Best WishPond Alternatives 2021 | Which is the Best Pick for You ? (Verified Wishpond Competitors)

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Are you looking for Wishpon Alternative, If Yes! then you have landed to the right post.

In the current generation of startups and online businesses to emerge due to awareness and access to consumer demand, there is a growth in the market with regards to companies and individuals starting businesses online calling for people to look for Wishpond Alternatives.

Wishpond Alternative

With stiff competition for businesses that have physical stores or online businesses, there is a need in terms of having quality marketing, lead generation as well as sales to have revenue and brand being known in its niche among its target audience.

This is leading to growth also in understanding why sales and marketing efforts that truly impact businesses in terms of generating customers in long-term relations by converting them into potential sales is quite a task and may require skills.

It also enables them to carry out your instructions at any time and in any place.

Bottom Line Upfront: HubSpot Marketing Hub is the best alternative to Wishspond in every aspect, Marketing Hub is just one part of HubSpot’s complete CRM platform to help you grow business for a better tomorrow. It has all the necessary tools to establish much-needed authority and to Create blogs that are fully optimized for Google & bing like search entire or to create a landing page to grow your sales.

Get Started with HubSpot Marketing Hub Now.

And hence, your website should have the same function of lead creation and having automated marketing solutions that you would do offline, and by having the information you can get the best results possible from your ideas.

I believe it is the perfect first step into putting yourself out there and making your own space that is special enough to be shared with others.

 Wishpond Overview

Wishpond is basically a platform and a tool that essentially helps you generate, manage and have a good client relationship that can be a tool for having individuals, marketers, and businesses grow in terms of sales and operations.

It is a tool is the most basic tool required to build yourself a crowd-pleasing, and successful marketing page with huge functionality by using the tip of your fingers to tap away on your most preferred device with integrated tools to manage your business.

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6 Best WishPond Alternatives & Competitors 2021

1) HubSpot Marketing Hub (#1WishPond Alternative)

Hubspot Overview

With a marketing tool that aims at the growth of a business that has been created in such a way that software, education, and community have been combined to give better results.

This platform has been built on a motive of helping businesses and individuals who face issues with marketers or salespeople and to avoid them so that the constant interruptions could be kept away from.

WishPond Alternatives - Hubspot Overview

Due to the motive, they have constantly ensured that they could empower the businesses and focus more on their customers by skipping through the constant interruptions of salespersons and marketers.

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That’s very impressive, right?

Hubspot Features

With a platform that is well-known and provides the tools and platform for sales and marketing tools, they provide several products and service catalogs that help in the growth of the business. Their software products, packaging, and limits provide several features that you could benefit from which are as follows:

  1. They have had an exemplary feature wherein you could find all the marketing tools that form better together as tools for better services. HubSpot has ensured you could track your sales funnel, grow your potential customer traffic, and have the data that would help you convert leads, all in one page. With that being said, it is a platform that helps even beginners in a way that you could operate the tool and website that would help you create content without having to deal with coding or HTML that may need coders, developers, or graphic designers.
  2. As a user, you would be getting one feature of marketing that involves having automated real-time assistance with SEO suggestions from time to time and helping in creating a content strategy that would clearly work intuitively and on the most searched trends.
  3. Hubspot ensures that you could drive more traffic to social media handles and advertising in a way where you could have visitors click on your page and website to ensure they receive customized/robotic message and calls-to-action function allowing your team to interact with your visitors on one on one basis to understand the requirements directly.
  4. With the platform of Hubspot, you could have your own extremely professional-looking pages and websites that will help you with engaging your visitors with a real-time live chat.
  5. Since you would have an opportunity of having a personal and customized touch to your landing page, you would have the ease of converting them into sales with a lesser effort as your page would be minimal as well as informative and visitor-friendly due to the live-chat opportunity that they would have.

Hubspot Benefits

With features also comes the benefits that you would get and here are a few that you may want to explore:

  1. Due to the ease of having a great landing page, you would not require assistance to create content from any of the developers or graphic designers which would save you the cost of a developer.
  2. Since HubSpot specializes in marketing and sales functions, they help in building the right target audience for your platform by targeting the right audience through a real-time SEO suggestion that you could use with your requirement at that moment.
  3. They ensure you are able to convert organic leads to your potential customers which are also your qualified leads with their details like phone number, email IDs, visitors’ requirements, etc.
  4. HubSpot provides you with tools wherein you could track your customer follow-ups and important reports that you keep backtracking.
  5. The separate tools that they provide would help you in ensuring you could keep your core team members efficient, effective, and organized.

