Nexcess Review 2021: Is It the Best Web Hosting Provider?

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Web Hosting


  • Managed Hosting
  • Dedicated Support Team
  • 14 Days of Free Trial
  • Website Migration
  • Lots of Freebies
  • Inbuilt Caching
  • Daily Backups
  • User-friendly dashboard


  • Slow Support Team
  • No Free Domain

Nexcess is one of the best web hosting service providers that offer many facilities according to a wide range of clients like small businesses, medium businesses, and large businesses. It also provides security to clients.

Price:$ 19.95

In this post, we have shared the detailed Nexcess Review 2021 with web hosting plans, features, pricing and benefits of using Nexcess.

Let’s find out further about Nexcess!

Bottom Line: Nexcess is one of the best web hosting providers offering various features at a great price. The features and prices are already optimized according to established CMSes. It has amazing pricing plans and stellar support that makes it a viable choice for beginners as well as pros. The CMSes list includes WordPress and Magento. Try Nexcess for free now.

About Nexcess:

Nexcess has been shining since 2000, and now they are at a great level operating five centres for data all around Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Technology in the modern era is growing fastly, and hence it is challenging to come up with something very new in the field, but every technology demands hard work and seriousness.

Around 20 years from now, Nexcess set its goal to fulfil the promise. Nexcess started their life struggle from a garage present in Michigan. The garage was as small as a small room.

The developers planned to become one of the best hosting providers who empower their clients to create the business and grow it well.

At present, Nexcess offers its services through various data centres all around the world. The headquarters of Nexcess is in Michigan, and they also work through Southfield. Nexcess is one of the best in terms of control, reliability and performance.

Nexcess has successfully created innovations and has changed everything about web hosting management and support for good. This was possible by overcoming many outcomes and working with team members, partners, clients, providing them with stability and embracing complexities.

Nexcess a liquid we brand- Nexcess vs Bluehost

The service providers are available 24*7 to help out the clients in every way possible.

Nexcess offers eight core values:

  • Service- The client is always the priority
  • Ideas- creation, innovation, and repetition
  • Fear- Growing over fear
  • Protective- Provides protection
  • Beyond their convenience- believe in going far past above & beyond.
  • Business mind- find a better way of doing things.
  • Creating innovation together
  • Not just a job but growing and learning regularly

Features Offered by Nexcess:

Nexcess hosting features- nexcess review

Nexcess guarantees an excellent experience for server performance and superior loading speed, specially designed for WordPress and Magento websites. Nexcess web hosting services are much faster than the others.

The speed is up to 13x faster than the other available web hosting services. Using PHP 7.0/7.1, My SQL 5.7, Apache 2.4, RAID, and SSDs to store the information in the cloud storage has been possible.

The power-packed trio offered here shows excellent performance, load balancing is much better, enhanced security, and low memory consumption.

There is a feature provided by Nexcess, which is unique in its own way; that is, the auto-scaling platform designed explicitly for Nexcess Cloud.

This feature lets you work with great experience, whether the website is experiencing e-commerce transactions or a lot of traffic. The resources by the server will automatically change according to the increased load.

Hence, it provides the enhanced speeds designed for the clients no matter how much traffic is there.

Nexcess’s best feature is Nexcess Cloud. The Nexcess Cloud package shared by XS can accommodate users:

  • 1TB Bandwidth
  • 50GB Disk Space
  • 25 concurrent users – also up to 50 through auto-scaling

When you upgrade this XS shared file to the M Shared Nexcess Cloud plan, you get 75 concurrent users (100 via auto-scaling), 125GB of disc space, and 3TB of bandwidth.

You can also choose the Dedicated Nexcess Cloud packages if your website needs the highest levels of efficiency. These begin with the L plan, which includes:

  • 400GB disk space
  • 100 concurrent users (125 via auto-scaling)
  • 20GB RAM
  • 20 vCPU
  • 5TB bandwidth

Nexcess features- Review

The highest level provides 150 concurrent users (175 with auto-scaling), 32GB RAM, 800GB disk space, and a whopping 10TB bandwidth.

Naturally, both of these plans provide free SSL certification, and you can still upgrade to an Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificate for the highest level of encryption.

You can pick from a few available CMSes when building your account, which will activate instantly. OroCRM, CraftCMS, Expression Engine, WooCommerce, and Magento are among them.

