. This makes it extremely easy to use and means that time should never be an issue.

Segments are titled and organized well, allowing salespeople to jump into the platform and find a solution to whichever problem they are faced with.

  • Cardone University course currently has over 1,700 lessons from Grant himself.
  • Grant is routinely adding more content to respond to the needs of his students.
  • The training of this university is a balanced mixture of technical knowledge and mindset preparation.
  • Your mindset will dictate almost 80% of your results no matter what business you get into.
  • You need to maintain a positive focus to be successful in sales.

Cardone University Modules

Grant Cardone University provides such cornerstone modules. Here the modules:

Grant Cardone University Review- Courses Module 2

Grant Cardone University Review- Courses Module 3

  • Selling Basics (28 courses)
  • The Sales Process (73 courses)
  • Understanding the Buyer (29 courses)
  • Theory of Closing (42 courses)
  • Closing Strategies (105 courses)
  • Prospecting (30 courses)
  • Incoming Calls (22 courses)
  • Follow-Up (132 courses)
  • 100 Ways to Stay Motivated (101 courses)
  • Internet Lead Response (23 courses)
  • Top Traits of Great Salespeople (65 courses)
  • Personal Finance (21 courses)
  • Handling Objections (322 courses)
  • And More Content Being Added Every Week 

Thanks to Grant Cardone for these lessons.

Who is Grant Cardone University For?

Grant Cardone University is mainly targeted to provides courses for salespeople. But I don’t just mean people with sales on their business card. If you have your own business – you are in sales – if you work on commission, if you are trying to convince your better half that you need a new car, you’d better be in sales because if you are not selling – you are being sold!

Being honest I can say that Grant’s audiobooks changed my business forever!

I advertised my prices, came up with a simple cost structure, and committed to learning.

I invested my money in books, audiobooks, read articles, watched countless videos on youtube. You say it, I did it, and it was all working.

After that, I began to love selling because Grant taught me that selling is all about finding a solution to a customer’s problem.

After that, I thought at a point where I’d learned as much as I could from free videos and audiobooks. So I invested in the University of Cardone when there was a contract of access for life.

I am so glad for making this choice. I watch between 4 and 6 segments every morning before I leave for work. Not only am I using my morning “tea time” to educate myself, but it focuses me for the rest of the day and sets me up for more success!

Grant Cardone University Review: Pros & Cons


  • Short video segments.
  • Extremely motivational
  • Proven track record of success.
  • Regular Updates/additions.
  • Weekly mastermind groups.
  • Easy to navigate what you are looking for.
  • Massive amounts of content, with a wide variety of topics.
  • Testing after each video – Forcing you to pay attention to each session.
  • Full access, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 52 weeks per year – with support!


  • It’s expensive – for some. (I do believe the value provided far exceeds the cost)
  • Grant’s method is extremely effective, but they are also aggressive. If you are not comfortable being an aggressive salesperson, this course probably isn’t for you.

Tools, Training, and Technology

As I told you before that Cardone University uses the Lightspeed VT platform.

It is clean, laid out in a logical way, and very easy to use.

There are short videos, which allows you to fit some training in no matter how much time you think you don’t have.

Because Grants Cardone says, Make Time, Not Excuses!

You’ll be tested after each segment – not only does this ensure you focus on every video, it also makes sure that you have taken everything you need to learn from the lesson.

I use my phone more than anything else and I have never experienced any issues with playback and I think this is really useful. You will have Grant’s training every time, no matter where you are! You don’t have to commit any real time to it. Although I would recommend this consistency. Consistency and persistence is a key to success in anything.

Sales is an art of being effective in your communication and that’s what being a successful entrepreneur is all about.

One of the best investment you can do in your life is to invest in your skills because developing your skills enhances your income potential and grows your financial confidence. If you need the fastest way to learn new skills, get a mentor, and take massive action.

Financial confidence is all about having high-income skills. You can always count on yourself to make money. Knowing that even if everything was taken from you, all your finances and resources have the power to build back everything. Because your skills are something that can never be taken from you.

Most people fail in their business because they jump into some opportunity without developing high-income skills first.

High-income skill is something that allows you to make at least $10K per month.

It makes you stable as an entrepreneur because business can go up and down but if you are developing your skills, your personal income-producing abilities are consistently growing inside you.

This whole thing about earning passive income and chilling on the beach is a myth.

Do you ever heard about the richest people in the world are using these terms like “passive income”?

Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg all could have retired long ago but they are still working hard every day.

They are always looking to challenge themselves and do better than they did yesterday or year before. They never think about terms of financial freedom or passive income.

Human Being is one of the requirements for happiness is expansion and growth.

Think about those times when you felt most alive and happy in your life. There were chances that you were conquering some challenge and exhilaration of doing something you have never done before.

There is no passive about that but only action, movement, forward momentum.

