Sale Samurai Review 2023🚀 The Best Etsy Keyword Tool?

Sale Samurai Review

Overall Verdict

Sale Samurai is essential for significantly improving your Etsy game. Sale Samurai has all the functionality necessary to develop your Etsy shop with actionable information. The tool provides keyword search, competition, and other metrics.

Out of 10


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Market-Leading Long-Tail Keyword Tool
  • Learn From Best-Selling Authors
  • Ability to connect different Etsy stores for multiple uploads
  • Etsy analytics tool to keep track of competitors
  • Fee calculator to view profit and ROI


  • Lacks the ability to grab multilingual tags
  • A 3-day trial isn't long enough


Price: $ 9.99

In this Sale Samurai Review, I look at one of the most popular Etsy SEO analysis tools and provide an overview of its key pros and cons. Is it right for your business? Let’s find out.

If you sell goods on Etsy, you are likely aware of the high level of competition on the platform.

To stand out and attract more customers to your online store, you must conduct keyword research for your Etsy listings and optimize each of your product pages for increased search exposure.

To do this, a reliable keyword research tool like Sale Samurai can be helpful.

If you’re ready to take your Etsy company to the next level, continue reading my Sale Samurai review as I dissect and examine Sale Samurai’s key features, advantages and disadvantages, support, and price, among other things.

🔥Bottom Line Upfront : 

As an Etsy seller who’s always seeking new ways to improve her business, I have to tell you that Sale Samurai has been a real game-changer for me.

Think about how much time you could save if you had a virtual consultant who did all the research and keyword analysis for you so you could spend more time doing what you love: making excellent goods.

That’s the power of the Sales Samurai!

With Sale Samurai, creating titles, tags, and keywords for new listings is a cinch. Shoppers on Etsy are searching for long-tail keywords and information such as the price of a product and how many times it has been seen per product. You’ll never have to leave Etsy again thanks to the Sale Samurai Chrome extension.

Table of Contents

Etsy Seller Stats :

  • In 2020, Etsy processed $10.28 billion in gross sales, a 106.84% increase from 2019.
  • Etsy earned $1.72 billion in revenue in 2020, a 110.07% increase since 2019.
  • There are 4.36 million active sellers on Etsy.
  • There are 81.9 million active buyers on Etsy.
  • Etsy directly employs 1,209 workers.
  • Etsy is ranked as the 4th fastest-growing eCommerce company in 2021, behind Apple, Chewy, and Amazon.
  • Etsy Seller Stats In 2020 alone, Etsy added 2.16 million sellers.
  • Etsy is a worldwide platform with sellers in 234 countries.
  • The United States is home to 62% of Etsy sellers. California boasts the most sellers from the US with 14% residing there. The United Kingdom has
  • the highest percentage of sellers outside of the United States, with 30% of international Etsy sellers living there.
  • The highest-earning sellers make $10,000 or more annually.
  • Since opening, the top Etsy seller in the US has made more than 1.2 million dollars.
  • Women make up the majority of sellers on Etsy at 83%.
  • The average seller is 39 years old. Multi-channel retailers sell their products across multiple platforms.
  • 61% of Etsy sellers are considered multi-channel retailers.
  • 82% of Etsy sellers say they would like to grow their business.



Sale Samurai Review 2023

Sale Samurai is a one-stop shop for keyword research built just for Etsy merchants.

It is trusted by over 1,000 eCommerce merchants worldwide, and it enables you to discover longtail keywords that clients are looking for to boost your items’ online exposure.

The software will provide a list of keywords and phrases with a high search volume and information on pricing, delivery days, and other factors so that you can create optimal titles and tags for each of your Etsy listings.

For Who Sale Samurai Good For?

Sale Samurai is ideal for anybody looking to improve their product listings on Etsy to increase client attraction and conversion.

You’ll have an easier time locating successful things to sell online when you use it.

You no longer need to spend numerous hours researching; Sale Samurai will provide you with all the information necessary to make an educated decision at the press of a button.

