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Upviral Review

Overall Verdict

UpViral trusted referral marketing platform enables anyone in running effective and profitable viral marketing campaigns in minutes. UpViral’s sweepstakes & rewards are the fastest way to grow your business online.

Out of 10


  • Create Viral giveaways/ Contests
  • Split Testing
  • Create Referral Programs
  • Best for Bloggers & Podcast Hosts
  • Best for Medical Practitioners
  • E-Commerce Business
  • Everything in one place
  • True E-mail Verification
  • Block suspicious participants from entering.
  • Enable double opt ins to make sure you stay complaint in some jurisdictions
  • HTML & 3rd Party Integration
  • Add participants manually via API


  • No built-in CRM
  • Limited customization options


Price: $ 39

Are you looking for Upviral Review?

Well, I have got your back.

In this competitive era, viral marketing is essential for brands. Several tools with the same configurations are available at competitive prices, making it difficult to choose the right product.

Every time we think of viral marketing, our minds often wander to thinking about Instagram influencers or Youtube content creators. Hiring and getting started with these famous people is quite unaffordable for small businesses. But, there are always other ways if you lookout.

Marketing through word of mouth, or referral, is an effective strategy for expanding a company’s clientele and generating new revenue. With just a few clicks, marketers can turn their referral programmes into money-making ventures with the help of UpViral, a cloud-based referral marketing platform. Marketers who want to boost specific aspects of their campaigns, such as lead generation, conversion rates, or site performance, will find UpViral particularly useful.

Irrespective of the business size, I always advise and recommend building an Email list. I treat email lists as an asset for a business.

Table of Contents

Bottom Line Upfront:  😍

UpViral’s three primary functions are giveaway creation, reward generation, and list making. In addition to these primary features, the software also provides supplementary tools, such as the capacity to design and deploy customised marketing collateral like landing pages, email campaigns, thank-you pages, etc. Collectively, these elements form the basis of an effective referral marketing strategy that can be used by businesses to expand their customer base and boost revenue.

Using UpViral has many advantages.

One major advantage of UpViral is that it can boost lead generation. More leads for businesses can be generated by rewarding existing customers for bringing in new ones through sweepstakes and similar incentive programmes.

Second, UpViral aids in bettering conversion rates by equipping users with potent instruments for enhancing their landing page optimization and site engagement. The result is a rise in the number of potential clients who end up buying from a company.

Third, using UpViral can improve site performance by attracting more visitors and encouraging them to stay on the site. That’s why it’s easier than ever for businesses to see a rise in website traffic and conversions thanks to this strategy.

The developers of this website made this application to focus on increasing the traffic of your website. Powering 25,000+ businesses around the world UpViral gives you the flexibility to create the right contest for your business goals.

You can also use it to increase your website’s traffic. Try using Upviral for just $1.

Upviral review and recommendations by users

Upviral viral marketing tool review

Upviral customer reviews

There are several ways you can use the database, which includes keeping in touch with your buyers or audience (in case you are a blogger or a podcast host) and even create viral marketing campaigns.

Are you wondering how creating viral marketing campaigns will help your business?

It can help you generate sales and get you popularity, which will gradually turn into a money-making machine for your business.

Sounds amazing, right?

But, there are so many tools/ software platform available in the market, making it difficult to choose from. Out of all the tools I have come across, Upviral claims to be the ultimate viral referral system that easily integrates with your existing funnel, tools & channels. Upviral can help your business get the attention it needs to go viral and grow big.

Who is Wilco de kreij? 🙄

Wilco de Kreij is the founder UpViral. He is a full-time online marketing “whiz kid” who started at the age of 16, when he started selling sunglasses online. Over the next decade and then some, Wilco has developed several online marketing applications and WordPress plugins.

Does UpViral Include Support?

You can watch videos on UpViral that will show you how to do things. You will not need help most of the time. But if there is a question, there’s also a knowledge base with common questions and answers about the process. It has simple questions for common problems like login issues or your profile getting deleted. If something technical goes wrong, you can submit a ticket to their support team. Then they’ll read it and try to fix the problem by talking to you or fixing your account information.

