[Updated] MasterClass Review 2019: Are MasterClass Courses Worth?

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  • Masterclass mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Affordable
  • Get access to material from top-level creators and artists
  • Includes top quality materials
  • Produces high-quality video
  • High-caliber award-winning instructors
  • Posts new courses regularly
  • Unmatched Quality
  • A CHECKLIST of tasks or reminders
  • 60+ Classes from the masters
  • 12 Minutes average per lesson
  • 24 Lessons average per class
  • Worth the Investment of Time and Money
  • Very good quality people


  • Some courses are for advanced people

In this MasterClass Review, we will take about why masterclass is best for e-learning. This is the 21st century and the internet has literally revolutionized everything from business to education and everything you can name. Since the internet is virtually taking over, education and learning are shifting from classrooms to on the go online courses and people learning from these online courses are gaining an edge over people who thrive in classroom environments and prefer a more hands-on approach from teachers.

Online courses aim at connecting skilled professionals and influencers from various fields with people from different corners of the globe, who are willing to learn the secrets and strategies to succeed in the subject through first-hand insights from the experts themselves.

There are numerous online education portals that offer either free or paid courses to students across the globe. Every portal specializes in a particular field of study. So when it comes to anything related to the art industry, Masterclass is one platform that is considered the most premium in terms of quality.

In this post, we have featured our trustworthy and honest- MasterClass Review 2019 that includes all the detailed insights of its pricing, functionality, features, pros & cons and more. Let’s get started here.

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MasterClass Review 2019: A Legit Online Courses Platform

What is Masterclass?  MasterClass Courses Reviews Worth (FREE TRIAL)

MasterClass is an online education platform for creative professionals Entrepreneur in 2015 by Aaron Rasmussen and film editor and director David Rogier. Based in San Francisco, you can watch Masterclass courses using your computer or phone and consume the materials anywhere anytime on the go.

MasterClass Review- Online Courses Platform
masterclass platform

The platform is a great way of learning online from top creators allowing students to learn various arts like

  • Creative Writing taught by Booker Prize-winning author Margaret Atwood
  • Writing taught by NYT Bestselling author Malcolm Gladwell
  • Basketball Shooting, Ball Handling, and Scoring taught by NBA Championship Winner Stephen Curry
  • Photography taught by iconic photographer Annie Leibovitz
  • Directing taught by Oscar-winning director Ron Howard
  • Cooking Techniques taught by American Chef Thomas Keller
  • Dance Music taught by legendary music producer Armin Van Buuren
  • Filmmaking taught by Oscar-winning director Martin Scorsese
  • Acting taught by Oscar-winning actress Helen Mirren
  • Acting taught by Oscar-nominated actor Samuel L. Jackson
  • Cooking taught by famous MasterChef Gordon Ramsay
  • Comedy taught by ace comedian Steve Martin
  • Writing thrillers taught by James Patterson
  • Dramatic writing taught by David Mamet
  • Screenwriting taught by Aaron Sorkin

And much more!

What can you expect?

Masterclass is a platform that aims at connecting skilled and experienced writers, photographers, artists, musicians, painters and creative professionals with students who are keen to learn these forms of art at their own pace using a computer.

The basic course structure by Masterclass involves:

  • 51 Classes from the masters
  • 24 Lessons average per class
  • 12 Minutes average per lesson

This platform is suitable for writers, musicians, artists, and creative professionals and there are also online courses that help students learn business skills like marketing or more practical skills like coding or web development basics.

Here is my personal purchase I did from Masterclass, I bought a photography course from Annie: MY REVIEW

masterclass photography courses review honest review about masterclass courses

masterclass photography courses review honest review about masterclass courses

I am personally being able to learn the photography secrets from the Annie’s course as it helped me to understand how photography evolved and it is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever in your memories. the course is absolutely genuine and Annie explains each process thoroughly. Annie’s passion about photography makes this course unique and must need to budding photographers. You must take this course if you want to go to next level of photography. Every time I pick up a camera I love photography more and more.



Masterclass reviews photography classes Masterclass reviews photography classes

How does Masterclass work?

The course structure of the Masterclass is very neat and simple. A typical course at Masterclass usually contains up to 25 video lessons which are usually five-to-ten minutes long. Some are short explanatory documentaries in which the instructor works with their students’ efforts in front of the camera and in some cases, the teacher speaks straight to the camera. Some video lessons also include extracts from the teachers’ works.

