Fresh Store Builder Review 2024: Is It Worth The Hype? (TRUTH)

Fresh Store Builder Review

Overall Verdict

The Fresh Store Builder ( is a website selling the ability to create your own online store filled with products from Here is detailed review of Fresh Store Builder and why you should you use it to make money from Amazon.

Out of 10


  • Easy Installer
  • Quick Store Setup
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • A Straight Path To Monetization
  • Easy To Scale
  • A Lot Of Product Information


  • Slow and sometimes bad support
  • Only three free templates


Price: $ 97

Curious to know about Fresh Store Builder?

In this post, we have featured Fresh Store Builder Review 2024 that includes detailed insights of its features, pricing, functionality, pros & cons and more.

So let’s get started here.

Did you know that is so humongous that people at IT industry often use it to find the UPC of any purchasable product? Now imagine this global shopping center hanging next to the content on your website and earning great returns.

Such is the scenario with this fantastic Amazon associate tool called Fresh Store Builder.

Fresh Store Builder Review

Amazon gives away a promising chunk of the advertising fee rate against your efforts, as the fully monetized Fresh Store gets you up to 15% commission on every sale. So, let’s find out everything you need to know for earning great numbers out of this plug-in.

Bottom Line: Fresh Store Builder is an awesome software for those who are looking to build their Amazon affiliate business. Its setup is easy and the training provided by them is top notch. The Fresh Store team works around the clock to provide the best support to their customers. That’s why we recommend you to try it out for yourself.

Fresh Store Builder Review 2024: Start Making $$$$$ Now

Fresh Store Builder Key Features

It doesn’t necessarily require a tech-savvy person to operate Fresh Store builder, because of its smart layout and simplistic approach. This ‘love at first site’ thing will get beginners started instantly while seasoned professional will love it for the charming features it holds.

The Amazon products can be added in either of the manual or automatic ways, with regular updates being consistently managed in the background. In short, if you wish the store can run itself on your behalf and maintain the flow of income.

FreshStore more features

Setting up the store is an assisted step by step process which includes a quick tour through the options needed to set up the store. There are literally endless products that have been distributed in categories for an easy browsing. Plus, a number of templates are at your disposal for presenting the idea in a vibrant manner. You can check out Thrivecart which enable you to create high converting shopping carts to get more sales and conversions.

For expert power users, Fresh Store has left 95% of its code unencrypted so that the masters can puppet their plug-in and customize the codes to suit their needs.


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Fresh Store Builder Review

Yes, your Fresh Store builder owns it when speaking of SEO. The rich snippet mark-up, RSS feeds, internal page linking and search oriented URLs, make it easier to search the Front Store your site is linked with. Also, there are automatic Meta tags, XML and page sitemaps for further optimising the store.

FreshStore additional features

Editable canvas

Without getting indulged in any kind of coding, you can put the real art in your store. To begin with, there are two templates and six marvelous skins to enhance its look and incorporate the feel of your website. The visual editor comes handy with every login account and can be accessed under the control panel.

Beyond businessFreshStore toolbox

Besides acting as a remarkable source to monetize your website, Fresh Store forms a common platform for sharing the strategies and tips by its successful members. Here, you can find product reviews and relevant materials on generating traffic, database, hosting, development and other microscopic aspects.

Risk free

With every factor coming down to support you, the business turns out to be less tricky. On top of it, a helpdesk of professionals is available around the clock to help you with technical queries. However, if you found the overall performance to be unsatisfactory then Fresh Store will redeem your fee as per its 30-day money back guarantee.

Getting around Amazon

FreshStore themes and templates

Every product becomes more tangible on Amazon with its unique edit ability. Create categories and subcategories to make your products more findable. Filters can also be added for providing quick browsing options to the visitors by slimming the results on the basis of built, colour, size, etc.

A powerful product search bar is another useful addition that populates options and exact results.


The resourceful content for these articles can be accessed from the manufacturer’s site and the rest is just like blogging. Add new pages, edit product info and do everything possible to make the picture right. For preparing an optimum layout, you can visit the website as a guest and then use live editing tools for making rightful alterations.


Adding so many features to the plug-in is still not gonna slow you down, because of the highly cacheable Fresh Store tools. The store’s database is regularly cached for an optimised performance and maintains a simultaneous upload time of your page.

Cookie timeline

In spite of such rigorous data clearance guidelines, Fresh Store still manages a cookie timeline of up to 90 days. This means if the visitor clicks a product on your page and purchases the same item in next 90 days you still get commissioned. Normally, this window lasts for 24 hours but depending on the business model chosen by you, the timeline becomes extensible.


The best part about Fresh Store is that it supports Amazon websites across every operational country. It means, your page is free to sell items to the local crowd of over a dozen nations and ship to many more. Its smart IP tracker redirects the incoming crowd to the respective Amazon website of his country.