Is UpViral A Good Option For Your Business?

UpViral is a way to get your business in front of people on the internet. It can work for many different types of businesses, such as e-commerce or brick and mortar stores. You just need to change the rewards you want to give away. For example, if you sell products or offer services online, you can give discounts as rewards for referrals. If you sell digital products or run a digital agency, you can offer a free webinar or sample of your product.

Can UpViral be translated in other languages?

Yes, you can make 100% of what is seen in opt-in pages, sharing pages, and emails customizable. You can use it in any language you want.

What happens next year on my renewal date if I purchase today? Will my annual subscription rate climb to the rate that’s current at that time?

Good news—your renewal fee is grandfathered in. You’ll pay the exact same $350 this time next year for your UpViral annual subscription (an equivalent of only $29.17 per month). Unless you cancel, of course 🙂

Q. Am I locked into a long-term contract?

Absolutely not. Cancel at any time.

What is Upviral ? 😍

UpViral looks like an email marketing tool. Email marketing is a way to promote your business by sending out emails. With it, you can get referrals and go viral. It has special features that help you with this. You can use it to create campaigns, send emails, edit landing pages, track results and test different things on your pages (elements). These campaigns include contests, giveaways and product launches.

People who participate in contests will get rewards if they share a link with their friends. They will also do the same thing themselves because people who get rewards tell other people about them too! Your campaign will grow more this way too!

So, let’s get deep into the Upviral Review and what it has to offer you & your business?

Upviral Review: Top Pros & Cons of Upviral

UpViral is basically a cloud-based software that you can use to create viral marketing campaigns for your business, which will help your business grow.

With Upviral, you can create viral campaigns for your business, including contests, sweepstakes, coupons, etc.

You can create a sales funnel for your business, which will lead to higher sales in the future.


✅How do you use UpViral?

Step 1: Upviral has ready to use templates. You can create a campaign worth going Viral (Possibly a Contest or Giveaway) using those templates.

‍Step 2: As per the basic strategy, people will be asked to share the campaign more on their social media handles like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. The more they share, the more they have a chance to win.

This will help you create a loop where your subscribers will get you more subscribers.

Are you wondering how this will help you?

You get to maximize your email list just by running these viral campaigns. And just like I said in the beginning, ‘Your email list is your asset.’

And for the next step, you can connect your campaign to ‘Autoresponder,’ which will help you save time and manual work.

Because ‘Communication & connecting with your audience is the Key.’

Okay, so now you understand what Upviral is and How to use it. Now, let’s understand How to begin using Upviral (Initial Steps).

How to Begin using Upviral?

Step 1: Sign up on the website and create your Upviral account.

Sign Up for Upviral Account

Enter your details (Which includes Name, Email Address, Country, Company Name) along with your payment information, and proceed further.

Once you finish the first step now, it’s time to create your first step. In the next step, we will explain to you how to set up your first campaign.

Step 2: Creation of Campaign

Create a Campaign

Once you finish setting up your Upviral account, now it’s time to create your first campaign.

Before you explain to you how to create your first campaign, let’s understand which campaigns does Upviral has to offer; UpViral offers 3 campaign types:

  • Giveaway Campaign: You can plan a Viral giveaway with Upviral with few rewards, which can be unlocked by anyone who collects a particular amount of points by bringing in more subscribers
  • ‍Contest Campaign: Specially curated for referral marketing
  • ‍Generic: No fixed reward

Once you choose the campaign type, you can either integrate a third-party tool or run the campaign only with Upviral.

Step 3: Designing Campaign

Designing Campaign

Upviral offers hundreds of ready to use templates, which makes your work easier. You can customize them as per your needs,

If you might have ever used Canva, these templates are much similar to that. They are easy to access and use.

You can customize the templates with the visual editor. You can add or remove pictures from the template, customize color, customize font, customize text, customize the background, etc.

