Buy Expired Domains 2023: ✅ Explore 15+ Top Platforms!

Delving into the digital realm, securing the perfect domain is akin to claiming your own piece of the online landscape.

In our exploration of “Buy Expired Domains in 2023,” we unveil a realm of opportunities.

Expired domains, brimming with potential, offer a gateway to enhance your online presence.

With an extensive array of 15+ top platforms at your disposal, this guide provides a comprehensive roadmap for securing these valuable digital assets.

Discover the power of aged domains and embark on a journey to elevate your online ventures.

MarketPlaces To Buy Expired Domains 💥

MarketPlaces To Buy Expired Domains

Marketplaces are one of the most popular ways to buy expired domains. These marketplaces offer a wide selection of domains from which to choose, all for sale at competitive prices.

Whether you’re looking for an aged domain with existing backlinks or one that has just recently become available, marketplace options make finding the right domain quick and easy.

When shopping for an expired domain, it’s important to check the expiration date and any registration restrictions that may apply.

Some marketplaces allow users to view the entire history of a domain, including its previous owners.

This allows buyers to make informed decisions about their purchases and determine whether or not a domain is right for their needs.

Additionally, some marketplaces offer additional services such as domain appraisals and help with transferring the domain.

Consider the following factors before choosing an ideal expired domain:

Find the list of expired domains:

Explore and research is what you need to get an ideal expired domain. Look for the sites that offer the list of the domains that are going to expire soon or that are going for auction.

Next, you can look go to the individual domain sites using the above list.

Research for the keywords:

After jumping to those sites, type in the keywords or phrases for which you want your domain to be. The most relevant keywords will be filtered and you can look upon which keyword you want.

Past Contents:

Before buy expired domains, do proper market research about the type of content this website had. You can get the content history of these sites using a number of tools.

If the previous content and the traffic is not in tune with what you are looking for, then buy expired domains is not worth it.

High-Quality links:

The most important thing that is important to look for the expired domain with high traffic is the backlinks and the index. Do not go for sites with spammy backlinks.

You can always look for such a spammy website if the backlinks or the links are coming from the domains.

It is also important to look for the indexing of that websites. You can check the indexing by entering the URL into the Google index page checker and click scan to display the results.


Check the age of the domain before investing in it. The older domain has considerably more value than the fresh domains. This is because the older domains had more time to build up the traffic.

Moreover, it has got more authority than the fresh domains as Google keeps checking on the age as well as the no. of visitors per month or per day.

Also check whether the domain expired a long ago or it has expired recently. The lesser the gap between the domain expiration and your new site, the better it will be for you.

Marketplaces To Find And Buy Expired Domains 🏆

1) GoDaddy Auctions:


You must already be familiar with this name if you know a thing or two about the market of domains.

This platform is where all the possible expired domains are listed along with the number of bids already placed, the market price, traffic, valuation and a box where you can place your own bidding offer to buy expired domains.

The method is simple and once you click on a particular domain name, several more details are going to appear and help you to move along with your choice.

With a list of everything provided at your disposal, any time can be best time to grab the opportunity to get a reputed and experienced domain name.

2) NameCheap Domains:


This is a wholesome platform where you can find expired domains and new ones as well.

You can choose the domain of your choice, make an offer and move forward.

There is a list of domains available; the time within they are closing, the price of the same and the offer you can put up. Once you have an array of information at your disposal, choosing the domain of your choice will be easy.



Hundreds or rather thousands of domains get expired each day due to some or the other reason.

Either the domain owners forget to renew them or just do not want to work on them further.

If you are one of those who understand the value of expired domains, PRs, backlinking and SEO, is certainly the one-stop solution for you.

If you are looking for all the information for an expired domain and do not want to pay a penny, this is surely the right place to land on.

And much to my awe!! You do not need to sign up to check the expired domains. Simply check the details grab one you want to!!



This is again one of my favourite sites when I want to search an expired domain with a lot in my mind.

By lot, I mean that there may be times when you want to look for various features in the domain you are planning to buy expired domains.

This is one such site which I love for easy filter and search options given right on the top of the home page. This seems to be so easy to simply define what you are looking for and there you GO!! is definitely worth a mention in this list of best websites to buy expired domains on



Another one that deserves a mention is which has gathered much repute over the years.

One can simply not ignore the wonderful feedbacks and image this USA located company carries in the world of domain registration.

They offer fantastic list of domain names which are expired and can be bought with easy checkout process.

6) DomCop:


I do not know if you have heard much about this in the limelight of websites offering expired domains but the reason I decided to mention it here was that the features mentioned below were accessible within a click:

  • Page rank
  • Moz Rank, Domain Authority and Page Authority
  • Majestic Seo Trust and Citation flow
  • SEMrush Rank and Traffic
  • SimilarWeb Rank

The site offers more than 40 metrics where you can compare the sites on. It takes minutes to research well on a domain you want. The site has almost 20 million expired domains and more than 30 domain extension on its list.

