Top 21 Best Typography WordPress Plugins to Improve Your Design 2024

Are you in search of Typography WordPress Plugins to improve your design? No doubt typography plays an important role in web design as it will improve readability and the time visitors spend on your sites. As it plays an important role in the design, beautiful fonts mainly create better user experience along with increasing user’s engagement.

Many of the premium WordPress themes come with the access to Google Fonts and will allow you to tweak typography in order to suit your needs. In other words, we have to choose the appropriate style of the fonts to make it legible and attractive once the content is displayed.

Most of the times beginners and many users don’t know editing of the theme files. Don’t worry if you are one of them, there are many WordPress Plugins that will definitely help you in improving the typography on your site just without writing any code here. Here in this post, we have compiled the list of best Typography WordPress Plugins that you should try on your websites.

List of Best Typography WordPress Plugins 2024

1) Easy Google Fonts

Easy Google Fonts — Typography WordPress Plugins

Here, Easy Google Fonts allow you to simply use Google Fonts right on  WordPress site. It will also allow you to control the typography on your WordPress site simply by adding a Typography tab right in the theme customizer.By using the typography tab, you can simply change fonts when you are viewing a live preview of your changes.

Here you can select font sizes, colors along with padding and border and more. Just for the advanced typography, you can simply use the CSS selectors. You can also use the Inspect tool in order to find out the CSS classes you are willing to target.

2) Google Font Manager

Google Web Fonts Manager — Typography WordPress Plugins

This one is another plugin that will provide you the power of Google’s font library right to your WordPress sites. Here you will need the free Google Fonts API key then you find the easy instructions for creating one inside of the plugin settings.

Here this plugin will also allow you to select, browse along with preview fonts right from the Google Fonts and then after then you can simply add the fonts which you’re willing to use to your library. You can also use these fonts in all your post editor and themes.

3) Typekit Fonts for WordPress

Typekit Fonts for WordPress — Typography WordPress Plugins

Here, Typekit is one of the best and largest font repositories on the web. Basically, it is a subscription-based service that comes with the limited free usage. It provides many beautiful fonts that you can simply add to your site.This plugin will help you in connecting your website to TypeKit and simply add the code in order to load the fonts and it will also allow you to add the custom CSS. It also uses font-faced standard for the fonts

4) Simple Drop Cap

Simple Drop Cap — Typography WordPress Plugins

Basically, this plugin is meant for the transformation of the first most letter of a word in the paragraphs to a drop cap. You can simply do this task by enclosing the initial letters just by using the shortcode “[dropcap]” don’t use semicolons here.

Here it also comes with its Pro version. In the pro version, you will many features like creating the drop cap right in the text widget and post. You will also get limitless styles of the drop cap with the pro version. The best part is that you can design different styles right without knowing any codes without the help of any codes with the help of the intuitive design panel.

5)  WP Typography

wp Typography — Typography WordPress Plugins

Here this plugin is very useful for WordPress theme. As it will be helping you in improving all the web typography just by adding things like quick character, hyphens and more.

Basically, it adds hyphens at the required places as it mainly supports 50 languages. No doubt it will efficiently handle things like quotes, dashes along with copyright and many more symbols. Thus it provides all the enhanced experience for all of its readers.

6) Simple Pull Quote

Simple Pull Quote — Typography WordPress Plugins

Basically, Pull Code is nothing but it’s a way of highlighting all of the relevant and the important catchy lines in any article separately. As this technique will definitely help readers to simply absorb the key points right in the material. Here this plugin is most useful in adding the stunning looking pull quotes right for your post. Now you can easily create pull quotes in the articles with the help of this plugin and the whole process will be smooth. Here you can simply use visual editor or you can simply use the shortcodes for creating all the stuff.

7) TinyMCE Advanced

TinyMCE Advanced — Typography WordPress Plugins

Here you can use this plugin just for the advanced editing features like font sizes, background colors and more that you cannot do with the basic WordPress Visual editor.

It’s a thing that will truly enhance and will extend the operation found in the TinyMCE.

You can simply add, remove along with arranging the buttons which are present in the editor toolbar. This toll is mainly integrated with 15 more plugins for the TinyMCE. That will be unwittingly enabled and disabled in accordance with the usage of buttons.

8) Zeno Font Resizer

Zeno Font Resizer — Typography WordPress Plugins

Here, this plugin is well known for its one of the best font resizer. Here the use of the font resizer right to your website will help users to resize the fonts according to their wish simply by using the browsers.

So that users can maximize and minimize all the sizes of the fonts on the sites. Zero Font Resizer provides the facility for adding the resizer widget right on the sidebar. This plugin mainly uses jQuery along with JavaScript in order to set the sizes. Here the fonts stand the same when you will revisit the site by saving the settings in a cookie.

9) Page Title Splitter

Page Title Splitter — Typography WordPress Plugins

As the name suggests here, this plugin will help you will help you in splitting all the long length title along with making a new line in order to divide the title.  Here you can set individual breakpoints right on the posts along with the pages without the need of adding the HTML markers right in the text field. This plugin will do the greater kinds of stuff while transforming right from the desktop views in the topic heads and you also set markers in the text fields.

