10 Best PBN Hosting Providers 2023 (Footprint Free PBN Hosting)

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Looking for Best PBN Hosting Providers ? I got you covered here.

You may have tried everything to get your site ranking in the top 10 Google SERPS but still struggling.

You have a website that is great, you may be running an eCommerce store or a blog that you’ve put a lot of time and effort into but are not getting the traffic and sales that you want.

You need to find out more about PBN Hosting and how it can help you rank higher and get better results for your business.

Lack of knowledge about PBN Hosting and its techniques and tactics can destroy the entire business.

Having nonreliable PBN hosting can get you deindexed on Google very fast. You will lose your fortune overnight because of choosing the wrong PBN host.

Currently, I host over 40-50 PBNs so I can say why choosing the right PBN host is important and the companies listed below are the cheapest, most reliable, and easiest to work with.

Lets start with best PBN hosting providers list with pros and cons.

List of 12 Best PBN Hosting Providers 2023 Top PBN Hosts

1) LaunchCDN PBN Hosting

launchCDN pbn hosting

LaunchCDN is one of the best PBN hosting options and allows you to quickly scale your PBN without a hassle. On top of the easy to use platform, LaunchCDN focuses on eliminating any potential footprints so you can safely host a large number of websites with them. Their support team is available 24/7 and is quick to resolve any issues that you have.

LaunchCDN Hosting
LaunchCDN pbn hosting plans

They have a large variety of plans to choose from so you’ll certainly find something that suits your needs. Their platform is excellent and has great integrated features, you can easily order a PBN website build from your dashboard, content for your PBNs and many other handy things. You can check out our more in-depth review here.

2. Nexcess Hosting Great Choice for Secured PBN’s

Nexcess has a set of features that make hosting your site the easiest as possible. Having access to SSDs, memory caches, and compression makes for a smooth, successful load time every time you add an image or video to your website. This web host is also fully compatible with an ecommerce platform like Magento and can handle any size of online store without jamming up.

Nexcess Overview - Best hosting for Woocommerce


  • Stable
  • Reliable
  • Trusted by the owners of 2,000,000 domains
  • Easy Site Management
  • Domain Management
  • Good security


  • Verification is not easy
  • Support is not that fast
  • Reseller program is not good

3) HostPapa (Trusted PBN Hosting Provider)

HostPapa’s top executives are very experienced and have more than 70 years combined experience. This has helped them create high-quality products that stand out from the competition.

They offer 24/7 customer support with an award-winning Customer Services Director who knows how to help people get started and answer their questions.




  • Good price
  • Stay protected from hackers
  • Great support
  • Visitor-friendly performance
  • Excellent uptime
  • Easy verification
  • Enjoy rocket fast servers
  • Avoid a potential disaster


  • Speed could be more better

4) Easy Blog Networks:

easy blog networks review

Easy Blog Networks is the best PBN solution when we are talking about PBNs. It is a platform that deploys other different kind of blogs to different kinds of hosting providers and it also does the amazing functioning of automating the maintenance.

These include some of the very popular hosting providers like Amazon, Digital Ocean, Rackspace, softlayer (an IBM company) and many more, with a cost price of $35 per month for 10 different blogs which is quite poet friendly to everyone.

It depicts the advantages such as quick and easy installation of WordPress; automatic updating of themes, plugins and WordPress; periodic checks for the indexation; easy and quick HTTPS support and the biggest advantage of transparency, i.e. everything is visible to you such as the IP addresses, the details of the hosting providers, etc.ck

You can build a blog network using Easy Blog Network in less than 30 minutes and you have to manage everything on complete autopilot mode.

5) Bluehost

Bluehost is the best web hosting service because it offers a lot of products. One product is WordPress hosting. Another product is shared hosting, and another product is dedicated hosting. With Bluehost, you can buy many different types of plans that are priced differently.



  • Easy interface
  • Very reliable
  • Good live chat support
  • Rarely asks for verification
  • Managing multiple low traffic WordPress websites
  • Tracking WordPress website performance
  • Good security. Hacks are rare.


  • Reseller program does not offer different IPs (so don’t take the reseller option)

6) BionicWP 

If you are looking for a cloud hosting solution to manage your PBN website, then BionicWP can be an ideal hosting solution. It is perfect for all those who are looking for a quick solution to scale their PBN sites with ease. The best part about BionicWP is that you are granted a separate IP address with each new cloud server instance you launch. What this means is that BionicWP eliminates any footprints that are left because of your hosting solution. 

BIONICWP - Overview

The only reason PBNs get blacklisted is that they are traced back to the origins of other websites. Google then starts considering them as link farms as this can potentially hurt rankings of other websites.

BionicWP Pricing

This is counted as malpractice. What you are doing by getting BionicWP hosting is that you are creating a white-listed PBN. It is a fully secure, legit private blogging network that you can use to scale your search efforts easily.

BIONICWP - Pricing

BionicWP also offers server and application-level support down to WordPress managed hosting. Moreover, you get 24/7 support from the BionicWP support team.

Get Started With BionicWP and Launch Your Whitelisted PBN Today!

7) BulkBuyHosting

bulkbuyhosting best pbn hosting cheap pbn hosting

The BulkBuyHosting is one of the best PBN hosting solution and uses CDN to host your websites. With the help of CDN, your websites can run faster than usual and you are using static HTML pages instead of WordPress, which are fast in speed. One of the key feature of using PBN Hosting is the feature of unlimited IP addresses they provide. Their smallest plan costs around just $26 per month for 10 different domains.

