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FBA Tools
Keyword Research


  • Options for Faster Research
  • Comes With SMarter Sourcing
  • Better Results with Data-Based Accuracy
  • Historical Search and Volume Trends
  • Automated Keyword Discovery
  • Advanced Keyword Insights
  • Hunts the top performing keywords
  • Listing Optimization Score


  • Limitations in the starter plans

Price:$ 49.17

Getting started with Amazon FBA Business is very easy nowadays. But right after getting started we need to find profitable products and launch them on Amazon, optimize the listing, doing keywords research and more things in a row.

And without using any tool it seems quite difficult to manage all these tasks. In this case, we need to rely on Amazon FBA Tools out there in the market. But now the question arises here which tool you should trust in order to get better results.

No clue! Why not as in the market you can find hundreds of Amazon FBA tools that you choose from. But as we all know that there is always pros and cons associated with every tool out there in the market.

We need to find a platform that can help us in growing our Amazon FBA business while managing all the task from a single tool. Yes, we have got a great solution here in the form of Viral Launch here.

Viral Launch is an all-in-one solution for Amazon FBA Business. It’s a reliable tool for all the Amazon Seller out there in the market.

Viral Launch offers dominant tools for Amazon marketplace. It doesn’t matter where you’re in your Amazon FBA Business journey and Viral Launch is there for you to offer powerful software and creative services that will help you in maximizing the revenue and dominate Amazon.

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In this post, we have featured Viral Launch Review 2021 that includes detailed insights of its pricing, features, products, functionality, and more.  Let’s get started here.

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Viral Launch Review In a Nutshell

Viral Launch is a go-to Amazon Growth Platform.  Viral Launch focuses on product launches, Amazon list optimization, product discovery, package and label design,  optimization, and more in a row.

And believe me, this tool is much more than a product launch tool because it has many features and specifications that can make your Amazon FBA business easy to manage and more profitable than ever.

Viral Launch Review- All-In-One Amazon Seller Tool

In fact, this tool is probably best known for its product launches, market intelligence, list optimization services and more. The best part of this tool is that there is an incredible collection of Amazon data that you can use to get detailed insights about products.  This database is generally based right on the product search tool, market research, and the keyword tool as well. Due to its characteristics, this tool really stands out from the competition.

Jungle Scout is toe to toe competitor of Viral Launch which makes it super easy to scale and grow your Amazon FBA business with ease. You can check out detailed Jungle Scout review here

Products & Services Offered By Viral Launch

Actually, this tool Viral Launch offers many products that can help your business in many ways. This tool actually offers products like product discovery. Market intelligence, keyword research, competitor intelligence, listing analyzer, keywords manager, listing builder, split testing and more in a row.

In this Viral Launch Review, I’ll be going to review all of these features that are offered by this tool. So, without wasting any time let’s get started with the review of all these features:

Viral Launch Product Discovery

Actually, its a reliable tool offered by Viral Launch that anyone can use to find potential products to sell right on Amazon Marketplace. This tool is super easy to use and it also comes with thousands of unique filter combinations. With this Product Discovery feature, you can find reliable products and then beat the competition by finding product opportunities faster.

Viral Launch Review- Amazon Seller Tools

No doubt, this one is the most accurate Amazon Product Finder. The best part about this tool is that you can have a filter for a personalized list of potential products that exactly match your exact business goals.


  • Offered Personalized Results
  • Options for Faster Research
  • Comes With SMarter Sourcing
  • Better Results with Data-Based Accuracy
  • One of the fastest way to find more product opportunity

Viral Launch Keyword Research Tool

Now with the help of this tool, you can easily improve your SEO. As of now, there will be no more guesswork as here all data comes directly from Amazon. You can easily save your time by finding hundreds of best working keywords with the help of the advanced relevancy filter.

Viral Launch Review- Keyword Research

And trust me you are also going to boost your sales right with tons of hidden keywords that your competitors are actually missing. Also, this tool provides the free listing builder features that anyone can easily use to create powerful Amazon SEO Listing.


  • Reverse Market lookups
  • Amazon Search Volume Data
  • Historical Search and Volume Trends
  • Integrated with Viral Launch Software
  • Capitalize right on the low competition keywords

Keyword Optimization Tools

No doubt, this one is the best keyword optimization tools out there in the market. You can use this tool for listing optimization, keyword insights, and Amazon SEO as well.

Viral Launch Review- Keyword Manager

Actually, this tool comes with three tools: the Listing Analyzer, Keyword Manager, Listing Builder. Here the listing optimizer tools perform a fully automated SWOT analysis simply on revealing how your products mainly compete your competitors right in the market.

