BitLaunch Review 2021 : Pay With Crypto For VPS (Worth It ?)

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Ease of use
Value for money
One-Click Privacy


  • Instantly launch servers
  • High quality cloud servers
  • Pay cryptocurrency for VPS from BitLaunch
  • one-click apps for privacy including OpenVPN, WireGuard,
  • Instant automatic setup
  • Human Friendly
  • Developer Ready


  • More pricing options needed
  • No live support

Price:$ 10

Looking for VPS hosting to pay with Crypto I got you covered because now I’m going to say here is Bitlaunch. The best hosting to help you out with all your requirements. 

BitLaunch is a cloud hosting service whose primary focus is ‘privacy’. Its special and unique attributes make it stand apart from the rest of the hosting providers. BitLaunch can be launched instantly with an email and get started. It has high-quality cloud servers that set up VPN in seconds.

You can pay them on an hourly basis as well via cryptocurrency like Ethereum, Bitcoin, etc. BitLaunch not only provides servers for hosting from itself but also from other popular hosting providers like Vultr, DigitalOcean, Linode, etc.

BitLaunch Review in Detail 2021 : Start Paying With Crypto For VPS

BitLaunch’s services are anonymous, which makes them extremely safe and secure. It also offers API for the developers who want to build tools or automate the server provisioning with BitLaunch. The company proffers an affiliate program along with 20% recurring commission on the conversions from the user.

BitLaunch is a very smooth, fast, and secured service and gives you the freedom of paying them on an hourly basis, which is a feature most people look for. Moreover, it is extremely simple and quick to create an account on BitLaunch as you just require your email for registration.

Bitlaunch Bitcoin VPS Hosting

Why is VPN Required?

VPN refers to the Virtual Private Network and is an essential tool in today’s time. this is because it can encrypt your connection to keep your data safe and secured. But this can only happen if you are hosting it yourself. VPN also acts as a vital tool in digital marketing and for affiliate marketers. It can mask your actual IP address and let you come out from any geographic location of your choice. Thus, it lets you see the landing pages and ads fro various countries by just changing your geographical location.

Moreover, VPN bypasses the government-imposed, ISP, or local network administrator’s restrictions. It keeps your traffic encrypted due to which it cannot be restricted.

VPS Hosting from BitLaunch

Before we dig further, let us understand what a VPS is? So, VPS a.k.a. Virtual Private Servers are the servers which let the user have a server which is virtual and is solely maintained and operated by hosting companies, like BitLaunch. The user need not share any personal and anonymous information with anyone while using these servers because they offer the best security.

A trusted and safe VPS system will keep all your transactions secure, anonymous, and encrypted. The users remain ignorant of the benefits of a funded VPS system. This is the reason there is more demand for trusted VPS services. It has also enhanced the use of cryptocurrencies in payments because these are safe and easy.

Is it easy to get a Virtual Server?

There is a reason why BitLaunch has been ranked higher than other hosting providers. The reason is that BitLaunch provides a free launch start-up and costs around $10 per month. It proffers lucrative plans which are beneficial for both businesses and individuals. It comes with the regular 2.40GHz CPU, 1 GB RAM, and SSD space.

Lately, BitLaunch has started Anonymous Amsterdam VPS with additional servers in America, the UK, Singapore, and Europe.

Features of BitLaunch Hosting  (Fast and Secure Bitcoin VPS Servers From Bitlaunch)

Bitlaunch pay with crypto

  1. BitLaunch’s Web Hosting through Cryptocurrency

To ensure reliability in trading and transactions, payments via cryptocurrencies has gained a lot of importance. There are several reasons for this, the primary being that Crypto is much more reliable than the usual currency and there are several platforms these days which support cryptocurrencies payments. As per the user reviews, BitLaunch has more advantages and is simple to use, as it allows cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. for BitLaunch, Linode, Vultr, DigitalOcean servers.

  1. Decentralized Systems

BitLaunch gives full control and independence over all the products. It has several centralized systems which are maintained, operated, and controlled by one entity. BitLaunch guarantees that  all its systems are decentralized.

  1. BitLaunch one-click Apps

BitLaunch proffers the best flexibility to its clients and customer services without any curbs. They have a one-click anonymous hosting as well for apps like Openvpn, self-hosted WireGuard VPN hosting, and Telegram. The experts from the digital security department recommend WireGuard VPN as compared to OpenVPN which is preferred by many users.

Thus, BitLaunch makes sure it follows the advice of the digital experts and works in accordance with them. Moreover, WireGuard VPN is designed with fewer lines of code and avoids susceptibilities. BitLaunch provides a one-click functionality to the users so that they can use VPN protocols like WireGuard.

  1. It is the Best

There are other hosting providers like TMD Hosting, Interserver, Bithost, and Liquidwebs which also offer great pricing plans, but BitLaunch overpowers them all because it provides super-secure servers and enables transactions with cryptocurrency.

  1. Easy Access for Users

BitLaunch allows very easy access to its servers by the users, because there are no limitations or restrictions. This feature gives way to freedom of carrying transactions using cryptocurrencies. BitLaunch smarty bridges the gap between efficiency and the needs of the market, which is why it is the leading hosting service at present.