Hubspot Pros and Cons

This is one major chunk which is what they as a platform are really good at and what they could improve more on and hence below will be a few points of pros and cons that you may want to consider before ensuring you move ahead with the platform.


  • Managing the website of your company or your business through HubSpot is easier for individuals who are new to the niche.
  • Tracking your potential lead is easy. You could easily check your tracker for the same and follow-up data and have control in this area.
  • Having a user-friendly website that caters to specific requirements in terms of tools is a plus which means you could easily use the bundle of tools that cater to your business requirements like emails etc.


  • It may be expensive for areas related to marketing and sales and individuals and businesses starting out might not prefer the platform due to pricing issues.
  • Too many features may get a bit complex and may confuse a few users.
  • Creating workflows and charts may get confusing.

Hubspot Pricing

The pricing chart of Hubspot is given below with plan names.

WishPond Alternatives - Pricing-HubSpot

2) Sharp Spring

About SharpSpring

SharpSpring is a platform that provides complete sales and marketing tools for individuals and businesses that require an all-around service that is powerful, efficient, and caters to everyone in the market as well as ensuring marketing and sales services are automated without hassles of time and live demos which provide constant support.

the sharp spring platform is well known for its services, it is known to drive your sales and optimize your content in a manner where you would drive more leads and make them into converted customers enjoying your services.

Alternatives to WishPond - SharpSpring

Sharp Spring is a platform that you would want to work with if you are looking for an efficient platform with numerous features and brilliant system integrations that enable you to function without having to worry about the sales and marketing bit of your business.

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SharpSpring Features

With the basics of Sharp Spring being cleared, they are known for their distinctive features that their users are loyal to them for and swear by their services. A few of them are mentioned below:

  1. They are known to have a brilliant tracking system whereby you would know a lot more about your visitors without putting in much effort.
  2. Sharp spring ensures you have a fantastic set of marketing automation tools that enable you to send customized and personalized emails that might lead to a good conversation with your clients.
  3. Detailed analytics on every conversation with your client is provided on an instant basis.
  4. They are known to have a very efficient and responsive customer support team to handle queries that you might have or issues that you may face in the beginning.
  5. Sharp Spring is a platform that provides you with a dynamic form of drag and drops feature wherein you could customize, create, and build your platform effortlessly.
  6. One major feature that sets them apart is the user-friendly workflow builder that you could use to simplify your marketing and SEO issues to save time.

SharpSpring Benefits

Of the features that are known of Sharp Spring, you would invariably derive benefits that you may want to consider in terms of considering platforms for sales and marketing:

  1. Alongside their powerful CRM marketing tools that are automated, they also ensure you get a combined smart email system that you could use to smartly reply to emails.
  2. Sharp Spring is sharp and quite known for how it converts potential leads through automated CRM marketing tools.
  3. With the automated tools, they also aim to successfully detect key leads with regular use and engage them with critical points to answer their queries.
  4. With a unique system, you always would be a step ahead in terms of verifying the visitors and leads that organically land on your page through the visitor ID provided.
  5. Ensuring that blogs are also seen, Sharp Spring ensures you have strong branding through your blogs as it is one of the major ways you could set a face through words on your brand.

SharpSpring Pros and Cons

While having to work over a platform, you need to have knowledge about its advantages and disadvantages that you would want to consider before going ahead with the platform.


A few advantages that the platform alongside the features that they provide are below

  1. As compared to its competitors, the pricing point is commendable.
  2. The customer support system is something that is to be credited as they respond instantly and ensure your queries are resolved.
  3. A user-friendly platform that is also intuitive wherein you could self-learn as well as ensure you have the solutions that support your requirement.
  4. Multiple features are a complete package and solution for marketing and sales for their pricing point.
  5. Several integrations and third-party assistance are available to help you function efficiently.


A few areas that they could work on are:

  1. The pricing might get a bit expensive for beginners or designers that would be just starting out.
  2. You would not have SEO suggestions in terms of your blog.

