KBB Method Review 2022: Is It Really Worth it? My Opinions

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Today I will do the detailed The Knowledge Broker Blueprint Method Review 2022 and why Should you invest in Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi Course & Software.

“I ran into an old friend a few days ago and well, he seems to have failed in his business.”,

“I’m on the verge of starting my own business, with tonnes of ideas, profits and losses running all over my mind.”,

“I’m going to earn and become a millionaire in the least possible time because I have the best business plan! But what if it doesn’t work?”

Are these the same things that keep running in your mind too? Well, no business has reached its peak point just when it starts. It takes efforts and most importantly smart efforts.

One of the smartest ways to take your business on the pathway to success is the KNOWLEDGE BROKER BLUEPRINT, “THE KBB METHOD”.

Mind you, this method isn’t just like any other methods, but it carves out a niche in your business statistics. And well, we all know, Knowledge is power and so is the KBB method too.

The Knowledge Broker Blueprint Method Review 2022: Is It Worth The Hype??

KBB Method Review: The Masters’ Behind KBB Method

Financially growing an empire of business is the dream of almost every start up. This makes us seek for guidance from almost every flourishing person we know. Not considering the fact that each of your journeys is not the same.

Nonetheless, there is this one program which analysis and guides your walk in the most unique way possible. It is The KBB Method— Knowledge Broker Blueprint,

KBB Method Review


So, how is this specific virtual program going to help you to grow your business and entrepreneurship skills more than a real person’s assistance?

Herewith is the KBB method review, outlining everything you need to know about this program.

Why Choose KBB Method and What Is It All About? (KBB Course Testimonial -Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi & Russell Brunson mastermind.com worth it?)

kbb-course-testimonials Mastermind

You might have heard of the word practical knowledge in your school and colleges, right? Well, now is the time to get those things heard into practice.   The KBB Method— Knowledge Broker Blueprint, as the name suggests, works through knowledge and intelligence. Not just this, it analysis your portfolio and gets you the best practical knowledge. It completely helps you to get started from the very beginning. Isn’t that amazing?

How KBB changing life

Wait a minute, this doesn’t end here.

If you are confused and wondering as to how is knowledge important in this field, I want you to realise the fact that knowledge-based courses and sites generate over $355 million every day in revenue.

The KBB method helps you to deeply understand your field and dig into the knowledge, even you didn’t know you had. Not only does this help you succeed in the long run, but it helps you solve your daily based problems too.

So, if you have a master plan for your business, this KBB method creates mastermind groups to get you your desired profit.

And hello guys, if you still have two thoughts about it, this KBB review is just what you were looking for.

The Masterminds Behind This Mastermind Method-

Three renowned American Entrepreneurs build promising strategies worth millions of dollars from the very basic level, which makes them unique in every possible way.

The Knowledge Broker Blueprint— Tonny Robbins

These three brainy people are-

Tony Robbins

Intellectual people support other intellects. Tony Robbins, as you might’ve already heard of, is a philanthropist, business strategist, an entrepreneur and an author. He conducts seminars and writes engaging books to keep people inspired in their journey of business. Despite all of this, he still teamed up with other like-minded individuals to push people onto greater heights.

Dean Graziosi

Dean Graziosi, a person who is known for building success. His journey is an inspiring one where he started with a firewood business, venturing into the collision repair shop until the age of 20. He has since then risen to become one of the most renowned real estate entrepreneurs, eventually attracting a huge crowd in his real estate TV show. The desire to help others succeed made Dean to team up with other like-minded individuals like Tony and Russell, to develop something that would help people around the world.

Russell Brunson

Russell works in the field of internet marketing and his expertise are in what people actually need to sell their business. He teamed up with Dean and Tony, his perpetual like-minded friends, to equip people with strategies that would help them sell their ideas to others.

His motto was also to convince people to buy Mindmint software and hence increase their profits in return too.

These three masterminds teamed up to form a strong and efficient team that has managed to gain profits and also generate millions of dollars for people. They advise people to dare and use something that they have not tried and yield the most successful results for them.

The basic concept behind KBB – KBBCourse: Become A Knowledge Consultant and Help Other Experts

The KBB Method— Knowledge Broker Blueprint, which was first called as Knowledge Business Blueprint before its 2.0 version works on these basic guidelines :

– Creating an expertise for your business.