The Listing Builder mainly streamline the listing creation process that helps you in developing an SEO optimized listing that will definitely maximize the keyword ranking in the Amazon Search Results.


  • Automated Keyword Discovery
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Content Evaluation
  • Advanced Keyword Insights
  • Intuitive Keyword Tracking
  • Listing Optimization Score
  • Interactive Keyword Bank
  • Helpful Keywords Metrics
  • Integration with other tools

Viral Launch Market Intelligence

It’s actually a tool that will reverse engineer your competitor’s success. Basically, it is an advanced Amazon Reverse ASIN Lookup tool that generally gives you many unparalleled insights into how your competitors are actually performing.

Viral Launch Review- Competitor Intelligence

All you need to do is simply enter a product ASIN in order to simply look up and get a massive list of their top performing keywords along with the ability to track and analyze and track the indexation and more. Even you can also track the keyword rank, sponsored ad ranks, sales, price, review, search volume and many more things in a row.


  • Hunts the top-performing keywords
  • Capitalize on keyword opportunities
  • Use for product research
  • Use for listing optimization
  • Used for ongoing monitoring as well
  • Keyword Search Volumes
  • Index Checker
  • Sponsored Rank Tracker
  • Hourly Keyword Tracking
  • Product Compare

The Split Test (Listing Dojo)

Just make your Amazon more profitable than ever with Listing Dojo.

This platform has its powerful “Set and Forget” platform, where anyone can easily determine the price, images, title, and description that will make your ad the most economical than ever.

Viral Launch Review- Listing Dojo

Here the listing Dojo is an intuitive Amazon split test platform that lets you test different items right on your list to optimize sessions, sales and/or profits. You even just can try up to 7 variations of each price, title, image, and description of your ad. They will also describe how each tested variant improves/decreases clicks, sessions, conversions, ordered units, gross revenue, and net income as well.


  • Comprehensive Statistics
  • Set and forget the platform
  • Increase sales and profitability
  • Has highly illustrative data
  • Has a simple and intuitive design
  • Run during the promotions
  • The stats is on the go

Other Viral Launch Key Features :

 Viral Launch Product Launch

Using this tool you can easily ensure your product’s success. Now you can have an accurate sales estimation that is generally built on the real-time and historical data as well. It also has an easy 5 start validation that will help you in taking a decision.

Viral Launch Review- Product Launch

Just understand the market right with the historical sales, price and review data trends as well. You can also see the upfront cost and profit as well right for any product using the built-in calculator too.


  • Offers trustworthy data
  • Validate your product ideas
  • Helps in understanding the marketplace
  • Easily calculate the costs and the profits

Viral Launch Photography

We all know in Amazon FBA business it’s all about the product photos as good images help in driving more click and conversions as well. Now with tool, you can easily increase the number of shoppers who generally click right on your listing right with eye-catching and stunning photos of your products.

Viral Launch Review- Product Photography


  • Drive Clicks
  • Increase Conversions
  • Improve The Brand Identity
  • Offers Stunning Photos
  • A mix of White-Background and Lifestyle Images too
  • Photos Created Based on Expert Market Analysis
  • Photos Developed to Drive Clicks and Conversions
  • Includes use of Model(s) if Necessary
  • Professional Post-Production as well
  • Professional Shot-list & Branding Consultation
  • Extra photos for Selection and External Use

Viral Launch Listing Optimization:

It’s actually one of the reliable Amazon Product Listing Optimization Service. With this tool, you can easily maximize keyword exposure in order to simply increase the rankings and conversions as well.

Viral Launch Review- Listing Manager

This tool is powered by data and experience right from running over more than 30,000 product launches. With this tool, you can easily increase your conversions as they have experts copywriter who actually know how to sell on Amazon. You can also elevate your brand with the help of this tool.


  • Optimized Product Title And More
  • Optimized “About the Product” (Bullet Points)
  • Optimized Product Description
  • Suggested Backend Search Term Submission
  • Conference Call With Our Branding Expert
  • Content Designed to Drive Clicks & Ranking
  • Product Presentation & Brand Analysis

Advertising and Product Management Services:

The Space Managed Service:

Now with the help of this tool, you can easily increase your visibility and sales right with marketing automation as well. Here this one is a powerful sales and ranking engine that generally applies a holistic approach in order to drive the organic and PPC results right on Amazon.

Viral Launch Review- SPACE Managed Services

It has actually more than a PPC management interface and they also leverage data expertise and technology in order to easily implement all the latest Amazon advertising tactics in order to achieve your goals effectively.