The advantages of using a BulkBuyHosting is that it is imported easily and quickly; we can instantly launch the blogs; it uses CDN to boost the speed of the site; easy monitoring of the sites from single dashboard and the calculation of uptime and Google index counts time by time so as to avoid de-indexation of the site.

BulkBuyHosting helps you save time and money on growing and maintaining your link networks and provides you with unlimited diversity of more than 350,000 IP addresses and rising. You do not need any MySQL or no hacked sites or flaky hosts and they host you sites on some of the internet’s best infrastructure.

The tools that they provide saves you hours of tweaking on your blogs. Everything from authors to themes, permalink structures, everything is generated at random for your service.

They also provide additional features like free way back imports, instant blog launching, hacker proof pure HTML, simple content management, network health monitoring and many more.

Pricing : 

bulkbuyhosting best pbn hosting

8) Hostgator

Hostgator is a company that provides hosting for websites and blogs. To have a website, you need two things: web hosting and a domain name. Web hosting is when your website or blog is stored on someone else’s computer so people can see it online. A domain name is what people use to find your website or blog.

Hostgator hosting review


  • Very easy interface
  • Many IP’s
  • Full Management Tools
  • Free Migrations
  • Full Root Access
  • Free setup & domain name
  • Good reseller options (easy to get new IPs)
  • Good live chat support
  • Easy verification


  • Security is not the best in the market

9. Inmotion

I first found PBN hosting from a friend who had recommended them. I was skeptical at first, but their unique approach to domain and web hosting made me realize this is one of the best companies for my website.

They offer free custom nameservers, unlimited site transfers, php compatibility with an entire suite of development tools, free premium instant SSL certificates from Let’s Encrypt with fast installation – these are just some of the great features that set this company apart! InMotion Hosting also has excellent customer support and affordable prices. No wonder they have so many happy clients!

InMotion Hosting Review- Get Up To 37% Off Now


  • Easy interface
  • Very speedy
  • Verification is fast and simple
  • 24/7 Phone and Email Support
  • 90-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 100% Satisfaction
  • 24/7 Monitoring and Ticketing
  • Support always happy to help and even put you on different IP if you ask
  • Very good security, hacks rarely happen


  • Backup plugins from within WordPress don’t always work with this host

10. JustHost

My clients has been with JustHost for the past 2 years, and I can say that we are all absolutely in love. One of our favorite things is their thoughtfully-packaged Welcome email they sent us when we first signed up—it had a helpful guide to setting up your account right away. Plus, they’re always available via chat or phone if you get stuck anywhere along the line. If you’re looking for hosting solutions, go with these guys!


Justhost coupon code - get started

Note: JustHost is similar to Bluehost as they are both owned by the same company. So you can buy any of them , they have same service & support.


  • Easy interface
  • Very reliable
  • Good live chat support
  • Rarely asks for verification
  •  Plenty of Disk Space
  • Site Analytics Software
  • Website Authentication Seal
  • 1-Click WordPress Install
  • Good security features


  • Reseller program does not offer different IPs

11) WPX Hosting

Best Cheap Private Blog Network ( PBN) Hosting Providers


It is one of the best apps to build your own Private Blog Network and host it in very easy 3 steps: deploy, manage and grow your network with easy access. WPX Hosting provides a quick customer service element of power up hosting and the technical kit fixes all issues quickly. WPX Hosting was created by a group of hosting experts who have a wide knowledge in the fields of hardware, software and virtualisation.

The intuitive control panel consists of easy to navigate but has very powerful systems for managing DNS, Hosting, Registrars. They provide optimal security and mainly focuses on growing up the business.

With WPX Hosting you can grow your PBN from 10 to 1000 blogs using just a click of a button and you can also deploy them all in different locations with different IP addresses. They also provide a very beautiful and user friendly user interface, which saves you hours on time and money management.

wpx hosting pbn hosting reviews plans

To get more details about this hosting service, you can check their website.

Save up to 50% on All Hosting Plans for 1 Month Discounts at WPX Hosting Coupon Code : AIB50Discount


12) SeekaHost PBN Hosting

PBN hosting reviews

SeekaHost is one the best PBN hosting services which is beating every other hosting competitors in the market, Fernando Raymond is the founder of SeekaHost and he knows how to run a hosting business. I have personally hosted some of PBN sites with SeekaHost & I never had any problem with downtime. Because most PBN hosting don’t offer great support but SeekaHost offers great support & their team is available on call to handle your any technical issues.

In 2020 SeekaHost launched the exclusive PBN management software, that gives everything to easily host WordPress and scale PBNs with multiple address hosting. The SeekaPanel is a cheaper and easier solution to host WordPress blogs with 1-Click WP and Free SSL certificated and activation with SEO data tracking for domains.

SeekaHost PBN management tool with hosting control panel

SeekaHost PBN Hosting

Their PBN hosting plans allows you to host websites all over the world 🙂



  • Upto 2000 Unique IPs
  • One click Installer
  • Guaranteed Uptime
  • 24×7 Live Support
  • Individual cPanel Accounts
  • Configuration Support
  • Highly Secured
  • Starting from $0.74
  • Private Name Servers
  • Completely Natural Hosting Profile with different A-, B- and C- IP

Cons : 

  • Speed could be more better I feel

Seekahost pricing plans

Seekahost PBN hosting pricing plans 
Seekahost PBN hosting pricing plans

seekahost pbn services hosting Seekahost PBN hosting pricing plans 

Why PBN hosting? Best PBN Hosting Reviewed 2023

Private Blog Network or PBN Hosting is considered as a very huge and heavy topic amongst SEOs today and is very much popular in the affiliate marketing. PBN Hosting is a network of websites that creates backlinks. The affiliate market works across all category of products, giving the customers their expert opinions and endorsements, categories ranging from books to electronics, from food to hosting.

