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Ease of Use
Tweak Budgets
Real time reporting
Breakdown Per SKU
LIVE Sales Updates


  • LIVE Sales Updates
  • Unparalleled Support
  • Visualized Data
  • Near Real Time Data
  • Measure Individual Product Growth
  • Track Your Sales Rank
  • Finely-Tuned Overlaps
  • Customizable Graphs
  • Full Suite of Amazon Seller Analytics to let you control your business.
  • Access Merchant Stats


  • More pricing options needed
  • UI of dashboard has to be improved

In terms of Seller Analytics and Amazon Advertising, Helloprofit is one of the best data sources out there. It's a combination between a CRM and a Business Intelligence program, specifically geared to the needs of sellers. If you're looking for a low-cost Amazon business intelligence solution, Helloprofit is your best bet! Using Helloprofit's algorithm, it analyzes your merchant data and finds the best ways to help you increase your Amazon PPC campaigns and your merchant account.

Price:$ 29

Looking for HelloProfit review, you are at the right place.

You’re spending a lot of time and money on your Amazon business, but you don’t have the data or tools to really understand what’s working and what’s not.

It can be tough to make decisions about your Amazon business when you don’t have all the facts. You’re guessing which products are selling well, how much you should be spending on advertising, and where you should focus your efforts.

HelloProfit is the solution. Their Seller Analytics tool will give you all the data you need to understand your business inside and out. They’ll show you which products are selling well, how much you should be spending on advertising, and where you should focus your efforts. Plus, their Amazon Ads tool will help you optimize your campaigns for maximum ROI.

🚀  Bottom Line Upfront : 

HelloProfit is an amazing data tool that focuses on seller analytics and Amazon ads. It’s a kind of mix of CRM software and business intelligence software customized to the seller’s accounts.

Several merchant accounts are no problem with Hello Profit. You can have a merchant account in multiple regions, but you can access these merchant statistics and export their details. It is updated from time to time as Amazon data is regularly updated. Yes, Hello Profit becomes an integral tool of Amazon Seller.

Creating multiple benchmarks in HelloProfit is not an issue as you can classify and group them to easily manage their statistics. With the advanced, sponsored link manager with smart filters, you can never make a mistake in optimizing campaigns based on your stats and forecasts.

Let’s check out HelloProfit review in detail with features & pricing.

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HelloProfit Review 2023 : Top Pros & Cons

Top Features of HelloProfit

Merchant Dashboard

Even if you have different merchant accounts, you can see all the sales and benefits of data in a full control panel. Not only do you see the numbers, but you can also have comprehensive information to understand the impact of increasing and decreasing sales.

helloprofit dashboard

All details are displayed based on the name, market and transaction date of the merchant. You can also view item-level data on product tiles like:

  • Revenue
  • Amazon withheld tax
  • Tax
  • Gift wrap
  • Shipping
  • Reimbursement
  • Refer fees
  • FBA fees
  • Product refunds
  • Promo value
  • Refund credits
  • Estimated payout
  • Amazon FBM postage
  • Product & Shipping costs
  • 3rd party postage
  • Return product credits
  • Total VAT
  • Sponsored Ads
  • Margin
  • Profit

Full Price vs Promo Sales

Helloprofits review amazon tool

Product Panel

With the Hello Profit Product Panel, sellers have full control over the growth measurement of their individual products. You have the freedom to classify and customize products in groups. In addition, you can choose which data you consider irrelevant and the domain you want to focus on for growth.

helloprofit product panel

It has a feature that compares the total price and promotional sales to analyze product advertising performance. It contains a detailed breakdown that lets you easily identify the types of transactions.

Sponsored Links Manager

That’s real change! Hello Profit PPC Manager surpasses Amazon’s ACoS intelligence. Its patented algorithms help you determine the true profitability of your Promoted Product campaign. It includes a handy feature in the app that lets you optimize the campaign with smart filters that recommend measurements and presets.

You now know the cost of advertising sales, which gives you the security of offering profits.

Payment Reports

It is the revelation. Get bi-weekly reports organized and bundled to help analyze and analyze your Amazon business. ASIN provides a detailed breakdown of your SKU by SKU and ASIN. Therefore, you can excel in areas that require more attention.

Instant Notifications

HelloProfit alerts you immediately when sales exceed the parameters you’ve customized. In some cases, Hello Profit notifies when the maximum number of sales has already been reached by SKU. This distributed information helps you understand effective marketing activities and protect your inventory.

In addition to maximum sales, Hello Profit also informs you about products that have not sold the expected number of units. So you can improve your SEO.

Customers And Orders

There is a quick, intelligent search that lets you check thousands of orders. Find information that will help you decide how to increase revenue for regular shoppers. You can also check the refunds to see if the device has been returned or if it has been refunded.

HelloProfit Pricing Plans

It’s a good idea to use your free trial first to determine if Amazon software is right for you. HelloProfit offers a free 21-day trial for free! Once the free trial period is completed, you pay only $ 97 instead of the regular $ 297 a month.

hp helloprofit start free trial

This is the expert package, the most popular subscription to the Hello Profit program. Do not worry! You can cancel your subscription at any time.

The plan includes an unlimited number of orders per month, a merchant account, but allows you to have an unlimited number of additional merchant accounts and 30 keywords for each product. If you want to update your subscription to the plan, you can do so. Start tracking your income now!

Why is Hello Profit Suitable For Your Amazon Business?

Everything that is needed and expected by Amazon Seller is in Hello Profit! It’s a complete package from Amazon Seller Analytics that gives you complete control over your business. Imagine that you only have to sign in to an account with several powerful tools.

In addition, Hello Profit is a high-end technology that offers live sales updates. You can see statistics, revenue, and rank of your live sales! The graphics data does not have to be complicated. There is a visualized chart that helps you to understand your data more easily and quickly.

Amazon Sellers Love HelloProfit

Hear from just a few HelloProfit users about why they love our software so much

Conclusion: HelloProfit Review 2023 Discount Code Save $200

HelloProfit is the ideal partner for anyone looking for a low-priced Amazon BI tool. Helloprofit takes your merchant data, processes it with your algorithm, and tailors the ideal tips for developing your merchant account and Amazon PPC campaigns.

With HelloProfit, you can save many hours on Excel spreadsheets and see the performance of your account at a glance in easy-to-use charts. Worth the money.

Did you like our HelloProfit review? Let us know in the comments your thought about using HelloProfit.

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