Since everything about Masterclass is online, you can take a Masterclass lesson online at your own pace anywhere anytime. You can watch lessons from your masters on your computer or phone using the Masterclass app. Everything is extremely organized and well managed. All Masterclass lessons come with

  • Background material
  • Downloadable worksheets
  • Reading lists to peruse
  • Class workbook summarising the key points in each video
  • Additional reading materials and space to write notes

Gurus at Masterclass

If you are thinking the Masterclass just consists of local or regional experts and influencers then you are completely mistaken. Masterclass is an online education platform of international stature and consists of Gurus of international fame and recognition including Oscar award winners, Grammy award winners, Multi-billion dollar grossing directors, filmmakers, actors, screenwriters, sports stars, master chefs, musicians, and many more.

MasterClass Review- Instructors and Courses


Independent filmmaking
Helen MirenActing
Samuel L. JacksonActing
Gordon RamsayCooking
Thomas KellerCooking
Tom MorelloElectric Guitar
Steve MartinComedy
Margaret AtwoodCreative writing


Writing thrillers
Stephen CurryShooting, Ball handling and scoring in Basketball
Adventure photography
Martin ScorseseFilmmaking
Documentary filmmaking
Ron HowardDirecting
Aaron SorkinScreenwriting
Judy BlumeWriting
Deadmau5Electronic music production
UsherArt of performance
Diane Von Furstenberg
Fashion designing
R.L. StineWriting


Popular MasterClass Review Examples

The class and quality of the masters at Masterclass are top-notch and it is impossible for me to sum up the qualities of every master over here. However, to give you a rough idea of what some of the Masterclass lessons offer, I have researched and written down a bit of info about the course instructor and popular lessons from their course syllabus.

MasterClass has also announced its newest class launch, Danny Elfman Teaches Music for Film. One of the film’s most accomplished and original composers, Danny Elfman teaches you his process for conjuring up music that tells a story. The class is officially live and available for full access today.

David lynch masterclass course review
David lynch masterclass course review

In 21 lessons, Oscar-nominated composer Danny Elfman teaches you his eclectic creative process and his approach to elevating a story with sound. Music out of chaos – From The Simpsons theme to the soundtracks of Tim Burton’s Pee-wee’s Big Adventure and The Nightmare Before Christmas, Danny Elfman’s compositions are original, memorable, and exuberantly weird. Now the Oingo Boingo founder and four-time Oscar nominee share his unconventional (and uncensored) creative process. Step into Danny’s studio and learn his techniques for evoking emotion and elevating a story through music.

MasterClass has also announced its newest class launch, Anna Wintour Teaches Creativity and Leadership. The class is officially live and available for full access today.

Anna wintour masterclass review
Anna Wintour masterclass review

In 12 lessons, Anna Wintour gives unprecedented access to her world, teaching you how to lead with vision and creativity—and without apology. A fashion and media icon, Anna Wintour has been driving our cultural conversation for more than 30 years. The Vogue Editor-in-Chief and Artistic Director of Condé Nast take off her signature sunglasses and give you unprecedented access to her world. See how Anna nurtures talent, makes bold decisions, and evolves a brand. Learn how to lead with an impact from a visionary creative leader.

Thomas Keller Teaches Cooking Techniques III: Seafood, Sous Vide, and Desserts. The class is officially live and available for full access today.

In 17 lessons, Chef Thomas Keller’s third MasterClass is devoted to preparing seafood, sous vide cooking, and making classic desserts. In his third MasterClass, Chef Thomas Keller focuses on preparing fresh seafood like lobster and salmon, making classic desserts such as apple pie and lemon tart, and showing how sous to vide cooking can be done at home to enhance flavor and texture. Whether you’re a beginning or advanced cook, you’ll learn the techniques and principles that will give you the understanding and skills to get the most delicious results.

Masterclass review Sara blakely

MasterClass has a new class with Sara Blakely who Teaches Self-Made Entrepreneurship. Spanx founder Sara Blakely teaches her approach to developing a product, branding and building awareness, and bootstrapping your way to success. The class is officially live and available for full access today; we’ve recapped exciting details below.

In 14 lessons, Spanx founder Sara Blakely teaches you bootstrapping tactics and her approach to inventing, selling, and marketing products that consumers love.

Ken Burns Teaches Documentary Filmmaking is officially live!

The Academy Award Nominated and Emmy Winning filmmaker will teach your readers his unique creative process through case studies of his films, original treatments, voice over scripts, archival documents, and more. The class comes with a downloadable workbook of lesson recaps, assignments and supplemental materials as well as office hours where students can upload videos to get feedback from both their peers and potentially Ken himself.