SharpSpring Pricing

Alternatives to WishPond - SharpSpring Pricing

3) MailChimp

About MailChimp

If you are looking for a platform that would have a personal touch to support you through your journey of marketing and sales of your business, then MailChimp is the platform for you.

Their major key features and benefits derived from not having to worry about your messages, emails, and advertisements which is one of the major ways you could market your brand as well as get your potential leads and visits on your platform.

 Alternatives to WishPond - Mailchimp

MailChimp is one platform where you would find all your marketing needs and solutions on one platform without having to visit several platforms for different requirements.

MailChimp Features

With that being said, MailChimp is a platform that would provide you with features that you would enjoy, and that makes it distinctive from other websites.

  1. They are a platform that caters to all types of business and ensures they have beautifully crafted marketing strategies for each of them whether it is eCommerce/retail, startups, agencies, etc.
  2. Automated CRM marketing helps businesses to collect all relevant data in minutes.
  3. Efficiency is key and hence, they ensure you could make your own customized or preset campaigns in minutes helping you to know what you want to add or delete.
  4. You would have built-in analytics and tools to help your decision-making process much faster and easier.
  5. Other features like a video gallery or podcasts can also be added in the form of multimedia to ensure you would get more people to visit your page organically.

MailChimp Benefits

A few benefits and key takeaways from the platform are:

  1. There are four flexible pricing plans that would help you meet your business requirements and you could choose what premium feature would suit you better.
  2. Mail Chimp has a brilliant and responsive support system to walk through your journey and queries which is something that is also appreciated by many of the users.
  3. Completely secure account settings, as well as a secure payment gateway, is something to glad about.
  4. A user-friendly interface makes it easy for beginners to use.
  5. You would get real-time reports of how well your campaigns are doing which is a plus.

MailChimp Pros and Cons

While having to work over a platform, you need to have knowledge about its advantages and disadvantages that you would want to consider before going ahead with the platform.


A few areas that I really appreciated about the platform are as follows:

  • A good customer support system which would help new users to answer their queries more
  • The page is intuitive and customer-friendly making it easy for beginners as well as professionals to be able to work better and faster.
  • Flexibility in terms of choosing your own pricing plans


They could improve in the following areas:

  • Pricing can be very expensive for such a simple platform
  • More features could be provided even with the free package

MailChimp Pricing

 Alternatives to WishPond - Mailchimp-Pricing

4) ShortStack

About ShortStack

If you are a professional, marketeer, or a business looking at creating a cloud-based campaign solution, then this is a platform you could consider. They provide multiple solutions and features that you could use to get a beautiful, simple yet customized campaign according to your requirement.

Alternatives to WishPond- ShortStack

They provide you with several customizable templates, widgets, and themes that could be combined with special offers, landing pages, and contests that you could run from time to time for your marketing purposes and alongside ensuring you have your data security as well as a secure payment gateway and a protected account which ensures the safety of your creation and auto-saved data.

Below, I would be discussing more the platform which would give you more information about the same.

ShortStack Features

With the platform that is very well known and renowned, there are a few features that I wanted to talk about which are:

  1. They ensure you have continuous giveaways announced and focus on a lot of lead generation which is an important part of your business which is sales.
  2. Social media contests are something that they really look at and ensure it is done well.
  3. Contest management is something that is quite different as compared to what other competitors may want to talk about.
  4. Customization and a new element that is white labeling is a new introduction by the platform.
  5. They ensure that your emails are well sorted in the form of automation where the emails are auto-scheduled to send, auto-replies, and follow-up emails are sent.

ShortStack Benefits

In terms of benefits, it is quite similar to the features with a few additions whereby you as a user would also have benefits of data management and analytics where you would receive instant data and analysis of your campaigns and polls that you would be putting out.

Apart from that ShortStack as a platform ensures that you have the benefit of having platform management where all of the elements and its functions are taken care of properly and proper support is given. Team collaborations and custom design services are a few additions to platform management support that you would be receiving alongside.

ShortStack Pros and Cons

While considering the platform, you would want to consider a few advantages as well as disadvantages so that you could weigh all your options and then choose what fits your requirements.


