6+ Best AWS Lambda Online Courses & Certifications In (2023)

In this post, we have shared the AWS Lambda Online Courses & certifications 2023 that would help you prepare for the AWS Lambda courses. Let’s have a look at about what AWS Lambda and the best courses offered!

Technology has always been showing its benefits with the changing world and various tools have been developed to modify things and perform things in an easy way and also do them better.

But not these, the methods of technology are also trying to improve with the various requirements of humans and understand the necessary needs of technology better. So now if we talk about the tools and equipment of technology then there are many. And here we will talk about the AWS Lambda

What is AWS Lambda?

Best AWS lambda courses


When we talk about the AWS Lambda then it can be regarded as a computing platform that is provided by Amazon as a factor of the Amazon Web Services which is event-driven as well as serverless.

The computing platform does the job of running code in response to actions and also has the ability to manage automatically managing the resources of computing that are required by that code. AWS Lambda was presented in November of 2014.

Now let’s talk about the AWS Lambda Layers.

Since it is a concept of coding. So the Lambda function can be organized by you to yank in additional code and subject in the form of layers. And ZIP archive that consists of libraries, a routine runtime, or any other dependencies is basically a layer.

And the AWS Lambda also lets you perform the code without the need of servers. You will have to only calculate the time you acquire- and the greatest benefit is that your code will not vary if it doesn’t run.

For almost any type of applications or backend services, you will able to run your code with the help of Lambda-everything along with zero administration. What you have to do is just upload the code you have performed, and after that, there will be Lambda available for you take care of everything that is needed to run your code along with elevated availability.

The code could be set automatically to get activated from other AWS services or you can it right from any mobile services or any web.

What are the benefits of the tool?

As described that there is no requirement of any servers to manage and a continuous scaling will be there along with the presence of subsecond metering.

Suggestion: Do a course of AWS Lambda. You will get too many benefits for a technical career.

[Updated2023] Top Best AWS Lambda Online Courses: Which Is Better?

1. LinkedIn Learning Lynda

Linkedin Learning Lynda provides the courses for every step of your career and help you to be professional throughout. The company has the best instructors that have real-world experience and also guide their unique strategy.



In the AWS Lambda course for Lynda, you will get a thorough understanding of DynamoDB, Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), and API Gateway products. You will get the certificate of completion on the completion of this course.


What do you get to learn from this course?

  • You will be able to work with the Lambda console
  • You will be able to design a Lambda function
  • Be able to explore the Lambda console
  • Lambda CloudWatch and observing
  • Development of the application of Lambda
  • Learn to create a Lambda API
  • Setup API framework
  • Able to set up API integration for reading
  • You will be testing the API with HTTPie or cURL

lynda aws lambda courses 


The duration of the course: 1 hour 4 minutes

The rating of the course: 4.4 out of 5

Cons: If you talk about LinkedIn Learning, then it is not formal. Also, the LinkedIn Learning Certificates of Completion are not the same as a degree program or a software certification program. And additionally, Learning Certificates are not endorsed or recognized by third parties, but that doesn’t matter if you are eager to learn something.



2. Linux academy

_1 Learn-by-Doing Online Cloud Training Platform – Linux Academy


Linux academy is all about acquiring the cloud guidance platformer and try to learn real skills for application in the real world. Here, you get the experience of interactive courses in AWS, Google cloud and Azure and boss the tools that form technology.

Authorize your team or complete enterprise to learn by applying for the Linux courses and be able to crack the technology curve of the cloud curve with the help of Linux Academy for Business — the topmost multi-cloud Learn-by-Doing educating platform.

You can start the course with a free trial.

There are updated courses provided by the industry professionals to give you the cloud advantage. There’s a purpose Linux Academy has 95% delights from over 50,000 month-to-month ratings. Discover the modern technologies from devoted experts that want to look you win.


About the Course

The architectures that are server-less are speedily growing and enhancing a strong gripin today’s businesses. AWS Lambda presents the ability for builders and groups to focus strictly on their code, now not having to fear approximately the infrastructure that hosts it.

This Amazon Web Services Lambda Deep Dive will take you in for a low-level look at the service and its middle concepts so you can utilize it to meet your needs! Linux Academy has installation numerous classes, arms-on stay activities, and real-global scenarios with the intention to use to research as a great deal as viable.