– Sharing knowledge through workshops.

– Starting a membership for the same.

This expertise or mastermind you would call it as, aims at removing all the roadblocks in your pathway to success. Tony, Dean and Russell give you the most practical, knowledgeable way to go round about and reach your profits as soon as possible.

KBB Method Review - Author

This course also teaches you and makes you realise that surrounding yourself with successful people will be a boon in your way to eventually become successful. You will have the solutions to your smallest of the problems which you may encounter in your business. Even when you are interacting with people with varying expertise, you will feel at ease. The basic concept of KBB model is not only oriented to long term results but also helps in self-development and everyday goals.

How Does the KBB Method Actually Work?

What would you prefer more? – Being spoon fed and doing the same thing as other people are doing? Or instead doing something more creative and self-educating yourself to apply your own practical knowledge.

Obviously, the latter right? This is the same protege on which the KBB method works! This review will give you a complete insight of what you’d been looking for.

So, in this method, you will learn

How to identify your expertise.

– Know your potential customers systematically.

– You will also be able to extract knowledge and implement them and get profits which you have been looking for since a very long time.

– Marketing strategies that will help you sell your ideas to others as well as also convince people to buy the software which in return means more profits for you.

– Not only this, through KBB, you will moreover learn how to organise an event successfully, attract clients, and impart knowledge as well.

KBB Method Review - Perfect Course

Mindmint software comes along with this course to help you run things smoothly. Through this, you can shape your events and come up with an agenda by simply dragging and dropping in the Event Builder space provided. There will also be no interruptions because of the pre-loaded event checklist that is fitted in the software.

The list doesn’t end here, it also includes

Monitoring your sales becomes an easy courtesy.

– Customer tracking and sales tools that the software provides helps you in around ways too.

– Marketing is simplified since you have a website builder already loaded with webpage and email templates to get the job done.

– Given the guidance, you can get from the KBB and the features from the software, you will not be required to have any special skills to get the ball rolling. Yaayyy! Isn’t that so soothing to hear?

These are the best things in this KBB method unlike most of the other programs which require more of your effort and time to yield any results which may sometimes also fail. Also, the cost factor is taken into consideration and KBB method is cheaper than most of these programs which may fail you.

Who can benefit from this KBB program?

The Knowledge Broker Blueprint program is targeted to a range of individuals, but there are specific kinds that stand to be benefited the most out of it.

KBB Method Review - Kbb Program

  1. The experts in their fields: like industry captains and veterans who have had wide-ranging experience.
  2. Individuals who are looking to make an extra income by mastering how other masterminds work. These individuals do not have to be an expert to benefit from this program. As long as you have the knowledge, you will acquire it all.
  3. People seeking to improve their careers or businesses can also benefit a lot from this course.
  4. Finally, if you are also looking to write about the expertise and success stories of different people, this is a great opportunity for you too.

What do you benefit from signing up?

Why and what makes you join the Knowledge Broker Blueprint course? Why is it considered better than the other courses?

The KBB Method Review

Here are a few things you add onto after signing up for this specific course –

  1. New knowledge

The Knowledge Broker Blueprint (KBB method) is one of a kind, here you will be able to understand how to leverage knowledge and expertise to make a lasting legacy on the people you meet while earning a tidy sum.

  1. Exchange of ideas

There is a range of ideas and topics to be exchanged in the period of learning in the mastermind’s formula. The depth of this subject opens up different spheres and introduces you to new ways of finding solutions, and you start seeing new possibilities.

  1. Resources

There are a wide range of resources available which would have been out of reach for you or expensive to acquire.

  1. Advice from reputable experts

Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi have over 60 years of experience. All three of them are better placed to offer you guidance in a different sphere of your life. It is an opportunity that is worth the investment.

  1. Proven formula

The methods and principles have been proven time and again, which yield successful results all the time.

 What is inside this program/module?

This course has six modules, each of which different important lessons. It is quite necessary to remember that it is detailed, yet simplified to make it easier for you to digest the knowledge which is being shared.

Course Outline KBB

Below is a brief insight into what each module and lesson contains –

# Module 1- Mindset Mastery

This module consists of the secrets and strategies used by Tony and Dean to create successful mastermind groups. It has a lot of informative videos which will teach you the steps involved in creating and running mastermind groups from the scratch.


