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      The best reseller hosting service providers provide a variety of tools and resources to assist you to purchase and resell hosting area. Selecting the best reseller web hosting carrier needs you to take a number of elements into account. Initially, you need to consider your budget as well as the number of accounts you would like to market. Then, have a look at the possible disk space and bandwidth that comes with each bundle. And finally, it is a smart idea to see exactly what else you get as part of the reseller hosting packages, such as complimentary site home builders, templates, and access to customer support.

      Top Best Reseller Hosting Companies

      Options offered by the reseller prepares to people like you and me typically feature a few standard components: A volume discount rate for reselling accounts, an affiliate program, and a private label solution.

      Each of these specific bits adds up to a cost-effective technique for small companies to start making some properly great benefit from web hosting. In fact, a lot of that business that starts utilizing reseller bundle end up upgrading to their own infrastructure and a bigger hosting client base.

      As reseller hosting accounts become more common, however, so too will the tiny techniques and sly approaches that hosting firms utilize to snooker you into low-cost but bad services. To assist you to prevent these pitfalls, you’ll find an explanation of popular reseller hosting approaches below.

      What Your Reseller Host Need to Offer

      As a reseller host, and not a traditional hosting supplier yourself, there are certain elements that your partner company will need to take care of. And if you’re intending to make it through in this specific niche market, you’re going to need to make sure these bases are covered.

      Your host service provider should have the ability to help you with any and all hardware failures, power outages, and service interruptions: And quickly too! On the other hand, you are going to need to have the ability to keep your clients pleased and calm, even when their site is down. This indicates a lot of smooth footwork, and don’t be a conman about it. Ask the partner firm for instant updates, and funnel these details to your customers in as smooth and as professional a method as you know how.

      In the end, the efficiency of your reseller option service provider is what makes or breaks your company, however, your very own capability to offer your services and provide personalized assistance makes a world of difference.

      And with a little luck and effort, we are positive that you’ll have the ability to turn rather a great deal of revenue from the industry. It’s an enjoyable place to be, and it’s a very rewarding kind of work. So if you’re looking to put your face on the map in regards to web hosting, where else can we suggest you go but straight to a hosting reseller?

      Below is a list of some of the very best shared web hosting carriers that likewise provide outstanding reseller web hosting resources.

      {Latest }List of Top Best Reseller Hosting Companies 2019 With Reviews

      Top Best Reseller HostingPricing Starts At Official Sites
      1) InMotion$13.99/MoCheck Out InMotion Now
      2) GreenGeeks $19.95/MoCheck Out Offer GreenGeeks Now
      3) DomainRacer$5.02/MoCheck Out DomainRacer Now
      4) HostGator$19.96/MoCheck Out HostGator Now
      5) GoDaddy $28.77/MoCheck Out GoDaddy Now
      6) A2 Hosting $13.21/MoCheck Out A2Hosting Now
      7) Interserver $19.95/MoCheck Out Intersever Now
      8) ResellerClub $19.96/MoCheck Out ResellerClub Now

      1) InMotion Reseller Hosting

      InMotion Hosting Reseller Hosting with SSDs - top reseller hosting

      You can easily start your own white-labeled hosting company with InMotion Reseller Hosting program now with FREE SSDs. Free WHMCS, Free cPanel, Free Dedicated IP and a Free eNom Domain Reseller account are just a few of the tools that you get with InMotion Hosting’s Reseller Hosting program.

      All of InMotion Hosting Packages Come With:

      Free Solid-State Drives
      Free eNom Domain Reseller account
      SSH Access
      Unlimited MySQL Databases
      Free cPanel & WHM

      Unlimited FTP Accounts
      Supports Multiple PHP 5 versions
      Unlimited Email Accounts
      Unlimited Individual cPanel Sub-Accounts

      2) GreenGeeks Reseller Hosting

      GreenGeeks is one of the largest cPanel/WHM reseller hosting providers powering hundreds of thousands of websites.