Step 4: Setting up the Rewards

Setting the Rewards

The most important part while creating a campaign is the “Bonus.” Attractive bonuses are the way to keep your audience engaged and participative.

Remember, nobody will make an effort if you’re not offering something attractive.

You can set up the reward details in this section, Name of the reward, Points needed to unlock a reward, Type of Reward, Reward image, Reward details, etc.

In case you want to grow your brand credibility on a certain platform, you strategize your conditions accordingly.

Now, Let’s understand the features of Upviral.

Features of Upviral Review

UpViral Case Study

1. Viral Campaigns

Upviral helps you create endless reward setups irrespective of the occasions.

The main strategy behind choosing the giveaway or a contest winner on Upviral campaigns is Sweepstakes, which means the winner is chosen randomly without following any winning criteria.

UpViral provides you with all templates, infrastructure, and experience you need to have a sweepstake ready to promote in barely 5 minutes.

Viral Campaign

Upviral allows you to mix and match sweepstakes and rewards to create the ultimate viral campaign. With Upviral, you can use sweepstake and watch as your participants’ desire to win glory on the leaderboard interprets into a constant flow of new referrals into your business.

2. Reward System

With Upviral, you can create rewards for any niche. UpViral lets you create and deliver unique prizes for all types of audiences, promotion, or niche.

Upviral supports URLs for secret content, downloadable files for e-books or software downloads. Coupon code for e-com stores. With Upviral, your only limit is your imagination because Upviral supports all types of reward systems. Isn’t it amazing?
Reward System
Upviral has unlockable milestones; with Upviral, you can keep your participants motivated with referral milestones that automatically reward them for every referral they bring. You will be rewarded for pressing social share buttons, not for posting on the social media platforms.

With Upviral, you can Offer countless rewards as you can think of and keep subscribers referring new people to your business for much longer than usual.

3. Multiple Platforms can be connected

Here’s my favorite part about this tool is internet marketing. Upviral isn’t limited just to Email Marketing or Email campaigns. With Upviral, you can integrate all your other Social Media handles, Facebook page, Facebook Group, Instagram handle, etc.

Multiple Platforms can be Connected

With Upviral, you can have everything under one roof.

4. Automation

In this fast-paced world, we don’t have time for manual work.

With Upviral, you can automate the entire rewarding system. UpViral’s automatic reward delivery system tracks your subscribers for you, emailing them their prizes whenever a milestone is achieved.


5. Referral Program

Upviral gives you an exclusive Triple A/B Testing option, which helps you maximize your referrals while minimizing your costs.

Referral Program

It also gives you an option of Testing landing pages and email follow-ups. With Upviral, you can easily identify participants, winners, and losers to maximize your conversions and build powerful viral campaigns.

6. Everything in one place

Honestly, I truly loved this part about Upviral; you can access all the information in one place.

You don’t need to gather information from different sources and then put it in an excel sheet to analyze it.

Everything in one place

With Upviral, all the important information such as Campaign details/ view, Social Networks (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, etc.), Email details, Split testing views, etc., are all in one place. Isn’t it amazing?

We understood the important features Upviral has to offer, now let’s understand How you can use these features and what you can actually do with Upviral.

What can you do with Upviral?

After reading the features, you have an idea about what all can be done with Upviral.

To summarize the above-mentioned information, we picked the 3 most important things you can do with Upviral.

There is a lot you can do with Upviral. But let’s talk about the Basics; there are three primary things you can do with Upviral:

  • Create Viral giveaways/ Contests
  • Create Referral Programs
  • Split Testing

Referral System

The possibility of turning one lead into many is a unique concept, making Upviral stand out. With Upviral’s Referral program, you can easily multiply your leads and email list overnight (Depending upon your strategy).

For instance,  if you have a giveaway, you can choose between charging for the product/service or saying, “If you refer to two people using this code, you’ll get a% of discount.”