Some of the things which you are going to learn here include:

* Key note takeaways from Tony Robbins success stories which will inspire you a lot.

* An insight as to how are you going to select a niche to target based on your skills.

* How to select your ideal target audience that will benefit from your knowledge-based strategies.

* How to run a successful mastermind using the triangle model used by our very own Dean and Tony.

* The tools which you need to run for a successful event. These are the same tools which Dean and Tony use.

* How to make the best out of the MindMint software to organize your agenda in the best way possible.

Here are some of the key lessons which you will find in # Module number 1 :

Lesson 1- 5 Keys to Progress and how to Avoid Failure :

In this lesson, you will learn how to feed your mind and body with positive thoughts. You will also get real-life lessons from role models like the maker Tony Robbins.

Lesson 2- Transformational Vocabulary

Here, you will learn what it takes to succeed, including how to get an elite thought process that leads to success, and much more.

Lesson 3- Million Successful Habits

Successful people have certain traits which eventually make them successful. You will learn these habits and traits that will help you unleash your inner power and kill the inner lethargies and villain. Success begins with a mindset, and this what you learn in this lesson.

Lesson 4- How to Design a Course or Talk in the public.

Here, you will learn how to turn your thoughts and ideas into a course or a sensible talk that will influence people.

In this module, you will also get called to actions that aim to evaluate if you have understood the important things discussed in this guide. So, it’s not just theory, but practicality involved too.

# Module 2- Extraction and Discovery.

In this module, you will learn how to come up with your unique propositions.

Here are the four lessons that are covered;

Lesson 1- Your Ideal Client

Here, you will learn how to spot your ideal client and also been given a niche tool you can use to further narrow down your target audience.

Lesson 2- Story-Teach-Tool

This lesson stresses more about the art of storytelling so that you don’t sound monotonous and stand out. People like stories and also touches on how to extract knowledge from your skills and expertise so that you can teach your group members.

Lesson 3- Your Tool Box part 1

You get to learn how to use the Clarity Tool and the pointers that show that you are becoming successful. You will also be told about the things you shouldn’t do.

Lesson 4- Your Toolbox- Part 2

This lesson emphasizes more on the Spotlight Tool as well as Wrap Up Tool and Connection Tool.

# Module 3- Marketing Mastery

As the title suggests, you get to learn about marketing your mastermind group to the right audience and your courses through various platforms as well.

Here are some of the lessons you will find in this module:

Lesson 1- Becoming a Marketing expert

Tony and Dean redefine the rules of sales and marketing for you and also for mastermind marketing philosophy.

Lesson 2- Mastermind Funnel Blueprint

In this, you will know when to use a website and when to use sales funnels.

Lesson 3- The Different Pages

In this lesson, you are taught about the pages not to lack when marketing your mastermind group.

Lesson 4- The Launch Secrets

You get to learn the tricks about launching your event.


# Module 4- Generating the Right Leads

In this, you get the secrets of the platform to target and how to do it in the right way.

Lesson 1- The Wagon Wheel of Marketing

Herewith, you are taught about the components of a marketing wagon wheel and also copy-writing tips for further use.

Lesson 2- How to get 100 perfect fans

This lesson covers more on how to set a foundation and how to gain momentum.

Lesson 3- Social Media and Free Traffic

Social media is a powerful platform to use in your marketing and can be a great source of free traffic. You will learn how to get free traffic on social media as well.

Lesson 4- Spending Money on Ads

Paid traffic is helpful when you are launching an event or starting out. You will also be taught how to kill it on Facebook and YouTube. Yaaayy!!

Lesson 5- What’s Next to Scale

Email marketing is one of the best ways too once you’ve exhausted your marketing options. This really helps a lot. Hence, you will learn the basics of email marketing here.

# Module 5- Running Your Event

This is where things begin to get actually practical.

Lesson 1- The perfect Mastermind Formula wherein you learn the psychology of running a successful mastermind.
Lesson 2- Virtual Event Checklists. This lesson reveals the secrets of running a virtual event and also set up events with Zoom and other apps.

Lesson 3- In-Person Event

All that you need to organize in-person events, including choosing the ideal location, room preparation, event logistics, your personality, etc.

Lesson 4- Lastly, this lesson covers how to sign out from your events in style and how to thank your members the right way so that they can feel appreciated.