You are free

But, none of this makes you responsible about the product, its admin, and inventory management or shipping. Simply, pitch the sale and forget about it.

It is because of this hassle free and controlled environment, that Fresh Store has helped over 120k people to become an Amazon affiliate. Moreover, a multi-nation coverage with Amazon heightens the sale manifold. As such, users have testified about making an average earning of $1000 to $1500 per month, which is transacted directly into their account.

Master Plan

FreshStore features

Own a domain for publishing your content, build the store and sign up with an account at amazon for receiving the payment. This is a simple three step process, with complete assistance flowing in from the Fresh Store builder. Let’s find out how you can exploit the features to implement your master plan.

Build the store

It is always the best idea to have the most expensive item on your page and get heavily commissioned, but this is not completely practical. Niche sites run with more promising SERPs and consequently better sales. So, try to stick with this niche even when it comes to the product available in your store.

Push the editing option to create stores on organic food, PlayStation, petting items, LCD, or anything that blends with your content. This way, people will know where to look for the item of their requirement. There are video training and walk through guidelines available to help you find the correct niche. On the other hand, templates and skins delight the overall presentation.


FreshStore why is it best

Once your site goes live, maintain a good quality of content and share it across social media platforms. Interesting quality contents manage enough of likes and shares to make a buzz out of your domain. Most importantly, the content should be able to pre-sell the product in such an appealing manner that the reader feels motivated to push the Buy Now button.

You can even work this out in partnership with another genuine website and multiply the source of earnings. Interested people can look up more fabulous tips on generating traffic and developing a website in the mastermind forum.


As the business begins profiting, you can save up to expand the niche of your work. As a freelancer, I would certainly use it to make more capital and invest in other niche domains. You know, like a domino of domains that would sell products click after click. Since, there are millions of products on Amazon; the market truly holds no limits.

While you are at it, there are a certain do’s & dont’s that you must know for an improvised performance and against getting penalized.


  1. On an average, the commission of each sale ranges somewhere between 4% to 8.5%, but you can include high ticket products for reaping that 15% mark.
  2. Try sticking with niche website so much that even the domain name should speak out loud.
  3. You can sell products with big numbers, like a power inverter or may be a forklift, but that requires a quality content which relates to the product itself.
  4. Promote branding activities via social platforms and mutual collaborations for selling Amazon products via Fresh Store builder.
  5. Look for potential items that your guests would find appealing or maybe even urging.


  1. Amazon itself is still bigger than the both of us, so in order to respect the quality of their inventory and avoid scammers/ abusers/ legal problems, every Amazon affiliate link must identify you as an associate.
  2. Using affiliate links for personal benefits is also considered as a standard way of abusing the already available discounts.
  3. We business people often think of skipping the queue, but sending affiliate links directly through emails, ebooks, or any other digital/ printed format is not cherished here. Although, it would be highly respectable if you could direct the link to your page first.
  4. There are a lot of contents on Fresh Store builder, where you can search about your specific product but it is still denied to use authentic customer reviews or star ratings from Amazon.

Fresh Store Builder Interface (User-Friendly or Complex)

Downloads Fresh Store Builder

After a quick signup, I finally landed to my very own Fresh Store builder account and found it to be easier than the remote of my TV. Every option is straight out there, cornered to the left of your screen and waiting to be explored. So, let’s get to know them in an interestingly exact sequence.

  • Dashboard

Database Install Fresh Store Builder

It welcomes you by enlisting a host of features that can be accessed on your Fresh Store account. For beginners, quick links to everything you may initially require have been provided to the right. I think it’s best if you start with the 10-step guide to creating your first Fresh Store.

  • Guides

Every possible material that you could ever want about setting up the Fresh Store builder, Amazon affiliates, and syncing it with your WordPress account, is present here. Besides a great compilation of infographic articles, there are several tutorial videos that will unveil the unknowns of this industry to you.

One of its sections (which is a member-only exclusive area) is a special collection of fine motivational stuff relating to every major part of the empire-building chain. This includes discussion on choosing the domain name, getting to know the niche, checking SEO and much more.

  • Get Hosting

Add Store Fresh Store Builder

Other than running successful Amazon associates, fresh Store builder is great at hosting websites. Its web hosting speed is said to provide a ravishing speed that can pass through any bizarre with its ultra-secure faculties. With a team of professionals and round the clock customer support, the entire process stays lubricated.

You can choose from one of its monthly hosting plans or upgrade to premium with Fresh Store builder. Premium members of the store receive an exclusive 15% off on hosting plans and 25% on FSB managed add-ons.

  • Downloads

If any updates are available on the running package of Fresh Store builder, then it can be accessed at under downloads section. Each upgrade is assisted with requisite intel on the changes introduced.

