Binom Review 2023: DO NOT BUY BINOM AT ALL


Overall Verdict

The platform has been specifically designed by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers to earn more with advanced traffic distribution, a smart filters system, and a huge amount of handy features such as no-redirect tracking and many others.

Out of 10


  • Powerful click processing
  • Work seamlessly under any load
  • Transaction Engine for click storing
  • Monitoring and SMS-notification system
  • Save offers and landings in tracker
  • Notes to the campaigns, offers and landings


  • Multi level filter lags a bit


Price: $ 69

Looking for Binom Review? This post will help you to decide whether to invest in Binom or not?

Here is an update from the Binom Affiliate team they are scamming affiliates & not paying commissions so I should suggest staying away from this company.

Attila Odri the top affiliate marketer said the same thing about the brand Binom. This company doesn’t honor the affiliate sales like Voluum.

Binom scamming affiliates

Look at my Binom stats, I am sending them tons of traffic but I see zero sales for a very long time.

Binom Stats affiliate

So I would suggest going with Voluum who prefers to pay their affiliates and respect their work. Voluum is a legit company and they do serve their customers very well.

Check out Voluum Detailed Review

You can surely read the Binom review which I did and it’s up to you if you want to go ahead with them. 

The problem with most trackers is that they are either too complicated for beginners or too basic for experienced marketers.

You’ve been looking for a way to track all your marketing results in one place but you can’t find anything that meets your needs.

One of the most important tools for an affiliate marketer to define results is a tracker.

An effective tracking software or platform helps in eliminating tracking errors.

Binom simplifies the process by making it easy to get a clear understanding of what’s happening with your marketing campaigns and where you need to focus your attention.

Bottom Line:

Binom is a popular and effective self-hosted tracker that has been designed to help manage affiliate marketing paths like clicks, campaigns, costs, sales, report building, traffic distribution, and more, all in one place. The software is the undisputed leader in click-processing and report-building speeds.

Its primary goal is not only to save you valuable time since an inconvenient interface leads to time loss but also to provide you with a vast variety of features and functionality. Get Exclusive Discount On Binom NOW.

Check out the amazing Binom coupon they have for BloggersIdeas readers, which you can do as well. What I mean is that you can thoroughly test the tracker for an extended length of time without investing a dollar. In addition, you’ll save 40% on the second month.

Isn’t that great?

In fact, now that you have the tracker and a server (for free if you took advantage of the Academy discounts! ), you can get right to testing!

After you’ve installed the tracker, all you need to do is configure your domain on the server, and you’re done!

If these technicalities aren’t your thing, contact the Binom support team for assistance. You will not be let down.

Let’s start with Binom Review in detail.

Table of Contents

Binom Review: Is It Best Tracking Software for Marketers?

Binom reviews

The platform has been specifically designed by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers to earn more with advanced traffic distribution, a smart filters system, and a huge amount of handy features such as no-redirect tracking and many others.

Binom functions on a state-of-the-art algorithm that knows how to send a click to a landing page that a user has not yet seen and for which offer the user have not yet converted.

Binom allows users to become more profitable by increasing their frequency caps. Campaign analysis in Binom is a seamless experience as it is extremely flexible and takes optimization to the next level.

It is further aided by rapid multi-level reports with line markings, search, filters, and Drilldown functions. These tools have been developed to help you quickly find profitable segments in your campaign.

Binom- Overview

Binom’s approach is so advanced that it offers most of the tracking tools at an affordable price, which is very interesting. To determine which destination pages are not recognized or converted, a detailed survey is performed. This gives them more attention to increasing frequency limits.

Binom has a surprising feature that allows the user to fully access the landing pages without being redirected. It registers when a user has reached their destination page and provides their output for a better report. Binom has attributes of city tracking and also verifies the conversion rate of the viewers. You can use any number of domains and track the activity in days.

You might have questions for Binom like this : 

– What is binom ?

– How can I get started with Binom Tracker?

– What are the benefits of using Binom?

Who is behind Binom Tracker?

Is Binom suitable for professionals?

Binom was designed with experts in mind. That does not imply it needs to be complicated. It is the most modern and technologically advanced option on the market today. Our team started to design Binom out on their own requirements.

And, as is common, we came to the realization that the product would be valuable to others over the course of its development. We have more than 7 years of expertise in media buying and thoroughly understand all needs of our fellow affiliates. Our goal is to give our clients a unique opportunity to grow their profitability, and competitive advantages and provide them with trustworthy and rapid tools.

What makes Binom better than other self-hosted trackers?

Binom product is the most advanced solution among other self-hosted trackers at the present. They don’t have all the limitations other trackers have, such as unstable code base, delayed redirects on huge volumes, loss of clicks (even while gathering statistics), and slow report production. The fastest redirection and the most reliable and high interface speed are available under any load.

What makes Binom better than popular cloud trackers?

Binom has an advantage over other trackers in that the price doesn’t depend on how many clicks you get. Your data is stored on our servers, so even if your license expires there’s no need to worry! And with light loads, cost-per-day can be comparable between cloud or self-hosted services – but when pop traffic counts up into millions per month (for example), costs might differ ten times as well due to richer functionality provided by Binom’s new features being updated almost every single month.