Grant Cardone University Review- Reviews

How can you be so passive and expect to have long term success? It’s impossible because your competition is getting harder every time.

We should all be seeking to challenge ourselves every time & developing our high-income skills.

It is the true art of getting rich and staying rich.

If you know how to close in sales then you are definitely making high-income because this is a crucial skill especially if you’re in business for yourself.

Once you understand how important it is to continuously develop your skills and improve our skills, we can use our financial confidence to value courses like Cardone University and appreciate the content accordingly.

Because replication is the mother of all skills.

Becoming good at sales has definitely been crucial to the growth of your business of local lead generation that you can make $50K per month.

Learning the high-income skill of lead generation using free traffic was another crucial skill that I learned back in 2014 that allowed me to quit my 9 to 5 job and become an internet entrepreneur for full time.

My quality of life enhanced magically since then.

Then it continues to make my own hours, new car, travel more, and more time to do more things that I love like learning more, building new businesses. It is amazing what you can do when you are no longer an employee or worker forced to do 40 hours per week building someone else’s dream.

I can say that I am grateful for the fact that now I love what I do. I am feeling excited to work every day. I love creating dreams and achieving them, setting new ones, & going to the next level. Nothing is more excited than that.

Grant Cardone University Case Studies | See How Cardone University Helped Businesses

1. Verlo Mattress

Grant Cardone University Review- Furniture Case Study Verlo Mattress Case Study pdf


Grant Cardone University Review- Construction Acculevel Case Study


Grant Cardone University Review- CU Crossfit Ruston Case Study

What Other Customers Say About Grant Cardone University?

Let’s check out what others got to say about Grand Cardone University. Let’s check real customer reviews here..


Grant Cardone University Review- Testimonials

“This week we sold more advertising than in the last 8 months of 2015!!!! We 10X our monthly sales in just one week! 2 Days this week we made more sales in a day than what we used to do in previous months!”

– William and Astrid Ashurst

“I heard of Grant about 6 months ago. I wanted everyone to know your stuff can help in any industry. I have tripled my contract value, booking more appointments than ever, and crushing bids at a rapid pace! It is paying off huge!”

– Travis Brading

“I’ve been in business for 20 months now. 2015 was my first full calendar year in business and thanks to you I did just over a half a million in sales. Thank you for ALL you’re doing.  I will 10x the $500,000+ I did in 2015 with Cardone U!”

– Darius Vega

“I recently enrolled in the Cardone University and as it paid for itself in just a few days in commission checks.  I’m looking forward to training with you all year long at the University!”

– Austin McGee

“I must say that even paying thousands per month for sales training may seem steep for my small sewing machine and vacuum stores, but just using the follow-up methods that I have been studying in the online chapters I sold just over $17,000 in equipment yesterday alone. Not to mention that some of my people have never been in professional sales before and now some of them sell at least $30k a month in the shop. I think we are just starting to really turn up the volume.”

– Chris Blakeman

“I am doing every segment in Cardone University for the 2nd year in a row. In 2014 my company did 1.6 million.  Last year we did 2.4 million.  This year we will do around 3.5 million and I will be taxed on about 500K. You have been the single most influential factor in my companies and my personal growth. While only speaking to you directly briefly your accessibility is unbound and I am so proud to be associated with you. Thank you so much for all that you do.”

– David Supple

Frequently Asked Questions:

👉What is Grant Cardone university?

Grant Cardone University is the #1 sales training platform. With over 1500 segments of interactive video content.

👉How can I get 10x growth?

Four ways to get 10x grouth: 1. Adopt the 10x mindset. The single most important step is to have the clear intention of generating an exponential growth in your company. ... 2. Turn mindset into action. Of course, the right intentions will only get you so far. ... 3. Take full advantage of technology. ... 4. Strengthen your strengths — not your weaknesses.

👉What are the 4 growth strategies?

There are four basic growth strategies you can employ to expand your business: market penetration, product development, market expansion and diversification

👉 How much does Grant Cardone cost?

Grant Cardone University costs $99 per month for individuals.

👉 Is Grant Cardone a billionaire?

Grant Cardane’s net worth was estimated approximately1.4 billion.

👉 How Do I cancel Cardone?

To cancel Cardone university subscriptions please visit select Individual Account and follow the steps.

👉 How much does Grant Cardane make a day?

Grant Cardone makes $ 130,136.99 per day.

👉 How does Cardone Capital make money?

In two ways Cardone Capital make money, from distribution and fees. It operates under 65/35 of distribution which means they receive 35% of the distribution cash from operation and sales.

👉 Is Cardone University worth?

Cardone university is one of the few investment worth your money. You only pay $97 for a month.

Grant Cardone University Alternatives :

1) Udemy

Umdey sales courses link

When it comes to online learning platforms, Udemy is one of the most well-known and popular options available. With over 30 million students and 190 million enrolments, it’s safe to say that Udemy is a powerhouse in the e-learning world. And there are good reasons for its success.