Such as, the recently updated version 7.0.5 now comes with integrated Pinterest postings, supports rich pins and has been revised to 20 inbuilt background images for a rich display of the website. Also, script requirements are provided for hassle-free operation of the software. How do I know this? Because it’s all given there. Why don’t you sign in and take a look?

  • My Stores

Dashboard Fresh Store Builder

This part has everything to do with the stores set by you. Under a single account, you get the freedom to add as many websites as you can manage. The top bar gives an instant report on the status relating to your account membership, store license, licenses being used and licenses remaining.

  • Traffic Training

It’s like an entrepreneur’s personal YouTube filled with highly beneficial video training on factors like finding a niche, SEO, back linking, social signals and everything needful.

Upgrade to Premium

I will make him an offer he can’t refuse, and this is what seems to be going on with premium plans at Fresh Store. A premium membership entitles you with a 24-hour responsive team of customer support, on all business days. You get extra credits on the feature request system, free access to fresh case study program, and a great deduction on the web hosting plans.

The plan is very cheap and sounds ridiculously so when you divide it by 12 months, it’s $47 per year. Although, regular members are not allowed to place signatures, but Fresh Store builder can include one image or three links in the forum signature for a premium member.

Become a Reseller

FreshStore profits
FreshStore profits

Things get wild when you get to know of its reselling programme. Instead of building a website and creating a store, you can jump directly to generating income by selling Fresh Store to your clients on places like Flippa or other online marketplaces.

Getting a reseller license means you are free to sell as many units of Fresh Store builder as humanly possible. It also gets you a complete member’s access to every resource, feature, and the private mastermind forum.

However, the person to whom you sell the stores will have nothing to do with your license. You can begin by trying a $27 per month package or purchase a lifetime access at just $97.

Fresh Store Builder Themes & Add-ons

At this place, you can do quality shopping and buy plug-ins to accelerate your performance at all levels. There are several Fresh Store products that can help you with selecting the rightful theme, optimizing the website for smartphones, WordPress plugin and bundle masters.

Since, it’s an online purchase on a platform relating to Amazon, so every purchase must be equally transparent. You can view the demo or extract additional product details from the options provided below each product.


FreshStore homepage

To keep your business on an exponentially high rise, some boosters have been included in every package. It includes links and access to the in-built content spinner, Mailchimp, Market Samurai, Fresh Website Hosting, Amasuite and Serp Suite. You can find them all under the Toolbox option.

Custom Services

You cannot afford to miss this column especially if you are confused about setting up the whole lot all by yourself. A community of experts that go by the name of ‘Done For You’ turns into the most helpful resource by taking care of every essential aspect.

From installing the store on your website to upgrades, writing content, designing logos and even selecting the best theme, it is a regular practice for them. They have worked up the entire blueprint into options categorised under Amazon stores, WordPress, Content Creation and Graphic Design. You will have the website up and running in no time.

Customer Support

If you wish to report a bug, request a new feature or have any business or technical question, there is ample support available at Fresh Store. In fact, the support forum is so large that it has been distributed into Knowledge base, private forum, mastermind group and help desk.

The knowledge base has a compiled list of relevant FAQs, the private forum has loads of demographic materials, and mastermind group links you with a secret Facebook page of experts while tickets can be raised at the help desk. Now, I am short of breath!

My Account

This is the editable portion of the entire grid of options and encloses your important contact details. It also contains the link to pro training, which you can begin at any point of time. Other than that, there are direct links for switching to a premium account or becoming a reseller.

Become an affiliate of Fresh Store Builder

It’s like one of their referral programmes where you get the chance to earn 20% commission for every order referred by you. Forward your unique referral code to the interested people and if they turn out to buy Fresh Store builder, then the reward is imminent.

Fresh Store Builder Customer Reviews

Fresh Store Builder Reviews

Fresh Store Builder FAQs

🤔 What is the Fresh Store Builder?

Basically, Fresh Store Builder is an Amazon Affiliate store builder that you can use to build profitable Amazon Affiliate Stores.

✅What About Fresh Store Builder WordPress Plugin?

Basically, Fresh Builder offers a WordPress Plugin that you can install right on your WordPress Website and get started right away.

🔥What are the Fresh Store Builder Alternatives?

We all know that every platform has its own pros and cons associated with it. But here Fresh Store Builder offers a reliable solution that you can use in order to build a profitable Amazon Affiliate Store right away. And it's affordable as well.

Conclusion: Fresh Store Builder Review 2024

I am very pleased to find that you stuck with me throughout the journey. As for Fresh Store builder, this is a cheap and risk-free deal where you get to know the real money circulating under the layers on online shopping.

Push in some dedication and I am sure that a product with so many features can pull the right value against your effort.

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