Binom Review Features And Functionalities

Binom has quickly emerged as one of the most powerful yet cost-effective tools to aid marketers with efficient click processing, campaign tracking, analytics, and traffic distribution tools, including API and several organizational tools. Binom ensures

  • A license cost that does not depend on the amount of traffic you send
  • Handles up to 15 million clicks per day
  • Click processing time is 5 ms under any server load
  • The highest speed of report generating on the market
  • Group Campaign Reports
  • Large-scale automated updates every 2-3 months
  • The fastest and most convenient user interface
  • An optimized and user-friendly multi-user system with different access rights
  • Prompt and excellent support with an average response time of 2 minutes

Binom Tracker All Features


By precisely setting the user’s access rights, your computer can work simultaneously in a single trace. Restrictions on campaigns, offers, landing pages, rotations, traffic sources, and networks. See, edit, create, everything is possible.

Binom Review With Discount Coupon- The Organization

There is the possibility of individually opening individual groups or individual campaign offers or landing pages for each user. Create a team of any size. This tool generally works with entire departments with dozens of people.

  • Save offers and landings in the tracker
  • Additional users with limited access
  • Notes to the campaigns, offers, and landings
  • Preset traffic sources
  • Directory of rated affiliate networks
  • Batch adding of offers and landings
  • Groups

Traffic Distribution

Earn more with the progressive distribution of traffic! Binom knows how to send a click to a destination page that a user has not yet seen and for which the offer has not yet been implemented. With Binom it can be more profitable by increasing the frequency limits.

Binom Review With Discount Coupon- Traffic Distribution

Route and control system with more than 20 metrics, including the singularity, the proxy, the IP address range, and time.

With rotations, you can easily change the weight of the distribution for each campaign. Earn more by sending users to landing pages or offers they have not seen before. Send clicks from one campaign to another. Send traffic to specific routes on the landing page. Create the perfect funnel.

  • A/B and MVT-testing
  • Paths, Landings, Offers
  • Rotation system
  • Distribution by uniqueness and conversion
  • Redirect of Proxy-traffic
  • Distribution rules for 20+ metrics
  • Clickthrough between campaigns
  • Multi-affiliate landings
  • Redirect to a particular path or landing


The analysis of the campaign in Binom is a pure pleasure. Fast multi-level reports with line tags, search capabilities, filters, and a detailed analysis feature help you quickly find profitable segments in your campaign. It only takes optimization to the next level and that’s quite impressive.

Binom Review With Discount Coupon- Analytics

Most reports are mostly generated almost immediately. Forget about waiting. No more wasting time and frustration. Our powerful filtering system makes data analysis and decision-making easier than ever.

  • The highest speed of reports generation
  • More than 30 metrics
  • Collective reports for campaigns and traffic sources
  • Three-level groupings without limitations
  • Drilldown
  • Statistics by paths, rules, rotations
  • Filters system
  • Export to CSV
  • Statistics by days
  • Bots identifying
  • Uniqueness report
  • IP ranges and connection type
  • Statistics for the last hour
  • Rows marking
  • Trends
  • Clicklog with filters
  • Bid reports


Track more than 20 clicks with the latest databases of ISPs and devices. Track user behavior on landing pages, exit points, browser settings, HTTP headers, and more including city, type of connection, and proxy. Greater precision in the identification of devices and operators with our combined databases.

Binom Review With Discount Coupon- Tracking

Learn more about browser settings, HTTP headers, exit points, and other metrics on the landing page. With LP Pixel, you can send traffic directly to the destination page without unnecessary routing.

  • LP Pixel
  • Integrated landings (without redirect)
  • Sending information from the landing
  • Tracking exit points from landing
  • Improved Postback
  • Unlimited additional domains
  • Postback conversions to the source
  • Click cost import from the source
  • Update costs by tokens and time zones
  • Manual conversions update and removal
  • City tracking
  • Conversion statuses


Complete control of API tracking just connects your optimization tools or integration and visualization tools to all essential functions and reports with a simple API.

Binom Review With Discount Coupon- API

You can get a list of existing offers, add new ones, and edit or delete offers, and landing pages. Add the key parameter of the API to the URL of a report and get it in JSON format. Use the API to display rows of filtered or tagged reports to prepare black-and-white lists for your campaigns.

  • Campaign information
  • Information about landings and offers
  • Campaign reports
  • Update costs
  • Filters


Our support team installs tracking on your server, helps with data transfer, and explains how to use tracking more efficiently. Forget waiting for endless answers to your tickets.  

Binom Review With Discount Coupon- Customer Support

The Binom customer team will take care of all the technical problems and install binom free on your server. We inform our clients in case of problems.

  • Detailed documentation
  • FAQ with 100+ questions
  • Tickets, skype, telegram, email
  • Answer within 1 hour
  • Online from 9 to 23 MSK
  • Great responsiveness 🙂

Click Processing

  • Processing time for a click is 5-30 ms
  • Guarantee of zero losses
  • Processing speed does not depend on the volume
  • Does not depend on the number of clicks in a database
  • Separated from report generation

Technological Core

  • Works under any load
  • Transaction Engine for click storing
  • PHP 5+ based
  • Compatible with MySQL 5+, MariaDB, Percona
  • Low memory usage
  • Server failover system
  • Monitoring and SMS-notification system

Technical Details And Requirements

Binom is a powerful and flexible software designed to serve the needs of affiliate marketing campaigns running on almost all compatible software and servers. Here is a list of software and minimum server requirements recommended by the Binom developers.

Minimum server requirements:

Review of Binom with discount coupon

You can always do the manual installation if you feel like a technically savvy user, but for most people, the best option will be to run auto-installer, which was developed by Binom, which installs a tracker and optimizes all necessary software if you run it on a clean server.

You don’t need any technical skills in order to run it, or the Binom support team even can do all the installation processes for you. So even if you are far away from all technical stuff, this will not be an obstacle to installing this tracker.