The Nexcess Client Portal is available to all Nexcess customers and allows you to manage your entire hosting account with only one username. With this rich user interface, you can adjust the resource allocations, pay the bills, monitor the visitor statistics, and so much more.

Nexcess also offers free website relocations, and you can rest assured that your website will be up and running again in no time. They also pay attention to backups for you, making them daily and saving them for up to 30 days offsite.


  • Prepared for a surge in traffic
  • 99% uptime with single-click auto-scaling
  • PHP7 support and optimization


  • Maintaining the security of your website
  • Monitoring and response to warnings are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • PCI-certified for compliance Premium SSL Certificates Proactive Patching & Updates


  • Getting traffic where it needs to be and maintaining it there
  • Asset caching that is almost instantaneous
  • Can customize the stack of technology
  • Updates to the platform and plug-ins automatically
  • Add-ons for containers


  • Expertise in the platform
  • Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Service monitoring that is proactive
  • Magento Master on staff provides free white-glove site migration.

Features Details
ITQlick Score out of 100: 53/100
ITQlick Rating out of 5: (3.1/5)
Pricing 4/10 – average cost
Category Web hosting -> Nexcess
Company Name Nexcess
Price for the usage starts from $19.95 per user/month
Customers Range Small business, medium as well as large-sized business
Platforms for best performance: Desktop and Cloud
Features to be checked: Nexcess alternatives, pricing and review


Nexcess support - Nexcess Review

Nexcess is not always the most cost-effective cloud storage service as opposed to other alternatives. In exchange, many other less costly cloud storage services lack Nexcess’ caching, website acceleration, auto-scaling, regular backups, and 24/7 technical support.

The auto-scaling service allows everyone to get twice as many users on your website for about 12 hours without incurring any extra fees.

After that, you have the option of paying by the hour or moving to the next tier of service. This is a significant improvement over most other cloud hosting providers’ pay-as-you-go models: you won’t be penalized if your website performs well.

In reality, if the output spike is just temporary, you won’t have to pay anything.

The Nexcess Client Portal makes upgrading and downgrading a breeze, and that you can even move from mutual to dedicated hosting platforms in seconds. There is no free trial or plan available, which is understandable given the quality of service they provide.

Nexcess constructively approaches customer service. They believe in actively tracking your websites and servers and eliminating problems before they occur, rather than waiting for you to contact them when issues arise.

However, in the unlikely event that problems arise, their customer service representatives are available via phone, email, help passes, and live chat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Please bear in mind that you can only contact tech support after signing into your client portal; the live chat on their main page is mainly for pre-sales inquiries.

To become the agency partner:

Partnering with an Agency

  • The most comprehensive partner programme, built to help you cultivate long-term client relations and expand your company.
  • Earn up to 18% for every client’s lifetime.
  • Account managers and service specialists are available to you.
  • Offers and offers that are not available anywhere else
  • Partner status as a featured partner
  • Testing and production climate that is welcoming

Nexcess Pricing:

Web Hosting Nexcess:

It starts at $19.95 per user/month.

Plan Name Bandwidth Number of sites Storage Price
XS 1TB 10 50GB ₹3616
S 2TB 15 75GB ₹7306
M 3TB 20 125GB ₹13210
L 5TB 30 400GB ₹22067
XL 8TB 40 600GB ₹40517
XXL 10TB 50 800GB ₹62657

Cloud Hosting Plans:

Nexcess cloud hosting pricing- Nexcess hosting plans

Plan Name Bandwidth CPU Storage Price RAM
XS 1TB 50GB ₹3616
S 2TB 75GB ₹7306
M 3TB 125GB ₹13210
L 5TB 20vCPU 400GB ₹22067 20GB
XL 8TB 26vCPU 600GB ₹40517 26GB
XXL 10TB 23vCPU 800GB ₹62657 32GB

Dedicated Server Hosting Plans:

Plan Name Bandwidth RAM CPU Storage Price
DS 510 3000GB 8GB 2*Intel Xeon quad 2*500GB ₹26565
DS 610 3000GB 8GB 2*Intel Xeon hex 2*500GB ₹33207
DS 710 3000GB 16GB 2*Intel Xeon oct 2*500GB ₹39849

Affiliate Relationship

Nexcess offers the most simple and straightforward partner services in the networking field. For a monthly commission, put banners and links on your website.

