Tony Robbins Courses Review 2020: Is It Worth Your Money?? (READ TRUTH)

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  • Affordable Pricing
  • Productivity & Performance
  • Leadership and impact
  • Health & Vitality Courses are awesome
  • Learn the simple steps to make changes permanently
  • Develop new powerful routines
  • Develop a clear goal for what you want in your life
  • Create momentum in your life and make difficult things effortless
  • All the courses comes with legit study materials and docments


  • Some of the courses lacks of proper training materials
  • They should also give proper email support to customers


Last weekend was literally the best weekend of my life. I interact with the Tony Robbins Course.

It was a really changeable event that I will never forget. I would like to take this opportunity to share some of the key conclusions of this review.

By the way, you may have read Tony’s book before seeing it on YouTube videos. But none of them can be compared to his class. In this post, I have featured my trustworthy and honest Tony Robbins Courses Review 2020 that include all detailed insights of courses, pricing, duration and more.

Let’s get started here.

Tony Robbins Courses Review 2020: Is It Worth Your Money?? (READ TRUTH)

The 7 strengths of the business field.

The business can be overwhelming. You are always faced with daily problems and it is difficult to make progress. Tony divides the company into 7 categories to focus on:

Strategic Innovation – My favorite part. As a business, you should always consider how you can continue to add value to your customers.

  1. Create an effective business card – know which company you work for and what you need to do.
  2. World Class Marketing – Find More Customers and the Right Kind of Customers.
  3. Outstanding Fans: Outstanding fans are the way Apple places its customers on iPhones one week before they leave. His fans are warriors who spread the message in his company. How do you cultivate it? The key is to go beyond what they expect.
  4. Sales Domain Systems: Sales is the life force of every company.
  5. Financial and Legal Analysis – Know Your Numbers I love the legal analysis. If you do not protect yourself legally, you risk losing everything and everything in a lawsuit.
  6. Optimize your employees and your processes – Kaizen. Make small daily improvements to your systems. Key figures and metrics are an integral part of this

What the powers are, according to Tony.

He recommends organizing a 90-minute session on ONE of these topics each week. For example, my team just had a 90-minute session to improve our sales funnel. Next week, we have a 90-minute session on our marketing.

Tony Robbins Courses Review- Transform Your Life

It is important that most companies are in the “whirlwind” of followers. These meetings put you in a kind of reflection instead of just walking in a hamster wheel.

State in the economy

The most important thing I had is the meaning of the state concept for the economy. The condition is what you feel at a given time. Even if you are not in the mood to work, you can change your feeling at a certain moment.

I fell asleep during the seminar because I was ill. He played music, we did various exercises and a few minutes later I wanted to conquer the world. I do public activities when I go on stage to talk or when I go to a club. But I will switch to state status before each work session.

How can you enter the state? Here are my 3 tips

Physiology: Try walking for 1 minute with your head down and shoulders down. How do you feel? You probably like shit. Now go straight with your head straight and chest open.

Music – There is nothing better than a good song or video to cheer you up!

Shop All Programs – Tony Robbins Courses Review

Focus – What do you think? Instead of thinking about going to bed or being tired, visualize your goals. Think about how much you would feel in 6 months to get what you want.


  • The questions and answers with the audience were spectacular. You can read the audience very quickly and come up with a vision that I think can help most other people in the room.
  • He maintained very high participation. He always asked everyone to raise their hands and say “I” if they agreed. He also let the audience finish many of their prayers.
  • Tony Robbins is a great speaker and, in my opinion, one of the best. It’s really fun, dynamic and very interactive with your audience. For many, this is only worth the price of the ticket.
  • He told great stories and combined a lot of humor.
  • He told us You can do it but you must promise a compromise. If you sit down during the dance, you are not engaged and you will not get what you want.
  • He repeated several times to score points and increase the binding. He also approved his claims with statistics.
  • He encouraged us to meet our neighbors and stay excited.
  • This is the kind of event that, if you do everything you can and do the tasks, lives with you for months, if not for the rest of your life. For some, this could be a milestone.

Managing Team Of Tony Robbins

There was some discussion about leadership. One of the key conclusions I’ve drawn is that you need to help configure your team’s belief systems. My system of trust and conviction is strong.

You need to understand that your employees have as much time as you. Your livelihood depends on you and your choices. For them to do the best they must believe in you and the company.

Learn from other stakeholders

Tony had several speakers. My favorite by far was Jay Abraham. The guy knows the business and everything I write cannot do justice to what he said. Here is your preferred strategy that you can read.

Keith Cunningham gave a three-hour talk on corporate finance. Most business owners only look at the profits and call it a day. He taught us to read the balance sheets and dig into the numbers. Last week I wrote an article about the importance of finance, but I’m inspired to get things done. I enrolled in online finance and business accounting courses to take my number games to the next level.

Tony Robbins Courses Review- Tony's Extended Family

Tony Hsieh was a total disappointment. I respect what he did, but damn, that speech stunk. It had been an hour since he had talked about the revival of downtown Las Vegas by Zappos. The topic seemed more relevant to Ted’s speech than to this audience who wanted to know more about the business.