Since Binom is a self-hosted tracker, the amount of clicks that it can handle depends on your server hardware, if you want to run millions of clicks per day, then you need to get a more powerful server. Gladly their technical support will help you find and tune the server for any volume.

How To Set Up Binom Tracker for mobile app tracking

Now we will talk about setting up end-to-end analytics for mobile traffic.

If you run push, native or other traffic to mobile apps or if you attract affiliates to promote your app you will learn how to tune a minimal set of tools for it. You will run traffic from new sources, optimize campaigns, do split tests, and monetize your mobile apps effectively using Binom – the tracker for professionals.

What end-to-end analytics is and what it’s needed for?

By end-to-end analytics, I mean a set of tools that allows us to track a user from click to lead (for instance, in-app purchase or reward video view) and also throughout the user life cycle with tracking important metrics such as ARPU, RR1, RR7, and ROASIROI.

With the help of Binom Tracker and Yandex AppMetrica, we will tune the analytic system from the Android mobile app and answer the following questions:

  • Which creative brings more conversions
  • Which landing page converts better
  • Which funnel brings more target actions in a mobile app


This funnel is also applicable to IOS apps, you need just to select the IOS platform in section 2.

In the Binom tracker, we can define the most profitable traffic sources, landing pages, and creatives as well as create blacklists. As a result, our ROI, the number of app installs, and target action will increase and as consequence, we spend our budget wisely and monetize mobile apps more efficiently.


To start we need:

  • Installed Binom Tracker
  • Mobile app with Yandex AppMetrica SDK integrated
  • Traffic source personal account, landing pages, and creatives.

AppMetrica settings

Step 1: Create a tracker and add a partner

To track user installs we create a new tracker in AppMetrica:

In my case, the traffic source I work with was not on the Partners list.

Then, we create a new partner: use Binom as a name and tracking domain. Now you can choose Binom from the drop-down list.

You may say that it’s advisable to choose an ad network as a Partner because it allows us to pass ad campaign settings to AppMetrica. However, in our case, I suggest using Binom Tracker as a traffic source. The tracker transfers all data to AppMetrica.

If you need to build reports in AppMetrica by the same parameters as in Binom Tracker (for example, source ID, creative ID, etc.), transmit tags from Binom Tracker as AppMetrica tracking URL parameters according to the official guide: Parameters of the tracking URL.

Step 2: SmartLink settings

In the SmartLink section select Android Platform and a link to the Google Play page.

Add DeepLink if you want a user to see a specific screen after app installation.

You can add a traffic back URL to the Post-click landing. This URL opens in a mobile browser right after a user gets to PlayMarket. It can be a link to a community app, documentation, or Binom tracking link to any other offer.

Step 3: Postback settings

Transferring data from AppMetrica to Binom requires setting up postbacks. Postbacks – POST requests which AppMetrica passes using specified URL.

Postbacks can also pass different parameters like clicked, conversion status, name of action, etc.

I suggest using Binom’s complete guide to set up Postback URL.

Postbacks must contain information about clicked. This way Binom can associate AppMetrica postbacks with clicks from ad networks and build reports

Go to Settings in Binom to get the postback URL.

I use an English interface for all tools where it’s possible, it’s quite handy if you work with foreign services. Your interface might look a bit different.

Postback URL should look like this:{binom_clickid}&cnv_status=<статус_конверсии>

Where – your tracking domain in Binom.

To add postback from app installation we use the following URL:{binom_clickid}&cnv_status=install

Please, pay attention to the current status “Install”, we will get back to it late.

I guess you would like to get a postback also when a user performs a target action, purchase a subscription for example. In my application, the event named ap_success is responsible for that.

If this event applies to your app as well then add one more postback URL.{binom_clickid}&cnv_status=purchase&payout=5.0

Now keep in mind the status “Purchase” we will get back to it later. You can use any word containing Latin letters and numbers as a status name.

Remember to replace with your Binom tracking domain.

Payot – optional parameter, you can specify conversion payout, for example, profit from a sale to see overall income information in Binom reports.

Binom Tracker Settings

Step 1: Tracking URL

After we set the Tracker in AppMetrica we can get a tracking URL and use it as an offer link in Binom.

But it’s not that easy. If we use a link taken directly from AppMetrica we won’t be able to see what creatives and landing pages are associated with certain app installations or paid subscriptions. – the URL we can not use.

Fortunately, there’s the following section in AppMetrica documentation. Now we know that we can send custom parameters to the tracking URL and the values of these parameters can be transmitted in a postback URL. That is exactly what is needed!

We add to the original link the following parameters: {clickid}&site_id={trafficsource}

The tag {trafficsource} is taken from the Binom ad campaign token guide. When Binom sends traffic to AppMetrica tracking URL it passes a traffic source ID. You don’t need to add this tag for a traffic source yourself. It’s very handy as you can use it to build complicated traffic source reports in AppMetrica, and track user behavior and other metrics sorted by traffic sources.

The most important parameter in the URL is binom_clickid={clickid}. Remember, in the postback URL we used the cnv_id={binom_clickid} tag? The value for that token will be replaced with the value from our tracking link.

Step 2: Offer

Once we have a tracking URL with clicked parameter we can open the Offers section in Binom and add a new offer.

If you need help with this step, please, refer to the Binom offer creation documentation.

Step 3: Setting up postback status in Binom

In the section Settings > Stats add Postback status (install and purchase) from the section  “Step 3: Postback settings” as shown in the picture.

Everything is set for running an ad campaign!

Create a campaign in Binom using the offer from the previous block.

Now you can see the reports on the effectiveness of different sources, creatives, and landings, and Binom can receive and show mobile app conversion.


