FreshChat Review 2021 Top 5 Features & Pricing Details (Coupon Code Save 20% On Yearly)

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Ease of use
Value for money
Live chat support


  • Engage with proactive campaigns
  • Automate with bots and AI
  • Engage on web, mobile, and other social messengers
  • Connect with your customers on messaging channels like Whatsapp, Facebook or Telegram
  • Automated workflows & smart analytics
  • Clearbit Integration
  • Triggered Messages
  • Multi-channel Messaging
  • In-messenger FAQs
  • Multilingual Support is available


  • Better pricing options needed
  • Team performance report can be improved

Price:$ 9.99

Live chat is one of the most important aspects for any software. It increases the customer’s trust and also the conversion rates in the sales. It helps you increase the profitability and get even more leads in quick time.

As an Internet marketer, we all know the importance of live chat and how it can effectively grow your business and get more leads. If you are looking to expand the business by using live chat software, Freshchat is one of the best software currently. It is a product of the popular Freshworks company.

Bottom Line Upfront : Freshchat is a modern live chat software built to help acquire, engage, and support customers on web, mobile, or social messengers. You can easily connect with your customers on messaging channels like WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, Facebook Messenger, etc and Meet your expanding customer needs with the open and flexible Freshworks Platform providing rich API for custom integration, automated workflows, smart analytics, ecosystem partner solutions and hundreds of Marketplace Apps. TryFreshchat Free.

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Freshchat Reviews & Features 2021: Best Live Chat Software for Sales & Support

Freshchat Overview

Freshchat is a cloud-based messaging and hosting that has been introduced to meet the needs of the sales team of small as well as the large businesses. Freshchat helps you bring more conversions by bringing the chatting level to a whole new level.

It has been designed with a lot of benefits and key features that gives you more conversions and great customer experience. You will be given a number of channels through which you can reach your customers and engage with them.

Freshchat Live chat coupon codes

To improve the user experience, it uses the simple and intuitive dashboard where you can look for the customer’s history as well as manage the live campaigns.

Product Features

  • Real-time chat software
  • Customer Engagement tools for website
  • Chatbot for websites
  • Custom Chat for Team Members
  • Tools to increase your sales

Chat widget: If you talk about quality live chat integrations then FreshChat is at par with its competition. It does provide options for sending and receiving attachments and emojis but doesn’t have all the features offered by its competitors.

Teams: You can assign conversations according to subjects, tasks and groups then, you can allot specific groups with relevant departments for seamless communications between teams.

Freshchat live chat features pricing

Routing Conversations: Using Freshchat automate your conversation routes and assign conversations to individual team members and groups while defining your rules. To use this feature the user needs to opt for the Estate Plan.

Predefined Office Hours: When your website is visited by visitors, you can set office hours along with messages informing your customers of the opening and closing time of your store or business.

Email inbox: Freshchat doesn’t provide an email inbox. Instead, you’ll need to purchase additional software (Freshdesk) from Freshworks. When you have the integration built with Freshdesk, you’ll have its email inbox functionality.

Intuitive User dashboard: Manage and track your conversions, how productive your services and products are, how are your team members and departments performing using the User-friendly dashboard offered by Freshchat. Other features included are social media integration management, website visitor’s information management, and analytics.

Custom bots: With Freshchat custom bots, you can build your own chatbot for customer retention and engagement.

Features of Freshchat in detailed

Freshchat live chat software

  • Create Multiple Channels

You can create multiple channels so as to differentiate your conversations based on the topic for the message such as the refunds, feedback, order confirmation, etc.

You can create a division between the two chat groups. One group may be that of the customer ’s feedback and the other one would be that of the refund. You can create other groups too accordingly.

If you have got a larger team of experts from different departments, create the channels and this way your customers can choose the particular channel. They will be redirected to the team of that particular channel.

  • Unlimited Contacts

Freshchat best review

Are you tired of accommodating the new contacts by deleting the old ones? With Freshchat, you can create unlimited contacts and add as many website visitors to it. Increase your website visitors with each new conversion.

  • Custom Views

Freshchat lets you filter the chats on the basis of the groups or the conversations that you are willing to open.  With the custom view box, your team member will only jump onto the conversations that are meant for them. You can create chat views by assigning to a specific group or the message channels.

Freshchat reviw live chat software


  • Web Messenger

The web messenger or the live chat box is too easy and user-friendly with everything on the board. Your customers can easily get access to the chat box with just a click. The web messenger box is quite easy and customizable.