10) Secondary Title

Secondary Title — Typography WordPress Plugins

No doubt this one is a cool and lightweight plugin which has the feature to add secondary titles namely subtitles right for your posts, customs post types along with pages and more. Here you can also make specific settings just by using the advanced configuration options of the plugins. You can also modify various things simply by using the extra settings options like the auto show option along with the position where the secondary title is to be displayed.

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11) Accessibility Widget

Accessibility Widget — Typography WordPress Plugins

Here this Accessibility Widget for the WordPress will add the font resizer, which will really make it simple and better accessible for all the users. It mainly contains four resizing options like 90%, 100%, 110% and 120% that users can simply make sure of it in order to increase or decrease all the text sizes in the websites. You can also go back right to the widget for saving your settings right after each version updates. Here you can also automatically install this plugin simply form the WordPress dashboards.

12) Endnotes

Endnotes —Typography WordPress Plugins

This plugin is the modest solution for including the footnotes right to your page and post. This plugin is really very smooth and you can simply add endnotes by inserting the number of inline content right inside the square brackets. Here a footnote can be of anything like links, texts along with images. Here all you have to is provide the endnote numbers in the present similar multi-footnotes. This one is highly recommended who’s willing to have the desired results when the post is being displayed.

13) Just Writing

Just Writing — Typography WordPress Plugins

Here this plugin will help you in adding the buttons along with features right to the DFW mode for the destruction free writing. Basically, this mode is the finest mode available right in the WordPress. This tool basically provides many options right to this mode of spelling checker along with modifying the paragraph style. Basically, this one is added with many new commands in order to focus right on the writing of the texts. You can also rapidly switch b/w the writing modes along with the editing pages,

14) Text Hover

Text Hover — Typography WordPress Plugins

This plugin is basically used to add help text right to a normal text right in the article. This hover text will be useful when a viewer brings the mouse pointer right to over the word or any phrase within the content of articles. Here it will be used in making handy explanations and will help on many certain phrases along with acronyms right in your post and pages.

15) Greg’s Threaded Comment Numbering

Greg s Threaded Comment Numbering — Typography WordPress Plugins

Here this plugin will help you in adding numbers next to the WordPress comments. Basically, the key feature of this plugin is it can mainly handle all the threaded comments too. You will also get stylesheet with this tool too. And you can make it useful in order to add the custom styles for controlling all the display numbers. Here coders can directly call the functions. Right in the new version, a minor admin panel formatting modifications are made. Basically, this tool is compatible with all the  WordPress version from 2.7 to the 4.6.3.

16) Tooltipy

Tooltipy tooltips for WP — Typography WordPress Plugins

Basically, this tool is a keyword tooltip generator that will let you show all the relevant keywords right in any article of your post and page. It will also help you in showing the responsive description tooltip. Here it will automatically create all the necessary and technical keywords. Hence it really makes it simple and comfortable surfing environment for all the website visitors.

Just for highlighting the keyword manually, you can simply use the shortcode so-called Glossary “[kttg_glossary]”. As it mainly contains friendly setting page along with including the animations in order to make it more impressive and stunning.

17) Typecase Web Fonts

Typecase Web Fonts — Typography WordPress Plugins

This one is one of the best font management plugins that are available for you in improvising your site. It mainly contains 650 types of the fonts that you can embed right to tour site simply by browsing and searching facility.

No doubt this one is stunning user-friendly Typography WordPress Plugins that will let you shortly browse and find out the fonts right for applying it to your website. You can also simply insert fonts right into any theme via CSS by using the Typecase web font plugin.

18) Colorful Text Widget

Colorful text widget — Typography WordPress Plugins

Are you tired of the old and boring text widget? Here it comes the Colorful Text Widget as it will let you add colorful text widgets. This will also allow you to make all your text widget pop out. Here you can simply choose the background color along with text, and title colors right from the widgets settings.

19) Google Typography

Google Typography — Typography WordPress Plugins

Here Google Typography plugins will simply allow you to use any of the Google Font right for any text on your existing website just without writing any single lines of codes here. Right in the Appearance > Typography setting pages, just add and customize as many as you like. Then after that simply apply it to any of the existing HTML or CSS selector.

20) StyleGuide

Styleguide – Custom Fonts and Colors — Typography WordPress Plugins

Here this plugin will extend the functionality of the WordPress Customizer. It will also allow you to change site’s title, widgets along with the menu. This plugin will also allow you to preview all the changes to your fonts right before when you will make them live. It also provides 45 different Google Fonts. And you can also choose a font header along with a font just for the body text.

21) Font Squirrel (Unofficial)

Font Squirrel unofficial — Typography WordPress Plugins

In order to add many other font collection rights to the list, here this unofficial plugin mainly uses the Font Squirrel API to I for making it easy to install all of their fonts right on your website. You can also add a drop-down menu right to the WordPress editor in order to change the font of any text right within your posts.

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EndNote: Typography WordPress Plugins

Now you have got the list of best Typography WordPress Plugins through which you can enhance the look and quality of all your post and pages. I hope this post- List of Best Typography WordPress Plugins suits your purpose well. Feel free to add other quality Typography WordPress Plugins right in the comment section. Do share this post on the entire trending social media platforms.

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