Talking about blogging as a profession in online affiliate market, people use this platform so as to express their problems and get paid for that too.

There are many types of hosting options available and the point of question is that you need to choose the right one for yourself. Any of the SEO who maintains a PBN is likely to judge more averagely a hosting web service than a webmaster. The only criteria to judge a web hosting service is its ability to minimise the risk of de-indexes period.

FAQs Related to Best PBN Hosting Providers

What is PBN in SEO?

A private blog network is a group of websites that only exist to link to your website. This makes it seem like your website has a lot of authority.

How do you make PBN backlinks?

To build a PBN, you need to buy domains that have been expired. It is important to get these domains with authority or else they will not help the search engine rank your website.

What is a PBN backlink?

Private blog networks are links that are created from other blogs. They are often owned by the same person, and so they have a lot of different links to their money site. You can also use them to help other clients with their sites for extra money.

Do PBNs still work?

PBNs still work and they will work as long as backlinks are a ranking factor. That won't change anytime soon.

Is Blackhat a PBNs?

PBNs are not a white hat SEO strategy. They are a type of hack. If Google finds out, then they will penalize your website and you will have trouble with SEO.

How can you tell if a site is PBN?

If the site was redesigned with different content, then you can know that it is a PBN. If there are more than one site being redesigned around the same time, than you will know for sure that they are all part of this PBN.

How do you make a PBN?

Find expired domains that are good. Build a PBN that is not full of spam. Use the process correctly to make your rankings better.

How do I hide PBN on Google?

Hiding your PBN sites with say, Godaddy's or CloudFlare nameservers can give you the protection from other sites. If you are not the only person who has these nameservers for their PBN site, Google will not be able to algorithmically reverse your name servers and find out that you have a PBN site.

Can you hide backlinks?

No, you cannot hide backlinks from your competitors OR google bots. If you do not want people to see these backlinks, then you will have to hide them from both and if google bots don't know about your backlinks, then they won't help you get any benefits.

Are PBNs bad?

In the end, you may want to use PBNs. But know that they might hurt your website's SEO. There are some good pros who do them, but it is risky because the search engines can penalize your site for using them. They might help you get a lot of domain authority quickly, but traditional strategies take longer and are not as risky.

Importance Of Private Blog Network

Credits : Pixabay

We are also giving you some factors to consider for developing a successful PBN. Below are few points explaining the importance of Private Blog Network or PBN:

Administrative Control

Administrative control plays a significant role in SEO practice. In any network, we can use various combinations of links and anchor text to see what works best. There is no such link creating technique that gives you this kind of liberty. And in a case, where you receive a manual penalty, you can anytime detach the links and this will invalidate the penalty.

However, if you create GSA links or purchase the links through the website you do not possess, there is no way you can remove those in any case.

Immediate Authorization

Control for PBN

PBNs are well-built phenomena as you are under the dominant jurisdiction of most reliable sites. Otherwise, it is very tough to get these kinds of links through any relationship building process or otherwise. Hence, we get instant authority of required links through the accessibility of these experience partners.

Time Saving

If you utilise PBNs; there is no need for you to build relationships. This saves lots of time for you.

Improves Your Ranking in Google SERP

Links have always been the most significant factor in determining the rank of a website on Google search results.

A well-constructed PBN with many links helps you improve your ranking in Google search engine. PBNs along with outreach blogs can provide you some excellent backlinks coming from outstanding domains. This superior quality backlinks will also give you improved ranking.

High-quality Traffic

PBNs help you get remarkably exceptional traffic. It helps you rank your keywords in the competitive niche and get you the desired traffic.

Guaranteed Results

Premium content with PBN in the SEO world offer you great efficiency and hence, assured results.

Every business concentrates on incorporating efficient and cost-effective solutions. That’s why this article will focus on reliable and great solutions.

Now the questions are “is there any chance of passing the manual review?”, “is it feasible to recover the de-indexed domain?” and if anyone does, “can it be utilised for a fruitful SEO?”

The answer to both the inquiries is “yes.” However, we will try to give you the solutions that will prevent this (deindexing) situation from happening.

As for the manual review, when it comes to hosting PBN, “Substandard Proximity” is the word we are going to use. It means that the there are alternative PBNs, thin-content or low-quality content web sites, i.e., sites breach the rules by the webmaster and share the same IP address.

The fair portion of websites today encounters deindexing because of this substandard proximity, also called the bad neighbourhood.

We have a network with us that has been tested with various hosting solutions including dedicated server, premium (leading) hosts, SEO hosts as well as cheap (shared) hosts. We have also hosted several PBNs on the same IP addresses as these do not get connected to the individual money site. Whenever there is deindexing, not only one but all the PBN sharing single IP address get indexed. While all the PBNs are different, IP address is the only stable attribute.

We have analysed numerous factors such as outbound link profiles, backlink profiles, appropriateness of content and topics, grammatical mistakes, duplicity in content, latest content, DNS, IP addresses, WordPress plugins as well as hosting. But, every time there was deindexing in any site we analysed, it was found that the website was being hosted on the same IP with numerous PBNs.

Safeguarding Your PBNs

what is PBN hosting

One of the great ways to protect your PBN site is to mingle with countless admissible websites present on the World Wide Web, with the help of leading hosts that provide premium hosting.  These are popular and top hosting companies such as Hostgator and Bluehost.

As per the study of IP on Hostgator, IDL came out to be 5.07% only.

Now you may think about which Premium host to use for your PBNs as there are various options available in the market. Then we have a solution for you.