  1. If you want to run installs, subscriptions, or any other mobile offers you need to focus a lot on the track.
  2. It is required to create a tracker in Appmetrica, set up a postback, and transmit to AppMetrica tracking URL parameters from Binom.
  3. You need to add Appmetrica tracking URL in Binom as an offer.
  4. If everything is done correctly, you will see the number of conversions and clicks from traffic sources and the number of installs, subscriptions, and other conversions for each traffic source.
  5. It’s high time we run traffic!

Why should you try the Binom tracker? Binom Review

There are a bunch of reasons why I would recommend you to try Binom. Of course, you may think about what makes Binom different from other similar platforms and services. But there is always a difference between the best and the rest. Have a look at the following points:

  • The Binom support team will install the tracker and all the necessary tools and settings on your server for free, which means you don’t have to handle the hassle of installing and setting up the tracker according to your work environment. All you need to do is just write them and the rest is their job!

Binom tracking software review features

  • 3+ years of experience in tracker building and 5+ years experience in affiliate marketing. Those guys know what they are doing. Sometimes they even share nice tips for AMs on their blog.
  • An ideal solution for teams: unlimited users with custom access rights.
  • Free SSL for all your domains. Yes, other solutions will charge you for SSL, but Binom will provide SSL for all your domains for free.
  • Domains check for Google ban, now you won’t lose time and profit because Google has banned your domain – the Binom interface will notify you about that.
  • The developers constantly keep working on new features and roll out new updates every few months so you won’t fall behind in the race. Next Binom updates will be concentrated on automatization for your campaigns, which means more profit and less headache for you.
  • Their prompt and helpful customer support team is always open to any suggestions and ready to realize your ideas as quickly as possible. Their “Inaction” team is capable to help users with tracker-related issues and also solve simple third-party technical problems. They can also consult on media-buying questions. Users can get prompt connectivity and solutions via Skype and web-panel.
  • Binom is good if you run Pop-traffic because it can handle up to 600 million clicks per month, and its super-fast redirects and reports speed, and filters system.
  • Binom is good if you run Native ads because you can update cost by tokens so you could match with stats in the source, make marks for publishers and track landing’s viewing depth and exit points.

review about binom with coupon

  • Binom is good if you run Facebook because you can do no-redirect tracking with LP Pixel and integrated landings on PHP and complete URL customization.

Binom review special discount

  • And if you are looking for some additional third-party feedback, Binom recently started a thread at one of the biggest forums of affiliate marketing – STM. And the amount of positive feedback from users all over the world is really impressive, you can check here
  • Or you can check their live-demo.

How To Choose Which Affiliate Tracking Tool is Right for You?

Affiliate tracking is the process of controlling and tracking marketing activity, which is often accomplished via the use of specialized software and various plugins installed on affiliate websites.

Affiliate website sales, conversions, and clicks are tracked in order to evaluate affiliate performance. This enables affiliate network owners to track the performance of their affiliates in order to determine which ones are driving traffic and income and to properly compensate them.

Affiliate tracking is used by affiliate network owners to manage their affiliates and acquire information about the success of each affiliate and the network as a whole.

This enables the network owner and each affiliate to measure and get insight into which parts of the network receive the most visitors, conversions, traffic, or clicks, and to determine whether or not a marketing campaign is effective.

Depending on the business model, various forms of affiliate tracking software are employed, the majority of which displays graphs of various parameters. Amazon and eBay are two popular affiliate networks that pay out fees on every purchase made from or through its affiliates.

Consider the following factors when deciding which tool is best for you: whether you want to use premium options, whether you want a free trial before paying, how frequently they update their platform, how much they charge per month, and how many people are on their team.

Affiliate tracking tools aid in the tracking and measurement of the performance of various adverts and websites. Affiliate tracking tools provide a number of indicators that might assist you in making the most of your campaigns.

It is critical to find an Affiliate tracking tool that has enough functionality to match your demands, is simple to use, and allows you to monitor many campaigns at the same time.

There are numerous affiliate monitoring systems available, some of which are free to use while others need a fee. It is critical to select the appropriate tool for your goals and budget.

Benefits of Affiliate Trackers for Marketers :

Over the last several years, we’ve seen an increase in affiliate tracking tools and performance trackers; trackers simplify the entire affiliate marketing process, allowing for improved campaign administration and statistics.

Binom Affiliate Marketing

Without an affiliate Tracker, one must use multiple tools to track various things such as traffic, revenues, and campaign performance, which is not only more expensive but also a complete mess. As a result, Affiliate Trackers are a worthwhile investment for any marketer. It gives you complete control over our campaigns, allows you to see which traffic sources are performing best, and displays all details on a single dashboard.

If you are new to affiliate tracking tools, you can rapidly learn how to use them because they contain documentation, knowledge bases, video lessons, and an expert support team to assist you at every step.

Binom is without a doubt one of the most innovative affiliate trackers on the market, with a clean and simple user interface, powerful capabilities, and affordable price.

Try it risk-free for 30 days today, and then subscribe to its unlimited subscription. While other affiliate trackers with the same features charge at least USD 150 per month, the Binom plan is only $69 per month and has the same features as well as faster speed.

Binom Pricing:

Binom has developed only one paid package for users that offers unlimited access to all the available tools and functionalities.


Binom License

Price: $99 per month or $69 per month (Billed annually)

  • One server
  • Unlimited clicks
  • Unlimited domains
  • Free SSL for all domains
  • Lifetime updates
  • Additional licenses – $49
  • Free 24/7Support
  • Skype, live chat, email
  • Tracker installation
  • Server setup
  • Super-responsiveness
  • Answer within 2 minutes

Binom is also offering you a special coupon BLOGGERSIDEAS. Just follow this link and you will be provided with the free first month and a 40% discount on the second. Give it a try, you won’t regret it.

