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WPJobBoard Review
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WordPress Ease






  • Unlimited jobs, resumes and job applications
  • ree WordPress job board theme included
  • Documentation and ability to modify source code
  • Offer Customization Services


  • Bit expensive

In our growing world everybody wants to be successful, willing to do commendable jobs, wants to have better lifestyle where they don’t have to rush everyday, where people wants to work without investing their money in anywhere although money does matter in business field but imagine when you don’t have much money but in spite of that you are willing to run your business or wants to be a part of business such as employee, manager, excecuter, administrator of the company and for that you need to get an employment website, a website that deals specifically with employment or careers.

WPJobBoard PLugin reviewMany employment websites are designed to allow employers to post job requirements for a position to be filled and known as job boards. Through a job website a prospective employee can locate and fill out a job application or submit resumes over the Internet for the advertised position. So here is WPJobBoard is the best and easiest way for that and WPJobBoard provides you what everything you want for your better life.

WPJobBoard is a WordPress Job Board plugin that has been created for anyone who wants to build their own online job board website.

WPJobBoard Plugin review1WordPress website provide plugin option and that plugin gives you the ability to publish jobs and job seekers profiles, as well as letting your visitors add their vacancies and resumes. And then plugin allows you to create a fully functioning job board website, where your users can recruit staff and find work as well in WPJobBoard.

WPJobBoard Features :-

WPJobBoard 4.4.0 Preview

1) WPJobBoard is compatible any WordPress Theme

WordPress provide numerous themes to make your website more attractive some are free and for few themes you have to pay. WPJobBoard  plugin works with all of the thousands of WordPress themes available today such as Genesis, Headway, Thesis, and WooFramework, amongst others.

WPJobBoard themes2) Multiple Marketing Features

This is very unique feature of WPJobBoard that allows you to instantly syndicate your job listing on sites like Indeed, SimplyHired, and Juju to increase the number and range of applicants to each listing, WPJobBoard also allows you to keep in touch with your applicants and customers, with features such as job alerts, job feeds, and email notifications.

WPJobBoard website designer3) WPJobBoard Pricing Options

The WPJobBoard plugin is available on two pricing plans:

  • Personal: $97
  • Business: $199

These Both options include one year of access to support and plugin updates, They also both include the purpose built WordPress job board theme, which usually retails for $79.

WPJobBoard listingAnd payments can be done in many easiest ways like PayPal, credit card, debit card and etc.

4) WPJobBoard provide the facility of generating revenue from your website. This can be achieved by charging employers for posting vacancies, as well as accessing the resumes of job seekers that have been posted to your site and that is very beneficial.

5) The organizational tools then make it easier for your job seekers to filter the listings on your website and find exactly what they are looking for. This feature also makes it easy for visitors to see at a glance, the type of vacancies your website is listing.

WPJobBoard categoriesBenefits:

  • The plugin also includes a number of shortcodes. These allow you to quickly insert various elements into your content. This includes application forms, search boxes, and lists of jobs and resumes. A new feature of this plugin adds the ability to insert Google Maps directly into the posts and pages of your website – simply by using the relevant shortcode. This is great for sharing the location of an employment opportunity, through an interactive Google Map.
  • All the functionality is in the plugin itself which gives flexibility to use it in any WordPress website with any theme and also easily switch themes later on if you need.

WPJobBoard plugn

  • It takes only couple of minutes to integrate the job board section in a site, add the custom menu widgets and then you’re ready to go. Quick and Easy to Setup and Get Running
  • The plugin had all the features and options we could think of you would need for a jobs board.
  • Pricing and Payment Options.
  • The Drag and Drop Visual Forms Editor – makes it really easy to add fields and customize your forms to suit your needs. There is no need to mess about with code.


  • There are no in-built styling control options so if you want to make any changes to the styling of your job board (text size, colors etc) you will have to get into the code to make modifications. While you probably won’t need to make many changes, some in-built options may be helpful for average users.
  • Payments are still there that means if you want to work through WPJobBoard plugin you have to invest money in that.
  • People who have knowledge to operate internet and know to upload resume can only work on WPJobBoard plugin.

Review Conclusion

WPJobBoard plugin which is easy and suitable, If you need to integrate a jobs board section into your existing WordPress website or if want to create a dedicated jobs board website then WPJobBoard plugin is a solid and feature rich solution which works well for you and also gives you what you want such as themes, font, look, text, and menu tool box etc.

WPJobBoard plugin includes a purpose-built WordPress theme means you receive everything you need to get started, right out of the box. As there is a demo version of the plugin available, you can not only test how it works from the admin and end-user perspectives, but you also get a model to follow when setting up your website.

WPJobBoard - WordPress job board pluginThe WPJobBoard plugin is a great choice whether you want to create a purpose-built job board website, or simply add this functionality to an existing WordPress website. It provides you configure the settings of the plugin in the right way, for the type of website you want to build and jobs you want to list, you should have no trouble getting your project online. The pricing wouldn’t be an issue; there’s a lot of fit-and-finish in this plugin which is worth the money.

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WPJobBoard plugin is the easiest and reached platform for job seekers and business owners through which they can grab the countless audience and can easily contact with them. Job seekers can upload their resumes and also find suitable jobs according to their interest and skills and even website owners now have many amazing options to make their website more attractive and organised. All what you need is now available in only one plugin and that one plugin is known as WPJobBoard plugin.

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    A lot of customer want an integrated job board functionality on their website with minimal cost. This is where WPJobBoard comes to the rescue. Eventually, thanks for revealing a light on this topic.

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