Do a study on various types of leading web hosting companies that are being used extensively on the internet. Make a list of the hosts that offer services that are crucial for your website, such as cPanel support, multiple domain allocations, shared IPs, WordPress support, Linux server, various payment options as well as the server in your preferred locations, etc. Besides, one of the most important factors is pricing. Hence, ensure that their pricing suits your budget.

Compare various hosts on this list, and the kind of hosting you would like to opt for and go ahead with the best option.

Our Suggestion

Most important factor for deindexing of various websites are the lack of valuable content, as well as poorly built and managed website by the cheap (shared) web hosts. So, rather than wasting time on various cheap or unreliable hosts, it is better to choose PBN as an alternative to putting your money and efforts.  This will help you in the long run.

Also, acquiring a premium hosting account is a tough task these days. You need approval for your application of an account with them. That is the reason most people have started preferring the EBN solutions. Easy Blog Networks are specialised solutions for PBN web hosting and have the capability to allocate you IPs provided by high-quality and trustworthy hosting providers such as Dreamhost, HP Cloud, Amazon Web Services and many more.

They have some specialised features such as uptime monitors and automated IP allocation, which are excellent for any SEO.

Once you select the hosting services, you are going to opt for; you would require in determining the domain allocation amongst these hosting providers. Here are some important factors to consider regarding assigning the domains.

We would recommend you to go for several providers and have multiple accounts. For a robust network, reseller accounts are the better options. This will give you a distinct shared IP address for every domain. And hence, there will be no footprints while linking to the money site.

Although premium hosting needs a lot of planning, this is a long-term strategy that will definitely help you in the long run.

Safety and Security Concerns of a Private Blog Network or PBN

PBN hosting for SEO

After you have built a PBN by putting in a lot of investments, time and efforts, and setting them up with the premium content entirely, you would not want anything to go wrong. Even a standard error can lead to the deindexing of your domain by Google, and this will impact your ranking immensely. Hence, you cannot afford even a simple mistake.

It is always recommended to focus on necessary safety requirements. A hosting solution plays a significant role in providing all kinds of safety and security measures. That is why finding an excellent service provider is paramount.

Private Blog Network Safety Measures

This is, basically, how to avoid deindexing by Google. In a way, you are trying to manifest that your PBN domains are operated and owned by distinct service provider.

However, unique content, various distinctive WordPress themes, and plugins, etc. are equally important. But, because there are millions of domains present on the internet, it is worth all the efforts. On the other side, Google has a mechanism based on which it computes your PBNs differently. Hence, the money and time spent to understand the Google algorithms is also crucial.

The mechanism of Google algorithm that we are aware of that leads to deindexing of the Private Blog Networks is based on the factors mentioned below:

Distinctive IPs

Your IP address looks like a.b.c.d. You have to ensure that you have unique a, b or c class IPs. However, in case, the last number, i.e., d-class is different between various PBN blog posts, they would lose the ability to improve the ranking of your money site. This may lead to increased chances of deindexing.

Different Nameservers

While you manage to get the specialized IPs for every domain name, the unique nameserver is also a critical requirement. With the same nameserver, your unique IPs will also be unsuccessful in reaching the higher ranking levels. This same server name for all the domains will leave a large footprint.

However, if you use the same nameserver for several domain names, it is considered okay, mainly because most leading hosting companies offer a particular nameserver to numerous lawful domain names. But, you must avoid having all your domains on a single nameserver.

Unique SOA Application for Sending Emails with Distinctive Addresses

With all the arrangements for various distinct IP addresses as well as different nameservers, it is equally significant to have distinctive SOA email addresses to send messages. If the SOA email address is same, it will make it obvious to Google that all your domain names are somehow connected. It is another big footprint.

SOA refers to “Start Of Authority.” It is a public record where the domain is delegated to DNS from its primary or main domain. Every domain must have it.

Just like the case of nameservers, several domain names can also share same SOA records. However, all of your domain names should not share a particular SOA record. Again, it is a footprint.

 Spam Website Hosts or IPs

If you remember there was a PBN deindexing incident that occurred in the year 2014, where most SEOs had rejected the Private Blog Networks and basically abandoned them. Since that time Google has begun targeting IP addresses and hosting providers populated with Private Blog Networks along with spam websites.

In a study, it was shown that amongst the well-known types of PBN hosting, low priced shared hosts are top amongst the hosts with deindexing domains. This study also revealed that if some portion of domains in an IP is deindexed, there are high chances that other domains will also be deindexed, which is what we concluded after our tests.

Therefore, it is evident that firstly an IP address is noticed by an algorithm as a component for the bad domain, and then every domain is marked for the manual review. And finally, the manual teams examine each of these domains independently and deindex them in groups.

Bad neighborhood

Bad PBN hosting in SEO

Credits : Pixabay

How do we determine that we have a bad neighbour when talking in context of hosting a PBN? A bad neighbourhood basically refers to having PBNs, thin- content sites or any site that violates or disrupts the webmaster guidelines that too on the same IP address. If you are having a bad neighbourhood, then there are a very high percentile chances of your site experiencing de indexing problem.

The following are the steps to determine whether your neighbourhood is a bad neighbourhood or not:

  1. Perform a reverse IP lookup procedure and then download the list of sites on the IP address in consideration.
  2. Run scrape box to determine to know how many times your site has been de indexed previously.
  3. Manually try to check and compare the sample set of the websites to determine approximately how many Private Blog Networks (PBNs) are there in your network.

Some of the most popular hosting solutions are listed below in the article. Keep on reading to know the exact details of each one of them.

Over To You : Which Is Best PBN Hosting Provider 2023 ?