A lot of live chat software lacks this feature. They do not have the chat history for the previous customer chats. Freshchat has the chat history of the customers that you have conversed with previously. Any team member can continue from the point where the previous one had left out so that work goes undisturbed.

Improve the user experience by using the media-rich chat. Your customers like to engage if they have access to send the images and emojis. Freshchat messenger box has the options to send images, emojis as well as the text with links.

Create a team profile for your team members. You can add the bio and add emojis to the profile so that the conversation sounds real.

  • Team Widget

Freshchat Features Review

The team widget makes your task even easier. No matter which app you use, you can chat directly to the website visitors. This team widget sits inside your CRM and helpdesk tools and you can chat to the visitors without switching the tabs.

  • Send Triggered Messages

Create the urgency or get more leads with the triggered messages. Send these messages at the right time and use these triggered messages to send the message at right time. Freshchat lets you make use of the events, segments and user properties to create the contextual messages.

  • In-app Campaigns

Use the In-app campaigns to create the engagements and communicate with customers inside your product – onboard new users with tutorials, receive feedback from existing users, drive feature adoption with announcements, and re-engage with lapsing users with customer success stories.

  • Bots

Set up the bots so that you don’t need your team to be online every time. Freshchat has an inbuilt chatbot that exchanges the pleasant messages and gets more leads with the messages and customized chats.

Freshchat live chat coupon codes with review

The bot keeps your customer engage into the chat so that you can get the time to get back and handles until you are offline. Create your bot and set the workflow so that your bot sounds emphatic and humble.

  • Create People Segmentation

Segment the people on the basis of geography, site navigation, product usage or other properties. You can use these segments to pick visitors before sending them the triggered messages or about any product. Experiment the people from this list and turn them into campaigns when assured.

  • IntelliAssign

Freshchat intelliassign coupon codes

IntelAssign is a really great and helpful feature for assigning the roles to your team members. This feature lets you assign the conversations based on the skill levels as well as the conversation load. You can set the team member inactive if idle for 15 minutes or a specific time. The settings box has got different skill levels as according to the team member’s skills; Beginner, Intermediate and Expert.

  • Create Groups

In the settings, go to the Group settings and streamline your customer support team. Assign the roles to your team members and divide the groups on the basis of the sales, customer and operations and also based on their skills or abilities.

These groups can be assigned to a particular channel or the conversations can be moved to a different group too. In the group, you can auto-assign the tasks and roles to the members based on the keywords and set the advance rules for it.

  • Mobile Support

Even if you haven’t got the desktop to handle your business, you can use the mobile app to help your customers. Freshchat app is perfectly designed for the team members so that they can stay in touch and handle customers using the mobile.

Freshchat Integrations

Freshchat integrates well with most of the apps that you use as the business platform. Freshchat is one of the most collaborative and integrative apps out of the Live chat software.

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  • Facebook Messenger

If you have a business going on the Facebook Messenger, it integrates with your Freshchat software and brings all the conversations from the messenger to the Freshchat inbox. The Facebook Messenger works the same way as the freshchat messenger and you can re-route the team members according to the skills so that the conversations may quickly turn into sales.

Freshchat facebook

  • Freshdesk

Freshdesk is a CRM software of the Freshworks. Freshchat is easily integrated with the Freshdesk as they belong to the same parent company.

On integration with Freshdesk, Freshchat web messenger box can be opened up inside the Freshdesk software so that you face no difficulty in switching the tabs. Manage groups and team members from a single platform. It even transports all your FAQs regarding the products inside the Freshchat messenger to save valuable time.

  • Zendesk

Zendesk is awesome CRM software that creates the tickets and helpful resources with ease. Convert your conversation on Freshchat into tickets using Zendesk and issue it when needed.

  • Shopify

If you have Shopify as your E-comm platform, then integrate it your Shopify account with Freshchat. You just need to install the Freshchat into Shopify and thus handling the customers become easy. Send the triggered messages at the right time and increase your chances of conversion.

  • WordPress

The most popular platform for blogging is the WordPress and Freshworks knows that well. Freshchat installs into the WordPress site and here you can manage all your customers. Send the proactive messages, encourage visitors to share your story and add FAQs, create the support tickets and make your customer support system automated.

FreshChat Pricing

Freshchat has got somewhat reasonable pricing as according to the services and features it has. There is a free plan for the users have just started and wish to play around. It gives a 30-Day free trial for all the users.


