AffiliateWP Review 2022 Features & Pricing: Is It The Best WordPress Affiliate Plugin?

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Affiliate Tracking
Ease of Use
Value for Money


  • Lifetime plugin updates
  • Accurate affiliate tracking
  • Complete integration
  • Real-time reporting
  • Affiliate coupon tracking
  • Extensive documentation
  • Automatic affiliate creation
  • World-class support
  • WP-CLI Integration
  • Developer Friendly


  • Pricing bit expensive for beginners
  • Pro add-ons are available at additional cost
  • Not the most Glamorous Interface

AffiliateWP is for you that works great for Affiliate Marketing Solution, it's a reliable & easy to use plugin that help you grow your business.

Price:$ 149

Looking for an Unbiased AffiliateWP Review, I got you covered.

You want to do affiliate marketing, but you are not sure where to start. You don’t have the time to figure it out, and you don’t know what to do.

You need an affiliate plugin that will let you get started fast.

AffiliateWP is the easiest way to get started with affiliate marketing on your WordPress site.  Stop wasting time figuring out how to get started. AffiliateWP is the easy way to get started with affiliate marketing on your WordPress site.

Few Quick Statistics About Affiliate Marketing:-

Affiliate programs are offered by more than 80% of all brands. It’s all about the influencers.
With a 39% share, the United States dominates the affiliate marketing sector.

A whopping 65% of affiliate marketers use blogging to drive traffic to their sites. (Awin and BlogginX)

A whopping 94% of publishers use at least two affiliate networks. (Affise)

Affiliate programs earn between 15% and 30% of total revenue for advertisers. (BlogginX)

16 percent of worldwide e-commerce revenues are generated by affiliate marketing.

AffiliateWP Review: Is It The Best WordPress Affiliate Plugin? 2022


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Affiliate Marketing is one of the most popular types of Internet Marketing strategies practiced as performance-based marketing.

Affiliate marketing means you refer any online product to someone and you receive a commission when that person buys the product based on your recommendation.

When it comes to taking your online business to a new level, it is very important or rather mandatory to have links with good and reliable Affiliate programs.

But rather than searching and signing up for Affiliate Programs, how would it be if you get to create your own affiliate program plugin for your WordPress website?

SURPRISED?? Let me tell you what I meant and how to do it. We have got a plugin that will help in creating an amazing affiliate program for WordPress sites.

AffiliateWP Review: About the AffiliateWP Plugin

AffiliateWP is a leading international service that allows users to easily create their full-featured affiliate program on WordPress. You get to efficiently create an affiliate marketing solution that works.

AffiliateWP Review 2022

AffiliateWP is easy to use and has been designed to help you easily set up and run a successful affiliate. Established in 2014, AffiliateWP works with an aim to provide a top-notch, self-hosted, and intuitive affiliate management system for WordPress.

It is one of the most reliable WordPress plugins with consistent updates, new features, and new add-ons that give you the affiliate marketing tools you need to grow your business and make more money.


Bottom Line Upfront: AffiliateWP is the best plugin for the affiliate management system. It let you create a complete affiliate system in WordPress and a top platform to manage affiliates, referrals, payments & more from your WordPress site.

Additionally, it offers referral tracking and advanced affiliate features that give you accurate & reliable data. Get Started with AffiliateWP Now.

AffiliateWP is a WordPress plugin that offers incredible affiliate marketing tools to increase your business and make more money.

When people visit your website, you’re bound to get an increased amount of sales from it as well! The interface in the Dashboard for AffiliateWP is really easy-to-use, so you don’t have any problems figuring out what’s going on with this program.


You may have questions for AffiliateWP like: I will answer everything for you today

– What is AffiliateWP ?

– How can AffiliateWP Help you?

– How to Set up AffiliateWP?

– What Can AffiliateWP Do?

– What are AffiliateWP pricing details?

– AffiliateWP Pricing Overview!

– AffiliateWP Video and Images!

– AffiliateWP Features!

– AffiliateWP Alternatives

– What are AffiliateWP Pros & Cons

AffiliateWP Review – Is AffilitaWP Better than Affiliate For WooCommerce?

What does AffiliateWP have to offer?

AffiliateWP is the perfect plugin for any business looking to grow its affiliate network. It’s easy and quick to install, which means you can start signing up your first affiliates in no time at all!

The built-in link generator makes it simple enough that even a newbie could get started with self-promotion straight away – they don’t need years of experience or expensive hosting services like other plugins required.

If you are a business owner, blogger, or affiliate marketer and want to add another revenue stream to your website then this is the right program for you.

The AffiliateWP Plugin integrates with WordPress so that it can provide eCommerce capabilities while also allowing affiliates from all over the world to earn commission on referring visitors/customers in real-time without any delays.

With unlimited creatives (visual resources) available at one’s disposal, they will be able to give their customers an exclusive experience by adding content not available anywhere else like promotional discounts codes, etc.

which increases loyalty among members of websites such as blogs & forums who participate in these programs because many times there may only have been limited ways of earning money online before this plugin was made possible.

A dashboard for your affiliates to track their performance, view earnings, retrieve their referral URL, and find creatives.

Use coupon codes instead of affiliate links. Offer different commission rates based on product or user type as well as the duration of tracking cookies!