In years, Google has become smarter in its algorithms and hence has been able to shatter SEOs which haven’t gone through much of advancement. It is still dependent on link building and relationship building.

While links are still the most crucial factor in ranking, backlinks are equally important and contribute to quality search results. Hence, you can do two things to improve your ranking through links:

  1. Rent these Links from the other PBNs or
  2. Hire an outsourcing service to build Private Network Blogs for you.

So, here was a detailed study of the PBN hosting. To know more about PBNs, please contact us or leave a comment or write a query.

Hope you like this best PBN hosting reviews  2023 posts and I am really glad that I have listed those PBN hosting solution which I have personally used and recommending to you guys. WPXHosting  & EasyBlogNetworks  are my NO.1 recommendations for PBN hosting. Which is your favorite PBN hosting providers? Please share below 🙂

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  1. BionicWP Managed Hosting is just the thing for any you’re looking to implement cloud hosting. The best part with BionicWP is that each new server instance has an exclusive IP address which means there are no footprints left through your PBN site thanks to BionicWP with its private networking capability. If you want a quick solution to scale your PBN sites, then this could be enough for all of your SEO needs!
    The installation process took only 15 minutes and I was ready to go. BionicWP’s customer service was very nice and they answered all my questions within 10 seconds of reaching out on the chatbox!

  2. LaunchCDN is a relatively new, but powerful service that allows you to escape the restrictions that other providers have. Now you can host as many blogs as possible with ease and without any worry about footprints being left behind. The LaunchCDN team is there for you every step of the way if things go sour, they’ll be able to help with anything from installation issues to technical difficulties or problems on your site. They always let their clients know what’s going on and will keep them updated until they finally resolve the issue at hand. With LaunchCDN, it doesn’t matter how big or small your blog network will be- you won’t find a more flexible PBN hosting service anywhere else!

  3. I started using Easy Blog Networks to host my PBNs and I was astounded by how easy it is! No more setup required, no more worrying about daily management; it’s all done for you. It includes everything you could want or need out of a blog network, including the automation which saves me dozens of hours each month. Don’t think this service will cut down on your blogging efforts because it does the opposite! This genius networking system frees up valuable time to focus on productive tasks like content creation.

  4. These guys are the best! I’ve had my LaunchCDN account for over a year now and they have always exceeded my expectations. When I sign up, their gear is configured with everything that you need to create fantastic PBN websites. Especially love the great customer service team which is available around the clock any time of day or night for questions or concerns. To me, having an excellent product backed by stunning customer service makes it really easy to give this one five out of five stars!

  5. I just want to leave a review for BulkBuyHosting. Their product is super awesome and I will recommend this hosting for anyone that need to host their PBN websites. The best thing about using CDN is the load time of your website and how it works with you, making sure all the content on your PBN links will be available if different users access them at different times. Cost-wise, it’s so much lower than other competitors and provides me more power over my budget since everything including hosting cost less!

  6. BionicWP is a great hosting solution for those looking to build their PBN with as little exposure as possible. It’s reliable and secure, I would recommend it to anyone who needs access to high-quality service at an unbeatable price point.

  7. I just started doing the tutorials when I heard that you needed a BUILDING BLOCKS platform to serve your purpose, but this PBN site does it all. It deploys all different types of blogs for different prices at different providers like Amazon and Digital Ocean, not complaining one bit about the monthly cost either. The maintenance is also handled by Easy Blog Networks too so no need to worry about anything once it starts working its magic!

  8. When I first started using BionicWP’s Managed Hosting for my Private Blog Network, I was a little nervous about tweaks and updates. They tend to take some time before they go live on a site. But I didn’t need to be worried after all because work is done behind the scenes which means that the changes are implemented almost instantly – no downtime or waiting! It’s been so easy being able to see what resources your instance of hosting has available at any given point in time by accessing this intuitive graph interface too… At 5% off, it takes literally less than 15 minutes for you to get enough servers up and running with just one click of a button. You can also have multiple sites hosted on each server if you want.

  9. If you are planning to grow your site and are not ready to pay for Google Ads or Google PPC, Easy Blog Networks is the best solution. It takes away all the hassle of deploying different kinds of blogs and automating their maintenance. There’s a monthly cost which is $35 per month for 10 different blogs that make it affordable to everyone!

  10. I always love to buy products that offer great service for a low price. BulkBuyHosting is just one of those perfect providers for that! I personally have experience being absolutely blown away by them, and want to share my opinion with you guys too. The only downside was the lack of email alerts when it came to things like server downtime or other issues– not sure if this is something they are planning on adding in the future!

  11. This hosting system is managed on a day to day basis, meaning all of your worries about getting your business sites banned are mitigated with the right cloud hosting choice. My favourite thing about BionicWP Managed Hosting is that it grants you a separate IP address for each new server instance and eliminating any footprints left. This ensures no one can track my account and de-rank me because I am using an unreliable web host for my PBN site. It has really increased the volume of SEO traffic we get every day!

  12. So I ordered a PBN from LaunchCDN because of their easy-to-use platform and they eliminated any potential footprints that I might’ve had. They have 24/7 customer support if you ever need anything (and it’s quick to resolve issues) and the products are excellent. Their features are good too, like how easy it is to order your own PBN website right from their dashboard.

  13. When I first saw BionicWP Managed Hosting, I thought it was a great idea because of how sterile and clean hosting is to manage. There were no case files or any hidden information about the cloud servers that BionicWP provides – everything’s clear as day! Plus – you get a new IP address with each instance, which for me is reassuring about all the signals my PBN websites would be giving out.