Syllabus of the Linux Academy AWS course

An Introduction to it

  • Getting Happening
  • Introduce yourself to the AWS Lambda
  • Basics of the AWS Lambda
  • Essentials of the Lambda Core
  • Getting Underway with Lambda
  • Lambda along with CloudWatch
  • Lambda along with AWS CLI
  • Deployments of Code in lambda
  • PrimaryPrerequisitesSection
  • Lastly Conclusion along with the Summary
  • ActualWorld Use Case – Canary Code Arrangements

Pricing of Course

Linux acaddemy aws lambda courses


AWS Lamba courses would cost $ 37.42 per month which is billed as $449 per year. There is also a Basic plan and Business plan giving you access to the dashboard and gem starter pack. This plan also includes the Interactive diagram.

The duration of the course: 12 hours 40 minutes

The rating of the course: 4.5 out of 5


Cons: The price is very high for the courses but if you want to achieve something in life then you have to spend your money.


3. Udemy

Udemy, a platform where you can find the best courses, provides also courses for .NET courses that rank amongst the topmost courses to guide you along the way. The site of Udemy, Udemy.com is the largest online tutoring which aims to teach professional adults and students.



If you are not sure for the course then don’t worry. Udemy also provides the option of a 30-day money-back guarantee for every course.

 AWS Lambda & Serverless Architecture Bootcamp Course

What you will get to know about the described course?

With the help of Udemy, you will be able to dominate AWS Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB, and Phasefunctions from the ground up which are given with complete Demos and Hans On)

You can rationalize your growth and position with AWS SAM as well as the Serverless Framework. You can even mechanize serverless placement with AWS CI/CD apparatuses like CodeCommit, CodeBuild, and CodePipeline and shape serverless REST API, Web App, Android, and iOS Mobile Apps, Alexa Skill, IoT App and many more technical things like these.

Top AWS Lambda courses

AWS Lambda assimilates various kinds of services like S3, Kinesis, SNS, SQS and more in your serverless projects. You will be able to devise auth 2.0 Authentication and Agreement with AWS Cognito and learn to article your serverless APIs with the use of API Gateway and Swagger.

You can even Study Serverless Best Practices.

AWS Lambda course comprises:
  • 5 hours on-request video
  • 5 articles for your guidance
  • 76 resources available for you to download
  • Full lifetime admittance
  • Admittance on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of Achievement
  • Existingprice₹468

So the course is for whom?

This course is designed for the creators at all levels that is from the beginner level to the advanced level that is interested in mastering Serverless. It is also considered ideal for the inventors and wangles who have the desire to master the subject of AWS Lambda and the Serverless Architecture.

AWS lambda course for Udemy


Moreover, for the DevOps Experts looking to gadget serverless continuous incorporation and continuous delivery of processes and developers those who are observing to zip up and modernize their serverless progress and positioning process.

For the Inventors those who have the thrust to create serverless presentations with the use of the best practices in serverless computing and the aspirants of the AWS Certification.

The course described above is an example of the AWS courses by Udemy

So how will Udemy AWS Lambda Course work?

You can find out video courses on almost every topic on the site. The best part is that you can go at your own pace, not to hurry and gather knowledge from the industry experts.

The duration of the course: 12 hours 40 minutes

The rating of the course: 4.5 out of 5


Cons: The certificates of Success help to establish your accomplishments, but please keep in mind that Udemy is not an attributed institution, and as a result, the certificates cannot be used for recognized accreditation. Certificates of achievement can be read at Udemy.com and the mobile site, but not through the mobile apps.




Pluralsight AWS lamba courses


You must be aware that in which there’s a talent there’s a way to get your dream process by constructing in-call for era competencies. Master the brand new technologies with lots of on-demand video and interactive publications taught through the world’s experts.

Build IT capabilities, statistics talents and many capabilities for a better destiny. Pluralsight gives an awesome insight into AWS Developer where You will be introduced to the concept of AWS Lambda.

AWS Lambda as described is the foremost serverless functions benefactor in the world. This will show you the essentials of using AWS Lambda and how it can fit within the serverless scenery.

Pluralsight AWS Lambda course:

  • Introduction to the concepts of AWS Lambda
  • You can create event-driven code
  • You will learn how to deploy simple scheduled functions
  • Securely try to combine services alongside Lambda
  • After completion the completion of the course you will have
  • Introductory knowledge of the AWS Lambda
  • And also about the other AWS services
  • Organization of a service space

List of best AWS lambda courses online


The duration of the course: 1 hour 51 minutes

The rating of the course: 4.5 out of 5

Cons: Even though the courses provided are very amazing but the prices are still high. But to learn something money will be spent.


5.A Cloud Guru

A Cloud guru AWS Lambda courses

With the help of A Cloud Guru, you will get to know how to cloud with fun courses and labs that are taught by the Industry’sprofessionals.

Acquire how you can build, organize and manage tremendously scalable cloud services with the help of AWS Lambda.