Now, if you have a list of 5000 people and you do this to each of them, it shouldn’t be too hard to reel in a few more hundred leads from your established list. From here, it will grow each time you create a viral marketing campaign.

What makes it easy to do this process is “Ready to use templates” available on Upviral. You can easily create profitable viral marketing campaigns.

If plan A fails, you should always have a plan B ready, but what about working on both the plans simultaneously?

Not a bad idea, right?

With Upviral, you can always do a split test and know what’s working for you and not working for you.

Are you wondering, Is Upviral for me?

We have an answer to your question, who Upviral works best for.

✅How Does Upviral Works For Customers and businesses

Case Studies UpViral

1. E-Commerce Business

In the last few years, I have worked with quite a few E-commerce businesses ranging from apparel to groceries I have worked for all. And I cannot deny from the fact how important “Referral Marketing” is for Ecommerce Business.

Below are some of the instances of how you can leverage Upviral for your Ecommerce Business;

  • You can send out a 25%  discount code & mention if 5 people use it, the person who refers will get a gift.
  • Send out emails to your email subscribers, offering a “Winter Offer,” “Summer Offer,” or “End of season sales”  for the initial subscriber who gets you at least 10 referrals for newsletter signup. You can send emails to your subscribers and new subscribers; it should be able to create FOMO. For instance, you can use “Limited Period Offer.” Or signup, so you don’t miss out on any offer.

As we already know what Upviral is known especially for, yes, for Referral Marketing.

The above-mentioned examples are only a couple of examples; you can do a lot more using your imagination.

2. Offline Businesses

Entrepreneurs with Offline businesses who do not have any online presence often think digital marketing isn’t for them; it is not good to spend money on online marketing, but trust me, this is not a good idea.

Being an offline business, it is essential to have an online presence to help people find and reach you.

For instance, you have a grocery store, and someone who has recently shifted in your area is looking for a grocery store; instead of you, he finds your competitor, and you’ll lose a customer.

You can also use a referral program with an offline business as well.

For instance, you own a cafe, and there is not enough traffic & sales in your cafe.

You can plan a strategy for creating campaigns and then ask your audience to share on Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media platforms. And then reward them once they provide you a certain number of referrals.

I remember I ran one such campaign where we asked to share a picture on Facebook, and in exchange, we offered a ‘Free Tea.’ And we received a huge response.

By following the above-mentioned strategy, you can also reward everyone who brings a certain amount of referrals. You can offer a free coupon for snacks, Offer them a referral code for a% discount on their overall bill.

It will not only help you increase your visitors but also help you increase your footfall.

You can create referral codes or discount coupons with T&Cs so that your business doesn’t suffer too.

And if your services are up to the mark, then they’ll surely visit again.

3. Medical Practitioners

Any Medical Professional needs to be found by his patients. It helps him grow his practice, gain trust, and get popularity for his/her specialty.

Medical practitioners rely mostly on referrals ‘Word of mouth’ from several people, including other doctors, family, friends, etc. But, why depend on limited resources when you can explore unlimited resources.

Dentists, Physiotherapists, Psychologists, etc., can profit from this kind of strategy tremendously.

For instance, Dental practitioners can offer free dental check-ups for a particular number of references to their clinic.

Physiotherapists can offer a one-day session for free if they bring in a certain amount of leads.

Psychologists can offer free sessions if someone brings more leads, etc.

The above mentioned are a few instances of how medical professionals can efficiently use and plan a referral program.

4. Bloggers & Podcast Hosts

An amazing part about Upviral & Viral Marketing is it can be used and strategized by everyone irrespective of the Business size.

Irrespective of the type of business you’re running, whether you have a huge size business or an eCommerce store where you sell products, you can always create viral marketing campaigns.

For instance, a personal branding blog can provide a “Mentorship program for Personal Branding” to a particular set of audience who aspire to build their own brand. You can offer the mentorship program for a certain amount of references to your site.

In case you run an audiocast/podcast, you can offer your subscribers to get on your podcast as a host or guest.