Customizable emails – They provide customized email notifications for admin, affiliate registration approval rejection earning reports, etc.; export data to CSV forecast bookkeeping and accounting purposes Detailed log every payout sent affiliates from Payouts screen.

What does Affiliate for Wocommerce have to offer?

You can now run your affiliate program with ease. With one of the most powerful, fully automated affiliate programs on WordPress, you will be able to manage affiliates and commissions without a headache!

You are in control; approve affiliates manually or set up automatic approval – no more waiting around for people to sign up before they have access to their commission tracking system and link generator.

Add even more power by turning any customers (or other WP users) into active members of your team as well!

Affiliate for WooCommerce works as a WooCommerce extension, so your costs and setup time are reduced.

Plus it integrates with the popular new service -WooCommerce Subscriptions! Offer unlimited marketing resources to help promote sales of affiliate products: create campaigns, add promotional material – images, videos, swipe files anything you want- then let affiliates pick up these assets and encourage more customers by promoting them through their own sites.

It doesn’t matter which type of site they have; they all use convenient WordPress editor tools that will automatically track commissions from order status changes or recurring subscription payments

Unlock the full potential of your affiliates with this advanced dashboard. See in real-time which are doing best, know who is promoting what, and how well they’re performing for you!

Get insight into product performance to find out who deserves more attention–and make it easier on yourself by delegating some work.

Payout partners easily with PayPal Mass Payout API and use coupons to track referrals. No site slowdowns work on shared hosting – efficient code quality means no installation headaches for you or your customers!

Set a store affiliate commission rate that’s perfect for your business – flat rates are great if you’re running an e-commerce storefront (because they’ll help move more products), while percentage bases will be better suited to companies who want their affiliates focused exclusively on driving traffic/sales rather than convincing shoppers of the product value first.

With the new “WordPress Affiliates” plugin, one-click migration from other plugins is now possible. The multi-tier affiliate program offers various commission plans based on product or type of products with different price points and number of orders as well as referrals made by affiliates.

Tags are assigned to each affiliate that becomes easy for you to search them if they do not perform accordingly in accordance with your plan’s levels; predefined filters make it easier for a user who wishes to find an associate quickly when necessary.

You can assign order information – such as quantity ordered and taxonomy (product category) – automatically through this feature which also has some pre-defined filter options available so users may easily view their desired data without much fussing about first sorting things

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work

AffiliateWP Review_ Facebook

Affiliate Marketing is among the top most popular mediums to make money online. it is the most sort after way for making money online wherein the parties involved which are the affiliate & the business owner have a win-win situation.

It is like a business association where an affiliate sells the product or services of a business owner by promoting it through a different platform like a blog, Social Media, Email marketing, etc & for every sale business owner offers a pay commission to the affiliate.

Thes best part about the process is business owners get larger visibility & traffic which end up getting them more sales and at the same time affiliates get paid commission for every sale they referred to your website or store, which is rewarding to both affiliate marketers & business owner.

Hence, it is highly recommended to have an affiliate program on your website or blog, or store.

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AffiliateWP Review 2022: AffiliateWP Features

AffiliateWP sports an entire page full of amazing features that make it one of the best plugin platforms in its class.

  • AffiliateWP is very easy to set up and use. Simply install and activate and your affiliate program will be up and running in a matter of minutes.
  • Accurate affiliate tracking makes AffiliateWP a powerful tool for tracking affiliate referrals reliably. This also works efficiently on servers with aggressive caching.
  • AffiliateWP offers complete integration with popular plugins. All important actions will be at your fingertips with 28 leading and popular WordPress, eCommerce, and membership plugins
  • AffiliateWP offers real-time reporting which includes tracking affiliate-referred visits, referrals, earnings, and affiliate registrations in real-time.

Affiliate Review: Statistics

  • AffiliateWP plans allow users to link unlimited affiliates that actively promote your website, products, and services.
  • AffiliateWP is highly flexible and ensures the faster, more effective promotion of your site to your affiliates by giving your affiliates unlimited visual resources or text links.
  • Affiliate coupon tracking enables users to connect coupon codes to specific affiliate accounts.
  • Easy affiliate management lets you view your affiliate reports, edit individual affiliate accounts and top-earning affiliates along with moderate affiliate registrations.
  • Automatic affiliate creation enables the automatic creation of affiliate accounts for all users who register a new WordPress user account on your site.

Affiliate Area- AffiliateWP Review


  • AffiliareWP Manual affiliate approval allows admins to moderate Affiliate registrations and also automatically accept or accounts can be manually created as well.
  • AffiliateWP boasts of a well-organized  (Affiliate area) for your affiliates to track all of their activities and whereabouts including performance, view earnings, retrieve their referral URL, and more!
  • Referral link generator allows affiliates to generate their own referral links from the dashboard (Affiliate Area).
  • Users can choose between flat rate and percentage referral rate types on a global, per-affiliate, and per-product basis.
  • AffiliateWP enables easy affiliate registration with a default affiliate registration form instant registration.
  • AffiliateWP offers Affiliates with URLs, unique Affiliate ID, or WordPress username in URLs.


