Nexcess Review 2023 🚀 Is It 10x Faster Than Other Hosting?

Nexcess Review

Overall Verdict

Nexcess' versatility is another standout feature, accommodating businesses of all sizes and requirements. This flexibility allows me to confidently recommend Nexcess to a wide range of clients, knowing that they will receive tailored hosting solutions that meet their specific needs.

Out of 10


  • Hosting optimized for the industry's leading content & commerce platforms
  • Dedicated Support Team
  • 14 Days of Free Trial
  • Website Migration
  • Lots of Freebies & Proactive service monitoring
  • Daily Backups


  • Newbies might expensive hosting
  • No Free Domain
  • DDoS protection is not included in any plan


Price: $ 19.95

In this Nexcess review, I’ll take a close look at the service, paying special attention to its cost, speed, usability, safety, and customer support. You can discover anything, from the best to the worst, right here.

Do you desire a high-quality hosting bundle with unrivaled service and features? Are you seeking a dependable web hosting service?

Spending hours browsing through web hosting companies and their plans are not lovely. Too many options make it challenging to select the best one.

Solution: With Nexcess, you don’t have to worry about that. They’ve worked hard for you, so you must choose your plan. Nexcess is trusted for its expertise in providing a wide range of well-balanced hosting packages.

They have one of the most popular packages to satisfy demanding clients.

🚀 Bottom Line Upfront :

Nexcess is Liquid Web’s WordPress hosting division, and I’ve looked at it. Liquid Web is a well-known hosting company that has made significant advancements in the WordPress business through smart acquisitions of prominent plugin firms like iThemes, Restrict Content Pro, and The Events Calendar.

Nexcess offers the most comprehensive WordPress, WooCommerce, and Magento-managed hosting services, whereas Liquid Web offers a broader variety of hosting alternatives.

My primary emphasis in using Nexcess and reviewing the service thoroughly was on their managed WordPress hosting. I was curious about its efficiency and dependability, so I tried it out for myself. But I also looked at their managed WooCommerce plans because I was curious about that service for WooCommerce-based online shops.

Nexcess’s powerful performance, many features, and reasonable pricing are beyond my expectations. It is essential to evaluate whether or not Nexcess is the best option for your hosting needs because no hosting service is perfect.

In general, Nexcess proved to be a solid and fully-featured hosting platform for me. It’s a desirable choice, particularly for those needing dependable WordPress hosting due to its high performance and rich feature set.

Try Nexcess for free now.

Nexcess Hosting top reviews

In this post, I have shared the detailed Nexcess Review 2023 with web hosting plans, features, pricing, and benefits of using Nexcess.

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What is Nexcess? 

Nexcess Managed Hosting for Magento, WordPress & More

Around 20 years from now, Nexcess has set its goal to fulfill the promise of dedicating its time to be one of the best Web Hosting Platforms in the market. Nexcess started their life struggle from a garage in Michigan. The garage was as small as a storeroom.

The developers planned to become the best hosting providers, empowering clients to create and grow their businesses.

At present, Nexcess offers its services through various data centers all around the world. Nexcess’s headquarters is in Michigan, and they also work through Southfield. Nexcess is one of the best in control, reliability, and performance.

Nexcess has successfully created innovations and has changed everything about web hosting management and support for good.

This was possible by overcoming many outcomes and working with team members, partners, and clients, providing them stability and embracing complexities.

The service providers are available 24*7 to help the clients in every way possible. Nexcess’ pricing is quite competitive, and the service is excellent.

You have no need to purchase any other hosting package with a full year of free domain hosting. I’ve bought a few different Nexcess hosting packages, and I can tell you that they’re all terrific for the price.

Those considering purchasing a domain name hosting service should not hesitate; Nexcess has been excellent for us thus far.

Nexcess offers eight core values:

  • Service- The client is always the priority
  • Ideas- creation, innovation, and repetition
  • Fear- Growing over fear
  • Protective- Provides protection
  • Beyond their convenience- believe in going far past, above & beyond.
  • Business mind- find a better way of doing things.
  • Creating innovation together
  • Not just a job but growing and learning regularly

I Decided to Buy a Nexcess Account to Test Out Their Services

I purchased hosting from Nexcess to conduct personal testing, ensuring that my assessment remains unbiased. To help you make an informed decision, I wanted to immerse myself in the Nexcess experience just as you would.

I’m currently evaluating Spark, Nexcess’ most basic managed WordPress hosting service, which, even on a monthly billing cycle, comes in at under $20.

Features Offered by Nexcess:

Nexcess hosting features- nexcess review

Nexcess ensures exceptional server performance and improved loading speed, especially for WordPress and Magento websites. Nexcess web hosting services are significantly quicker than the competition.