Sale Samurai Review

This is the best tool for you if:

  • You’re looking for a straightforward Etsy research tool with a quick learning curve.
  • You want an economical gadget that will rapidly pay for itself.
  • You want to learn from your best-selling products to better your future offers.
  • You want to understand the level of competition for whatever product you offer.
  • You want to minimize the time you spend researching profitable items.
  • You want a simple and fast method for locating successful things to sell online.

This tool enables you to identify suitable keywords for your Etsy shop rapidly.

7 Functionality of Sale Samurai

Sale Samurai has a straightforward dashboard that is simple to access for everyone. You can choose between bright and dark modes, and all of the tabs are conveniently shown on the left-hand side of the page.

Let’s take a deeper look at some of the software’s primary features to understand better what the Sale Samurai can achieve.

1. Best-Selling Authors Teach You:

This is something that Sale Samurai is capable of that few other tools are.

Rather than merely listing the most excellent sellers, this feature displays all relevant information, such as shipment dates and hours, price points, and views per product.

This degree of information is beneficial in determining what it takes to stand out.

Sale Samurai Review best selller

You’ll rapidly identify the product specifics resulting in increased lead generation and sales and use customer-driven research data to accelerate your business’s growth.

Additionally, the site includes a profit calculator, an ROI calculator, and a convenient calendar.

2. Acquire Additional Analytics to Aid in the Development of Your Marketing Strategy:

Etsy’s statistics are sparse, and those on Google are incomprehensible to most consumers.

Most novice sellers on Etsy often fail to compute the necessary statistics before deciding on the best things to offer.

For instance, they may overlook transportation charges or their pricing to generate sales.

That is why merchants benefit significantly from this keyword research tool.

It generates comprehensive reports that are simple to understand, allowing you to get actionable insights.

It simplifies sales analytics by allowing you to efficiently compute all the data you want, including pricing spread, shipment timings and costs, and much more.

3. The module of Favorites:

When you initially log in to the platform, the left-hand menu’s favorites module will be empty. You’ll see the listings and keywords tab and the notification “No Saved Records Yet.”

To add items and keywords to your favorites list, you’ll need to do some research.

You may search for one of your keywords by selecting the search module from the left-hand menu.

Sale Samurai Review module of favourite


You’ll see keyword recommendations and tags, and if you come across any that you’d want to store for future reference, click the heart symbol to add it to an existing favorites category or create a new one.

The same considerations apply to saving listings.

Look at some of your current listings and, if you see any that you want to preserve, click on the heart symbol to add them to an existing category or create a new one.

You may export these ideas to a CSV file on your PC for further use.

4. Utilize the Competition Tracker to Gain Knowledge from Your Competitors:

A competition tracker is an excellent tool for learning about your rivals’ activities.

You’ll be able to determine the position of other merchants or monitor your competitors for the keywords you’re presently selling (or are interested in for the future).

The competition tracker is divided into two tabs, one for “Shops” and another for “Keywords.”

When you initially click the tab, the page will be blank.

You can then manually add any Etsy shops you want to monitor by copying or entering the shop’s name and clicking the “Add Shop” button in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

As you can see in the picture above, when you first begin, you’ll receive a warning that reads “No Shop Records Yet.”

However, after you’ve input the shop you’d want to monitor, the website will reflect it.

This is an excellent method for verifying the terms you’re interested in.

As with the “Shops” page, you may input unlimited keywords.

Enter the term or phrase and click “Add,” and when data becomes available (often within 24 to 48 hours), you’ll be presented with a plethora of information on this page.

5. Determine the Longtail Keywords That Your Customers Use:

This market-leading Etsy keyword research tool will show you the longtail keywords your consumers are most likely to use — not those other sellers use, which will do nothing to help you attract more shoppers.

longtail keyword

With the Basic Search function, you’ll have access to real-time Etsy search volume statistics through this AI-driven keyword tool, which means you’ll have easy access to and usage of the most accurate search data available.

However, one of the finest features of Sale Samurai is that the Single Listing function enables you to easily locate your rivals’ Etsy tags through a simple search.

6. Utilize Chrome’s Real-Time Research Extension:

If you want to research outside of Sales Samurai and on Etsy, the Chrome extension is an excellent method.

This function enables you to research in real time while working on your Etsy business, eliminating the need to switch between tabs.