  1. Reliable Bitcoin VPS Hosting

BitLaunch’s flexibility and personal offerings makes it super reliable Bitcoin VPS hosting and this is what a majority of the clients seek around the world. The cloud servers which are localized cannot offer this feature.

Fast Provision of the Server

BitLaunch boasts of providing the fastest servers to the users. As soon as you log in, it welcomes you with the option of a free trial. A majority of the users reply to them on the chat and get instant replies. With only five easy steps you can create the server.

  1. Select a Host – You can choose any host from BitLaunch, Vultr, Linode, or DigitalOcean.

2. Select the Image or App – BitLaunch offers a lot of choices:

Bitlaunch pay with crypto

Linode – Linode offers a variety of Linux distributions like Gentoo, Arch, openSUSE, and Slackware.

DigitalOcean – DigitalOcean provides some great apps like WordPress, LAMP, traditional web stacks, and LEMP.

Vultr – Vultr provides the capability to setup fully licensed cPanel server and windows – Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server 2012.

BitLaunch Servers – They offer private networks to the users and have one-click apps like Open VPN and WireGuard. They let you buy a VPN with Bitcoin and the whole transaction will be anonymous.

  1. Select a Region

BitLaunch provides three regions and those are – Los Angeles, London, and Amsterdam. These are the best locations for a vast range of clients spread over the United States and Europe. For users who want an Indian or an Asian host, then would prefer shifting to some other host because BitLaunch does not cover as many regions as other hosts.

  1. Select a Size

BitLaunch servers come with a good variety of specs at very affordable prices. They proffer servers which are CPU optimized from DigitalOcean.

  1. Set Authentication

It is extremely simple to set up authentication without waiting for an email and a password. For best security, SSH key is used. Within seconds you will receive the IP address of the server and you can login using the SSH key.

  1. Hardware

The essential hardware required by BitLaunch are – SSDs for speedy storage, KVM virtualization, and a great amount of RAM.

Is Cryptocurrency essential in Web Hosting? 

It is not very easy and secure to make payments and do transactions using cryptocurrencies, because BitLaunch has designed automated services so that the developers can manage the servers with ease. Thus, it is easy for the users to carry out account transactions with particular transaction amounts. The API is simple to use and gives the choice between normal currency and cryptocurrency. The developers use the Lightning Network for automating payments.

How to use Cryptocurrency for Payment?

bitlaunch crypto vps

Payments with Cryptocurrency have been made very easy with BitLaunch. It is a very simple and a fast process. You can top up as much as you want, requiring you to pay at least $20. This minimum amount is set to reduce the wrong use of the process. Once you choose to pay via Bitcoin, you will be given a QR code, amount of bitcoins BTC to send, and an address. After checking and confirming things, the money will go into your account. Sometimes, the process may take a little longer as per the fee and wallet, but the overall process is smooth.

Hourly Billing

The best part of BitLaunch is that it lets you pay on an hourly basis, i.e. you will pay them only for the number of hours that you have used the server. You need not block your money by paying for one month straight because you cannot be sure for how long you would require the server. This is the best deal for people who like changing the VPN IP time and again.

The most important thing to note here is that you have to avoid reaching the $0 balance mark. If your server is in use and this happens, it will get destroyed and will come to you like an abrupt surprise. So, pay heed to their messages and emails to avoid interference in the work. If required, you can request them to let you go for some time with negative balance too, but the decision is purely of Bit Launch’s.

Bitlaunch VPS Hosting Pricing Plans (Cheap & Fastest Bitcoin VPS Server Plans Pay safely and easily with Bitcoins)

Bitcoin VPS Server Plans Pay safely and easily with Bitcoin

Decentralized Payments

Centralized systems means that they are operated and maintained by a single body, be it the government, a company, or some individual. Whereas, decentralized systems are the ones which are not controlled by a single entity. It cannot even destroy the system because it is operated by a network of members who work on the basis of mutual consent. This is the reason BitLaunch allows cryptocurrencies because it’s a decentralized payment system. More than 10 cryptocurrencies are supported by BitLaunch.

Advantages of BitLaunch’s Decentralized Payment System

Here are the advantages of a decentralized system like BitLaunch:

  1. There is no involvement of a bank or a separate entity which can decline or stop the payment.
  2. Traditional payment methods fail many times and are not always reliable, moreover they are centralized too. But, decentralized payments make them anonymous, fast, and smooth.
  3. Decentralized payment services like cryptocurrency gives users the access to services who are based in India or Indonesia. In these places, VPS services offered by BitLaunch do not support traditional payment systems.

Conclusion: BitLaunch Review 2021 

I believe BitLaunch is undoubtedly the best hosting provider in the market as I felt really surprised by seeing its amazing features and price. It comprises the best features from all the other hosting providers and also proffers an affiliate program. Anyone who wants to market about BitLaunch will get a commission of 20%, for every sale they make.

Its USP is the high level of security it offers, it’s decentralized systems that keep the transactions anonymous, and the hourly billing of the services. It offers a fast provisioning, a vast range of choices, and exclusive customer support on a user-friendly interface. It is recommended to give a free trial and look for yourself, it will not disappoint you for sure.

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