Referral URL Generator- AffiliateWP Review

  • AffiliateWP lets you set cookie expiration which means you can choose how many days the referral tracking cookie should be valid.
  • Through AffiliateWP you can Simple shortcodes like WordPress-friendly shortcodes for various important forms like affiliate login form, the registration form, URLs, and more.
  • AffiliateWP offers Customizable emails for admin notifications, affiliate application approval and rejection, pending affiliate applications, and new referral notifications.

Referrals- AffliateWP Review

  • Export data to CSV. Forecasting, bookkeeping, and accounting purposes made easy with the ability to export affiliate data and referral data to a CSV file.
  • Systematic Payout Logs allow users to easily see a detailed and well-organized log of every payout sent to affiliates from the Payouts screen.
  • AffiliateWP includes a full extended API and a read-only REST API which also includes CRUD operations available as a Pro add-on.
  • Using WP-CLI integration users can create, update, delete, and view all data using their full suite of WP-CLI commands within AffiliateWP.
  • AffiliateWP gives an all-around performance on all sites whether large to small and in-between. The performance of every tool has been thoroughly tested and built with speed in mind.
  • AffiliateWP Fully internationalized mechanics ensures that language is never a roadblock for users as it is ready to be translated into your language.
  • Extensive and quick documentation to help you get up and running quickly.


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AffiliateWP Premium Add-ons

1. REST API Extended

AffiliateWP includes a read-only REST API that allows developers and external applications to interact with data in AffiliateWP databases.

This enhanced REST API add-in adds create, update, and delete operations in combination so developers and external applications have complete control over the data in the AffiliateWP database.

REST-API-Extended-AffiliateWP Review


The REST API Extended plug-in provides the following actions for the REST API for partners, creatives, referrals, visits, and payments:

  • Create a partner / creation / reference / visit / payment
  • Partner / Creation / Reference / Visit / Update Payment
  • Partner / Creation / Reference / Visit / Cancel payment

The possibilities offered by this advanced API are almost unlimited. Here are some examples of possible applications:

  • Visits and recommendations for external websites, including websites other than WordPress
  • Tracking references in personalized e-commerce systems, not WordPress
  • Synchronize partner accounts across multiple databases and servers
  • Automatic update of partner accounts when changes are made in external applications
  • Create partner reference records when processing orders in an external payment service provider
  • Custom member areas hosted outside of WordPress

2. Zapier for AffiliateWP

With the Zapier add-on for AffiliateWP pro, you can connect AffiliateWP to more than 700 different web services through your Zapier account. Every application available in Zapier can be connected to AffiliateWP.

The Zapier Pro plug-in is authenticated to your Zapier account using the Keys API feature available in AffiliateWP version 1.9 or later:

Zapier-for-AffiliateWP-AffiliateWP Review

This professional add-in supports Zapier actions and triggers. You can notify Zapier when the desired activity of your AffiliateWP program occurs on your website (eg, make a new recommendation) and any number of partners, referrals, visits, creatives, and payments.

You must also install and enable the REST API Extended Pro plug-in to use API keys to enhance the functionality of Zapier actions and triggers.

If there is an AffiliateWP activity on your site and you have authorized Zapier to do so and your site is authenticated as described above, that information will be made available through the endpoints of the site to third-party services. REST API.

By using these endpoints to enhance the Zapier Pro plug-in, we can open AffiliateWP to the vast world of the Zapier application ecosystem.

Take a look at the most important functions:


  • Activate only the desired notifications
  • Zapier configuration with notification options
  • Zapier notifications can be enabled individually for partners, referrals, creatives, visits, and payments.
  • Authenticate securely to your site with the AffiliateWP REST API
  • The pop-up window requests AffiliateWP authentication for your site
  • The pop-up window prompts you to authenticate to AffiliateWP on your website.




Trigger a Zapier action when a partner, referral, visit, or creative is updated, deleted, or created, and every time a payment is made or deleted

3. Affiliate Landing Pages

Partner landing pages allow you to create dedicated landing pages for your partners that you can promote without using a partner link.


With Partner landing pages, you can now create and assign a landing page (page or publication) for each partner (or even some special partners).

This landing page allows you to view detailed information about the partner, view the specific content for that partner, view the content he posts, or whatever you want!

Perhaps the most beautiful aspect of affiliate homepages is their integration, which is completely transparent to WordPress and the standard WordPress editor. Just create a landing page and assign it to a partner. Easy!

There is no need for an affiliate link!

Some people are extremely good at recognizing a subscriber link. They move over the link and search the URL in the status bar of the browser.

This is more common than you think; People want to know where this link leads them! Some affiliate links may appear “incomplete” and are filled with long query strings and random characters. Other people just do not like clicking on affiliate links because they know someone is making a commission when they decide to buy.

If a potential customer does not click on an affiliate link, it means they missed an opportunity. Why take a risk?


When using partner landing pages, no partner link is an insight. Potential customers are more likely to click on the link and buy on your website.

4. Direct Link Tracking

With Direct Link Tracking, partners can link directly to your website without the need for a partner link. This is an excellent motivation for your partners and can help you make more money.

Direct-Link-Tracking-AffiliateWP Review

When a visitor recognizes an affiliate link on his or her website, he knows that the affiliate earns a commission by clicking on this link and buying his product.

In some cases, an affiliate link can make the visitor skeptical of the content of your site and not click on the link. A potential customer who has been disabled through an affiliate link can cost you a loss of revenue (and a loss of commission for your affiliate).