7. Acquire Genuine Search Data to Help Your Business Grow:

Sale Samurai eliminates any guesswork associated with promoting your goods to your target clients.

The software includes the tools necessary to identify profitable keywords, assess the search traffic associated with specific terms, and provide statistics on typical delivery days and price distribution.

Sale Samurai Review- Business Grow

You’ll be able to quickly identify high-volume, actionable keywords that your rivals are unaware of.

With this information in hand, you can now improve your company to improve the performance of your listing.

For example, you’ll find it simpler to create optimal titles and tags for your new listings when choosing keywords people look for.

Major Features and Benefits of Sale Samurai

Here are the features of sale samurai:

1. Automate Your Business’s Growth:

Enhance your business’s growth potential by expediting the upload process! Utilize print suppliers that interface directly with Etsy to put your design on hundreds of Print on Demand goods that Etsy buyers want using their state-of-the-art uploading tools.

2. Etsy’s Market-Leading Long-Tail Keyword Tool:

With their new AI-powered keyword tool, you can get actual Etsy search volume data. Utilize the most accurate and robust tool today to discover high-volume keyword recommendations, tags, and longtail keyword grades.

3. Learn From Best-Selling Authors:

Monitor other sellers’ listings to determine the best market prices, views per product, delivery days, and likes from genuine Etsy consumers. Establish what it takes to get noticed!

4. Utilize Etsy to Conduct Research – Filter, Analyze, and Download:

It’s never been easier to analyze Etsy search results! With the Sale Samurai Chrome extension, you’ll never have to leave Etsy to get critical business statistics.

Advanced Filters enable you to see similar keywords, competitiveness, and search volume in real-time and sort and download all data on the go!

5. Etsy SEO – Discover High-Volume, Useful Keywords That Your Competition Is Ignoring:

Creating titles, and tags and optimizing your keywords for new listings is a snap with Sale Samurai.

Discover the longtail keywords buyers use on Etsy, search volume, and essential information such as price, delivery days, and views per product.

Integrations at Sale Samurai

Additionally, the platform has connectors that enable you to automate your sales and marketing operations, streamlining the process.

You can interface with almost any of your current tools and applications, including the following:

1. Etsy:

This is the biggest marketplace on the planet for one-of-a-kind and creative items.

It has an astonishing array of products, and with the correct automation tools, you can easily find relevant and lucrative products to offer in your online shop.

2. Google Chrome: 

With Google’s browser, you can connect to the rest of the world and use various sophisticated tools that assist you in getting things done, such as Gmail, Google Play, and other Google applications.

This integration provides you with an excellent opportunity to remain busy and maximize the effectiveness of your efforts.

Additionally, the site interfaces with various print-on-demand vendors, providing rapid access to a diverse selection of goods for printing your designs, including T-shirts, mugs, mats, bags, novelty items, and downloadables.

Product Support at Sale Samurai

Sales Samurai assists in several ways –

1. Tutorials:

The platform includes lessons for each function, ensuring you get the most out of the product.

This section contains lessons on using the stores, search, competition tracker, Chrome extension, and uploader, among other things.

2. HelpDesk:

This option enables you to file a ticket, and a support staff member will respond with solutions to your issue.

Sale Samurai Pricing

They have plans that offer a three-day free trial, shop analytics, tag suggestions, real Etsy search volume, listing data, and longtail keywords.

Their two plans are –

  • Monthly Plan: This will cost you $ 9.99 per month.
  • Yearly Plan: This will cost you $ 99.99 per month.

Sale Samurai Review pricing

Is Sale Samurai Legit?

Sale Samurai is an essential must-have for anybody selling on Etsy. With this tool, you can keep ahead of the ever-increasing competition.

It will give you the knowledge necessary to choose and sell successful items and target the correct consumers using the relevant keywords they seek.

If these are essential, you should consider using this technology in your marketing approach to achieve more significant outcomes.

FAQs On Sale Samurai Review

Do we need access to your Etsy account ?

Some features of Sale Samurai do not require access to your Etsy account. However, there are certain modules that will require access through the Etsy system.

Can I Upgrade from monthly to yearly plans?

