What is AffiliateWP? How do I use AffiliateWP?

Sales and marketing have traditionally relied on recommendations. Customer acquisition has long relied on referrals from friends and family.

Globalization and 24/7 internet haven’t changed the premise.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to gain exposure and reward customers who refer you. The software uses cookies to track where a visitor came from when they click an ad, like this one.

What is AffiliateWP?

what is AffiliateWP

AffiliateWP is a plugin for WordPress that makes affiliate marketing simple and straightforward. AffiliateWP is a plugin for WordPress that helps with affiliate marketing.

AffiliateWP is a plugin that makes it easier for you to set up an affiliate program on your WordPress website. You can allow other people to sign up for your affiliate program, and AffiliateWP will automatically keep track of the visitors and purchases that these individuals send your way so that you can pay them a commission for their efforts.


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How do I use AffiliateWP? Setup Affiliate Program

Easy affiliate setup. The idea was to give a good quality product with your name on it so others who use these tools and resources (like you) will like them while promoting other companies.


How to Set Up an Affiliate Program - do market research

Affiliate program setup should be data-driven.

Observe the competition (check the footer on their home page). Consider improving their affiliate program.

By identifying affiliate rivals, You can improve on their strengths.

Check Your Site

The best affiliate needs help. Not optimizing your product pages and checkout process will hurt your affiliate program.

Examine the checkout process, split testing, and conversion rates.

Affiliate programs fail when websites don’t convert.


Referral Type

Affiliate marketing ignores this. They created an affiliate network to boost sales, but it’s not the only referral.

AffiliateWP tracks referrals and leads.

Imagine your sales team has no leads. AffiliateWP’s WPForms integration allows lead payments.

Your affiliate program is flexible with multiple referral categories.

Pick a program/package

Affiliate software that works with your website’s platform is

We’ll focus on WordPress since 43% of the web is built on it, but the approach is similar for other platforms.

AffiliateWP is the best WordPress affiliate plugin. It integrates with WP plugins you use to run your business (WooCommerce, WPForms, PayPal, Stripe, Restrict Content Pro, and more) to track referrals and grow your business.

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Download the AffiliateWP Plugin in WordPress

  • After selecting a package, you’ll receive an a.zip file and a registration key.
  • Install AffiliateWP for WordPress.
  • After choosing a pricing plan, download AffiliateWP in WordPress.
  • Left-click Plugins and select Add New.
  • AffiliateWP creates affiliate programs.

At the top of the page is a Upload Plugin box. Send AffiliateWP.zip (included in your purchase confirmation email).

Activate Your License Fee

Pay fee.

Then activate AffiliateWP.

Left sidebar Affiliates > Settings. General tab.


Under License Settings, enter your license key and click Activate License.

It allows you to customize your affiliate program and find the right affiliates.


How to Set Up an Affiliate Program - Integration

Multiple connectors help AffiliateWP track referrals.

WooCommerce is popular on WordPress. This quickly gathers product data so affiliates can promote your business.

Affiliate WordPress.

See the full list in the Integrations tab. After selecting an integration, click Save.

Structure commissions

How to Set Up an Affiliate Program - commission


Your affiliate program’s commission structure matters. It’s what attracts affiliates and motivates them to sell.

Unlike other tools, AffiliateWP lets you customize your commission structure.

Commission system

General tab Referral Rate Type. Choose a percentage or flat-rate commission. Set commission and cookie settings below.

Remove extras

Check AffiliateWP’s dashboard for more tweaks.

You can customize your affiliate program’s email settings, terms of use, and approval for new signups.

Find affiliates

Making an affiliate program isn’t the issue. Affiliate programs can be set up in minutes, but extra work pays off.

There is a craze for This software has many features. Many go unused due to poor marketing.

Reach out to potential affiliates and help them succeed.

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