In today’s time, where your brand’s face is highly recommended, this will surely be an amazing opportunity for a person to get exposure on a podcast.

Make your subscribers bring you more subscribers. Whoever brings a certain number of subscribers, you’ll give them a chance to be a host or a guest on your podcast. It will be exciting for both of you.

5. Agency Owners

If you’re an agency owner, whether it is a hiring, consulting, PR, Marketing, Digital Marketing Agency, or any other agency type.

With Upviral, you can gain popularity for yourself as well as for your clients.

You can do a webinar giveaway for your subscribers and give them some perks for providing you referrals.

For instance, if you are a digital marketing agency, you can provide a free 30-minute Consultation Call for every participant who refers 15 people to you.

And then you’ll have scheduled consultation for the subscribers. Your list is your asset, and you can use this list to upsell by the end of the call.

But remember one thing, the quality of your work will give them a reason to stay and engage with your blog or podcast in the future.

Until now, we understood all the important functionalities and some strategies for Upviral. Now, let’s know its pricing.

Upviral Review: Pricing : How much does UpViral cost?

Now, finally, let’s talk about one of the most important factors of Upviral, the features are good, but how much will it cost?.

They basically have 3 packages to offer. Each package has some more feature additions.

Let’s start with knowing the first package;

Plan 1: Upviral’s Starter Package- Price of the Plan: $39/ Month

Key features of the Upviral’s Starter Package:

  • You get access to run unlimited campaigns.
  • You can add up to 10K participants.
  • Only One brand can be integrated.
  • Fraud detection is available.
  • Email support is available.

Plan 2. Upviral’s Business Package- Price of the Plan: $59/ Month

Key features of Upviral’s Business Package:

  • You can run unlimited campaigns.
  • Add up to 25K participants.
  • Can connect 3 brands
  • You’ll not get to see Upviral Ads.
  • GEO targeting available
  • Split testing
  • Supports API + Zapier

Plan 3. Upviral’s Premium Package- Price of the plan: $149/ Month

Key Features of Upvira’s Premium Package:

  • Unlocks business features
  • You can run unlimited campaigns.
  • Add up to 100,000 subscribers.
  • Connect 10 brands

All these plans come with a 30 days Money Back guarantee.


I think it’s worth investing money in this software.

The best part about Upviral is it has space to include a large number of participants. Upviral’s number limit is quite better than other similar tools. So without upgrading your plan, you can continue working on your marketing.

You can choose the plan as per your business size and need.

Although I would highly commend the “Business Package,” as it comes with 2 most important features, i.e., A/B testing & CRM merger. Which are essential for keeping track.

Quick Links

Customer Testimonials of Upviral

“I HAVE To Tell You How Impressed I Am!”

“After one of your videos I decided to give it a try. The results? Well, 10 minutes after publishing the link at Facebook, I received 20 new leads. Now, I have got 718 leads with ONE campaign! Wow!! THANK YOU!”



“I’m A Newbie At This!”

“I had the privilege to be on of the beta testers of UpViral… So far I’ve already added 450 leads to my account… This may not seem like a lot, but I am a newbie with this by no means a Facebook guru… Getting 450 from my small niche websites is a LOT harder, so I will definitely continue building my list using UpViral!… You have a fan Wilco and I am sure other people will love UpViral too… Keep up the good work!”


“I highly recommend using UpViral in your business. Wilco’s products are always top-notch!”


“UpViral has proven to be the simple, effective and affordable viral contest app we were looking for. It helped us build a responsive 30,000+ list in a new market in less than six months.”


UpViral generated 230,669 leads and produced more than half-a-million dollars in sales, in just 6 days!


Upviral Customer Reviews

✅ FAQs On Upviral Review:

👉What is UpViral?

Upviral is an amazing and highly recommended tool for referral marketing. Upviral is a very user-friendly tool, and it can benefit your business in a great way.

👉Is upviral free?

No upviral is not free, but you can get upviral for $1.

👉Is upviral legit?