Top Binom Tracker Alternatives 2023:

1) Voluum

Voluum is one of the best ad-tracking programs available. It’s an all-in-one ad tracking software that allows you to easily manage, track, and optimize all of your advertising campaigns from one central location.

It’s cloud-hosted monitoring software that combines data analytics with AI-powered optimization capabilities to make advertising more efficient and profitable.

Voluum review voluum discount coupons

Voluum is a full-service platform for performance marketers, media buyers, agencies, and, of course, bloggers. The platform has gained a lot of traction as a performance-tracking system, and many people consider it to be the best in the business. They’ve recently improved their game by creating an integrated native ad media buying function.

Voluum provides real-time data processing and instant information, allowing you to make transactions right now. It does not slow down due to the fact that it is hosted on the cloud, and it can be accessed from any device. There’s also a smartphone app that sends you specific updates on your campaign’s performance.

Voluum is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with when it comes to measuring the effectiveness of advertising efforts. Its consumers earn more than $1.5 billion in revenue each year, which speaks for itself.

A/B testing and optimizing media buying for a lifetime value are as simple as a few minutes of work thanks to smooth-running granular reports, post-install analytics, and customizable campaign design. Check out Voluum Detailed Review

2) BeMob

BeMob is a real-time data reporting tool that lets users monitor and improves the effectiveness of their campaigns while also increasing their return on investment. There is no need for additional servers or software because the safe tracking program stores data in a secure cloud. With 11 Amazon data centers across the world, users can expect the fastest redirection possible.

Updated data is immediately visible in the tracker, and any modifications are immediately visible in reports. When working with mobile traffic, users can try out all of BeMob’s features.

Bemob tracker

Weekly enhancements are made to the system in order to boost efficiency and streamline operations. BeMob passes the most comprehensive user data in the reports by using the latest and full databases.

The email notification tool keeps users informed about all changes to ad campaigns, reducing the risk of losing money. It provides for the detection and blocking of bot traffic using manual filters based on user agents, referrers, IP addresses, and other data.

Your information is kept safe in the cloud with Bemob’s secure tracking software. There’s no need to invest additional funds on additional servers or software. Check out Bemob Reviews.

3) FunnelFlux Pro

FunnelFlux Pro is the latest version of Funnel Flux and is one of the most effective marketing tools for campaign optimization and tracking. Funnelflux pro includes various additional capabilities that will assist you in identifying the most profitable as well as non-profitable traffic categories. You can see how much money you spent on all of your existing traffic sources with funnel flux pro.

You may also independently check the income earned by the leads from those traffic sources. This encourages you to improve campaign optimization in order to save money.


Basically, FunnelFlux Pro is a visual tracker that allows you to move graphic representations of your crush pages, landing pages, and CPA while also tracking all clicks and conversions. Because with FunnelFlux Pro, you no longer need to know anything about coding, servers, or other technical topics.

When you’re not sure which traffic sources are profitable and which are a waste of time, FunnelFlux is the finest solution for you. You simply need to utilize the visual editor to create simple or complicated funnels.

FunnelFlux Pro is the greatest platform for marketing campaigns such as Facebook, Adwords, Google, Taboola, and email activities, among others. By joining FunnelPlux Pro, you will be able to design elaborate visual journeys and measure and analyze your clicks, conversions, page visits, and many other features. FunnelFlux Pro has a number of different platforms for tracking your activity.

Funnel Flux Pro is used by many performance marketers, advertising agencies, and product owners. Check out FunnelFlux Pro Review.

FAQs Binom Tracker Review 

Do I need my own server to host Binom Tracker?

Yes, you need a decent VPS to host your tracker.

What exactly is Binom Tracker?

Binom Tracker is an affiliate tracking software that is noted for its quick report creation, in-depth analytics, quick assistance, and inexpensive price. Although it is self-hosted, we handle all of the setup for you. The deal included a free SSL certificate. The amount of traffic you send is unrestricted. The depth, customizable flexibility, and large number of configuration choices distinguish Binom reporting from other trackers.

Does Binom integrate with any other apps?

Yes, it integrates with Affiliate networks, CPC/CPM networks, Telegram, Webhook.

What are some applications Binom is commonly used in tandem with?

Binom is commonly used in tandem with Landing page constructors, Affiliate networks, CPC/CPM networks.

Is it possible to recover a deleted campaign, offer, landing page, or source?

It wasn't actually removed off the tracker; it was simply tagged as such. Simply sort by All or Deleted to locate it. Then, after selecting an item that you require, click Restore.

Have I lost my traffic because I forgot to make a payment on time?

If your licence is about to expire, you still have seven days to pay. You won't be able to access Binom after that. Your traffic and conversions will be calculated continuously.

What types of payment do they accept?

Currently, WebMoney, Capytalist, and QIWI are accepted. You can also pay from your profile using PayPal or Visa/MasterCard.

What is the location of the settings?

The settings are saved in a MySQL database.

There is no Import button, can I import the settings?

Only the newly installed tracker can be used to import the settings.

Is it possible to transfer all of the tracker settings from one server to another?

Yes, you certainly can. Go to Settings > Import/Export if you simply want the settings and not the statistics.

Is it possible to transfer all tracker settings and statistics from one server to another?

Yes, but only if you upgrade MySQL/Percona to version 5.7. The entire process can take up to 24 hours, so please contact our customer service staff for assistance. It is completely free. You must install the same version of the tracker with the same database name on a new server in order to carry the database. Only the new databases will work on the new server, and they will not be merged with the old ones.