      GreenGeeks Reseller Hosting Plans - Top reseller hosting

      GreenGeeks Reseller Hosting Plans with SSD   cPanel

      GreenGeeks Reseller Hosting Plans with SSD cPanel - Top reseller hosting

      3) DomainRacer

      DomainRacer is one of the best reseller hosting choice for your business. It is also known for 21x lightning faster reseller hosting service. You will get the Linux Reseller Hosting at cheapest and affordable cost compares to other hosting providers.

      DomainRacer- Top Best Reseller Hosting

      DomainRacer has worldwide data center – India, UK, USA, Germany, Canada, and Singapore servers. So you don’t have to worry about long distance or low-speed performance.

      DomainRacer- Top Best Reseller Hosting

      Their entire web hosting packages come with LiteSpeed Technology (blast your website), Unlimited SSD Storage, Free SSL Certificate and CloudLinux Environment.

      DomainRacer SSD Reseller Hosting Offers:-

      DomainRacer Offers- Best Reseller Hosting

      4) HostGator

      A HostGator reseller plan provides you with everything necessary to start your own web hosting company. WHM allows you to create cPanels for each of your clients, and your choice of WHMCS or WHM Autopilot facilitates the billing aspect.

      HostGator Reseller Hosting Plans With cPanel WHM - Top reseller hosting

      HostGator Reseller Hosting Plans With cPanel 

      HostGator Reseller Hosting Plans With cPanel WHM 1

      5) GoDaddy Reseller Hosting

      No doubt, GoDaddy is one of the prominent web hosting provider out there in the market. This web host provides fast and affordable web hosting for all needs. Also, it specializes in providing fast and secure Reseller Hosting solutions for you.

      Now you can use GoDaddy servers in order to build your own web hosting business.  The business automation tools of GoDaddy Reseller Hosting offer everything you need to start and operate your web hosting company and your domains.

      GoDaddy- Best Reseller Hosting In The Market

      Save time by automating daily operations and tasks for your web hosting business. And all that, from a portal under one roof and that is what I liked most about this tool.

      They also offer flexible rate control, payment options, billing, hosting plan configuration, support ticket management and more.  

      Use GoDaddy Reseller Hosting to get better performance and security than any other shared hosting reseller program out there in the market.


      • Unmetered bandwidth.
      • Free cPanel/WHM.
      • Expert 24/7 customer support.
      • Unlimited websites and databases.
      • SSL certificate free for the life of the plan.
      • Reseller-enabled GoDaddy domains.
      • Free integrated WHMCS license.
      • Up to 250 white-labeled ready accounts.

      Pricing Plans:

      GoDaddy Pricing- Best Reseller Hosting In The Market.png

      Enhance (1999.00/ Month (INR) )

      • 2 CPUs
      • 4 GB RAM
      • 90 GB storage

      Grow (2799.00/ Month (INR) )

      • 3 CPUs
      • 6 GB RAM
      • 120 GB storage

      Expand (2999.00/ Month (INR) )

      • 4 CPUs
      • 8 GB RAM
      • 150 GB storage

      Establish  (4599.00/ Month (INR) )

      • 4 CPUs
      • 16 GB RAM
      • 240 GB storage

      6) A2 Hosting Reseller Hosting

      A2Hosting offers a reliable and fast Reseller Hosting plans that anyone can easily get started with right away. In fact, your customers are mainly concerned with the availability and performance of their sites and hosts. And A2Hosting understands it well, that’s why it offers extremely reliable and fast Turbo Server option with up to 20 times more page load than competitors’ hosts.

      A2Hosting- Best Reseller Hosting

      Downtime corresponds to the loss of income but here you don’t have to worry about that. It offers reliable fast Reseller Web Hosting Plans. The customer support is also awesome and if If you have a question, you need a quick response then their customer support will always be there.

      A2Hosting offers very reliable and quick customer support for all your queries. They offer Guru Support for 24/7/365.  A2Hosting cPanel / WHM reseller hosting is available to you with many locations and total control of all.

      They have fast servers that give your site a boost! It depends on A2 Hosting! Your account is covered by our 99.9% Availability Guarantee and that I liked most about this web hosting provider.