Upviral is a qualified marketing software that functions excellent for giveaways as well as competitions. There aren't too many other tools out there like this one in terms of creating viral campaigns that concentrate on producing brand-new subscribers from recommendations. I found Upviral to be incredibly straightforward as well.

👉Can I use UpViral to run contests?

There is a feature available on UpViral through which you can run as many contests, you want. With their tool, you can manage your contest however way you want and you can add features like sign up to earn extra rewards.

👉Can I integrate UpViral into my own tools?

You can integrate UpViral in any tool you want. They have made UpViral compatible with almost every tool. If it's not working with your tool then you can contact customer support and they will make it work for you.

👉Can I use my own domain for the referral links?

You can add as many domains as you want and they’ll use it as a referral link in your campaigns. They’ll also host it for you as well.

How long is UpViral special offer available?

Only until tonight August 8 at 11:59am Pacific.

Do I need any other tools to run my UpViral campaigns?

They recommend two tools: 1) an autoresponder to capture email addresses 2) a platform to sell offers to your new UpViral leads. (you can get started for free with WordPress and the WooCommerce plugin.)

Will UpViral work with my current website?

Yes! UpViral can easily be integrated into your website as well (or host it all on UpViral - even easier!)

Is UpViral mobile responsive?

UpViral campaigns render beautifully on phones and tablets to make it easy for people to enter your sweepstakes and giveaway events.

Does UpViral have built-in fraud protection?

Yes! UpViral reports fraudulent activities and verifies emails to protect the integrity of your campaigns.

Does UpViral work in multiple languages?

It’s a big world out there, and UpViral supports ALL languages. Conquer your local market, or go after new profitable markets located anywhere in the world.

How To Create Viral contests for your business ?

Over the past few days, I’ve shared Wilco’s video in which he explains a really cool way to drive more sales for your business.

So I thought I’d summarize the 3 simple step strategy that produced these results…

Step 1) Create a viral contest

Viral contests incentivize people who enter the contest into sharing it with friends and family in order to gain more entries.

To attract the right people to your contest, it’s often best to give away your own product or service as the prize.

This attracts people who are actually interested in your product or service—and repels freebie seekers.

Step 2) Share the contest with your audience

Ideally, you already have a small audience, whether it’s an email list or a social media following.

Hint: This allows you to kick off your contest without spending a dime.

Step 3) Promote a special offer to the people who DIDN’T win the contest

Most people run a contest for a couple of weeks, but don’t promote an offer.

Now they still get the benefits of building their email list and increased engagement with their audience…

But they miss out on all the sales they could get from making an offer to those who didn’t win. 😢

To make your offer even more irresistible, offer a discount or added bonus to your product so people still get a great deal (which makes them feel like a winner anyway!)

Remember, they signed up for your contest because they wanted to win your product–so the timing’s perfect to make them an offer!

But be sure to make the offer time-sensitive to give your audience urgency to buy before the deadline.

And THAT is how you get an immediate ROI from running a viral contest.

If you’d like help putting together your contest, finding traffic for it and making the perfect offer after the contest ends…

And all the little details in-between:

Then check out the special annual plan promotion for UpViral, the #1 viral sweepstakes and contest software (save 40%) 

UpViral handles all the details of your contest with ease, from landing & share page templates, email templates, built-in fraud protection, a beautiful drag & drop editor, and so much more!

Upviral on Social Media :

UpViral Bonuses :

You’ll also get these incredible bonuses worth $3785:

  • Viral Masterclass (an ‘A-Z’ deep-dive into how viral referral marketing works) (value $1997)
  • Live Implementation workshop (value: $197)
  • The Fill-in-the-Blanks Toolbox filled with high-quality graphic elements, plug & play campaign emails, checklists, and terms & conditions pages for your contests (value: $297)
  • 5 Done-for-You campaign templates (valued at $997)
  • Exclusive traffic training (valued at $297)
  • 25 in-depth case studies (priceless!)
  • Live weekly calls with UpViral experts–get your campaigns reviewed, and your questions answered live (priceless!)
  • Facebook group filled with like-minded business owners (priceless!)