The speed is up to 13 times quicker than competing web hosting providers. It has stored data on the cloud using PHP 7.0/7.1, My SQL 5.7, Apache 2.4, RAID, and SSDs.

Nexcess hosting plans reviews

The powerful trio offers exceptional performance, improved load balancing, enhanced security, and reduced memory usage.

Nexcess offers a feature that is unique in its own right: an auto-scaling platform explicitly created for Nexcess Cloud.

This feature enables you to operate with excellent experience, regardless of whether the website is experiencing e-commerce transactions or a high volume of visitors. The server’s resources will alter automatically in response to the increased load.

As a result, it delivers increased speeds suited for clients regardless of traffic volume.

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Nexcess’s best feature is Nexcess Cloud. The Nexcess Cloud package shared by XS can accommodate the following users:

  • 1TB Bandwidth
  • 50GB Disk Space
  • 25 concurrent users – also up to 50 through auto-scaling

When you upgrade this XS shared file to the M Shared Nexcess Cloud plan, you’ll get 75 concurrent users (100 with auto-scaling), 125GB of storage, and 3TB of bandwidth.

If your website requires the most significant levels of efficiency, you may also select the Dedicated Nexcess Cloud services. The L plan is the first of them, and it includes the following:

  • 400GB disk space
  • 100 concurrent users (125 via auto-scaling)
  • 20GB RAM
  • 20 vCPU
  • 5TB bandwidth

Nexcess features- Review

The most potent version offers 150 concurrent users (175 with auto-scaling), 32GB RAM, 800GB storage space, and a massive 10TB bandwidth.

Naturally, both options include free SSL certification, and for maximum security, you can still upgrade to an Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificate.

You can pick from a few available CMSes when building your account, which will activate instantly. OroCRM, CraftCMS, Expression Engine, WooCommerce, and Magento are among them.

Nexcess plans offering

All Nexcess clients have access to the Nexcess Client Portal, which allows you to manage your whole hosting account with a single identity. With this feature-rich user interface, you can change resource allocations, pay bills, monitor visitor data, and much more.

Nexcess also provides free website relocations, so you can be confident that your website will be back up and running in no time. They also take care of backups for you, creating them regularly and storing them offshore for up to 30 days.

Nexcess location plans


  • Prepared for a surge in traffic
  • 99% uptime with single-click auto-scaling
  • PHP7 support and optimization


  • Maintaining the security of your website
  • Monitoring and response to warnings are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • PCI-certified for compliance Premium SSL Certificates Proactive Patching & Updates


  • Getting traffic where it needs to be and maintaining it there
  • Asset caching that is almost instantaneous
  • Can customize the stack of technology
  • Updates to the platform and plug-ins automatically
  • Add-ons for containers


  • Expertise in the platform
  • Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Proactive service monitoring
  • Magento Master on staff provides free white-glove site migration.

Features Details
ITQlick Score out of 100: 53/100
ITQlick Rating out of 5: (3.1/5)
Pricing 4/10 – average cost
Category Web hosting -> Nexcess
Company Name Nexcess
Price for the usage starts from $19.95 per user/month
Customers Range Small business, medium as well as large-sized business
Platforms for best performance: Desktop and Cloud
Features to be checked: Nexcess alternatives, pricing and review

Nexcess Support Review : 

Live chat with a Nexcess representative is accessible around the clock. Nexcess also provides around-the-clock phone assistance for customers in the Americas, Australia, and the United Kingdom. The company also offers a comprehensive knowledge base on a wide range of hosting-related issues.

For my Nexcess review, I experimented with their primary support channel—live chat—several times. The employees were always kind and helpful, joining the conversations within seconds to give their assistance.

What’s more, it looked like the agents had received adequate training and were familiar with both hosting and WordPress. I couldn’t access my WordPress dashboard after attempting to do so.

The person quickly identified the problem as a DNS issue and offered to resolve it for me. My issue was resolved in less than 5 minutes of talking to her.

If you’d rather learn by doing, though, you should get right into its extensive knowledge base. Here you will find several articles on every aspect of hosting. There’s an article in there for everyone, whether they’re just getting started, having login issues, or want to share their thoughts on Nexcess SSL with the world.

The articles are also really informative, well-written, and well-organized. They are easy to understand, especially for newcomers, as no specialized terminology or jargon is used.

Nexcess’s support team gets an A+ because of their prompt responses, kind staff, and comprehensive knowledge base.

Nexcess Hosting Uptime Services

These are UptimeRobot stats of one of my websites hosted on Nexcess. 100% uptime looks impressive (and it mostly is).

Uptime screenshot hosting Uptime screenshot hosting Uptime-Performance-of-hosting


Does Nexcess Hosting Really Speed Up The Website?