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Final Words

Binom is one of the best tracking tools for affiliate marketers as it has each of the parameters which are required for tracking a campaign. The easy setup and the customer support team are the big pluses of this tracking tool. Also, the security isn’t compromised here!!

I hope you have liked my review of the Binom tracking tool! Visit the Binom official website for more details regarding the plans, pricing, features, software compatibility, and more. Don’t forget to use Binom Discount Coupon 30% Off. You Can Also Contact Thair Social Media Platform Telegram

If you have used the Binom tool earlier, please share it with us in the comment box!!

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  1. I used to only get 1-2 new visitors a day. But now my new visitor count is through the roof! I’ve never seen anything this powerful before! I’ve had my fair share of landing page services, but Binom has finally managed to meet my expectations. It’s easy to use, the tracking system is especially impressive and it does what you want when you need it.

  2. I love Binom and its flexibility. Primo is great, but it can’t clean up the messes that are left behind by other software’s miss-stepping. I’m sick of wasting my time clicking data points so all I see are numbers instead of helpful stats. This would be good if goals were missed because you didn’t have enough budget, not to mention clicks weren’t even accurate! Not with this sophisticated system.

  3. One of the very first things I noticed in Binom’s service was its traffic distribution. I was a bit wary of it at first; however, as things progressed I started seeing Binom as what it really was; a splendid traffic distribution source.
    Binom’s approach is so advanced that it offers which most tracking tools wouldn’t, in such considerate price range.
    One of the core features for which Binom is known for is, of course, its unwavering tracking and reporting capabilities!
    You’ll get to utilize all these features at 30% discount with the help of the promo code!! Go check out NOW!

  4. Binom is a well known and viable self-facilitated tracker that has been intended to help oversee member promoting ways like snaps, crusades, costs, deals, report building, traffic dissemination, and that’s just the beginning, across the board place.

    The product is the undisputed innovator in click-handling and report-building speeds. Its essential objective isn’t just to save you significant time since an awkward interface prompts time misfortune yet in addition to furnish you with a huge assortment of highlights and usefulness.

  5. I’m a newbie in the affiliate marketing but have been following Binom for some time now. It seems to fit my needs from the get-go with features such as being able to do a campaign optimization and generating an order tracking link through a simple drag-and-drop function! I really love this platform so far and recommend it if you’re looking for something easy, customizable, and effective.

  6. Binom is a very useful product for marketing because of the trackers they have, which can detect different factors of products people view and how or if they convert. If you want to keep up with what people are looking at, go with Binom.

  7. Binom is the ultimate affiliate marketing tools with all sizes of features that you might need. Binom team was also one of the fastest to respond to my queries which made me feel important and appreciated for using their product.

    Binom, the savior of your time! It’s an in-depth tracking software for affiliate marketers looking for more than just basic information about their traffic sources. I had a few questions when setting it up, but thanks to 22/7 customer service chat on live chat; all my doubts were solved within minutes.

  8. This software is a lifesaver for any marketer who wants to take their business to the next level. The platform has been specifically designed by affiliate marketers, so you know it’s going to be easy and intuitive to use! I fell in love with Binom from the moment I started using it because of how many helpful little features there are. You can perform no-redirect tracking which enables you to reroute traffic exactly where you want them, on specific pages or offers that have not yet converted (saving your conversion rates and getting more money!). It also comes with a huge selection of customization settings that allow me to enter absolutely anything like banners or keyword strings, making it easier than ever before for my clients and followers.

  9. Binom is everything I dreamed for!” exclaimed User . She added, “I feel like these guys totally get me and they’re on my side! It’s so easy to use, all the features are pretty intuitive and I love the mobile app. The tech support was SUPER helpful too-I commend their customer service reps for being timely with responses! Binom has really helped save my sanity because now I know what audiences are converting.

  10. I’d highly recommend this because of the two features that are really helpful. The first is when it automatically tracks all your clicks and lets you know where they would have otherwise ended up if not for Binom. And second, it takes care of conversion rates in a way I’ve never seen before. It makes everything so much easier to see since I can explore landing pages without being redirected by clicking on them beforehand.

  11. It’s been a great experience using Binom! I’ll absolutely recommend it to you all!
    Binom is a renowned self-hosted tracking platform used by all trusted professional affiliate marketers. Its built and optimized for managing page clicks, CPA campaigns, sales reports, costs, revenue, traffic, and much more, in order to track any complications in your marketing plans and eliminate them prior to any blunder.
    Binom is a tool which effectively increases your profit margin and makes affiliate marketing easier for you. It’s an advanced solution and the outstanding power with which it operates is the reason why Binom withstands severe competition among several other self-hosted trackers in the market.

  12. I’ve been using Binom since quite a few time and I can say that Binom is one of the most premium tracking software in the market. It has seamless traffic distribution, can track and manage your affiliate operations without any redirects, provides in-depth reports every hour about the conversions and clicks.
    Also hurry up because you can catch a grab on on the promo code which gives you 30% off on the yearly plan, go check it out. I got to use it, and i got the discount!!

  13. Binom is one of the easiest ways to make affiliate marketing as rewarding as possible. It saves you time without feeling too much like work. I know it may sound a little scripted, but I use Binom every day and couldn’t be happier with how easy it has made my life!

  14. Binom is the most advanced, affordable tracking site of its kind. It offers all the important features you’d expect at a had price-point – without being too simple to be useful. One spectacular feature is that it can identify your conversion rates so you never have to wonder if someone has reached their destination page or not. Best of all, they’ll even show you what views converted after logging on so long as they’re set up. This way, any underrepresented pages are given more attention and increased frequency limits are offered where appropriate.