      Pricing Plans:

      Reseller Web Hosting- A2Hosting Pricing Plans


      Bronze (921.33/Month (INR) )

      • 30 GB Storage
      • 400 GB Transfer
      • 20X Faster Turbo Option
      • Free SSL & SSD
      • WHM Control Panel
      • Free eNom Reseller Account
      • Anytime Money Back Guarantee

      Silver (1290.05/Month (INR) )

      • 75 GB Storage
      • 600 GB Transfer
      • 20X Faster Turbo Option
      • Free SSL & SSD
      • WHM Control Panel
      • Free eNom Reseller Account
      • Anytime Money Back Guarantee
      • Free WHMCS

      Gold (1704.85/Month (INR) )

      • 150 GB Storage
      • 1000 GB Transfer
      • 20X Faster Turbo Option
      • Free SSL & SSD
      • WHM Control Panel
      • Free eNom Reseller Account
      • Anytime Money Back Guarantee
      • Free WHMCS

      Platinum (2857.05/Month (INR) )

      • 200 GB Storage
      • 2000 GB Transfer
      • 20X Faster Turbo Option
      • Free SSL & SSD
      • WHM Control Panel
      • Free eNom Reseller Account
      • Anytime Money Back Guarantee
      • Free WHMCS

      7) Interserver Reseller Hosting

      Here, Interserver is a reliable and fast reseller hosting provider in the market. Interserver Reseller Hosting is a popular choice for developers and industry experts who manage or resell many websites. Simply create a new cPanel login for each client or website.

      Interserver Pro Hosting- Best Reseller Hosting

      Separating your websites makes your websites more secure and fast.  When a website encounters a problem, such as, for example, a vulnerability, vulnerability or maximum load traffic, its other websites are not affected that’s is what I liked most about this hosting provider.

      Each account contains all the functions available with our standard web hosting package. Interserver shared hosting servers have many built-in functions, just like the security, speed, caching and more. The benefits of all these features can give you an advantage in VPS hosting as well.

      Instant account setup Take advantage of the fast process to earn money in the web hosting industry with the best web hosting provider for resellers! Easy to manage Control Panel makes your hosting easy to manage and that what makes Interserver different from other hosting providers.

      They also have the proactive backups and they take your data seriously and make daily backups! Premium Equipment At InterServer use premium equipment for all our machines and that’s what make sure you get reliable hosting solutions.


      • Instant Account Setup
      • Easy Management

      • Proactive Backups

      • Premium Hardware


      Pricing Plans:

      Interserver Pricing Plans- Best Reseller Hosting

      • RS ONE ($19.95/Monthly)
      • RS TWO ($29.95/Monthly)
      • RS THREE ($39.95/Monthly)
      • RS FOUR ($49.95/Monthly)
      • RS FIVE (69.95/Monthly)

      8) ResellerClub

      ResellerClub reduces your efforts in setting up a web hosting business. Their flexible reseller hosting plans offer unlimited disk space, ample bandwidth, and complete email solutions to boost your venture.

      ResellerClub Linux - Top Reseller Hosting with cPanel


      • State-of-the-Art Datacenters
      • Dual Quad Core Xeon Servers
      • Redundant Scalable Servers
      • Hyperthread Processing
      • PHP 5.3x, Perl
      • Apache 2.2x
      • MySQL 5
      • Zend Optimiser
      • Zend Engine
      • Dual Quad-Core Xeon Servers
      • ionCube Loader
      • RAID Controller
      • Dual E5530 2.40GHz Xeon Servers
      • 250GB RAID1 OS Drive
      • 24GB RAM

      Everything You Need to Know About Reseller Hosting

      Reseller hosting must permit the customer to operate and manage their site as painlessly as possible without the confusion of handling several accounts. To control dashboards when it comes to billing and contacting clients is also a complex operation that need to be made to be managed with ease. We have actually put together a comparison of these two hosts since they are similar in a lot of their services, however, also vary in locations that our research study reveals counts the most. So let’s take a look at these specifications:

      Attention : Top 11 Best Rated Web Hosting Services

      Free Solid-State Drives (SSDs)

      Hard disk drives are the file cabinets of your computer. They are your information, your memory– the hardware that hosts your “character.” There are two kinds of drives, Hard-Disc Drives (HDDs) and Strong State Drives (SSDs). Solid-State Drives provide greater efficiency than standard spinning disk drive because there are no discs which would create friction and warm up the server with. It has actually been routinely claimed and proven that SSDs function nearly twenty times faster than HDDs.