By using direct link tracking, affiliate links are completely unknown to visitors, greatly improving the ability to click on a link to your website and make a purchase. You will be happy because you will make more sales, and your partners will be happy because they earn more commissions.

Use direct link tracking for:

  • A greater chance for more sales.
  • Visitors will not know that they are clicking on affiliate links.
  • More happy and motivated partners

Since there is no affiliate link, affiliates are more likely to earn a commission and will work harder to get it. Visitors can not copy and paste the link into a new window and clear their tracking settings, as none exist!

  • Improved SEO
  • Links to your website do not contain any partner settings, so they are better compatible with SEO.

5. Custom Affiliate Slugs

AffiliateWP offers many variations of partner URLs that your partners can use at the same time.

Custom Affiliate Slugs goes further by enabling affiliates to create their own custom slugs. A slug is the part of the reference URL that usually contains the username or the partner ID.


A partner can create a custom partner slug

For example, if an affiliate user name is Juan and has an affiliate ID of 123, he or she is familiar with using one of the following referrer URLs:


With a custom slug of mycustomslug123, the affiliate can now use one of these referrer URLs in addition to the previous variants:


Custom affiliate slugs can be more personal, more relevant to the name of the affiliate, more relevant to affiliate marketing, or completely random. If your partner has a WordPress user name on their website that they want to keep confidential, they can set up a new custom slug that they can use professionally for their affiliate links.


Administrator Preferences for the Custom Partner Slots Snap-in

In addition, the option Create user-defined slugs automatically can be activated. If this option is enabled, the custom slug will be created for your partners if:

A partner registers via the partner registration form

The option Automatic registration of new users is activated under Partner → Settings → Miscellaneous and a user is automatically registered as a partner.
A partner has been added manually via Partner → Partner → Add New Screen.
The generated slug is based on the rules defined in the plugin configuration.

Using custom snails as partners

Partners can configure their custom slug on the Settings tab in the Partners pane. You can also delete or change your custom slug at any time.

Use custom slugs as a site administrator

Site administrators can enable custom slugs for all or just some partners. The custom slug of a partner can also be changed or removed on the Edit Partner administration page.

If you add a new partner, the custom slug can be optionally configured. When you export a list of your partners, a new Custom Slug column displays the current custom slug of each partner.

If your default reference format is set to ID or username, you can enable the Show Custom Message option in the Custom Partner Message setting.

The personalized affiliate message (if any) appears on the Affiliate URL tab. In the partner area, next to the affiliate ID or username, they can use their ID or username.

If you install and enable custom partner slugs, a new custom partner slug option will also appear in the Default Reference Format reference menu on the Partners → Settings → General tab. In this way, instead of the ID or username, you can display your reference URL to a partner with your custom slug.

The affiliate can also generate a referral URL using the URL generator with the custom slug (your name or username will not be displayed).


AffiliateWP is full featured platform to let you easily create affiliate program on Wordpress

💰  Price


😍  Pros

AffiliateWP provides advanced affiliate & referral tracking

😩  Cons

Pricing for beginner is not cost effective


AffiliateWP is reliable WordPress plugin to grow your business & make more moeny

Overall Rating 4.5/5

Why should you use AffiliateWP?

Here are the top 6 reasons why you should choose AffiliateWP over other similar platforms.

AffiliateWP Benefits- AffilaiteWP Review

1) Developer friendly

AffiliateWP is extremely extensible and user-friendly with plenty of hooks and templates which enable you to add custom features and functionality in just a few clicks.

2) Higher visibility

AffiliateWP has proven to increase a brand’s visibility in search engines by constantly promoting your products and services to drastically improve your website’s SEO.

3) More Traffic

Higher visibility on search engines directly results in more people visiting your website to see your products and services.

4) Increased sales

Higher visibility ensures more traffic and increased sales in returns, thus an increased likelihood of converting them into real customers.

5) Integration with popular plugins

AffiliateWP integration is easy & seamless, it integrates with 28 popular eCommerce, membership, form, and invoice WordPress plugins like

Integrations AffiliateWP- AffiliateWP Review


6) World-class affiliateWP support

AffiliateWP offers one of the best customers supports in its class whenever you require assistance. Their support team is prompt and ready to help 24*7

Quick Links That will help you in getting started with this plugin:


AffiliateWP Pricing: AffiliateWP Coupon Code

AffiliateWP offers users to choose from 4 different plans, which are priced differently according to the features and services they offer.

AffiliateWP doesn’t come with a free or trial version though there are affiliate plugins WordPress free can be availed but AffiliateWP offers a lot and they will provide you value for every penny you spend.

Here is a quick overview of all the plans and highlight features.

AffiliateWP Review - Pricing

AffiliateWP Personal

Price: $149 per year

  • 17 official free add-ons
  • Plugin updates *
  • Email support *
  • 1 site
  • All core features included

AffiliateWP Plus

Price: $299 per year

  • 17 official free add-ons
  • Plugin updates *
  • Email support *
  • 3 sites
  • All core features included

AffiliateWP Professional (Previously known as AffiliateWP ultimate license)

Price: $299 per year

  • 15 Pro add-ons (a massive $900 value!)
  • PLUS all future Pro add-ons
  • 17 official free add-ons
  • Plugin updates *
  • Email support *
  • 10 sites
  • All core features included


*Plugin updates and email support are provided for the duration of your current subscription.
*Pro add-ons are only available with Professional and in case you opt out custom licenses.