  15. Binom is a successful following programming or stage helps in wiping out following blunders. This perspective is exceptionally significant as it might prompt lethargic sidetracks that may make you lose Return Over Investment (ROI).

  16. Binom is the most advanced digital marketing solution I’ve tried. It’s an Amazon-esque platform for affiliate marketers that offers a great way to push traffic and make money. When you combine the power of Amazon with the modern conveniences of social media, you get Binom.

  17. Binom is an excellent resource for affiliate marketers that want to manage campaigns, sales, and traffic in an organized manner.

    If you’ve been looking for a way to better manage your affiliate marketing, then you need to download Binom. It’s a self-hosted tracker that helps you manage clicks, campaigns, costs, sales, and more. Download Binom today!

  18. Binom provides with a large set of tools for analyzing traffic and its distribution and the major added value of an intuitive and logical interface. Great support staff!

  19. Binom is a great tool for any business that wants to prioritize time and make more profit by increasing frequency caps on clicked ads. Available as a self-hosted tracker, this software has been designed with you in mind. The interface is seamless and easy to use, meaning it’s quick too! Get started today with the leading platform for affiliate marketing!

  20. Ever wasted so much time trying to figure out your affiliate marketing stats? People don’t have time for that! Next thing you know they’re using all their free hours on clicking pages and checking spam emails. But with Binom, this is drastically reduced. Ugly interfaces also lead to users becoming disengaged, wasting more than just attention. With Binom’s beautiful interface that’s sleek and designed specifically for Affiliates, there are no prettier prettifying means of tracking all the clicks you need in order to grow your campaign quickly without wasting any precious hours.

  21. I’ve been looking for a self-hosted tracker for awhile now that would be able to handle all of the functions I require to run my affiliate marketing. Binom has given me just what I need, and then some! And it doesn’t take up much space on your computer either—which is amazing because I don’t have room. I’m so glad to finally find something that does everything I want without slowing down or crashing.

  22. Binom has helped me to develop and outperform my competitors. It is very complete, with an easy-to-use interface; the few problems I had were easily solved with some quick research. A little pricey but worth it!

  23. After I discovered Binom, it changed the way my affiliate marketing goes. For one, I was able to be in control of my own paths since click speeds are lightning-fast. Plus, each report that came out stunned me with just how much more in detail they were than any other software. Time saved by having all you need in one place? Priceless.

  24. Binom is everything I dreamed for!” exclaimed User . She added, “I feel like these guys totally get me and they’re on my side! It’s so easy to use, all the features are pretty intuitive and I love the mobile app. The tech support was SUPER helpful too-I commend their customer service reps for being timely with responses! Binom has really helped save my sanity because now I know what audiences are converting.

  25. Ever go to a site, but don’t know when you’ve reached your destination?
    This is when Binom comes in handy. A clever solution for the user who wants to be sure they’re finally at their goal page. It detects destinations and allows you full access without being redirected. The tracking solutions come with many attributes such as city tracking and verifies conversion rates making it easy to increase success for new strategies!
    Binom takes away the guesswork, ensuring that you can run anything from an ad campaign to landing pages with ease.

  26. Binom is an industry game changer in tech. It offers quality, affordable tracking tools (at least when you compare to other tech companies) and the landing page space-saving technology allows for higher conversion rates. For these reasons, Binom quickly became one of my favorite tech partners after I used them initially on a project that helped me increase sales by at least 150%!

  27. Using all of the latest features and a creative programming, Binom is an excellent choice. It offers most tracking tools at an affordable price, which is very interesting. In order to identify what pages are not functioning properly or converting correctly, they perform extensive surveys that gives them more attention for increasing their frequency limits. What’s even better is that when you reach your destination page from following a particular link advertised on Binom ads-you can finish out without being redirected. This will give the user more data about their own conversion rate while also showing if there were any anomalies in your visit (if you’ve analyzed city tracking while browsing).

  28. I use Binom and I’m stoked! You should try it too. It’s got all these fancy features for like no-redirect tracking and stuff I don’t get yet but trust me, they’re fun to play around with. Plus, the new upgrade saved my tail after an accident that wiped out my revenue for a month or more. Liked what you read? Why not check them out in this case study right here.

  29. I used to hunt for the tracker that would suit my needs. The struggle was real until I found Binom, mainly because it’s everything you need at an extraordinary value. I find myself completing tasks much quicker now with its amazing trackers and reporting tools. It offers so many great features, like full report building capabilities within moments, at your fingertips! Also worth mentioning is the fantastic customer care service if something goes wrong or you want some help. One of its best qualities is how easy it is for beginners to use their skills but complex enough to offer experienced users a challenge they crave! Bottom line: this tracker will save you time and money by providing all the necessary tools in one place without any hassle whatsoever – just sign up today!

  30. Binom was singled out by my online business to convert with their server aiming system. There are the most innovative features that allow you to be monitored in Binom. You have a city speed that monitors your page up-time and which destination pages were not recognized or converted, so they give you more attention on increasing frequency limits.

  31. You know how the sound of sleet on a window captures your attention and seeps deep into your bones? That’s what Binom does for my campaign. It gets work from where I need it, when I need it – no matter what traffic pattern is going through my funnel at any given time. No more having to wait weeks or months for new leads that never fill out a form because they’re not ready yet. And the reports don’t just answer questions – they give me advice based on data-driven analysis so I can improve opportunities faster than ever before!

