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Are you looking for a textbook rental site with countless options and low prices?

With low prices and a wide range of options, Knetbooks seems to be a great option. Unfortunately, due to the strict return policy (and the high late fees), Knetbooks is one of the last suppliers of textbooks that we believe you should consider.

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This is what you need to know about Knetbooks. Here in the post, Read Our Knetbooks Review in detail and Get Knetbooks coupon code below:

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Detailed Knetbooks Review

Knetbooks website allows the online rental of textbooks for different periods of time. Although there is no option to choose a separate return date, the Company offers 60-day rentals in addition to the quarterly and semester options.

If you need your book longer, you can get 15 or 30 extra days for a small fee. The possibilities to rent new and used Knetbooks are manifold.

The website and search capabilities are good but could be better. The search bar is located at the top of the screen. The general categories are listed on the home page. You can search for individual books by ISBN, title, author, and keywords.

Additional links on the home page provide information on selling your textbooks, the Knetbooks blog, or social media supplements.

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If Knetbooks is not as online as some of the other services in our range, the online interaction options with customers are good.

Help and support options include phone, email, Facebook, and Twitter. Knetbooks also has a Frequently Asked Questions section that addresses many common problems. However, this section can be treated with a little more depth and clarity.

The most frequently asked questions about book rental are usually a text wall describing the lease. Knetbooks stands behind the services, which describe the most important factors of this agreement.

Knetbooks also has a manual purchase option. If you have unused dust collection manuals on your shelves and this is a manual Knetbook wants to use for your catalog, the company buys it and pays the shipping costs so it does not pay anything costs.

The shipping options of Knetbooks are very impressive. This online book rental provides a free return for each rental order. If you opt for free shipping, you can usually expect your order to arrive within 3-7 business days.

If you need your manuals faster, you can opt for fast delivery or even an overnight delivery for an additional fee. Knetbooks keeps track of orders for each textbook rental.

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All Knetbooks Coupon Code is covered by a 25-day money back guarantee. Exceptions are short-term rentals, which must be received within 15 days to receive the money-back guarantee.

The big downside of Knetbooks is the drastic return policy. Depending on the rental agreement, Knetbooks may charge you the full purchase price of the book (less any rental fees already paid) if you do not receive it before the expiration date.

In practice, they charge half of the book price if they are delivered within 15 days of the expiration date.

Working Functions of Knetbooks

How long does the rental of textbooks take?

The tenants choose their rental period from one semester (93 days) to one quarter (79 days) and a short-term lease (58 days). Although it is possible to extend the book rental, I think that this is a very short term rental.

Most university sessions last more than 93 days when the final is included. As a result, many students have to extend their rental period.

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Can I write in the manual?

Knetbooks helps you stand out in your books but discourages tenants from writing in the book. The Company reserves the right to charge the full book price if it emphasizes more than one-third of the book or writes too many margins.

Can I get an extension?

You can extend your rent from the original due date by 15, 30, 60, 90 or 130 days. You have to pay a fee to extend your rental. For shorter rental periods, borrowers should consider extending the lease and include the additional price in their tariffs.

Do you offer free shipping?

Knetbooks offers free shipping on all orders. If you need to return your manual, simply print the return label and send it back.

What happens if the book comes too late?

Knetbooks has one of the least generous guidelines for book returns. If a book arrives late, the company can immediately charge you the full book price. In practice, Knetbooks seems to ask users to pay only 50% of the buyback price if they receive it within 15 days (according to these Trust Pilot critics).

If you are not absolutely sure that you can deliver the book on time, it does not make sense to rent it at Knetbooks.

What happens if the book is damaged?
If a book is damaged and can not be repaired, especially if it is overemphasized or written, Knetbooks will charge the total purchase price of the book less any fees already charged.

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What is the return policy?
Rentals that are refunded must be received by Knetbooks within 25 days of the shipping costs date. For short-term rentals, items must be received by you within 15 days of the date of shipment. All other returns pay the full rental fee.

Fine Print Warning: You Might Not Rent Everything You Need

One problem that often occurs when renting textbooks is the lack of additional equipment. Like most landlords, Knetbook does not guarantee access to these documents, even if the title of the book contains information on CD or other documents.

Ask your teacher for additional information before choosing to rent from Knetbooks or any other rental site.

How Does Knetbooks Coupon Code Work?

Most people know that textbooks can be extremely expensive, but it is less well-known that textbooks can lose value at the end of the course, making it a serious academic effort that means “redemption.” Is offered by most university campuses.

KnetBooks wanted to offer students an alternative by offering them a website where easy-to-use textbooks can be rented. Since then, they have become one of the major sources of affordable textbooks for students across the country.

Customers looking for books can access their website and enter the desired book with a title, author, keyword, or ISBN number. When you’ve found the particular book you want to search for, you’ll need to select the specific version of the text to make sure it’s the copy you want to rent, and then proceed with your purchases or order.

Although the rental period is specific to the most popular course calendars (session, quarterly, or summer rentals), they grant customers a 15 or 30-day extension if they choose a small fee, which allows additional fees. Time for students to rent the book earlier or later than usual.

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Refund Policy

This company provides its customers with a small window where they can return their rented manuals for a full refund of the rental price minus shipping costs and a 10% storage fee.

For a book to be eligible for reimbursement of the rental price, it must be returned within 25 days of the original shipping date and in the condition in which it was sent. This means that items with shrink wrap cannot be returned if the package is damaged.

In addition, items containing open floppy disks, CD-ROM, DVD, and CD packages cannot be refunded.

In addition, your website states that the ultimate decision on reimbursement is the responsibility of the shipping costs and that the right to reserve reserves the right not to accept reimbursement of the rent that does not meet your expectations.

Contact customer service

Customers wishing to discuss their questions, concerns or complaints with customer service can do so by calling 866-870-9186 or directly to their website using the link on the email form.

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Unfortunately, this company has many unfortunate customers who have described their bad experiences online with These experiences are also very similar, indicating a number of issues and weak services.

These negative valuations usually relate to the prices charged by that company when a book is delayed.

These fees are treated as the total retail cost of the manual. When the company finally receives the book, it reimburses only a small portion of the late invoicing, which leads to heavy fines, which essentially results in the customer paying the high price of the manual and not having to produce a book.

Other customers argued that because the book could only be returned using the company’s prepaid label, they could not use a tracking method, which means they can not be returned. It could not be argued when the company claimed that the books were late, even if they had not.

Knetbooks Competitors and alternatives?

Textbooks can be extremely expensive. For this reason, there is a market for websites where students can buy or rent books at prices below the retail price, such as, ECampus. com,, etc.

Pros and Cons


  • Low prices for textbooks and rental.
  • Free shipping in both directions.
  • Strict refund policy and high late fees
  • Knetbooks offers a free round trip loan for textbook rental and a good range of rental options.


  • The FAQ section of Knetbooks is not very easy to use

Price plans 

Use of this website and its features are completely free for visitors. Visitors get all the information about the prices of the books they are looking for before they make their purchase, and the site promises that their customers will receive free round trips.

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Conclusion: Knetbooks Coupon Code March 2023: Is It Worth? (Read Truth)

Free shipping, a good website, and good rental options make Knetbooks a great place to rent your books online. Some minor fixes, including a better FAQ section, make it an excellent destination for online book rental. We would also like to have chosen a return date, but for most students, Knetbooks already offers enough flexibility for the rental period. In general, Knetbooks is a smart choice for renting shipping costs.

If you have experience with Knetbooks, leave your comments in the comment section.

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