  • Drive Keyword Ranking
  • Increase The Organic Sales
  • Maximize your profit
  • Ensures Retail Readiness
  • Create and Execute on Campaigns
  • Custom Reporting and Updates as well
  • Keeps amazon insights for your brand
  • Easily leverage the power of Viral Launch

Viral Launch Pricing | How Much Does Viral Launch Cost?

The pricing plans offered by this platform is very flexible and affordable so that anyone can get started with Viral Launch right away. It’s you go to the platform to source, launch and easily dominate on the Amazon platform.

Let’s find out what pricing plan this tool is actually offering:

Viral Launch Pricing Plans For The Software

Viral Launch Review- Software Pricing

Beginners Research kit ($49.79/Month)

This plan is best suited for beginners on the hunt right for the next great products.

  • Market Intelligence
  • Product Discovery
  • Product Idea Score Included
  • Competitors Intelligence
  • Tracked Competitors (3)
  • 24/Customer Support

The Pro Seller ($70.12/Month)

This plan is best suited for sellers who are actually looking for a competitive advantage right to get success on Amazon.

  • Market Intelligence
  • Product Discovery
  • Product Idea Score Included
  • Competitors Intelligence
  • Tracked Competitors (3)
  • Keyword Research
  • Listing Builder
  • Listing Analyzer
  • Listing Analysis  (50)
  • Keyword Manager
  • Daily Keyword Rank and Ad Tracking (2000)
  • Hourly Keyword Rank and ADs Tracking (30)
  • 24/Customer Support

The Brand Builder ($124.17/Month)

This plan is best suited for sellers looking to build a successful brand right through data and automation.

  • Market Intelligence
  • Product Discovery
  • Product Idea Score Included
  • Competitors Intelligence
  • Tracked Competitors (100)
  • Keyword Research
  • Listing Builder
  • Listing Analyzer
  • Listing Analysis  (100)
  • Keyword Manager
  • Daily Keyword Rank and Ad Tracking (5000)
  • Hourly Keyword Rank and ADs Tracking (100)
  • 24/Customer Support

The Data Hunter ($332.50/month)

Actually, this plan is best suited for sellers who are looking for unparalleled levels for data and analysis.

  • Market Intelligence
  • Product Discovery
  • Product Idea Score Included
  • Competitors Intelligence
  • Tracked Competitors (250)
  • Keyword Research
  • Listing Builder
  • Listing Analyzer
  • Listing Analysis  (250)
  • Keyword Manager
  • Daily Keyword Rank and Ad Tracking (15000)
  • Hourly Keyword Rank and ADs Tracking (300)
  • 24/Customer Support

So these are the pricing plans offered this Viral Launch Tool. Let’s find out the pricing plan for other services offered by Viral Launch.

Viral Launch Pricing — For The Services

The Product Launch

With this product, anyone can easily out-rank and outsell the competition right with their strong and reliable strategy for one-page visibility. Let’s find out the pricing plan for it.

Viral Launch Review- Product Launch Pricing

  • Master Package ($2500/Month)
  • Viral Subscription ($450/Month)
  • Uber Launch ($400/One Time)

The Listing Optimization

Now you can easily get strategic, sales including the keyword-rich content right form Viral Launch from Amazon Listing Specialist. Let’s find out the pricing plan for it.

Viral Launch Review- The Listing Manager Pricing

  • Optimization & Branding Consultation ($897)
  • Listing Optimization ($447)
  • Title Curation ($197)

Viral Launch Product Photography

Now you can easily drive more click and conversion on your products with this stunning photography service offered by Viral Launch.

 Viral Launch Review- Best Amazon Product Photography Service

  • Branding Expert ($1447)
  • Conversion Master ($797)
  • Conversion Starter Kit ($597)

So this was the pricing plan for the Viral Launch Paid Services. Now you have better insights of Viral Launch pricing plans.

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👉 Is viral launch Free?

No, but it offers 14 days free trial.

👉What features does Viral Launch provide?

Viral Launch allows you to assess all the opportunities in your market of concern, helps in knowing the marketing strategies of your competitors, tracks your business as it progresses, and optimizes your product listings. Viral Launch is a one-stop destination for your business needs. Starting from product research to the launch and scale of your business, all the tools you will be needing to go ahead will be provided here.

👉What resources does Viral Launch offer for free?

Viral Launch offers the resources free of cost, some of them are: Free Courses - Guide on ‘How To Sell On Amazon’ ; Amazon PPC Playbook ; How-to Guide - Seller Podcast; E-Books - Discover Great Products ; E-books and Free Tools - Amazon/FBA Profit Calculator

👉 What is Viral Launch used for?

Viral Launch is marketing intelligence tool. It helps to find monthly sales and profit that you sell your products on Amazon.

👉What are the pricing plans of Viral Launch?