  32. Binom is the easiest all-in-one affiliate marketing platform. It has tons of features for advanced traffic distribution, smart filters system and many other options to choose the best campaigns for your audience. Binom allows you to analyze your campaign with ease. This powerful analytical tool will show data about everything that works or doesn’t work in a higher resolutedy manner than ever before!

  33. In contrast to different trackers, Binom has an enormous arrangement of instruments for breaking down traffic and its dispersion and the major added worth of an instinctive and sensible interface.

    First and foremost, I was amazed Binom wasn’t a cloud arrangement, however as it ended up – that was not even close to a dealbreaker. Nearly everything was accomplished for me by the help administration. The folks were marvelous – they introduced the tracker totally for nothing.

  34. Binom is a nice surprise which exceeds my expectations for the price. Not only does it offer most of the tracking tools at an affordable price, but its app provides analytics on the nature of your traffic without being too complicated. And I love how it lets me see all pages that are unknown or not converting.

  35. Binom is the little soldier you never knew you needed to win your online wars. It can take care of all of your tracker-related problems without that much effort on your side while also providing some nice, informative blog posts every once in a while for newbies like me.
    They have flat 30% off on their yearly plan.

  36. Binom is the best affiliate marketing software out there, it’s fast, reliable, and an easy-to-learn system. The pricing plan has you covered for all your online marketing needs with one affordable price tag. I definitely recommend this program to anyone beginning their journey as an internet marketer because it will make the first steps much easier!

  37. There are some drawbacks to Binom.
    It is a self-facilitated tracker additionally they dont help with establishment.
    Could utilize some improvement in the interface

  38. Binom has been created by frequent paying ad creators with the aim of helping them earn more with their traffic. The platform functions on a state-of-the-art algorithm, which ensures that clicks are sent to landing pages the user hasn’t seen and for which they haven’t yet converted. Campaign analysis in Binom is easy with its flexible analytics tool and optimized performance.

  39. I’ve been following Binom for quite a time, and I must admit they really know their stuff. First thing they did when we started working together was to demonstrate the tracker and leave all that would-be issues out of the way like how to install it or do that whole affiliate marketing mumbo jumbo. It took them about an hour max to set up everything on my server; now I only need to communicate with them if I want anything installed, including modules or other cool features!
    They also have an offer of 30% off on their first purchase.

  40. I’ve never seen any other service like Binom. Such value for your money! The video review is very informative and persuasive, I was sold in 3 minutes flat. Regarding customer service—super responsive client managers, competitive pricing with great discounts…I’m not planning on ever using another product again.
    They also saved me a 30% off on using their coupon code.

  41. Binom makes a strong point to be the fastest and best self-hosted tracker for professional affiliate marketing in the market today.
    Most important thing in affiliate marketing is Speed and binom clearly gets this. It functions very fast. This helps you in saving time and increasing your efficiency which in turn helps in increasing your sales.

  42. I’ve been using Binom since quite a few time, and I’ve had no issues.
    Binom is a tool which effectively increases your profit margin and makes affiliate marketing easier for you. It’s an advanced solution and the outstanding power with which it operates is the reason why Binom withstands severe competition among several other self-hosted trackers in the market.

  43. Get up to 30% off on Binom Tracker, the best app for reviewing your marketing data! Now you can set a yearly price and get full access to advanced analytics tools – all for as low as $6/month.
    There’s no time like right now to try out this fantastic service yourself and save with our coupon codes: (insert coupon codes)
    Binom is taking things into high gear by making it faster than ever before to switch from Mailchimp or Infusionsoft! You can even track dynamic content and slowly changing variables automatically, which means better insights in less time. All of this with our discount code!

  44. Binom is a fantastic turnkey affiliate management solution for email, Amazon, and social campaigns – all in one intuitive dashboard. With an interface that could not be easier to use and domains managed from one central location, you can get everything done with ease. It connects to your Amazon account so you never have to import another CSV! Its primary goal is not only saving you valuable time by increasing innovation but also providing a vast number of features and functionality. Binom lets users maximize efficiency while streamlining tedious tasks by increasing frequency caps on clicks or Amazon MTAs at the rate they need them. So say goodbye to complicated interfaces that decrease productivity because Binom will change everything!

  45. I’ve never had to worry about installing things before, but when I needed help with my tracker installation, I was so relieved because Binom offers free installations. They handle all the troublesome stuff for me and before too long, they were exactly what I needed in terms of tracking website leads or clicks or anything else. Plus their promotional team is really good at getting people excited too!
    Binom saved me 30% off by using their promo code.

  46. I’ve been a loyal Binom customer. I have many friends that use the tracker and they seem to be happy with it, so I thought maybe I should give it a try since the interface is just as good as other trackers out there. So far everything has been working really well! It has an easy integration process from Google Analytics and saves me time because of the automated features! The only thing you need to do is install it on your site or blog post to get started. And if you ever need help setting up something else , their staff is always available 24/7 by email chat or phone call for any personal questions you might have about how things work in Binom .

  47. Good overview of the tracker Shubham.

    I also did an in-depth review of Binom, feel free to check it out at erikgyepes

    I really “fell in love” with this tracker while testing it as I think it’s very affiliate oriented and thought about all small details we affiliates care about.

  48. If all my fellow marketers out there are looking for a trustworthy affiliate tracking software, then look no further! Binom is perfect for anyone who needs to track their campaigns in real-time. You set up everything from one clearly laid out dashboard, and the support team will be available 24/7 should you need any assistance. The security of your link URLs will always be safe with this trusted software.

  49. Though not required as I am just starting out my blog, will definitely be useful once my blog grows.

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