Simone Biles Masterclass course review

Simone Biles Teaches Gymnastics Fundamentals. The class is officially live and available for full access today.

In 17 lessons, Gold-winning Olympic gymnast Simone Biles teaches her training techniques—from beginner to advanced—so you can practice like a champion. At 22, Simone Biles is already a legend. With 14 medals, including 10 gold, Simone is the most decorated World Championship American gymnast of all time. Now the Olympic gymnast—part of the gold-medal-winning USA gymnastics “Final Five”—breaks down her techniques for the vault, uneven bars, balance beam, and floor. Discover how Simone performs under pressure, learn to practice like a champion, and claim your competitive edge.


James Patterson is one of the best-known American writers of the 21st century. His MasterClass consists of 22 lessons covering over 3 hours of video, as well as a workbook with extra material and assignments.

James Patterson Teaches Writing- MasterClass Review

Some of the most relevant and interesting lessons in his Masterclass syllabus include:

  • Outlining
  • Writing Suspense
  • Book Titles and Covers
  • Working with a Co-Author
  • Marketing The Patterson Way


Margaret Atwood is a living legend in the world of fiction known for writing gripping dystopian fiction. She has been a famous runaway success of the TV adaptation of one of her best-known works, The Handmaid’s Tale.

MasterClass Review- Margaret Atwood Teaches Creative Writing

Margaret Atwood’s MasterClass consists of over 20 video lessons. Some of the most enticing lessons in her Masterclass syllabus include:

  • Structuring Your Novel. Layered Narratives and Other Variations
  • Creating Compelling Characters
  • Speculative Fiction Case Study (The Handmaid’s Tale)
  • Research and Historical Accuracy
  • The Business of Being a Writer


Malcolm Gladwell is one of the most respected non-fiction writers of the modern era. The bestselling writer is known for distilling very complex concepts down into a more understandable form. Malcolm Gladwell MasterClass Selected Lessons

 MasterClass Review- Malcolm Gladwell Teaches Writing

Malcolm Gladwell MasterClass consists of over 24 lessons, which include a workbook with recaps and assignments, and office hours where Malcolm will answer select questions by Master Class students.

Some of the lessons from his Masterclass syllabus include:

  • Developing the Story
  • Structuring Language
  • Tone and Voice
  • Titles
  • How to Read


R.L Stine is the brain behind the popular horror series Goosebumps, which captivated the young audience with its brilliant horror content in the 90s. His Goosebumps stories have also been adapted into both a TV series and a Hollywood movie.

 MasterClass Review- R L Stine Teaches Writing Children s Books

The R.L Stine MasterClass consists of over 28 video lessons. These include a workbook, which comprises of bonus material and authentic outlines from Goosebumps novels. His Masterclass also offers work hours that offer the ability to have questions answered by fellow students and sometimes Stine himself.

Some of the most useful lessons from his MasterClass syllabus include:

  • The Idea Store
  • Kids Are the Best Audience
  • How to Scare Your Readers
  • Creating YA Characters
  • Developing a Book Series


Judy Blume is one of the most-loved children’s authors whose works have been considered groundbreaking for being honest with a younger audience in an age-appropriate fashion.

 MasterClass Review- Judy Blume Teaches Writing

Judy Blume’s writing MasterClass Review is taught over 24 video lessons and offers a workbook containing exercises and recaps, and a Q & A upload facility. Some of the lessons her MasterClass syllabus include:

  • Idea Case Studies
  • Judy’s Writing Process
  • Working with Editors
  • Rejection
  • Controversy and Censorship


DeadMau5’ is one of the top names in the world of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) today. His music has been a chartbuster in many international music charts and has been trending on popular music streaming platforms like Spotify.

MasterClass Review- deadmau5 Teaches Electronic Music Production

Deadmau5 MasterClass consists of over 6 hours of video broken down into 23 lessons. Students also receive access to the deadmau5 workbook containing extra material and assignments.

Some of the coolest lessons from MasterClass syllabus include:

  • The deadmau5 Process
  • Mastering Case Study
  • Starting Your Producing Career
  • Understanding The Music Business
  • On Stage

Masterclass Community

Masterclass also offers an extremely active online community aspect for making online learning even easier for students. This quite effectively works as a Hub where you can ask questions about the classes and even engage in discussions. You also get the option of posting some of your work for others to see. This works as a very good resource for students who value learning from other students too.

The Masterclass team keeps rolling out a number of improvements to the Hub. It also features office hours now where students can ask their teachers questions.