Hosting google page speed results

Google page speed stats hosting

Indeed, our page speed ratings, also known as core web vitals, were good when I hosted my website with Nexcess. Basic web vitals are crucial for ranking your websites at the top.

GTMetrix Grade A and Performance score of 97% should be enough to demonstrate Nexcess’s speed, especially given that this is only their most basic bundle!

Gtmetrix score

Nexcess Pricing Review : 

Web Hosting Nexcess:

Nexcess pricing plan
Nexcess pricing plan

Cloud Hosting Plans:

Nexcess cloud hosting pricing- Nexcess hosting plans

Plan Name Bandwidth CPU Storage Price RAM
XS 1TB 50GB ₹3616
S 2TB 75GB ₹7306
M 3TB 125GB ₹13210
L 5TB 20vCPU 400GB ₹22067 20GB
XL 8TB 26vCPU 600GB ₹40517 26GB
XXL 10TB 23vCPU 800GB ₹62657 32GB

Top Reasons Why You Should Choose Nexcess Hosting ?

Nexcess powerful hosting

The Learning Curve for Nexcess is Minimal.

Nexcess is not generally challenging to use, but it does not come with much assistance. When it comes to hosting, the entire service is dependent on you understanding what you’re doing. If you’ve ever created a website using regular hosting, you’ll get the hang of it quickly. If you haven’t already, services like Hostinger make getting started much more accessible.

Nexcess is aimed at professionals at all levels, from marketing to pricing to user experience. In addition, the support crew is helpful if you want assistance.

The firm provides its hosting control panel where you can manage your account, billing, etc. It features the typical useful dashboard that shows you what’s going on with your account if anything is going on.

Stencil Sites

Stencil webpages are similar to overly intricate website templates. On Nexcess, though, you may simply manage them. Here is how it works: If you want to develop almost identical sites, all of which use the same WordPress theme base, plugins, and maybe even built-in shopping carts.

Instead of installing WordPress and all of its plugins from scratch each time, you may construct a single site and save it as a “stencil site.”

Then, simply create a new website from your hosting panel, choose your stencil, and you’re done! Almost half of your work has already been performed for you. This is important if you manage a large number of personal projects or build a large number of sites for clients that do the same thing.

Create a stencil for restaurant websites, another for gardening businesses, and so on to save time.

Free Site Migrations

Do you have a WordPress website hosted elsewhere? Wouldn’t it be better if it were on Nexcess? Don’t want to manually import your website and double-check that every image and link works? I’m not sure about you, but neither am I.

Nexcess provides free site migrations as a result of this. This function is becoming more common in business and makes life simpler. As a result, it is mentioned here.

One-Click Staging

Want to try out some new WordPress features without risking damaging your current site? You’re only a few clicks away from creating a “staging” version of your place, where you may experiment, bulk-add new content, and generally goof about.

Finally, if you like your changes, you may integrate them with a single click into your present site. Staging sites may also collect feedback on new content, design decisions, and site features without exposing them to the public.

When to Use Nexcess Hosting

Use Nexcess to make your Magento or WordPress websites load quicker. Nexcess is up to 13 times faster than other web hosting services. Nexcess updates all of your plugins automatically, resizes and optimizes your pictures, synchronizes your staging and production environments, and auto-scales your server in the case of a traffic surge. If any of the following causes you pain, use Nexcess – you won’t feel bad.

When Not to Use Nexcess Hosting

Nexcess review does not provide affordable hosting services compared to other hosting firms. They also offer limited bandwidth, so look into it if you need hosting for a resource-intensive website.

They also employ SiteWorx as their control panel rather than Cpanel or DirectAdmin, which may be difficult for new clients to manage. Nexcess works brilliantly in other circumstances; therefore, feel free to consider them as a CMS host.


nexcess data centers

All Nexcess hosting plans offer complete security hardening and proactive monitoring, assuring your website’s and clients’ safety and security. You get free premium SSL certificates, PCI compliance, proactive patching and updates, and 24/7 monitoring and alarm response.

Furthermore, if you buy any Nexcess Managed WordPress or Nexcess Managed WooCommerce plan, you’ll get the premium iThemes Security Pro plugin for free (an $80/year value).

All Nexcess subscriptions contain premium plugins such as iThemes Security Pro. As a result, you don’t need to be concerned about the security of your WordPress site.

Nexcess Shared Hosting Performance

Nexcess outperforms its competition by up to 13 times. This is due to using SSDs and RAID in their cloud storage, Apache 2.4, MySQL 5.7, and PHP 7.0/7.1. These techniques minimize memory use, improve load balancing, and improve security.

Nexcess, like its rivals, has its own data center and uses SSD storage. Your website will load faster than other hosting companies since their server stack is optimized for WordPress.