# Module 6- Knowledge Consultant and Reporter

This is the last and final module. It covers things like how to be a knowledge consultant and how to create a winning strategy. It also focuses on how to get a YES from your targeted clients.

All of these modules and lessons is in a proper step-by-step fashion and divided into lessons to make it easier for you to understand its content.

Knowledge Broker Blueprint (KBB) is a course that we can strongly recommend to anyone who possesses knowledge or skill that can help someone else to flourish in their business or be an entrepreneur. It will teach you how to sell your own knowledge in the best way possible.

The KBB Method Students Certifications, Reviews & Testimonials

KBB method reviews online KBB method reviews online KBB method reviews online

The_Knowledge_Broker_Blueprint — Reviews

Finally, it’s not like this is a 100% complete program with only pros and no cons – here I am listing final Pros and Cons of the same for you to get a brief understanding of the above said-


Getting detailed training and resources.

Low learning curve and better understanding.

Coaching with Tony and Dean.

Along with a Community of 20k members.


It takes Long but worth it.

You need to do the work, which eventually helps you.

No SEO mini-course is available.

KBB Method Alternatives (Savage Affiliates, Super Affiliate System, Four Percent Group, Wealthy Affiliate)

1) Four percent group

The four percent group is another such a software that provides classes into which you can enroll yourself for lectures and courses. They have customers from over 100 countries in the world and their lecturers are top-notch with a lot of experience. They can access a massive amount of traffic on demand and also build up a high engagement.

The marketing strategies are over the roof and can be taught to the users/customers in a very simplified manner. This app also focuses on the money-making procedure. It also helps you build very high self-esteem and you can feel yourself winning over negativity.

They also teach the art of the sale and that too without much hassle. Creativity is key and is also very important here. Apart from all this your e-commerce relationship only builds, therefore, increasing your validity on a large platform.

Commission Hero vs. Super Affiliate System

2) Super Affiliate System by John Crestani 

John Crestani Reviews Course Testimonials John Crestani Super Affiliate System Reviews

The super affiliate system is good for anyone who hasn’t made money online and also a good program for those who are completely into money making online and only want to up their game. This app works very well with a new person and the user also does not need to know intense technological skills and can be a layman. 

This software provides a course that is very easy to understand and is in a very simplified manner. It is also said to gain maximum capacity and best results in work within 6 weeks.

They give you templates of the audiences and other landing pages that you can use with permission on your promotions. The training stretch which is almost 6 weeks has lecture sessions of 50 hours in total and explains the affiliate marketing process from scratch.

The lecturers have worked a day in and day to device the best work material to help students understand the concepts better. They make sure that their students are held accountable if any case of false learning. They also have a system where if the student is not given access to the main system that’s because they haven’t gone through all the course material. 

Compared to KBB Method course  , John Crestani affiliate course has in-depth information that helps learners advance the higher in affiliate marketing.

However, time is spent on grasping all the methods in the course, unlike what is spent on the Robby Blanchard course .

This is the reason many people go for for Robby Blanchard Commission Hero course since everything is straight to the point.

Check Out My Interview With John Crestani 

Super Affiliate System Review John Crestani

3) Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate Review - Wealthy Affiliate

It is an online training program that offers courses on affiliate marketing. This community has been very fast growing and it has multiple entrepreneurs and buyers and sellers and other types of traders. The course content is very legitimate and it mainly focuses on giving you the best training and the tips to start a business online.

Their teaching process is very educational and with the help of webinars and videos based lectures, the learning process becomes much more engaging and clarifying. 

These tools are mandatory for all beginners as they lack the access and they also do not know how to use tools that have been in use for a long time by most who make money online. The next main criteria of the learning are to familiarise the students with the modern-day technology and the new age digital marketing techniques.

4) Savage Affiliates

Here’s Frank Hatchett holding up an award he received for earning more than $1 million as an affiliate of ClickFunnels. He have lot of authority in affiliate marketing space.

Savage Affiliates

Here comes another renowned KBB Method alternative  which is Savage Affiliates by Franklin Hatchett. I have personally reviewed Franklin Hatchett course Savage Affiliates and I must say that course is for beginners who wants to enter into affiliate marketing and make their living out of it.