Mobile apps

In MasterClass Review, The best thing I personally loved about Masterclass is that they have developed mobile apps for devices running on both iOS and Android. You can download the apps from the App Store and Play Store.

The apps are intuitive and extremely easy to use. The user-friendly interface allows students to save lessons as favorites, adjust the playback speed and watch them over a cup of coffee at lunch.

Follow on Social media

Masterclass has made sure that students and learners from across the globe can contact and follow them anytime anywhere. They are vividly active on all leading social media portals so students can stay in touch and updated with the latest of Masterclass. You can follow Masterclass on all trending social media platforms like:

Pricing Plans

Masterclass price is really reasonable costing around €70 or $90. Plus the package also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with their services. Masterclass used to offer a free trial up until August 2018, which is no longer available.

MasterClass Review- Pricing Plans
masterclass pricing plans

You can even take more than one Masterclass if you like. There is no limit on the number of Masterclasses you choose. If you do so, then I strongly recommend buying the All-Access Pass for €150 or $180 per year. This is a very cost-effective approach and allows you to save several hundred dollars in the long run.

You can access MasterClass in one of two ways:

  • Purchase access to a single MasterClass for $90
  • Purchase an all-access pass and get unlimited access to all MasterClass classes for $180.

What’s good about MasterClass?

The best part about Masterclass is definitely the fact that you get to learn directly from the bests in the world. These great professionals take time off their busy schedules and talk about the creative process, their art, books and more. They even share numerous life experiences and moments.

Video presentations are is the backbone of online learning and the production quality of Masterclass videos is one of the best in its class. All these videos are shot in high definition and tightly edited. Masterclass consists of a team award-winning experts from the art industry who believe in both quality and quantity. Thus the platform regularly adds new materials from these word class gurus which you can instantly add to your watch list.

What’s bad about MasterClass?

One not so major problem with Masterclass is that the creators of this platform are going after a wide audience, so the quality of the material may vary and the content is not suitable for everyone.

At times you may feel that the teachers are speaking to many people with different interests. Thus it may seem like the teacher is riffing on the topic. Though the quality of materials is top class, unlike some online courses, you can’t download the video lessons to watch offline.

Though the power of online learning through Masterclass is quite effectively beaten the conventional classroom teaching scenario, it’s often difficult to replace the one-to-one feedback you can get from a teacher in a classroom environment.

WHAT STUDENTS ARE SAYING About Masterclass Reviews in Details



Annie’s MasterClass offered insight into her approach, but also offered permission to create, create, create! And with a tenacity, I had been afraid to embody.

Jesse L.



I loved this class. I learned to create rather than follow recipes and how to think outside of the box! I’ve always loved cooking, this class has taken me to a new level!

Pamela E.



These classes are the important keys to unlocking our written creativity. If you have belief, freedom, and discipline, then who knows what the future will hold.

Jean-Paul W.

Quick Pros and Cons

Nothing in this perfect and everything comes with its own share of benefits and losses. MasterClass Reviews altogether is truly an amazing platform for students, connecting international influencers with learners from across the globe. However, even this platform has its highs and lows. Let’s go through a quick list of the pros and cons of Masterclass.


  • Affordable
  • Get access to material from top-level creators and artists
  • Includes top quality materials
  • Produces high-quality video
  • Posts new courses regularly
  • High-caliber award-winning instructors
  • Masterclass mobile app for iOS and Android


  • Not all classes are relevant to everyone
  • Not a platform for technical students
  • Community forums are hit and miss
  • Students need an affinity with their teacher
  • No free trial



What Students Are Saying

Quick Links:

Conclusion- MasterClass Reviews 2019  MasterClass Courses Worth? (FREE TRIAL)

I’ve tried lots of different kinds of online and offline learning classes and every platform has its fair share of pros and cons. How much time and money you can invest in them determines what you get out of them. The learning curve also varies with every platform and what kind of learner you also decide the performance of the platform. I can strongly recommend Masterclass to writers and creative professionals who are on a budget and are in support of open and unconventional learning.

Masterclass is worth it if you want to learn from creative professionals at the top of their game, at a pace that suits you. The materials offered by Masterclass are first-class and you’ll learn a lot. You can pick one Masterclass and see if it’s for you and if you plan to take more than one class then the All-Access Pass is ideal for you.

Whether a single class or the All-Access Pass, both are priced for a modest amount and you don’t have to invest thousands of dollars to learn quality stuff. You can invest in your craft and learn the best from the best experts from the industry.

Masterclass is the ideal solution for creative professionals who are further along in their careers but want to keep up by learning from the masters of their professions.

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