AffiliateWP also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with their services. Read their refund policy to know more. For more information regarding their software, features, plans, pricing, and more, visit the AffiliateWP official website.


AffiliateWP Reviews as stated on Quora

affiliatewp review - quora

1. AffiliateWP

AffiliateWP is a fully fledged affiliate managing system that’s incredibly easy to setup yet surprisingly agile. It makes the whole process of managing your referral program easy as it should be. Both the affiliate and admin areas are a joy to work with. Use the at a glance reporting, real time graphs and advanced affiliate dashboard to keep your program organize and profitable.

AffiliateWP seamlessly integrates with many popular e-commerce solutions including Easy Digital Downloads, WooCommerce and iThemes Exchange just to name a few. This means it’s easy for you track what affiliates are selling without having to change the store your have right now. And you can easily track who your top affiliates are, what your best sellers are and you can see your referrals over time as an easy to understand graph.

Credit – Quora

AffiliateWP Reviews as stated on Reddit

affiliatewp review - reddit

Credit: Reddit

What Users Say About AffiliateWP – AffiliateWP Reviews by User


Wow! You guys have done it again! I never cease to be impressed by the quality and ingenuity that comes from this team. AffiliateWP is feature packed right out the door and ridiculously easy to set up and use. So easy in fact, that after about a 5 minute install and configuration I had to scratch my head and say ‘Wait, what? That can’t be it can it?’. Amazing. Simply Amazing.

What this plugin does for WordPress far surpasses any affiliate solution that I have found. Everything that I’ve used up to this point has been over polluted and unnecessarily complicated, but AffiliateWP is simple, clean, easy to use and here’s the best part, it just works. No bull, no smoke and mirrors, out of the box it works, beautifully.

On top of all that, it is supported by an industry changing team that is beyond comparison. Never will you find a group of developers more committed to excellence and future development than these guys. Truly a great plugin and an amazing resource. Thank you! – Janna Gilleland

Over the years, I’ve fallen victim to 3rd party tech support “outsourced teams” who had little experience with the application and could not resolve various simple issues. It was a huge waste of time, money and effort.

Since 2010, our #1 criteria for ALL Vendor Partners is tech support. In other words…. do they respond. And, if so, how quickly — and do they work to resolve the issue in a timely manner.

I am happy to report that I sent a ticket in to AffiliateWP late on a Saturday night. On Sunday morning I had a response and the issue was resolved. But, as it turned out, I executed the “fix” incorrectly, so, I sent another email to tech support on Sunday late morning. Within a few hours tech support responded, again, and politely pointed out my error in execution.

Mind you, this is ALL happening on a SUNDAY. Yes…. a SUNDAY.

The team and I are totally blown away by this level of tech support and responsiveness. I would rate AffiliateWP tech support a 10+ or 5 stars or A+A+A+A+A+

Total fan! – Art Rothafel, –Private Label Fitness

Credit – AffiliateWP

AffiliateWP Reviews on Software Advice

Affiliatewp Review on

AffiliateWP Reviews on GetApp


Become Affiliate of Success – After analyzing for almost a month different options for having my own affiliate program I decided that AffiliateWP was the best option in the market for people like me that had no idea about this kind of software. It was really reliefing that customer support held my back a number of times. – Victoria F.

AffiliateWP – It has been very good to get started. We have some modifications we want to make and got no response to what was necessary. – Russ S.

Credit – getapp

AffiliateWP Reviews on Capterra


“Become affiliate of success”
Overall: After analyzing for almost a month different options for having my own affiliate program I decided that AffiliateWP was the best option in the market for people like me that had no idea about this kind of software. It was really reliefing that customer support held my back a number of times. – Victorial F.

“Easily the best affiliate program for wordpress”
Overall: My overall experience with Affiliate WP has been fantastic. – Hans S.

Credit – Capterra


credit – getapp

AffiliateWP Alternative

1) Refersion


Refersion is operated on a system that is subsidiary in nature. It can provide you with all solutions for businesses that run over a website. It has made affiliate marketing extremely user-friendly and easy to promote and grow your contacts.

It is a platform where you can track the sales of your influencers and easily make their payments, as per their stipend or royalty cut. You can easily link Refersion to your e-commerce store to calculate and track your sales. Get Started with Refersion Free Trial Now.

2) Clickbank


If you are looking for the best solution for all your problems in the online market, Clickbank is your best bet. It is indeed an excellent platform for digital marketing. It is an internet retailer in the global market. Customers can easily create a huge platform to get in touch with their affiliate network’s consumers.

This will help them grow in terms of money, from both their personal and commercial web pages. The company was founded in the year 1998 and has over six million trusted customers in the world. Get Started with Clickbank Now.

3) Afftrack


Afftrack provides all the answers to even your silliest problems related to affiliate marketing. It has been under practice since the year 2009. It also provides you with features like Fraud detection, Full API access, and Proxy.

You can choose the perfect package for affiliate marketing, depending on the basis of the site traffic you are accepting for your platform. It offers you to monitor your real-time traffic on the affiliate platforms. You can even monitor your ad campaign insights. Get Started with Afftrack Now.