Udemy offers an impressive range of courses, from business and marketing to programming and IT. You can find courses on just about any topic you can think of, and there are plenty of courses taught in multiple languages. Instructors can also publish their own courses on Udemy, making it a great platform for anyone looking to share their knowledge and skills with the world.

One of the best things about Udemy is its affordability. Most courses are priced at under $200, making it an affordable option for anyone looking to learn new skills or expand their knowledge. And if you’re not happy with a course you’ve enrolled in, Udemy offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can get your money back if you don’t find the course helpful.

Overall, Udemy is a great platform for anyone looking to learn new skills or expand their knowledge. With tens of thousands of courses available on a range of topics, Udemy is a great option for anyone who wants to learn something new. And with affordable prices and a 30-day money-back guarantee, there’s no reason not to check out what Udemy has to offer.

Udemy : How To Be The Greatest Salesman: Learn Sales & Selling Skill

Learn the art of sales, & the skill of selling your ideas through universally constant sales principles & strategies.

Udemy : How To Increase Your Sales: Top Practical Selling Technique

Sell more products. Increase your sales in the shortest possible time by using this simple actionable selling strategy!.

2) Coursera

Coursera offers 984 Sales courses from top universities and organizations to help you gain or enhance your Sales skills Start learning Sales online for free today!

Coursera has become a synonym for MOOC. The company has 146 training partners in 28 countries and 2000 courses available. This provider has a South African office, which is an advantage for potential and new African students who have detailed questions and expect a quick response.

It is much easier to contact a company with a local presence in Africa to answer questions and provide support. This means there’s no need to contact a remote office in the U.S., with its different time zones and possible extra cost of international phone calls to other continents.

Is it possible to learn about sales through Coursera’s online courses?

If you want to learn traditional sales techniques, learn the most up-to-date digital marketing methods, or learn the management skills necessary for a promotion, Coursera has online courses and Specializations that will meet your needs.

It’s also possible to learn online without sacrificing the quality of your education thanks to top-ranked schools like Northwestern, the University of Michigan, and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

You can learn the skills you’ll need while keeping your current job, since these courses are available on a flexible schedule.

Fees, certificates, cover costs

Coursera is an online education company. It operates professionally and has partnered with top universities and leading organisations worldwide to offer online courses to any motivated student with Internet access. Any business will want to recoup costs, so Coursera raises venture capital.
Accordingly, not all courses are free, but potential students may apply for financial aid for those that do. Some course completion certificates have a fee.

On course completion, students receive a free Coursera statement of achievement. This needs no ID. If qualification or attendance certificates are needed, there is a fee. This paid service gives successful students ID-verified certificates; the cost varies by course title. Financial aid is available for students who can’t pay the fee. Excelling students receive a certificate with a distinction.

Coursera says verified certificates ensure academic integrity. Courses from this provider are regarded as high-quality and official education by companies and potential employers.

Coursera Sales skill courses

Final Verdict: Grant Cardone University Review 2024 | Should You Go For It??

Grant Cardone University is a complete sales training in my opinion. What’s cool about this is you’ll also get certificates as you complete the various training modules which you can show off them to your potential employer, it should speak volumes.

It will train you to build that killer instinct in sales, to become that lion instead of that ill-prepared and scared goat.

Just from how Grant is often observed, you may automatically think this is gonna teach you how to be a well-trained salesperson but that is not really the case. Surprisingly, Grant is much more supportive to the customer than one might think. Listening is more important than talking to your customer.

You do need to know how to apply pressure when needed. That will help people to overcome their limiting beliefs in making good decisions for themselves.

If you know that your product or service can help them, you are doing them a disservice if you fail to close the deal.

With this mindset, you can be that confident salesperson. You’ll feel extremely good about what you are doing day to day.

Thanks to Grant Cardone for these lessons.

It really helps people to stay excited and passionate about their sales. Let’s see which businesses Grant Cardone University Helped:

Grant Cardone University Review- Companies They Have Worked For

You can help that customer to make that buying decision that’s going to lead up to all the good things your product or service can bring, you are potentially changing things.

That’s why a good salesperson should make a lot of money and feel deserving of it all.

You are bringing tremendous value to the marketplace and people’s lives are changing for better.

Personally, I really value the journey of getting better at sales. Many times you have to push yourself outside from your comfort zone. You probably fail often, but we should all value that because that’s when growth is taking place.

Grant Cardone University is legitimate and it’s not spam. The Cardone Unversity has a variety of courses that anyone can easily get started with in order to build a profitable business.

Did you ever try any paid online course on the Internet, if yes then leave a comment below with Yes!.

You can even share our post with your friends and colleagues so that they can also get to know about Grant Cardone University.

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