Nexcess Website Migration

Nexcess great support

All hosting options from Nexcess include free website migration. Don’t worry about website downtime; the Nexcess team will keep it to a bare minimum, ensuring a seamless transition. Simply request a migration using your client portal, provide information about your existing host, and schedule the migration.

Your website will then be put up on a temporary domain, and once you’ve tested it, the Nexcess team will schedule a time for you to direct your domain name to your Nexcess account and go live.

Frequently Asked Questions On Nexcess Review

✔ Does Nexcess also provide business solutions and windows hosting?

For companies with more complex needs, they have a variety of solutions. For more detail, see their dedicated server and business solutions pages. Also, Nexcess can set up Windows environments for customers. Still, they don't support them.

🔥How is Nexcess customer service?

Nexcess customer support is highly praised on the Internet. Their average rating on Customer Lobby is a five out of five, and they have approx 400 reviews! Their support staff is available 24x7, i.e. every day of the year. Just go to the Nexcess site and submit a ticket to raise any concerns or ask any questions. After logging in to your client portal, you can also live chat with a team member. And you can also call and e-mail. They have toll-free phone numbers for the U.S., the U.K. and Australia.

🔥What is Nexcess’s advanced Auto Scaling?

Nexcess Advanced Auto Scaling helps you in managing spikes in traffic without crashes or a speed reduction, i.e. more resources will be allocated to your website so that your website does not crash when it gets hit with a massive influx of users, which will be free for 24 hours. Advanced Auto Scaling allows you to plan for more concurrent users during significant traffic spikes, such as holidays, flash sales and promotions that are likely to go viral. If you’re expecting 5-10X your standard traffic and so you need more resources, then you can easily add additional containers with 10 PHP workers apiece.

🔥Does Nexcess have a support SLA?

Although Nexcess does not have SLA support they put their user’s queries and concerns on top priority by giving them great chat, call, and email support round the clock. Suppose in 30 days you are unhappy with the kind of support Nexcess offers. In that case, you may cancel your subscription and expect a full refund.

Does Nexcess have an uptime guarantee?

Yes, Nexcess has a 100% uptime guarantee.

Is Nexcess good?

Indeed, Nexcess has its benefits. You can count on user-friendliness, speed, security, and a competent support staff.

Is Nexcess easy to use?

Nexcess is simple. All tools are intuitively organized in the host's native user interface/control panel. Everything is easy to learn.

Nexcess Customer Testimonials

Nexcess Reviews Beyond Hosting



Nexcess customer reviews and testimonials Nexcess hosting- nexcess customer reviews

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Conclusion: Nexcess Review 2023 

Overall, as a WordPress hosting service, Nexcess has been far above my expectations. I was immediately amazed by the quality of service and results they provided once I joined up.

Nexcess’s managed service convinced me since it offered the most ease and security. It’s a huge weight off my shoulders to know that the nitty-gritty of running a WordPress site is being taken care of for me.

My site is in good hands with their staff of specialists who handle everything behind the scenes. This allows me to devote more time to what I enjoy most: content creation and management.

Nexcess’s intuitive UI has also been a game-changer for me. It has been quite easy for me to manage my site and navigate the dashboard. When I first started using WordPress, I was amazed at how simple it was to customize it to my liking. It proves that Nexcess cares about giving its customers a pleasant experience.

As for performance, let’s discuss. You can count on a lot from Nexcess. Thanks to their customized servers and cutting-edge caching strategies, my site now loads in a fraction of the time it used to.

This will benefit my site’s user experience and search engine rankings. The outcome is mutually beneficial, and I’m really pleased with it.

The cost I pay for Nexcess is more than reasonable when considering everything it does for me. This is money well spent on the future of my WordPress website. I know that I’m getting a lot for my money.

The easiest and fastest method for contacting Nexcess is to email them at [email protected]. Tell us the issues you are facing or any other service you need at this email address. Don’t forget to include your account’s IP address and domain names. Share this Nexcess review if you find it helpful.

Use Another Host If…

You might want to pick a different web host for many reasons. The first one is pricing. Nexcess has low prices for managed WordPress hosting, but if you need to host more than 3-5 sites at once, it can get expensive quickly.

If this sounds like you, some good alternatives are WPX Hosting or Cloudways.

InMotion Hosting – a good option for a website with not many pages. They were still good in our tests.
DreamHost – not as fast but affordable and has unlimited websites. It might be a good idea for websites with not many pages of content on them.

Second, there’s support available from some hosting providers. If you want responsive hosting support, getting premium hosts, such as Kinsta, Hostinger (our review), or Flywheel (our review), might be worth paying more.

These three provide the same level of performance and have better customer service quality than DreamHost does.

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