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Create an Affiliate Website with WordPress Using AffiliateWP

FAQs related to Affiliate WP Review

✅What is AffiliateWP?

A reliable WordPress affiliate marketing solution, AffiliateWP integrates with the WordPress eCommerce, and membership plugins that are needed to power the website. AffiliateWP tracks referrals, and helps you manage your affiliates with accuracy.

✅What is AffiliateWP is Best For ?

AffiliateWP is best for WordPress sites that sell products or services, AffiliateWP helps them manage the commissions and payout. website owners can easily pay affiliates for promoting their website.

👉Is AffiliateWP has a free plan?

No, Affiliatewp doesn't have any free plan or they offer a free trial.

👉What are the pricing plans offered by AffiliateWP?

Affiliatewp pricing starts with $149 annually which goes up to $299 and more, dependent upon your add-ons as they also offer the custom plans as per website owner requirements.

👉Is AffiliateWP for WooCommerce a better alternative for AffiliateWP?

Both the plugins have powerful features Where AffiliateWP has the upper hand of having more customization, export data & integrations on the other hand Affiliate for WooCommerce has advantages related to commission plans, easy to use UI & one can manage everything just from a single screen.

✅Which is the best WordPress sales agent plugin?

There are many WordPress sales agent plugin available in the market but Woocmmerce B2B sales agent is the most complete platform for sales agent management.

✅Is there any affiliatewp affiliate program available?

Yes, there is an affiliatewp affiliate program where you can earn up to 20 percent commission on each successful sale you refer to the platform.

✅Is WP affiliate free?

You can pay your affiliates with store credit, show a leaderboard of the most popular coupons, and display attributed affiliate coupons if you want. You can do this for free.

✅How do I use AffiliateWP plugins?

Upload the ZIP folder through the WordPress admin by going to Plugins → Add New → Upload Plugin. Or upload it using FTP or your host's file manager.

✅How does WP affiliate work?

WordPress Affiliate Platform is a plugin for WordPress. It can be used on any blog or site. The owner of the blog or site can configure banners, links, and creatives that their affiliates can use on their sites to drive traffic back to their site.

✅Does WooCommerce integrate with AffiliateWP?

Install AffiliateWP by going to the AffiliateWP webpage and buying and downloading the plugin. Go to your WooCommerce dashboard. Then, from the Plugins menu, select Add New.

✅How do I set up Affiliatewp?

You can set different dollar amounts for referrals on the Integrations page. Under the Signup Referrals header, select which types of signups should generate a referral from the checkboxes. After you have selected what to do, type in the dollar amounts for each type of referral that will come out of your account. Click Save Changes at the bottom when you are done doing this.

Conclusion: AffiliateWP Review 2022 (Coupon Code Get 50% OFF)

AffiliateWP looks and feels like WordPress is seamlessly integrated. It lives on your website which ensures that you have full control of overall operations. Integrated with your favorite WordPress plugins, AffiliateWP offers easy affiliate management and moderate affiliate registrations as well.

Convert sales into affiliate commissions, take payments, and make money on the go. You can learn how to grow your business while you work on improving your affiliate marketing skills.

AffiliateWP will teach you how to handle affiliate marketing in WordPress using paid advertising, affiliate software, and affiliates that are built right into the plugin itself.

You’ll be able to focus on building up your blog without having to worry about other things. Also, if you have any questions about creating an affiliate site with the AffiliateWP plugin, They’re happy to help with their tremendous customer support.

AffiliateWP service has moderately priced that suits your budget according to your requirements along with a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with their services. Furthermore, you can also grab a 20% discount on prices through their exclusive winter-end sale.

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  1. Launch your affiliate program with WordPress – it’s easy! AffiliateWP is a powerful, robust plugin that will have you up and running in no time. With built-in integration for WooCommerce to make the most of any ecommerce solutions on offer, this innovative new option could be just what you need to take things to the next level.
    AffiliateWP integrates with HubSpot’s CRM to provide you the ability to transfer leads that come into your lead form directly. What is special about this integration, though, is its flexibility and ease of use for WordPress users! The best part? You can install it in five minutes flat without any technical knowledge required.

  2. Superb plugin! I should have started using days back.
    Affiliate sales are the current hot selling thing. AffiliateWP makes it possible to survive in todays marketing trend.
    In few minutes you will have complete running affiliate program it is super easy to implement.

  3. I call this plugin a money-making machine. It makes some unimaginable sale for me with automation and less work, could be used with ease on WordPress., and of course the price is so affordable. The fact that it works straight to where I need it always without any stress or daily distribution from affiliate products means my company website can provide visitor’s an easy way in which they refer their friends via our site effortlessly. To top off these features, its compatibility with WordPress made set up as well as usage effortless through auto-piloted referral property . The plugin limits some marketing integrations. This is because the referrals site can’t be seen on the main website with affiliate WP and there should probably be a form to make it easier for less work!

  4. AffiliateWP is a perfect plugin for affiliate marketing. It’s easy to use and comes with plenty of extra options that will help grow your sales in no time. All of the good intentions you’ve put into starting your business are worth more than words can express when AffiliateWP gets you those essential sales!