A few advantages that I would like to point out are

  1. They ensure data privacy and law compliances are properly adhered to.
  2. Customer services are something that they pride on as they provide prompt responses to the queries that you would want to get clarified.
  3. Account security is their top concern.
  4. A userfriendly platform that enables everyone to use
  5. Ensures you have a presence on social media platforms as well.
  6. Cost-effective in terms of their pricing


A few areas that they could really work on are:

  1. Their major focus is on social media platforms.
  2. They could consider expanding to other areas as well

ShortStack Pricing

 Alternatives to WishPond - ShortStack-Pricing

5) GetResponse

About GetResponse

If you are looking at business growth hack in the sense that you could have huge assistance in terms of growth of your audience and users, promote your products and services online as well as ensuring that you coil have a platform that caters to all your marketing requirements which are completely automated and user-friendly and hence helping you to grow your business.

You would be amazed at how well you could function and how quick your products sell out, then this platform is for you.

Best WishPond Alternative - GetResponse

GetResponse ensures you have all of these without a hassle and ensuring you would have grown in your business without worrying about sales and marketing.

GetResponse Features

A few features that you would want to consider are:

  1. GetResponse ensures that you could engage your target audience and customers by constantly staying in touch with them or communicating with them and potentially converting them.
  2. Ensuring your services or products are engaging and creative, they guide you in a process where you can make your knowledge and expertise in a presentable way and ensuring you could make your expertise into a business that can turn profitable.
  3. They ensure you can market your product/services in a way you could deliver experiences that your customers come back to you for your valuable products/services.
  4. GetResponse ensures that you have customized tools depending on your business requirements are their key feature.
  5. The personalized sales funnel that they provide as a platform is their key feature.

GetResponse Benefits

Here in this section, I wanted to take a moment to talk about the benefits that you would get with using the platform which could be the following listed below and depending on your requirements, you could go ahead with using the platform:

  1. With the usage of GetResponse, you would by default get the tools related to email marketing making your job easier for automated emails.
  2. Webinar Softwares would make it easier to set up regular webinars without any hassles.
  3. GetResponse is a platform that would give you a fantastic creation of landing pages that can be customized according to business requirements.
  4. Automated marketing would help you save time, in the long run, ensuring your targets and data is as per standards

GetResponse Pros and Cons

While having to work over a platform, you need to have knowledge about its advantages and disadvantages that you would want to consider before going ahead with the platform.


A few advantages that I appreciate about the website are:

  • In terms of email marketing that may get tedious, they have automated responses, transactional emails, and list makers
  • Cost-effective for beginners or individuals/businesses starting out
  • Customer service is supportive and handles queries as soon as possible
  • Automated marketing tools available over the platform


A few things that could be added are:

  • There is no function in terms of social media marketing that can be added
  • Search marketing is an important function and tool that is required for online businesses to get the data of trending products or services in the market and is not provided by the platform.

GetResponse Pricing

Alternatives to WishPond - GetResponse - Pricing

6) AWeber

About AWeber

With a platform that tops the chart and is a leader in the market for HTML e-newsletters, Aweber is known to have competitive pricing, an ample number of features in accordance to pricing, a variety of customizable templates, and an easy to use user interface that has made it what it is in the market.

Alternatives to WishPond - AWeber

This may just be the right platform for you if you are looking at a platform that provides you with exemplary services for email marketing and ensures that you receive automated services wherever possible and whenever required saving your time.

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AWeber Features

A few features that you may want to consider are:

  1. Aweber ensures that you have a proper mailing list that you could communicate easily to by having to create it by yourself and customize your own list.
  2. Inbuilt designed newsletters that are available for you to use or create a new one with a combination of designed newsletters.
  3. Autoresponders are provided by the platforms enabling you to save your time to automate your emails ensuring you focus on other areas.
  4. Analysis and viewing your statistics with regards to your email marketing campaigns is one key feature that they provide.

AWeber Benefits

A few benefits that you would want to consider are:

  1. Having to import and export your mailing list whenever required
  2. The benefit of choosing from a vast range of customizable templates.
  3. Automated marketing function to ensure you can save time through the function.
  4. An exemplary support team that solves queries and issues that you may be facing.

AWeber Pros and Cons

While having to work over a platform, you need to have knowledge about its advantages and disadvantages that you would want to consider before going ahead with the platform.