About the course of AWS Lambda

It is a new, serverless technique to shape structure in the cloud. The hands-on labs in the described schedule will display you how can write Lambda functions. And for this, the training course will be only of 5-20 minutes videos. Inevitably code will be activated by events from Amazon S3, Kinesis Streams, and DynamoDB after the achievement.

AWS Lambda online courses


Suppose if someone has signed up for an annual affiliation, then he or she will behave to pay for the full annual membership cost of $249 when his or her free trial dies and will habitually renew each year until stopped. Aimed at monthly memberships, a reoccurring $29 transaction will be sent on his/her account each month.

Cons: Prefer to keep in mind that there is no certification from the provider of the platform. There will be the maintenance of the record which will be displaying you have finalized the course preparation through Cloud Guru.

6. Mindmajix

Mindmajix is another platform for learning the AWS Lambda and it is not just limited to AWS but also DevOps, Business Analytics, Database administration, VMware, Selenium, Amazon Web Services, Bigdata, Python, Identity Management, IT service, Management, NoSQL DB Courses, IT Networking and Server Administration Courses.

Best AWS courses online

You can select a course for Mindmajix where you will be able to dominate the hottest technical skills by selecting one of Mindmajix’scourses above 550 and the offerings and advance your profession.

Here you can schedule a demo session for you to understand better. You can also book a Free Demo Gathering at your most suitable timing and share your learning goal mouths with the attendant.

You can also connect live and start to learn on your timetable on any device, anywhere, anytime. You can schedule your Free Demo for the course.

Customization of the Course

The expert trainers of Mindmajix support their clients in fashioning a customized learning strategy to guarantee the best learning outcomes.

It can Increase real-time experience and thoughtful knowledge by involving in hands-on projects and get lent quickly.

Mindmajix Education Management System

  • Mindmjixofferaccess to LMS that offers a protected and seamless user involvement, which facilitates an easy entrance to learning materials and personalization.
  • Raise the technical skills you have and also chase rewarding employment with Mindmajix’s unique education model.
  • Market-Driven Prospectus
  • The crew of authors curates the curriculum on the latest technology tendencies
  • Job Willingness
  • The modified and cooperating learning involvement will help you to land at your daydream company
  • Learner Provision
  • The support facility of the team runs continuously and suggests everything you need to cultivate and scale.

AWS Lambda Preparation

It influences the growing claim for certified AWS Lambda professionals. The course duration is 30 hours where 2 live projects are available.

AWS Training options are: Live online or it can be Self-paced or Classroom.


Training of MindMajix AWS Lambda: Discover how you can Compute Code Serverless using Lamda, incessant calling, activates, orchestration, AWS setup functions. Skilling amazon s3 to activate AWS lambda in order to procedure the data promptly after uploading, flooding data, data emptying, how to shape serverless, mobile, IoTbackends., etc. (Enroll& Become Certified).


  • ExtraordinaryQuality videos made by industry experts with theory and demo of structures and jobs of the AWS Lambda.
  • Learn at your Convenience.
  • You get pre-defined recordings.
  • Distributed through LMS.
  • Fixed Course Content.
  • Certification Guidance Provided.


Live Performance of theory and demonstrations select-iconization of topographies and tasks of the AWS Lambda. You get recordings of each advice session that you attend.

The company gives the Commercial Training for F2F collaborating presentation of theory and demo of features and tasks of the AWS Lambda. You can study as per full-day schedule with discussions & exercises. No recordings are available, however, you can choose self-paced video if desired.

It has a wholly customizable course matter& schedules with certification management provided.

The rating of the course: 4.3 out of 5

Cons: MindMajix won’t show you any rating unless and until you have offered your phone number and email-id to them, so those who don’t want to their phone number to be public they will face problem having knowledge about the pricing of Mindmajix.

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The Final Verdict: Best AWS Lambda Online Courses 2023 | Which One To Choose?

I have listed the best courses for AWS Lambda for online certification. They offer a complete understanding of the course and the details into each courses. Mindmajix provides various courses that are leading others. If you are on willing to learn about the AWS Lambda then Mindmajix is there to help you.

 LinkedIn Learning is available to help with the knowledge and represent one of the best courses to teach you about AWS Lambda. So take the help of Linked In if you want to learn about AWS Lambda. A cloud Guru gives the best training platform to learn AWS Lambda. So take the help of A Cloud Guru if you want to learn about AWS Lambda.

Also, Udemy has proven itself to be the best with the quality of courses it has. If you want to have knowledge of AWS Lambda then Udemy is there to help you.

Pluralsight is a very helpful platform to help you with the knowledge of AWS Lambda. So take the help of AWS Lambda if you want to learn about it. This was our list of the Best AWS Lambda Online Courses and Certifications in 2023!


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