  5. Affiliate wp is the Best ever affiliate plugin. The positive experience you have will be the final decision maker for choosing this best-selling plugin. With a user dashboard, lots of features and an amazing integration with woocommerce, WP Affiliate is a perfect product for all types of businesses who want to start their own affiliate website or improve it.

  6. Our company prides itself on giving our affiliates the freedom to use any links or coupon codes they want without paying extra. That’s why we love this software with all its great features, customizability options and intuitive user interface. It might not be as glamorous-looking as some other platforms but it has a lot of flexibility that would make it competitively priced in terms of what you can do for your affiliate program needs! Thumbs up to affiliatewp.

  7. Using Affiliate wp I found most of the features that I need for an affiliate plugin, points system, wallet, and more. I have tried many plugins but this one is definitely my favorite. Highly recommend to someone who needs a good wordPress-affiliate plugin with amazing features!

  8. In the past, I’ve had to keep up with literally hundreds of different sites from all over the world. It was a tedious process and often times it would take days just to find out if my ads were running properly on any given site or not. Fortunately now everything is much easier thanks to our new system! Being able to track every single ad campaign that we run in one spot has been very helpful for both management and staff alike as you can imagine because there’s no longer an issue when something doesn’t show up where they’re supposed too – plus this software comes equipped with tons of features created specifically for affiliate marketers like us which make tracking even more convenient so thank goodness we found them!

  9. Affiliate wp is one of the best affiliate plugins that we have found. The plugin provides a lot of functionality and ease of use for customers and developers. Affiliates can run their own business on an affiliate website and get all of the features they need to succeed – like points system, wallet and user dashboard for affiliates. It’s compatible with woo commerce so you can sell products from anyone or anything you want! Most of the popular WordPress plugins are integration available with Affiliate WP so it’s very customizable, extensible and clean code makes your website load quickly – even on slow connections. Highly recommended if you’re looking for an attractive new way to get traffic to your site through links that take people directly into buy mode at competitive prices

  10. I am using this plugin on my site to promote other affiliate companies. It is really easy to use the Dashboard and I love that it offers amazing features.

  11. I am very happy that I found the affiliate wp plugin. It has all the features that I can ask for. Moreover, it fits with my blog perfectly since WooCommerce is compatible with it. If you’re using WordPress as your base platform then you should really use this product because it’s just perfect!

  12. Develop Amazing Affiliate Program on WordPress Website.

    My experience with AffiliateWP is actually great, because currently more individuals visit my internet site and also they can see my services and products. I actually like the features since now even more traffic concerning my internet site. The number of actual consumers are increasing and I am most definitely appreciating this wonderful system.

    If you desire an excellent and also outstanding affiliate advertising and marketing remedies after that AffiliateWP is best for your demands. You will certainly discover so expert associate marketing devices that will absolutely enhance as well as expand your business. You will able to make even more cash if you use this Affiliate program. Increase your position with this system, boost your website traffic and gain amazing income.

    The attributes of this system are exceptional including reference monitoring and also progressed affiliate strategies. Even control panel is also really nice and outstanding. According to my experience and viewpoint, this system is terrific, that do not have any disadvantages or problems.

  13. AffiliateWP will help you build a robust affiliate program that can be scalable to accommodate any type of business. The key is the plugin’s range of add-ons, which provide additional functionality while also making for an easy workflow. There are three types available depending on your subscription.

  14. AffiliateWP allows you to select your country from a list of 150 countries and four language systems, including English, French, German, and Spanish. Just set up your account in Dashboard with the affiliate marketing tools for affiliates that can help make even more money.

  15. Probably the worst WordPress plugin I’ve ever used across thousands of installs. If you’re going to buy a WP plugin, make sure it provides features that other plugins don’t have or match their ease-of-use.

  16. This plugin is really great for WordPress users who are looking to increase their affiliate sales. It’s simple and easy, even if you don’t have much experience with online marketing or making websites. What I like most about it is that it has built in statistics that tell you which posts post are doing the best on your website, meaning there’s a lot less guesswork when deciding where to spend most of my time. Sometimes all you need is that little push and AffiliateWP can give you just what you’re looking for.

  17. AffiliateWP is hands-down the best affiliate program plugin on the market today. Unlike other affiliate programs, AffiliateWP focuses more on the quality of its plugins than anything else.

    Features include an inbuilt shopping cart that’s easy to use and accessible with just a few clicks, but if you want even richer functionality there are add-ons for sale through AffiliateWP which enhance it further – not only is this product great value for your money, but it also offers excellent customer service!

  18. I’ve had AffiliateWP for a while now and I couldn‘t be more content. With the right edition, Add-ons make it easy to integrate with other parts of my website like WooCommerce or Genesis Themes, adding a natural workflow to help make marketing easier. What makes this plugin so special is how versatile it is – but also fairly user-friendly. It made marketing competitive without crossing too many lines with software that might crash my site or slow things down.

  19. AffiliateWP has helped me grow my online store exponentially. I can’t imagine running an affiliate program without it. AffiliateWP is the first plugin of its kind to fully integrate its own payment gateway, which makes managing affiliates easier than ever before.

  20. The AffiliateWP plugin is incredible. I never can make more affiliate sales because it’s so hard to be creative and witty in my description… until now, thankfully. Let your creativity do the work with this easy-to-use WordPress plugin!