  1. They have made it a point that you could receive free services that could be cost-effective for new users or beginners.
  2. User friendly and easy to use
  3. Large range of customizable templates according to business requirements
  4. An extensive support team is available to instantly answer your queries.
  5. They would provide you would beautifully functioning inbuilt landing pages


  1. Non-customizable e-newsletters where inclusion or exclusion of segments are not available.
  2. New competitors might give more features for a lesser price.
  3. Regular updates are required in terms of templates.

AWeber Pricing

Alternatives to WishPond - AWeber - Pricing

Frequetion Asked Questions (FAQs)

👉Can any of the platforms mentioned above be used for email marketing?

All of the above-mentioned platforms provide features relating to automated mail marketing where you would find that their primary function is email marketing. You could choose according to your business requirement.

👉How responsive is the support team of the platform?

All of the mentioned platforms are known to have an exemplary support team that would have quick responses to your queries and issues. All of the platforms are completely secure.

👉Are the prices that are charged inclusive of all features ?

All of the platforms would provide several pricing plans depending on the features that you would want to choose and hence ensuring the flexibility to choose your plan depending on your business requirements. They also ensure that you have a secured payment gateway and specific accounts that you could function on.

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Conclusion: Best WishPond Alternatives 2021

With the considerable number of automated marketing and sales tools that are available in the market, you would have a variety of platforms that you could use as extensions as well as plugins to ensure you have marketing and sales made easy.

In this article, I have tried to explain every possible aspect you need to know before getting started. After thorough research, I feel that the above tools are the best alternatives available in the market.

Each of them having a different and extensive set of features, benefits, pros, and cons that you would want to consider, you could pick and choose the ones that meet up to the requirements that are more closer to you and ensure the benefits and functionality of each of them.

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  1. Hubspot’s design for their user interface makes the product very attractive and accessible, but that’s not its only strength. The automatic email timer helps you manage your time better which is perfect if you’re juggling many different responsibilities at once (e.g., work, school, family). We all lead busy lives, and every minute saved is worth the investment!

  2. SharpSpring is the real new competitor to the old standby of HubSpot. While it does not boast as many integrations, its raw functionality and affordability are what attracted us to this company.

  3. When we moved from HubSpot to SharpSpring, one of the first things that crossed our minds was just how much more competitive pricing they have. Servers are also a lot cheaper on this platform, and you can get a whole new server for about the same money as a month’s worth of hosting on some other popular systems. Although there haven’t been too many instances where automation has come in handy, it seems like developers keep making improvements to make this value higher for new users who sign up with them.

  4. We finally retired HubSpot and moved on to SharpSpring! The cost is so much more reasonable and the features are amazing. There is a steep learning curve, but they have helpful videos to walk you through it. It’s been so fun as we’ve gone from no automation process to 100% automated marketing campaigns with all of our products.

  5. Hubspot is a sleek and easy-to-use product that lets you create emails very easily with better organization and deliverability than anything else. I was let down by their templates, but the real perk to this product is working on my own timeline – we can reschedule or pause outbound emails at any time. Best Recommendation as Wishpond Alternative.

  6. SharpSpring is the sweet spot of price and performance. We are so happy with our decision to move from HubSpot to SharpSpring about three months ago, because it offers the best bang for your buck. The automation features can be a little tricky at first, but once you get them down they’re fantastic.

  7. I’ve been working in the real estate industry for over twenty years and I recently switched to Hubspot. It was a seamless transition and it has made my life so much easier because there’s no computer programming that you have to do – just enter your email and voila! You’re team does all the work. Thumbs Up

  8. Hubspot integrates everything you need to become an inbound marketing rockstar. Hubspot Marketing, Communication and Sales work together seamlessly while providing key reporting so you can see how well your strategies are really working.

  9. Hubspot takes marketing automation to an entirely new level.

  10. SharpSpring alternative to Wishpond is the best marketing software. It has more functionality than HubSpot and is cheaper, so it’s an easy call for any new or existing Hubspot user to switch to this marketing platform!

  11. While the automation is great, it can be a little difficult to understand. If you’re looking for something that’s easy to use and affordable, I would recommed Sharpspring.

  12. New to SharpSpring, this platform provides a better cost/performance balance and automation capabilities. The lack of detailed instructions can be a little intimidating at first.

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