  14. You can’t beat the customer service at PBN hosting! I was always able to reach someone on the phone whenever I needed help, and they were almost always available even if it was in the middle of night. The service is also affordable. This powerhouse has some serious skills–they turned my site into a beautiful virtual space that attracts more attention than ever before with their complete redesign program. If you need an evolution for your website, this company is where you should turn.

  15. With excellent customer support and affordable prices, InMotion Hosting is the best company for your website. I first found PBN hosting through a friend who had recommended them. These are just some of the great features that set this company apart! Simply put – they offer free custom nameservers, unlimited site transfers, PHP compatibility with an entire suite of development tools, free premium instant SSL certificates from Let’s Encrypt with fast installation – all these things are what make In Motion one of my favourite companies for web hosting needs.

  16. InMotion hosting is excellent – the fact that they offer free custom nameservers, unlimited site transfers, php compatibility with an entire suite of development tools and free premium instant SSL certificates from Let’s Encrypt with fast installation says it all! In addition to their great features, InMotion Hosting has fantastic customer service too!

  17. I bought the BulkBuyHosting and love it. I can’t imagine starting my own PBN without this hosting solution. It has been easy to use and hasn’t caused me any common problems with other hosts like downtime or stalled pages. They also offer live customer support, which is a lifesaver when you need help! I recommend them to anyone who wants their PBNs taken care of while they’re off doing other projects.

  18. The BulkBuyHosting is the best PBN hosting solution with some key features that make it stand out. CDN ensures that your websites run faster than usual while you are also using static HTML pages instead of WordPress which does not slow down the speed. One of the key benefits of this product is their feature on unlimited IP addresses they provide. Their smallest plan cost around $26 per month and includes all 10 domains you want to host. If saving time and money on growing or maintaining link networks, be sure to consider this provider!

  19. I’m a professional SEO specialist and I recommend BulkBuyHosting as the best PBN hosting solution. It’s fast, secure and reliable. The team of experts behind it is always available for help, so it never happens if you need an expert to tell you how to solve your problem or provide any kind of technical assistance – they will definitely do that with great enthusiasm!

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  21. Initially, I was looking for a hosting solution to cater to my needs. That’s when BionicWP Managed Hosting came into the picture. It gives you IP aliases that are spatially maximized, because of which it becomes easier to maintain multiple domains without any fear of getting blacklisted for footprints or server usage. All in all, its efficient pricing and efficiency make this service the perfect choice for me!

  22. I recently came across a company called BionicWP with a pretty interesting package. They offer cloud hosting solutions for PBN sites, which is perfect for those who have been struggling to find a reliable and trustworthy hosting provider. With each new instance you launch with them, they will provide you with a separate IP address so that you can ensure your footprints aren’t left anywhere – this is really great because I think it helps prevent your site from getting blacklisted!

  23. BionicWP hosting is an incredible service. My affiliate sales are through the roof because I no longer have to worry about if my sites are blacklisted, they always remain online without a blip in traffic coming my way. I recommend this product wholeheartedly to anyone who has any sort of website for their business. It is worth every penny you shell out!

  24. Easy Blog Networks is very convenient, fast and secure. I found it easy to use which doesn’t require any knowledge of web programming or experience with hosting providers. It’s really quite painless to set up

    I love that they got me an amazing deal on extra-fast website load times, up to 50% cheaper data transfers per month, digital download every day … even Twitter followers!

  25. Easy Blog Networks is fast and easy. It does everything – we never have to find a new web host for our Fortune 500 company and then try to remember their credentials or configure software on that server… or even do the work all over again! Easy Blog Networks is like buying a car: put some gas in it, turn the key, drive off. Sometimes I forget my login information from one of those hosts so what do I do? That’s right – call up the “host expert” at support, tell them who I am and answer a few basic security questions. In 30 seconds I’m logged in as if nothing ever happened!

  26. You can even choose from a “stock” template or make your own custom page layout before you start building. In addition, the LaunchCDN platform has great SEO tools to help you speed up your website’s performance and rank higher on Google SERPs. This is one of the reasons why LaunchCDN customers often stick with their host!

  27. LaunchCDN is one of the best PBN hosting options and allows you to quickly scale your PBN without hassle. On top of the easy to use platform, LaunchCDN focuses on eliminating any potential footprints so you can safely host a large number of websites with them. Their support team is available 24/7 and is quick to resolve any issues that you have. They have a large variety of plans to choose from so you’ll certainly find something that suits your needs. Their platform is excellent and has great integrated features, very reliable web builder, which provides website erection in three simple steps – it creates new WordPress installation or duplicates existing site including plugins, themes, menus etc for new site ID while preserving original content files).

  28. LaunchCDN is one of the best PBN hosting platforms and is a great way to scale your network quickly. With an easy-to-use interface as well as a variety of plans, you won’t have any trouble finding what you need! Their support staff is available 24/7 – more than willing to resolve any issues that may arise. On top of those great features, their platform features integrated features such as ordering a PBN website from your dashboard. I’ve been on LaunchCDN for some time now and haven’t run into any major difficulties with them which means they’re excellent at customer service! Highly recommend them whether this be for a first-timer or someone more experienced in SEO.

  29. This PBN hosting service is one of the best ones on the face of the earth. It has been my go-to for a while now. The actual tools they provide are nice and simple, which makes it really easy to use even if you have no experience with anything like this at all! I just had a question about some room that needed relocating so I called their support team, and after one minute of on-hold time, someone contacted me back who knew what he was doing! Three minutes later my problem was solved. The customer servers provided by LaunchCDN are an absolute dream come true – they’ve got every feature available in a 24/7 world-class live chat as well as reasonably priced monthly plans with some great features.