Yes, you can. If you are currently paying monthly and want to upgrade to prepaying for the next 12 months, please go to your subscription settings page inside of Sale Samurai and upgrade to the yearly plan via the drop down menu.

How To Cancel Sale Samurai Subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time! They want you to be happy with the product, which is why they allow cancellations at any time.

Does Sale Samurai Provide Refunds?

They want to make sure that Sale Samurai is the right fit for your business, so they allow everyone access to try it out before any money exchanges hands. For this reason, Sale Samurai do not provide refunds.

What kinds of users and organization types does Sale Samurai work with?

Mid-sized business, small-business, enterprise, freelancer, non-profit and government are various types of organisations that can use Sale Samurai.

What languages does Sale Samurai support in their product?

Currently Sale Samurai supports these languages: English.

What other applications or services does Sale Samurai integrate with?

Sale Samurai integrates with: Etsy and Google Chrome.

How much does Sale Samurai cost?

Pricing for Sale Samurai starts at $9.99 per month.

Sale Samurai Customer Reviews

Sale Samurai Customer Reviews

Best Alternatives To Sale Samurai

Here are the alternatives of Sale samurai:

1. Marmalead:

Effective (and enjoyable) brainstorming tools assist you in identifying the keywords that actual consumers use to locate listings similar to yours.

Investigate the nuances of keywords to learn about substantial search traffic, authentic keyword engagement, days to ship, and market-based pricing, among other things.

Once you’ve identified profitable keywords, it’s time to include them in your listings.

Letter grades, SEO, and sales factors contribute to your listings’ success.

Marmalead develops simple tools for real businesses carrying out real aspirations.


That is why we are dedicated to giving the very best in Etsy SEO. Everything in Marmalead has been rigorously tested to ensure its utility, or it is not released.

Determine the predicted number of searches for a keyword from actual consumers over the following 30 days.

Compare search phrase metrics side by side to determine which ones to prioritize for increased search visibility.

Recognize which queries are popular and be the first to capitalize on them.

2. eRank:

Practical and dependable data trusted by Etsy merchants worldwide! eRank is the most popular Etsy SEO tool accessible, according to Alexa and SimilarWeb.

eRank was created exclusively for Etsy sellers to assist handmade companies in growing!

Determine the long-tail terms that genuine purchasers use to search Etsy, Amazon, eBay, Pinterest, and Google Shopping.

Sale Samurai Review erank

Monitor other sellers in your category and see how your business stacks up against the competition.

Determine where your listings would show in a typical consumer search, and then monitor the effect of your adjustments on your rank.

Optimize your listings using search terms that actual consumers use! Discover the most popular goods and trends during the previous month’s searches.

Keep an eye on the impact of changes to your store on your views, favorites, and sales.

3. Keyword Tool Dominator:

Free Amazon, Google, YouTube, eBay, Etsy, Walmart, and Bing keyword tools.

The most excellent keyword research tool for swiftly determining the most frequently searched terms using Popularity Score.

Google Keyword Tool is a free Google suggestion tool that may create hundreds of popular SEO keywords.

The Amazon Keyword Tool is a free Amazon keyword research tool that can determine the most popular Amazon product listing keywords for Amazon SEO purposes.

Sale Samurai Review- keyword tool dominator

The YouTube Keyword Tool is a tag and keyword generator for YouTube.

No more guesswork with this keyword research tool. It’ll astound you how simple it is.

Keyword Tool Dominator leverages the search power of Google, YouTube, Amazon, Walmart, Bing, and eBay’s vast Autocomplete databases to unearth “actual” keywords used by “real” people as “real” search phrases.

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Conclusion: The Best Etsy Keyword Tool?

In conclusion, Sale Samurai provides everything Etsy sellers need to stand out. Its extensive keyword search volume statistics and store optimization options help Etsy sellers expand quickly.

It saves time and effort while managing your online business by connecting several Etsy stores for uploads.

The 3-day trial may need longer to determine if the product meets your needs. However, learning about this all-in-one tool’s possibilities is a terrific approach.

It’s cheaper than other Etsy SEO services at $9.99/month and worth it for customer-driven research data.

Consider Sale Samurai if you want to make money on Etsy and need a complete tool to expand your business.

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