Tony Robbins told a great story about Richard Branson. One of the rules in the business world is to “protect the negative side,” which means keeping risks as low as possible. Knowing risk management in terms of risk avoidance is essential in affiliate marketing. Richard’s biggest risk when launching Virgin Airlines is the cost of the aircraft. If the company failed, I did not want to be caught by millions of dollars in planes. He negotiated with them so that the builders (Boeing or Aerobus) buy the plane when the airline closes its doors.

8 Things To Know Before Interacting With Tony Robbins

  1. Begin the date with an open-minded destiny

You may have already attended a Tony Robbins event, or you have not done so yet. Maybe you’ve just heard stories about what it’s going to be. Maybe you, like me, have ever visited Date With Destiny and would like to come back? Whatever your situation is, enter without expectations.

One of the things I love about Tony is that he constantly improves and improves his teaching based on his learning and experience. What you once experienced will not be what you still feel. It’s also important that you do not instantly resist the things he would do, whether you think it’s silly, silly or scary.

Tony Robbins Courses Review- Insights

Dance like crazy. Imagine strangers. Look critically at the things that hold you back. Everything is designed to remove it from its self-imposed box. Join him and you’ll get more experience (and have more fun!).

Do not worry too much about the agenda or specific exercises that you will perform during the event. The element of surprise is crucial and if you know a lot in advance about the event, the impact will be mitigated.

  1. Find someone to train you

Although transformations can take place in an instant (often this is the only possibility!), Significant efforts may be needed to reach the point where transformations can take place and be sustained over time.

The best way to manage and integrate your many years of experience is to work with a partner who will help you live your values and achieve your goals. You will find this partner as an additional assistant during the event.

Alternatively, you can opt for a bus like me. There is a reason why the best people in all disciplines work with someone to help them achieve bigger and better goals. A trainer can be objective and help him move forward in a way that his friends and family can not or do not want.

  1. Meet new people

You will probably go to the event with your partner and/or your friends. You may meet an old acquaintance there and spend time with this person and sit by his side all the time. Do not do it

When I visited Date With Destiny with my friends, we first sat in different “groups” and sat in different parts of the audience. We never connect with each other. In fact, when we come back to the room at night,

We wanted to make sure that our experiences are unique and that we have the time and space to process everything ourselves.

  1. Take notes and dairy.

Many things happen during the week at Date With Destiny. While they provide you with a workbook, I find that many people have not really taken notes. I was and I’m glad I did that! So far, I review my notes of all Tony Robbins events at least once a year.

I suggest making notes during the day (bring a separate notebook to fill in!), And spend 20 minutes a night summarizing your daily knowledge. If you’re not a great writer, you can use the phone’s built-in voice recorder to record an audio summary of your day.

  1. Take care of yourself

I already said that the days are long.

Do your best to get well rested with Date With Destiny. If you have a problem with your diet, take care of it before the event to ensure that you have the mental clarity and energy to participate fully.

Cope with many healthy snacks during the event and minimize your coffee consumption. This advice is not because I want to torment you (I love coffee!). He should help you to manage your energy. The other practical aspect is that coffee is a diuretic and you do not want to run your time to the toilet every few hours during the event.

Make sure your bag contains fresh, dried fruits, raw nuts and tons of water.

Also, bring some chamomile and ginger to keep your breath fresh and clean as you will be talking to many nearby people.

Tony Robbins explains how our EMOTIONS control and determine the quality of our lives.

Moment by moment, there are three things that control our emotional state. Tony Robbins calls this the “emotional triad”.

1) A diagram of physiology

How to use your physical body, such as breathing, posture, exercise.

In what you concentrate on, you will feel it.

2) A language model/meaning

As we incorporate words into an experience, the meaning we feel changes.

The state is the most important skill we can learn in life, ie the ability to change our feelings. In the previous video, Tony walks you through a process of specific questions to change your goal and status.

The highlight of the first day Tony Robbins participated in Unleash’s review is “Firewalk Experience,” in which nearly everyone participates. Basically, he walks on a bed of embers burning at 1,200 to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. 12 feet long.

Tony Robbins Courses Review- Master Every Area Of Your Life Course

Firewalking is a metaphor for overcoming the fear in your life that is the only thing stopping us.

3) Fear is the only thing stopping us.

Although we all experience innumerable variations of fear, there are two main fears that all humans share:

1) We are not enough.

2) We are not being cherished by anyone.

Here is the review of Tony Robbins most Famous Book (MONEY Master the Game)

I’ve just read Tony Robbins’s latest book, MONEY Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom. It’s a long title for a book, but it’s also a big book (almost 700 pages). It’s Tony Robbins first book in over 20 years, and I was looking forward to reading it.

What’s in the money?

Robbins opens the book with many of the weaknesses we find in investing: high advisory fees, actively managed funds and how the market is “manipulated”.

It’s great that someone like Tony, who has a very big call, is talking about a big problem like investing. Many people are not trained in this topic and even the basic investment can be profound for the average person.