  21. AffiliateWP is a great plugin that offers an affiliate program to businesses with WooCommerce. It might not be the most advanced, but what makes it stand out are its add-ons which allow you to go beyond AffiliateWP’s features. The three available types of add-ons (each available on different subscriptions) come complete with seamless functionality when combined with the plugin’s core features.

  22. When we first got started, it was very easy to set up and use. We were able to do everything that we needed done at the time with ease. In spite of this, there have been some complications in modifying any aspect of the software since then; our requests for assistance went unanswered when they should not have gone unnoticed by their customer service department

  23. I had been using AffiliateWP for more than a year now, Trust me Finding affiliates is a time-consuming, difficult task But with AffiliateWP, I was able to quickly and easily find affiliates with the right audience for my product i was willing to promote, AffiliateWP is the easiest and best affiliate management plugin for WordPress.

  24. Affiliate WP is a plugin that has all the features an affiliate needs. It’s compatible with WooCommerce and most of the top plugins for it too!

  25. The AffiliateWP software was the best option for me to use because it has been around since last year and is supported by a great customer service team. I had no idea about how affiliate programs worked, but these guys helped me in many ways – they even put up my website! There wasn’t any mention of needing other plugins on their site which seemed strange at first because you can only do so much without subdomains or extensions like .com/.net/, etc., however this “limitation” actually ended being very beneficial as now all affiliates are using WP content management system with its SEO features that help convert visitors into customers more efficiently than ever before.

  26. AffiliateWP is the best plugin for WordPress that gives you incredible affiliate marketing tools. It was so easy to install and use, I’ve already increased my conversion rate by 30%.
    AffiliateWP is the best extension for WordPress sites with incredible affiliate marketing tools. The interface in the dashboard of WordPress makes it really easy to use and understand – make more money today!

  27. The very best self-hosted associate software application for WordPress
    I have actually tried a variety of third-party affiliate programs, various other PHP-based self-hosted scripts, and also AffiliateWP is the hands-down most convenient to make use of and also has the most effective tracking.
    Functions excellent, not many loop holes and also gets constant updates. Individuals can establish and also track their own personalized coupon codes. Easy to pay Affiliates using stripe as well as Paypal. Suitable with numerous prominent contactct form plugins.

  28. I found most of the affiliatewp options that help me succeed as an affiliate website with a points system, wallet, and user dashboard, along with easy customization and user-friendliness.

    Points system for referrals to use or save for later. Wallet account to keep track of earnings from various websites without having multiple accounts/logins. 90+ customizable fields within membership levels to customize your program as you see fit. Options for text links or banners ads on your site based on your settings–or both! Integrated payment gateway- WooCommerce compatible.

  29. Affiliate WP is your ultimate WordPress marketing plugin. Create targeted affiliate websites, offers, and content for your target audience with one of the most advanced settings on the market. The plugin allows you to choose between a point-based system, where affiliates are rewarded according to how many products they sell or wallet-based system, where affiliates are given an upfront commission or flat fee for each sale made. Your store is only as good as the people promoting them so now you can easily grow your network by using referral commissions!

  30. AffiliateWP is the best WordPress plugin that offers incredible affiliate marketing tools to increase your business and you can easily make more money. When more people visit your website, definitely you will get more affiliate sales. The interface in Dashboard of WordPress is really easy to use and understand.

  31. Be a successful affiliate with affiliatewp, After analyzing for almost a month different choices for having my very own associate program I made a decision that AffiliateWP was the most effective choice on the market for people like me that had no idea regarding this sort of software program.

    It was really relieving that client support held my back a number of times. A truly favorable aspect of this software program was its seamless integration with woocommerce, Didn’t like that it had not been also stated that even more plugins would be required in order to have a total integration that consisted of subdomains. Refersion can be considered as a alternative. My reason to Choose AffiliateWP, though its not cheap, its paid functions outranked what their competitors provided.

  32. AffiliateWP is one of the best affiliate marketing plugin that magically increases sales like crazy. It’s made for easy, enjoyable wordpress website use and to simply make more money from your blog!

  33. At first, AffiliateWP seems like a good purchase. It has decent features and an interesting selection of add-ons which you can use to enhance the product further. But soon after you start using it, you’ll be hit with dozens of “issues” that turn your world upside down…It’s not worth having this plugin on your site for even one day.

  34. AffiliateWP is a powerful solution for any affiliate program. It’s easy to get started and offers plenty of features, but the add-ons make it even better! The plugin comes with three types of add-ons: Membership Levels, Use Coupon Code (Or subscribe to one), and Affiliates Showcase (For tracking stats). If you know that your customers will need these extras or you would like them – then upgrade to the “Premium” version!

  35. I love AffiliateWP because it’s the most affordable affiliate program plugin on the market. As an affiliate marketer, I need to generate my own traffic and not rely on campaigns or ads for something to do with my marketing. It’s easy enough for me to promote products through social media accounts where followers are building anyway, so killing two birds with one stone is always my go-to solution!

  36. AffiliateWP is the best WordPress plugin that offers incredible affiliate marketing tools to increase your business and you can easily make more money. When more people visit your website, definitely you will get more affiliate sales. The interface in Dashboard of WordPress is really easy to use and understand.

  37. I am about to get affiliatewp, but there is no spot at checkout to put in the coupon code. Am I missing something? Thanks!!

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