  30. LaunchCDN is an excellent solution to have quality networks with many features. LaunchCDN’s customer support team is incredible and was always quick to help me find solutions, even in the middle of the night or on weekends. I’ve never had any problems with speed or uptime for my websites, they are great too! The plan prices are so affordable you can get an account with all the benefits for only $5 per month!

  31. LaunchCDN is without a doubt one of the best PBN hosting providers that I’ve come across. Their customer service team is always available to answer any questions that you may have, and they are super helpful when it comes to making updates if needed. The platform itself has convenient features like quick scaling, which means you can quickly grow your site without any issues! You won’t regret signing up with them, which is why I’m giving their services five stars.

  32. LaunchCDN has been excellent for my high quality PBNs. The setup is easy and they have an innovative control panel where you can order a built-in website with the click of a button or any other PBN related requests. You get unmatched privacy and anonymity too, not to mention their 24/7 customer service!

  33. Easy Blog Networks helps me build my own blog network on the leading PBN hosting service without footprints, in literally minutes. Plus I was able to test it out for a week before committing and my website is now ranking higher than ever! “This product has been tested by SEO Expert Charles Floate who says that Easy Blog Networks is trustworthy.”

  34. If you are looking for the best web hosting company to serve your SEO needs, WPX Hosting is exactly what you need. They offer private blog network hosting services that are designed to support your SEO needs and they understand the importance of managing your PBNs securely. With different A-, B- and C- IP, even if someone’s site gets deindexed by Google or Bing, yours will not be affected because it will keep rotating IP addresses.

  35. WPX Hosting has been a trusted provider of private blog network hosts since the year 2020. With only one day to go until 2021, they have been declared number one in independent testing for worldwide speed and service availability. When selecting your hosting company, it’s important that you know all of your options so you can choose the best possible option for yourself. I love this hosting provider and I am their customer for 5 years.

  36. WPX Hosting is fantastic. The service does everything it promises and I can’t recommend them enough! –

  37. I’ve used WPX for years now, and I’m so impressed with how easy it is to use them. My blog has gone from being ok to my blog exploding in traffic since I switched my hosting over to WPX. Hands down the best hosting service money can buy!

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    You have shared the best list here for PBN hosting providers but I prefer Seekahost.

  39. I LOVE my Launch CDN PBN Hosting provider. I have been working with them for a year now, there is nothing they can’t handle and we are always on the same page. They’re honest, reliable, and really flexible about what their clients need. There is no company I want to work with other than Launch CDN.

  40. I struggled with PBN hosting for over a year before I finally found the right one. I used Seekahost, and Easy Blog Networks but they all had their flaws that led me to switching back. It was hard until my hubby told me about this new website called WPX PBN Hosting—they were friendly and helpful when we asked them some questions, plus you get a bunch of discounts working with them!

    I will recommend WPX Hosting as best PBN hosting provider.

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  42. Easy Blog Networks is the world’s best PBN hosting service, giving you full ownership over your very own blog network with no footprints. It only takes a few simple changes to have your business blog up and running in ten minutes or less! You can even start your trial period free of charge for 7 days. I highly recommend them.

  43. Website hosting can be hard (and expensive) to come by and good SEO practices like good content require a lot of time and effort. WPX Hosting lets you avoid all that because it’s designed to support the needs of SEO, website owners, bloggers, email marketers, affiliate marketers and social media promoters.

    WPX Hosting has gotten great reviews from users like me who use their services for many different online marketing activities including blogging! I haven’t had any downtime since I switched over to them on my blog-hosting service thanks in large part to its patented proprietary Cloud Server Technology which is what allows WPX Hosted customers full control of their own dedicated server cluster giving customers 100% uptime at all times.

  44. I think this is a super cool product. I mean, not that it’s for me or anything. I just thought you might like to know more about it and how cool it is! I can’t wait until LaunchCDN has its next sale so that the rest of us can go get on CDN too!

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  46. As an avid SEO myself, Easy Blog Networks PBN Hosting was a game changer. Previously I struggled to find knowledgeable web hosting that would host a plethora of PBN’s for me and not charge an arm and leg for it. Normally these type of hosts will offer unlimited domains with unlimited data transfers etcetera. However their prices were through the roof especially given how many resources you really don’t need, and their TERMS OF SERVICE were so high because they regularly experienced DoS Attacks on their servers due to all the spammers trying to do the same thing as me!
    Diving into abysmal reviews online I finally found PBN Hosting which is very affordable considering WHAT THEY OFFER in terms of services.

  47. It is a surprisingly good vibe, not what I was expecting at all. For starters, the customer service was incredible and they were very professional about it! They had my issues resolved in an instant as well. The speed of the servers are substantial for what I need so no complaints there. Honestly though the best thing about WPX Hosting product is the price and performance spectrum!

  48. I love LaunchCDN for their great customer service and quick PBN website builds. They are the company I’ve trusted to make my sites faster, like FastPlay!

  49. Hosting services that offer private blog network hosting and understand SEO? It may seem like a tall order, but WPX Hosting has top-tier customer service and an easy interface for beginners to utilize. They also make management of your PBNs simple with built-in cybersecurity tools such as alerts on breaches or misuse. We recommend their services because they’ll work hard to keep you ahead in the ever-changing self site industry. You can trust them with your search engine rankings. I highly recommend them.

  50. Easy Blog Networks is a PBN hosting service that helps users build their own blogs without the footprint risk. With a 7 day trial period and tested by SEO Experts, Easy Blog Networks guarantees trusted safety and outstanding customer service. I highly trust them 🙂

  51. “I was really impressed with the service I received from Easy Blog Networks.”