Unlike KBB Method affiliate program that utilizes only Facebook Ads to drive in traffic, Savage Affiliates teaches how to use different methods to drive traffic to your landing pages.

Comparing to the purchase cost of these two programs, Savage Affiliates is an affordable option in the market. It costs $197, unlike KBB Method course costs hefty price of $997.

In terms of the refund policies of Savage Affiliates & KBB Method, KBB Method refund policy is quite strange; refunds are only requested after 12 months for a week. On the other hand, the Savage Affiliates , students are entitled to a 30 days action refund guarantee. So I would say if you are on low budget then Savage Affiliates would be better option.

5) Affiliate Lab : Best SEO Affiliate Marketing Course

Affiliate lab

Matt Diggity established Affiliate Lab, a comprehensive affiliate marketing school. The curriculum of the course is mostly focused on specialised site creation, ranking, and monetization. Over 24 hours of video lessons cover everything from niche selection to traffic production in this course.

Matt Diggity’s Bio

I like to know who designed a course before I even consider purchasing it. Marketers that make more money selling education than they do from actual marketing are aplenty. So, who is Matt Diggity, and should you pay attention to him?

Matt Diggity is a search engine optimization expert and affiliate marketer. Diggity got his start in affiliate marketing, like many of the most successful search engine marketers. By creating successful affiliate websites, he was able to study and test SEO tactics (which he still does today).

Diggity’s business grew over time, and he is now well-known for a few ventures.

Matt’s own blog, DiggityMarketing.com, has SEO advice and marketing articles.
Authority Builders is a marketplace for guest posts.

The Search Initiative is a search engine optimization (SEO) agency and affiliate partnership scheme.

Matt Diggity is totally authentic, to answer the question stated earlier. I’ve been working in digital marketing for almost a decade and only recently learned about Matt Diggity. I wish I had known about him earlier.

A friend recommended Matt Diggity’s site to me, and I was immediately hooked. Because there was so much useful information, I found myself reading article after article. Matt’s content is both actionable and one-of-a-kind (both of which seem to be a rarity in the world of digital marketing).

The Affiliate Lab course sells for $997. If you prefer to break that up, you can pay two payments of $597 ($1,194 total).

Affiliate lab matt diggitty reviews courses Affiliate Lab Facebook group

The Affiliate Lab course is laid out in a logical order. This affiliate course will walk students through the entire process of developing a specialised site, from beginning to end.

The course is divided into a few modules, each of which focuses on a distinct topic and includes unique videos that teach various approaches and strategies. The following are the primary modules:


  • Selection of a certain niche
  • Offsite SEO vs. Onsite SEO
  • Sites of the Kitchen Sink Authority

The flow is intuitive, making it simple to follow for newcomers. If you’re an experienced marketer, you can skip around if you like, but I recommend watching the entire course.

Affiliate Lab is ideal for anyone who is willing to put in the effort to establish a niche/authority site. Here are some particular suggestions based on your current level of expertise:

If you’re new to affiliate SEO, start by doing some study. Make sure you’re ready to put your heart and soul into the game. Watch some YouTube videos and read some free blog posts. If you feel you’re ready to commit to establishing a specialised site, Matt Diggity’s course is a great place to start. This course will guide you through the process of starting a niche site empire the right way.

If you’ve worked with affiliate SEO before, you should absolutely take this course. Maybe you’ve been looking into affiliate SEO, or maybe you’ve already built your first site and made some money. This training will assist you in advancing your present efforts. Unlike many other affiliate marketing courses, which spend too much time on “theory” and broad business models, Matt Diggity’s course gives you actionable insights that you can put to use right immediately.

Even if you’re a seasoned affiliate marketer, you can benefit from this training. I’ve taken hundreds of courses and established dozens of specialised websites, and I’m still learning. There will be some repetition of content, but I believe you will find it worthwhile if you can justify the $997 investment. You’ll also have access to a private Facebook group where you can network with other affiliate marketers and find ideas and information to help you grow your affiliate marketing career.

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Conclusion : KBB Method Review 2022 You Must Go For It

We hope this KBB Method Review helps you get better insights into this Knowledge Broker Blueprint program. When I started back with KBB Method, I was a bit worried, but then I found its backed 30 days money-back guarantee. If you somehow don’t find the Knowledge Broker Blueprint useful, you can request for your money back.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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