      This efficiency permits content to obtain provided quicker to customers. Both GreenGeeks and InMotion Hosting offer SSDs on their servers.

      24/7/365 Assistance

      After premium hardware, assistance is the next essential element of a web hosting account. This is especially true for reseller hosting because as a reseller host, you are the point of contact for your customer. If there is a problem on their website or they have to fix their email setup or submit the most recent variation of WordPress, they’re going to concern you. InMotion Hosting and Green Geeks both offer 24/7/365 assistance by means of phone, chat, and e-mail.

      InMotion Hosting’s website highlights the fact that they utilize internal, USA Based support– while we didn’t discover any mention of where the assistance for GreenGeeks was based upon their site.

      cPanel License

      cPanel is currently the premier control panel for site management. cPanel is also an open source software. A client can upgrade/downgrade client accounts, creating customised bundles for consumer type, and develop consumer emails, are just a few of the many functions of cPanel.

      Luckily for InMotion Hosting customer’s, cPanel comes complimentary with all reseller plans while GreenGeeks charges their clients each month to make use of cPanel.

      Billing Software

      As a reseller host, you will need to develop custom-made plans for your hosting choices, in addition, to charge your customers monthly. That’s where a billing software application that runs in an easy and clean method comes in helpful. WHMCS is a fantastic fit for resellers due to the fact that it manages things like billing and plan levels.

      The software application is the leading reseller hosting requirement for billing and consists of numerous features that are important to reseller hosting clients. Regular monthly billing, the acceptance of numerous currencies, the ability to create billings are all included. We choose WHMCS because market leaders within the web hosting sphere supported it.

      InMotion Hosting provides it for free, while Green Geeks uses a lesser recognized software application called Customer Officer.

      Domain Reseller

      You do not have to offer domains as a hosting reseller, but that’s like offering tires without pumping them with air. If you’re a website design company, maybe your customer approaches you with a domain they snagged years earlier and now want you to construct their site– well, that works too, and because case you don’t have to sell them a domain.

      But if you’re offering to host, it’s excellent to provide a domain for your clients as well. For this function, having an account with a premium domain registrar like eNom is a huge perk to your reseller hosting strategy. Both GreenGeeks and InMotion Hosting provide a totally free eNom license that enables you to sell TLDs such as.com,. internet,. org, and many more.

      Lots of potential Offers to pick from

      Most leading reseller hosting provider will provide its clients several choices to start with, a few of them could be cheaper to $20/mo and some may go up to $80/mo. As a reseller, you might select one to start with and update them as you acquire more consumers.

      Get Established Quicker: {Latest }List of Top Best Reseller Hosting Companies 2019 With Reviews

      Almost any brand-new company endeavor needs some fundamental things i.e. space for office or material for the fabric industry. With reseller hosting you do not require any; basically, the office is your computer system, tablet or laptop computer. This saves effort and time and to develop quicker. You can get going and acquire real-time on the internet in a day and begin licensing up customers.

      Discovering reseller hosting is fairly easy particularly not to mention the above truths, especially if you desire your own company or to create your online existence. All you have to do is to find a trusted web hosting carrier with friendly credibility, a good amount of server resources provided and cost-effective pricing.

      So I hope you like the  Here list of Top Best Reseller Hosting Companies of 2019. How is your experience with each of hosting companies please share in comments below.

      Recommended Hosting

      Super fast


      • Special Offer Pay As You Go
      • Reliable WordPress Hosting
      • Top Notch Customer Support
      • Fast & Convenient


      • Basic Technical Knowledge Required
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        I think HostGator is best Reseller Web Hosts of 2016, and it’s easy to use…..

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          I’m with HG from past 8 years, but now days its hard to get hold on HG Customer care. My quest to find alternatives bring me to this post.


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