  52. WPX Hosting is the best PBN hosting service provider I’ve ever used. They offer unique and completely natural hosting profiles with DIFFERENT IPs. WPX Hosting has nearly always been unmatched in independent speed tests throughout 2021 testing, proving to be one of the fastest-ever tested website hosts out there (to my surprise). Nevermind their competitively priced plans which make it hard for any other hosting company to compete with them either!

  53. I used LaunchCDN after I heard that CDN improved load times. They were very reasonable and had the best customer service around! It was so easy to set up and their tutorials made everything really clear. Thank you LaunchCDN, we got a great site live in no time at all and it doesn’t hurt that our reputation is better since we came online with an expert SEO company handling things for us .

  54. The best PBN hosting service I found for my business was Easy Blog Networks. It’s everything a Public Blog Network needs, and it got me the results that I wanted! It too is much cheaper than other services of its caliber; while this means there are fewer servers to pick from, it also significantly reduces monthly costs.

    I did work with WPX and Seekahost but I love EBN as my best PBN hosting provider.

  55. Give it a try! You deserve the best and that’s what they offer. Easy Blog Networks is designed for you and your clients, built through research and an expert understanding of what matters most: safety and ease-of-use. It can be hard to find PBN hosting with 100% transparency, no downtimes or downtime risks, but now those days are over.

  56. I have been looking for a small-business blogging platform for over six months and came across Easy Blog Networks. So I didn’t hesitate to try it. After setting up my blog within minutes, I can say that choosing this company was the right choice! After researching the provider extensively before signing up with them, I felt much safer knowing they provide a service that is worth paying a premium price for. The way their staff handles billing is also a plus because there were no mishaps when it came time to pay my bill at all. Really happy with what these guys did for me and will be staying here until something better comes along!

    Creativity: 5/5 stars

    Witty: 4/5 stars Engaging: 3

  57. I have been using Easy Blog Networks for a few years now and I have always had a great experience with it. Setting up was easy, installation was super simple, and the features included in the membership were a vast improvement from what I paid before.
    We also got loads of free upgrades to other services that were totally useful to our business needs. They really hit all their bases well!

  58. I recently switched over from Seekahost PBN hosting to WPX PBN Hosting at the advice of my SEO friends. Turns out they were right because I’ve increased rankings by 100% since switching and don’t have to worry about any blog network red flags now. Install was a breeze, setup process is super easy, and you get access to one-click installs for popular websites so it’s really easy if you want to publish your own sites on time with their full features
    My favorite part is that SFTP/SSH connection is available for uploading files – best part ever! The plans come in small, medium, and large starting at $19 a month which makes them affordable too. Well worth the money!

  59. PBN Hosting has legit been the most important investment into my business. I do all of this work by myself, so I know that these things are crucial to my success. With PBN hosting, everything is totally safe and anonymous – perfect!

  60. Hey buddy
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  61. Hosting is the most un-glamorous part of creating a PBN. Well… it’s not like the other parts are glamorous … but you get my point. PBNers hate having to think about hosting and hate even more having to pay hosting fees.

    However, your hosting decisions can literally kill your PBNs. They are the source of the biggest footprint available to the search engines to figure out and do a massive deindexation of your PBNs, so this is something you really need to be careful about.

    Many a PBNer left a footprint the size of the Enterprise in their PBNs and then threw a hissy fit when their PBN got de-indexed.

  62. LaunchCDN has a great customer service team, and using a CDN to host website content has helped with loading speeds. They have strong features for hosting PBNs that you won’t find anywhere else, for very affordable rates.

  63. I’ve been a fan for years! I used to go other CDN service providers and it always gave me headaches. LaunchCDN has professional, quality hosting with affordable prices. You can install your own PBN content or buy done-for-you packages! The customer service is great as well if you have questions they are happy to answer promptly. Highly recommend LaunchCDN !

  64. I’ve been using WPX Hosting to host my PBNs for over a year now and they’re by far the best option. I’m not sure what kind of algorithm they run, but no matter how many blogs you add to your account their natural hosting profiles never skip a beat and maintain top rankings on Google at all times! It’s so nice to be able to trust in an hosting company that can manage your sites without any errors or downtime. Not only do the speed tests show these guys will get you results, but also fast responses help keep me coming back!

  65. I always wondered about CDN hosting but never wanted to pay the high price. LaunchCDN was your answer! I save so much money by choosing this for my client’s website, and it still loaded fast. Plus, I got help from their customer service people when it came to setting up everything, they were amazing

  66. I’ve been using LaunchCDN for two months now and it is by far the easiest PBN Hosting company I have used. The setup process only took five minutes, they were professional to deal with, offer some great prices for what you get included, and their customer service was good too. I would definitely recommend them if you are on the lookout for a new provider of web hosting services!

  67. When I first started building my private blog network, the idea was to find hosting that would not be able to tell. After a quick search on TrustPilot, I came across WPX Hosting and found out they could provide me with what I needed. The price was a little pricey for me at first since I’m new but after looking into it, there were features that helped push this product over the top as something worth investing in- plus customer service is beyond amazing! Highly recommend!

  68. WPX Hosting is the most natural hosting I’ve ever tried. They know what they are doing when it comes to SEO with their global speed testing and private blog network hosting services. They offer A-, B- and C- IPs so you can mix them up to seem more authentic. I know WPX has my back when it comes time for security sweeps with their autoenforcement tools. Best of all, they were still checking in with me after 6 months of using this service! –

  69. Hey Jitendra good read! I’m going to share this with some of the friends. Cheers.

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