  • Earn $150 per referral sale or 150% of the first month’s operation.
  • Direct signup helps you to get started right away.
  • Cookie-based monitoring functionality is included.

Frequently Asked Questions On Nexcess:

✔ What is the meaning of web hosting, and is it essential to have technical skills to use web hosting?

It is a service that allows you to store and publish your website online. Your website will be hosted elsewhere, regardless of the framework you use. Regardless of your technical expertise, we provide several solutions for small, medium, and large websites.

🔥 What are the billing cycles that Nexcess offers, and Is it possible to upgrade my account?

Nexcess offers two billing options, i.e. monthly and annual billing, based on your selected solution. If you want to pay in advance, ask your sales manager about any of our special deals or discounts. Also, you can easily upgrade your account via the Client Portal if you need to for some reason. If you're unsure, contact our support team, who will be able to size your website and assist you in making the most cost-effective decision.

👀 How long do you think it would take to get started?

It depends on the size of your chosen solution. The smaller, more collaborative solutions will be created almost immediately. Larger, more specialized solutions can take up to one day to complete. Website migrations will also contribute to the length of time it takes to complete this task.

✔ Does Nexcess also provide root access and development services? Are they safe?

On managed application web-based systems, we do not have root access. Also, currently, Nexcess does not provide development services in-house, but we collaborate with some brilliant development agencies for different applications. They can be found on our webpage. Also, Nexcess takes pride in having one of the safest infrastructures in this sector. Nexcess helps backup your data every day to an offsite location. A third party manages that. The backups are held for 30 days.

💥What are the numerous Nexcess solutions and the price range of the?

For small websites, medium websites, to large websites, Nexcess has a wide range of options. Also, Nexcess has plans ranging from $7 to $22. The cost is determined by the type of hosting package you pick. The most recent pricing table (revised weekly) can be found within this document.

✔ Does Nexcess also provide business solutions and windows hosting?

For companies with more complex needs, we have a variety of solutions. For more detail, see our dedicated server and business solutions pages. Also, Nexcess can set up Windows environments for customers, but we don't support them.

😎What makes managed hosting different from unmanaged hosting?

Managed to host help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, unmanaged does not exist outside of management. Study what Outside Management entails. Nexcess has full power and internet connectivity. Our Service Level Agreement (SLA) can be found on the webpage. Nexcess assumes that support is about addressing issues rather than simply reacting to them. We don't have a service level agreement for assistance, but we promise to resolve your problems as quickly as possible. After 30 days, if you are not fully happy with our service, you can obtain a full refund by cancelling your solution. Nexcess can also provide domain name and SSL certificates according to the needs of their clients. The domain names have to be bought from Nexcess at a particular price. There are a variety of SSL certificate options according to the need.

💥 Are you confused about the program to choose via Nexcess program, and What is Nexcess's customer service's consistency?

According to the analysis, it is best to proceed with a less expensive plan. Later on, you can still update. Nexcess will assist you in making the transition to a more expensive package. Many times, an increase in visitors takes longer than anticipated, so don't invest a lot of money till the need occurs. Of course, the specifications can differ, and you can talk with a Nexcess hosting expert here. Nexcess isn't one of our recommended web hosts. However, this may be due to Nexcess' status as a tiny, as per hosting provider. A small web hosting company has a benefit in that you, as a client, are more valuable to them. You can also look here for a comparison of the most common web hosting services.

Nexcess Customer Reviews

Nexcess customer reviews and testimonials Nexcess hosting- nexcess customer reviews

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CONCLUSION: Nexcess Review 2021 | Is This Web Hosting Worth?

Nexcess is one of the best web hosting service providers that offer many facilities according to a wide range of clients like small businesses, medium businesses, and large businesses. It also provides security to clients.

The main priority is the clients’ desires and requirements. Nexcess provides the price list, which is detailed and pocket-friendly. Nexcess is always available for their clients. Whenever there is an issue, you can send an email to Nexcess, and the service team will get back to you shortly.

For contacting Nexcess, the easiest and the fastest method is to email them at [email protected] Tell the issues you are facing or any other service you need at this email address. Don’t forget to include the IP address and domain names for your account.


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