On a positive note, for readers who are just beginning to invest, the book contains lots of information that you are likely to find useful. For the investor from intermediate to advanced level, there is also a great perspective. Unfortunately, it has to go through a lot of filling information, repetitive and contradictory statements, but most of the time it’s worth it.

I like the way the book is organized and lists certain steps when presenting the material in orderly and logical order. Although Tony repeats the whole book a lot, he sums up every step of the process that may be necessary for some readers.

The same applies to psychology and the motivation to invest in money. The “why” is always more important than the “how”, especially for long-term goals like retirement.

Where the money goes wrong?

As Tony does with all his other materials, he is constantly combining education, entertainment, name removal, and selling other products and services throughout the book.

I can see how uncomfortable this can be for some of you who are not used to Tony’s writing style.

As I read, I noticed inaccuracies and inconsistencies. For example, Roth IRAs were recommended for income-adjusted individuals, but the Roth IRA backdoor method was not mentioned.

Tony recommends the use of passive systems on the basis of low-cost indices, but some of the experts interviewed by him are against or could be regarded as an insider with whom he criticizes at the beginning of the book. In addition, managers of hedge funds such as Ray Dalio that Tony has interviewed for the book, achieving excellent returns, but as an investor, it pays to the 2/20 Savings program a lot of money.

The interview part of the book was largely useless in my opinion. Although there is some information that an advanced investor could get from reading some of the best investors, the average investor gets mixed up with conflicting advice.

A JP Morgan adviser recommends active management, while Jack Bogle believes indexing is the way to go. For most readers, I recommend skipping this section.

Disagreements are perhaps the most boring aspect of the book and can confuse the novice investor.

Where is the money going?

It’s great to see Tony analyzing that if he’s going to be a financial adviser he should have one who is in trust and has a higher interest. This may surprise many people, but in general, most financial advisors do not put their best interests to the fore.

Tony Robbins Courses Review- Master Every Area Of Your Life

Chapter 3 of the book discusses the final goals. This section was even revealing to my abilities. I have a better idea of ​​what I need to save and what sums are needed to achieve those goals. For most financial plans it is almost unknown. This section provides a much more important reason why we should save money and the intermediate goals to reach my final destination.

The best investment nugget I got reading the book was the asymmetric risk/reward ratio. Although I have heard the term before and know it, I have never really implemented it when investing.

The idea of ​​asymmetric risk is to minimize downside risk while providing much higher upside potential. Unfortunately, Tony does not really mention how this could be done with his personal investment. In my experience, one way to invest in the asymmetric risk-return ratio is to tactically allocate assets.

Students Review

 Tony Robbins Courses Review-

Reviews – Tony Robbins Courses Review

At the end of this Course, Tony Robbins got talking about the two main areas of life:

1) The science of success

Whatever outcome you want to achieve in your life, it contains a science. It was an “ah-ha” moment that I want to share with Tony Robbins, who unleashes the power of the magazine. In other words, there are certain steps or strategies that can give you almost all the results you want. If you want to earn a certain amount, there are steps to do it. If you want to lose weight, there is also a science for it.

2) The art of compliance

Although most of us focus on achieving more, we often forget the area of ​​life most important: the art of compliance. To be realized is an ART because what compels you to adopt is different from the other. Most people believe that when they reach XYZ, they will be happy. In fact, focusing on the meeting first will make your results much easier and more effective.

Focusing on male or female nature is a key element of compliance.

Tony Robbins releases the power in critique and in male and female

One of my favorite parts of the first day of Tony Robbins Unleash’s review, The Power Within, is illustrated in the video above, in which Tony Robbins has put all men in the room into a state of male power. He talks about male energy and helps men get involved in this part of themselves.

The energy was so strong that I felt completely in my male presence. It was powerful to hear the reactions of women in the audience.

A man who has not found something for which he is ready to die is not viable.

Martin Luther King

Tony says that masculinity is a feeling for a man. FREEDOM: It is the feeling of conquering something and feeling completely free. He also states that men must have a clear purpose that goes beyond their personality and that they are ready to die.

Besides, the polarity in a relationship is so important. There must always be a male and female force for attraction and passion. Tony talks about how most men today are women, while most women become males. It takes nature and makes us dissatisfied.

One of the most important things about Tony Robbins Unleash’s review of The Power Within and one of the reasons I came back for the fourth time is the concept of your emotional state.

Testimonials and Success Stories

Tony Robbins Courses Review- Success Stories


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Conclusion: Tonny Robbins Courses Review 2020

I hope this Tonny Robbins Courses Review will help you to optimize your Date Experience with Destiny. I really find Tonny Robbins Courses very helpful in many ways and you should definitely give it a try.

I know It’s a great investment about  5,500 Dollars to 7,500 Dollars Plus travel, room, and board for a week, but it’s worth it because you can learn to grow in this kind of environment.

Now You Got the all Information About the Tony Robbins Course, Have you Ever Attain His Seminar, share your experience in the comment section Below.


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