On Page Optimization SEO Tips for Bloggers

After google panda update in May 2014, many big players lost traffic in google search, Now only social media and link building can give traffic to your blog but after that too you don’t see good traffic on your blog? So what gives you a boost to your traffic??

For these questions my answer will be “Link Building” and from here On-Page Optimization comes into existence. In this article I tried my best to cover all the topics of On Page Optimization SEO.

Hope this will help you to get a boost in your traffic and may help you in getting higher PageRank.

Best On-Page Optimization SEO Tips for Bloggers
On-Page Optimization SEO Tips for Bloggers

So What Actually The On-Page Optimization is?

There is nothing so hard to understand in On-Page Optimization. It’s just the way you make your content to get high PageRank. On Page Optimization includes Google Title Tags, Meta Description and Keyword Research etc.

On-Page Optimization Really Works?

As I said earlier that after Google Panda updates various off page optimization techniques are dead which includes blog commenting, advertising, link building etc. Now the only thing which can help you in getting a High PageRank is your content. To get a high PageRank now you must have to write a good quality content.

The On-Page Optimization technique is not much hard, it just means providing good and quality content to user. In this article I have explained it in description, so carry on reading this….

On Page Optimization Guide for Bloggers:

Title of the Post:

The first and foremost thing which decides the amount of your traffic you will get is you Post Title. You should also include good number of keywords in your article. I will also recommend you not to keep title very short as it will decrease your post quality. The post with short title won’t rank high in search engines.

An ideal Title must not be too long nor too short. You title must not contain more than 100 characters. You should put all your targeted keywords in the title of the post.

Headings and Sub-Headings:

Headings and Sub-Headings also plays an important role in getting higher PageRank. If you use H1 as your heading, then you must use H2 and H3 as subheadings. I will also recommend you to use relevant keywords in H2, H3 tags. I am not telling to use these tags for page optimization but these tags also give your user a friendly environment on your site and will make a good impression on him.

URL (Permalink) of the Post:

Now this is most important point. Actually I was also not aware of this permalink, later on when I came to know about it. Now I also take special care of my blog post permalink. Your post permalink should not be too long. Make sure that it is giving a brief description of your post. I will also recommend not to include more than 3-4 words.

One more thing I would like to mention is that if you use the same URL structure as Title of you blog post then Google may treat it as keywords stuffing and thereby you will loose a huge amount of traffic.

WordPress users face many issues related to their website, I am now going to let you know the common WordPress problems and the solution for all these problems.

Read more about common WordPress problems here

I will also suggest you to follow Mashable instead of Techcrunch while coming to SEO. You can easily see that Mashable takes not more than 3-4 words in the permalink but Techcrunch takes the whole title as the permalink thereby they lose a significant amount of traffic.

Go With Relevant and Highly Targeted Keywords:

I would like to say that keyword stuffing no more works and there is no such keywords density to Rank high in search engines. Make sure that your keywords should come naturally and do not over optimize them. Over Optimization of keywords will definitely lead to a penalty. If you want to do a keyword research, then I will suggest you to use Google Ad words Keywords Tool.

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Length of the Post:

Many bloggers think that an article which is 1000 words long is better than a 500 words long post, but I would like to tell you that if you are thinking like that then you are absolutely wrong.

A post with few words can also rank high. The only thing that matters in ranking high is relevancy, conciseness and appropriateness. Sometimes this theory doesn’t work, so to be safe I would like to tell you that maintain all your posts with 500-600 words long.

Some More Techniques For A Better Result… 

Frankly speaking there are many ways to get a high PageRank, but I have mentioned only few of them before. Here I am posting some more techniques which can help you in getting a high page rank. Just read them and please comment below that how the post is…?

If you are tired by reading this long post then you can have a drink now…can you can carry on reading later….just press CTRL+D to bookmark this site to carry on later with it.. 😛

So carry on your reading…Cheers

Internal Linking: 

You should always try to interlink your blog posts. It will not only reduces the bounce rate but also distributes the page rank juice among all the pages of you blog. When it comes to internal linking, the best example is Wikipedia.

You can use many internal linking’s but you should use whenever it is necessary because using too much linking may confuse your visitor or he may get annoyed and just close your site. So be careful while doing internal linking.

Use Images in the Post:

I always use at least one image in my articles because an image can speak thousand words. I will also recommend you to use appropriate images wherever necessary in your blog post. You should use at least one image for every post. Try to explain your blog title with images. I mean use that image which perfectly matches you article title.

External Linking:

You should always give a nofollow attribute whenever you are linking any low quality site. Most of the people think that giving a dofollow link will harm their blog rankings in search engines but they doesn’t know that giving a dofollow link to a high PageRank site will be treated same as a nofollow link.


According to me On-Page Optimization is very important by giving a user friendly to your visitor. According to me giving your visitor a user friendly experience will rank your blog higher in search engines. So do better on page seo with good user design experience.

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    Thanks for publishing my article. I am feeling so glad to write a post on your website. I hope all of your visitors will like it. This is my first guest post. So I am very thankful to you for giving me a chance.

  2. Nice Article Anshul. Here i would like to mention do follow external links to trusted brands and sites would also indirectly help you in improving SEO of your blog.

  3. Ryan Biddulph

    Thanks for the share Anshul! You got all the basics covered 😉

  4. You should not only write for Google, write for your audience as well, make sure to include all the details that your audience want to see. If you can make it more natural the better. btw this is a great post indeed, keep it up…

  5. Sagar Nandwani

    Thanks for the tips. I already tried guest blogging and it works well for me.I think the most beneficial part of guest posting is getting your content in front of new viewers. It’s a great way to build your audience and share your expertise and it helps you build your brand and authority.

  6. Helpful SEO Tricks. I implemented this SEO tips in my website. Thanks, I got a very good result to improve organic search.

  7. Great post! a lot of good information… Sometimes I put a lot of attention in other things that I loose the point. According to your post, some easy things can improve the quality of my post and can increase the traffic in my blog. Thanks a lot for your contribution in this blog, I will use your tips in my personal blog.


    • Hey Jesus!!I appreciate your comment on this post. You are right these are simple yet crucial tips to bring traffic to your blog. All the Best!!

  8. Alvin

    Finally someone who addresses the blog post length.. Yes, blog post length has little to do with ranking well for SEO after a certain point. The key is to be relevant to the search query, and not writing chunks and chunks of constantly repeated information, that’s bad for SEO. Being relevant is what matters when it comes to good SEO.

    • Mike

      Well yeah, long content that is just saying the same thing over and over is no good. You want long content that is actually high quality, and preferably covers a bunch of relevant subtopics related to the main topic of the content.

      With just a few minutes of research you’ll find that the sites that are currently killing it in the SERPs all have longer content – in the niches where having longer content makes sense, that is.


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