You can refer this site to others and make up a good amount of money through its affiliate program. Just share the unique affiliate link with others and get 70% commission on every sale.


dropping-com-expired-domain-names-with-pagerank-and-traffic is one such website that brings expired domain names with beautiful classification of buy expired domains.

Yes, this website prompts you to specify whether you want a domain as a Domain Investor, SEO/SEM expert or a Website Owner.

It was amazing to browse through all three categories as the freak like me usually does, and to my surprise it was an incredible experience. For all three purposes you will get amazing results and will surely love it.

8) NameJet:


This is another one offering the most desired domain names which have expired.

Whether you are looking for investment on domain names or for development purposes, they have it all for you in an easy and wonderful manner.

Why I included this one was for its award winning technology to brings the best and easy to use platform for users to participate in domain auctions, backorder requests and management of account information.

After all, we all need a reliable place to invest our hard earned money.

You can easily sort your needs because of its handy interface and usability.

9) SnapNames:


With the convenience of not only online but also mobile shopping for domains, SnapNames brings premium auctions, domain brokerage and daily auctions for you.

The company carries an experience of 0 years in business handling and well understands the requirement of web presence for any individual website or company website. So, you can trust them for sure.



I am listing this one in websites, however this one is purely a portal of expired or dropped domains. This process is easy with the check in and check out policy.

This means you do not need to sign up with them to go through the details of the domain. There is no registration required. The filter options are limited though, however, the quick bees can explore this for sure.



If you are looking for a platform that is going to provide you with extensive details then this is it.

Right from expired domains to deleted ones to ones which are going to end soon and even those which have been sold, there is a wide list of domains available.

You are even going to be facilitated by blogs related to domains that can effectively help you in understanding the kind of internet space you need.

Once you click on a domain, you are going to be directed to a page with a multitude of necessary information and an option to place the bid. It is a platform providing you with the best domains for sale.

12) DomainHole:


It is the perfect way through which you are going to find the expired domains of your choice. Filters are available to simplify your search even further.

The top level domains are listed and you can take a look from the list being made available.

There is a continuous update of domains that are terminating everyday and with the updated tools available; you can continue the necessary expired domain search.



For a simple yet extensive expiring and expired domain search, this place is a sure shot winner.

You can use a number of provided filters to narrow down your search to the kind of domain name you are looking for.

Once you select a domain, the available purchase information will be displayed and all you need to do is make your final choice. Operating from 2004, it is definitely a reliable platform.

14) Domain Monster:


Well, it serves exactly what it stands for. From domain registration to back ordering expired domains and more, this platform is truly one of a kind that offers everything related to domains under one uniform umbrella.

Once you have selected a particular expired domain name, you get a whole lot of information regarding it and even the pricing for back ordering and how to do it.



Dyandot is an ICANN accredited domain name registrar and web host headquartered in San Mateo, California.

Founded in 2002 by a software engineer, our primary focus is engineering and design excellence.

Our custom written, state-of-the-art domain and hosting software is stable, fast, and easy to use.

From humble beginnings, they have grown steadily and now serve thousands of customers from 108 different countries around the world.

Their goal is to provide our customers with world class registration and hosting services for a reasonable price.

Most of their sites are fully automated, allowing us to offer some of the lowest prices in the industry. At the same time, they strive to provide excellent customer service, and helpful responses to all questions.

If anything is not to our satisfaction, feel free to contact them, and they will do their best to resolve the situation.

16) Domain Hunter Gatherer:

Domain Hunter Gatherer

Thousands of webmasters are buy expired domain names from auctions for large sums of money and they do this because they know that a quality aged domain.

Can save years of hard work and stress of the uncertainty of whether it will pay off.

With Domain Hunter Gatherer, you can now find aged domain names and snap them up for just the cost of registration.

No high costs, no annoying bidding process, just let DHG find your domains and scoop up all the domains you want.

17) 1 and 1 Domain Search:

1 & 1

Based on its comprehensive product range, competitive prices and excellent customer support, 1&1 has steadily expanded its global community to be approximately 15 million customer contracts strong.

It is specialized in web hosting, domain registration, professional e-mail solutions, servers, e-commerce, cloud applications, and search engine optimization.

While offering service to nearly every country worldwide, 1&1 is now represented in Germany, France, Spain, the UK, the US, Romania, Austria, Poland, Canada, Italy, and Mexico.


Taking your big idea or business to the web can be overwhelming.

From the team, to their partners, and the growing community, the GO.CO support system is everywhere. You want to get online and they can help you anytime.

You can count on GO.CO to play a significant role on the international stage by helping to define and develop the policies, standards and practices that govern the global Internet.

GO.CO domain names may be registered for a period of 1 to 5 years by an individual, business or organization.  