Best Upviral Alternatives :

1) ShortStack

ShortStack Review- A Reliable Platform For Getting High ROI

When it comes to marketing your small business, there are a lot of different tools and strategies at your disposal. But when it comes to creating contests, sweepstakes, games and landing pages that are both engaging and shareable, there’s only one tool you need: ShortStack.

Here are just a few of the benefits of using ShortStack to create your next marketing campaign:

1. ShortStack is easy to use.

With our simple and intuitive drag-and-drop interface, you can create stunning contests and landing pages in minutes – even if you have no experience with design or coding.

2. ShortStack is mobile-responsive.

Your campaigns will look great on any device, from desktop computers to smartphones and tablets.

3. ShortStack is customizable.

Our templates are fully customizable, so you can create campaigns that perfectly reflect your brand and messaging.

4. ShortStack integrates with major email marketing platforms.

Once you’ve collected leads through your contest or landing page, you can easily export them to your favorite email marketing platform for follow-up.

5. ShortStack is affordable.

Even small businesses can afford the features and functionality offered by ShortStack. Prices start at just $29/month for up to 1,000 subscribers.



If you’re not familiar with VYPER, it’s a marketing tool that makes running viral campaigns simple. VYPER allows you to create Referral Campaigns, Reward/Loyalty Programs, Giveaways, Contests, Leaderboards, and much more.

VYPER is an excellent tool for increasing engagement and shareability among your followers. It makes use of gamification and incentivization to create an addictive experience that keeps people coming back for more. This can help your company grow faster and more efficiently!

The adaptable builder makes it simple to create campaigns that are focused on your brand’s core objectives. Your campaigns can be displayed as a website chat widget, landing page, or embedded directly into your website. So, if you’re looking for a way to boost engagement and grow your business, look no further than VYPER! Check Out Vyper.io Review here.

3) ViralLoop

Viralloops Review

Viral Loops is the solution if you’re looking for a simple method to increase referrals.

Create your own unique rewards program in minutes with no coding experience required using Viral Loops. Select a template that best fits your needs and make the necessary changes.

WordPress, Shopify, and Facebook Messenger are just a few of the CMS’s and web platforms that Viral Loops supports.

What’s even better? Without any specialised knowledge or time, you can modify and launch a campaign to your exact specifications.

What are the benefits of using Viral Loops? A few of the advantages are as follows.

Referral rates can increase by as much as 300% with an effective referral programme. That’s because people who come to you via referral tend to be both loyal and lucrative.

Two benefits of word-of-mouth advertising are increased customer loyalty (91% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a company after hearing positive feedback from a friend) and a lower cost of acquisition (69%). This is due to the fact that word-of-mouth recommendations are generally considered reliable.

It’s 5-10 times more expensive to bring in a new client than it is to keep an old one. It follows that the best way to lower the cost per acquisition is to increase the retention rate of your current customers. And a referral program is the best way to accomplish that goal!

Conclusion: Upviral Review : Viral Marketing Software Worth It ? 

Are you wondering whether this tool is for your Business?

I would recommend you to ask yourself the following questions before making a final purchase call. We know and understand referral marketing isn’t for everyone.

  • How referral marketing can benefit my Business?
  • Do I have any email data to start with?
  • Can I really afford Upviral’s pricing?
  • Can I really provide offers and free stuff without harming my business’s profitability?

If you aren’t doubtful about any of the questions mentioned above, then you should buy this tool.

Overall, Upviral is an amazing and highly recommended tool for referral marketing. Upviral is a very user-friendly tool, and it can benefit your business in a great way.

Just like I’ve mentioned at the beginning of this blog, the most important factor which will help you achieve your goal with Upviral is the worth of your offering you’re giving out, the type of content you’re sending via mails.

Great marketing and amazing offers will make a good combination for the success of your Upviral Campaign.

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