Viral Launch has two pricing plans: For Beginners and for Pros. For the Beginner : This plan is for beginners who are planning to launch their first product on Amazon. The features provided under this plan are Product Discovery, Market Intelligence, and Competitor Intelligence (For 3 products, available only for the US) and the price of this plan is $59 per month. The second is Pro - This plan is for the growing businesses that are looking for improvement in sales. The features provided under this plan are Product Discovery, Market Intelligence, Automation Review, Keyword Research (Available only for the US), Competitor intelligence (For 3 products, available only for the US), Listing Builder (Available only for the US), Listing Analyzer (For 50 products, available only for the US), and Keyword Manager (For 2000 keywords, available only for the US) and price of this plan is $99 per month. Viral Launch offers a free trial on both the plans for 14 days, without asking credit card details. NOTE: As some features of Viral Launch are restricted to the US market, make sure to choose your plan accordingly.

👉Does Viral Launch support all the marketplaces across the globe?

No, Viral Launch is restricted to a few major marketplaces. As of now, Product Discovery receives support in the following countries: United States, Canada, Mexico, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, France, and Germany. Market Intelligence finds support in the following countries: Japan, United States, India, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, France, and China.

👉 How long is Viral Launch is free trial?

Viral Launch gives you a 14 days free trial.

👉 Who owns Viral Launch?

Casey Gauss is the founder and CEO of the viral launch.

👉 Which is better jungle scout or viral launch?

Viral launch gives more product search as compared to jungle scout but viral launch is little bit expensive than jungle scout.

👉How do I know the Viral Launch plan that suits me the best?

Business needs vary based on the level you are in, in your business journey. If you are confused about your precise needs, get in touch with the customer experience specialists of Viral Launch via the customer support who can help you in taking the right decisions.

👉Can I use coupons on Viral Launch platform?

Yes, you can click on our website and choose coupons. The coupons can provide you a discount ranging from 15-50% and sometimes more than that also. So you can avail the services and save some extra bucks from your pocket too.

👉 Does viral launch work in India?

Yes, viral launch work in India.

👉 What is Amazon PPC?

Amazon PPC is a auction where advertiser bid on keyword, where seller with higher bid wins the auction.

👉How should I use the Viral Launch coupon code?

To use the Viral Launch coupon code: Sign up with Viral Launch Choose your plan (Beginner or Pro) Go to the cart and choose the plan term (monthly/annual). For the Beginner’s Research Kit monthly price is $59 per month and the annual price is $42 per month (Plus, 2 months of free subscription). For the Pro Seller package monthly price is $99 per month and the annual price is $83 per month (plus 2 months of free subscription) Apply the coupon code and click the ‘Subscribe Now’ button to checkout. NOTE: Sometimes the coupon code is automatically applied for the plans and you are shown the final discounted price. As of now, Viral Launch is automatically applying the coupon code ‘TA0NKUZ’ for 15% off on the plans. Hence, the Beginner plan comes at $51 per month and the Pro plan comes at $85 per month.

👉Why is my coupon code not being accepted?

Before applying a coupon code, make sure that it has been rightly entered. Spelling mistakes are the primary reason for which most coupon codes do not get considered. Also, check if the coupon code has not expired. Usually, only one coupon code is accepted per order. If you try to club two or more coupon codes, it may be considered invalid, or be replaced with the latest entry. Sometimes, the company may pull out the coupon code before the expiration date.

👉 How much does viral launch cost?

Viral launch offer one time payment, its cost $199 only.

👉What payment channels does Viral Launch accept?

Viral Launch accepts payments through American Express, Visa, Discover, and Mastercard. NOTE: Payments made on Viral Launch are non-refundable.

👉Can the chosen plans on Viral Launch be upgraded, downgraded, and canceled?

Yes, you are allowed to make changes to your plan by going to the ‘Settings’ tab in the Viral Launchpad. For assistance, you can contact [email protected] A plan once paid for cannot be canceled due to the no refund policy. As the subscription plans recur, they can be canceled before the upcoming renewal period.

Viral Launch Review Conclusion: 

As of now, you have got detailed insights into Viral Launch features, products, functionality, pricing plans and more. And no doubt, Viral Launch is an all-in-one reliable solution for all Amazon Sellers out there. It has advanced tools and software that will really help you in making more profits with your Amazon FBA business.

We highly recommend all the Amazon Seller out there to get started with this Viral Launch tool. We hope this review helped you in getting more detailed insights of Viral Launch tool.

Feel free to share which tool you liked the most in the Viral Launch suite of tools. If you find this Viral Launch Review helpful then please give us a moment to share this post on trending social media platform social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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