The person or entity that registers a GO.CO domain name is called the “user” or “registrant.

”You can only register a GO.CO domain name through an accredited domain registrar or a reseller of an accredited partner.  The GO.CO registry cannot help you to register domain names directly.

How to find the expired domain names?

The majority of individuals are trying to take help from the expired domain name.

By it, they are trying to take help from existing traffic. It is also an easy task of finding a perfect and suitable domain name for online working purposes.

There are different types of domain names expired on a routine basis and numerous are hired.

For all these things, the users are required to make the decision wisely and try to take help from a perfect way for finding the best one.

There are five different ways available for such a task. In following points, you can get knowledge related to these points:

Auction hunter:

In this particular method, the individuals are required to enter different types of keywords as per the requirement.

With it, the users need to focus on different types of things. The keywords are helpful in finding the domain name those are available for your type of content or work only.

By it, you can identify the specific marketplaces and easily find a good option.

Hunt from keywords:

For the method, the users are required to focus on different types of things. First of all, users need to figure out the niche properly for which they are going to create a website.

After that, you should prepare some keywords and enter them in a domain name finding software.

In this way, the software finds the suitable pages those are available for online ranking with the help of those keywords.

Reverse hunt domains:

If you want to take help from the reverse hunt domains method then you are required to performed activities by starting from the end.

Here the users are required to focus on different types of things and start searching for domain names instead of keywords.

By it, the software finds all backlinks of the domain name and tries to find out the expired ones by linking-up all.

FAQ’s on MarketPlaces To Find and Buy Expired Domains

💥What is the expired domain?

Expired domains are domains that don't get renewed by the owner on time.

🎁What are the deleted domains?

Deleted domains are those that were not renewed and became available to anyone who wanted them.

🏆Do expired domains still work?

If your website is a good fit for an expired domain, then you should use it. For example, if you are a company that does SEO and you get links from another SEO company that also does the same kind of work in the same location, then it would be safe to use the expired domain.

🙌Is buying an expired domain illegal?

Probably not. Cybersquatting is when someone buys a domain to profit from it. This is prohibited under the 1999 Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act and the Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy, which are ways of protecting companies, celebrities, and even Joe Schmoes from having their names exploited online for commercial purposes.

✨What happens to email when domain name expires?

When a domain name expires, your website and email stop functioning.

😎What to look for when buying expired domains?

You can check if the website is banned from Google. This means that no one will see this website. You can also do other things to make sure that people find your website, like looking at how many people are visiting the site and looking at its trust flow.

🌏Where can I buy expired domains?

GoDaddy, Namecheap are some of the best platforms to buy expired domains.

❓How long is the Namecheap grace period?

Usually, you will get a grace period of 30 days at Namecheap.

How long does GoDaddy keep expired domains?

Based on our detailed research, GoDaddy keeps expired domains for a maximum of 42 days.

🤞What is the domain redemption fee?

When a domain gets expired and even the grace period is over, there will be an extra fee called a domain redemption fee.

🤷‍♂️What happens if your domain expires?

If a domain expires, it will stop working. You can't change anything to the domain when it is expired. However, you can reactivate the domain for your regular rate under your list of Expired Domains.

💲Is Cybersquatting Against the Law?

Probably not. Cybersquatting is when you buy the domain name to make money on someone's name. Cybersquatters use their names for commercial purposes. This is against the law. Both of these rules were created to protect companies, celebrities, and Joe Schmoes (people without famous names).

👮‍♀️How long after a domain is expired can I buy it?

If you do not renew your domain, it will expire. *For most domains, there is a 30-day grace period after the expiration date to renew your registration at the standard rate. You can still renew for an additional fee after that grace period has elapsed (typically $100), but this is rare.

✔How do I buy expired domains with traffic?

To buy expired domains, you will need to get more web traffic coming into your site. You can do this by driving people to the new site with redirects. You also need to get a lot of search engine traffic on your website. This can be done by tracking incoming links from other sites.

😃How much does Google charge for domain?

Domains start at $7/year. Email forwarding, privacy protection, one-click DNSSEC, Google 2-Step Verification, and more included.

Conclusion:  Top Marketplaces To Find & Buy Expired Domains 2023 🏆

In conclusion, navigating the world of online business and branding involves strategic decisions, and securing the right domain is a fundamental one.

Through this guide, “Buy Expired Domains in 2023,” we have unraveled a diverse selection of 15+ top platforms.

These platforms stand as digital marketplaces, each offering unique opportunities to find the perfect aged domain for your needs.

With a spectrum of options at your fingertips, it’s time to take charge of your online destiny.

Invest wisely, choose a domain that resonates with your vision, and witness the transformation it can bring to your digital endeavors.

Let your online presence thrive and expand, anchored by the strength of a thoughtfully acquired, aged domain.

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