  • ₹0 per month
  • 10 team members
  • 10K Monthly Unique Visitors


  • ₹1,999/month/team member
  • 200K Monthly Unique Visitors


  • ₹1,899/month/team member
  • 200K Monthly Unique Visitors


  • ₹3,099/month/team member
  • 200K Monthly Unique Visitors


FreshChat review with free trial


However, you can save 20% if you choose yearly plan for the FreshChat.

Freshchat Customer Reviews :

Freshchat top customer reviews Freshchat reviews Freshchat customer reviews

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Pros and Cons of Freshchat


  • Intuitive Dashboard: The dashboard for the Freshchat is fairly easy to access. You can manage the messages, customers, campaigns and all other settings using the one dashboard.
  • Integrations: The best part about Freshchat is that it can integrate seamlessly with various apps that are primarily for your business. Whether you are using the Facebook Messenger or Shopify and WordPress, Slack or Freshdesk, each of these apps can be installed quickly.
  • Use of Bots: If your team or you are not available to receive customers, an automatic bot chat can handle the customers and engage them with few questions such as the email id which you can use to mail them.
  • Mobile friendly: Even if you are not available on the desktop, you can use the mobile app to stay in touch with your customers.
  • Self-Service: Create quick FAQs or generate the FAQs for all the products so that the customers don’t feel the need to contact the customer care help. The FAQs are available in multiple languages.


  • The pricing plans for the Freshchat are slightly expensive according to me as it offers the access to only one team member in all the three plans.
  • Support can be improved

Freshchat Best Alternatives

1) LiveAgent

Liveagen software

LiveAgent was started in 2004 as a software company. Later on, they started focusing on developing B2B applications to help and transform small to large scale businesses. LiveAgent set out to tackle the challenge of putting forth good communication tools for businesses as it seemed to be the need of the hour at that time. To create a seamless workflow and better communications between departments in companies, LiveAgent was created.

Some of LiveAgent’s business partners 

  • Forbes
  • Airbus
  • Nascar
  • University of Southern California
  • eSky
  • Slido

LiveAgent features 

  • A universal inbox for emails and chats that works better than different email and chat setups.
  • The ticket system is integrated so that all work and issues can be sorted more effectively.
  • A hybrid ticket system for your customers.
  • Manage your team’s workflow, work time, and the actions taken on the given tasks by them more effectively.
  • Assign tasks and tickets to team members and track record time of the resolve times more efficiently
  • Create internal notes for your teammates.
  • Manage your agents better.
  • Gather information on your employees and customers and manage the data better.
  • Spam filter for automatic actions against spams
  • Email templates for faster communications

2) Livechat

Livechat software

LiveChat started in the year 2002. Initially, the product was very simple, they focused on Customer Service and how a customer could put forth their communication to the company. In 2014, seeing the number of partners rise, LiveChat as a company went public in Warsaw Stock Exchange, and in just a year they had partnered with 10,000 companies that were using their product.

Some of LiveChat’s most valuable clients 

  • Ikea
  • LG
  • RyanAir
  • CBS
  • Nikon
  • Lexus
  • Virgin Australia
  • Atlassian
  • Veritiv

LiveChat offers great tools for businesses to engage with their customers better. 

  • Buttons: A chatbot with buttons to lead your customers to the most relevant FAQs to help them with your products and services
  • Instant Replies: Set up predefined replies for your customers to create better communication with your customers and website visitors.
  • Carousels and Cards: Create options for customers to update and share links and images on the chat for a better communication
    Moments: Options for your customers to schedule meetings and complete actions like reverts and payments

3) Zoho Sales IQ

Zohosales IQ

Zoho Sales IQ is a useful customer engagement tool that will help you in marketing, sales, customer support, assigning tasks to team members, and overall make communications better for your business. An all-in-one chat that can scale your business the right way, Zoho gives multiple options in terms of plans to help business owners decide.

Zoho Sales IQ can be customized as per your business, be it a travel business to a real-estate business. According to your requirements, build your Chat as per how you would like to engage with your customers and website visitors. It offers great tools to grow your Marketing, Sales, and Customer Support teams in providing great communications and services to your customers.

Integrate all your favorite apps to the Chat like Shopify, Google Analytics, and SalesForce to see better results. Zoho SalesIQ’s amazing mobile app gives your teams the power to carry their work and help their customers on the go.

Some of the trusted partners of Zoho SalesIQ 

  • Zee5
  • Mahindra
  • Signature Bank
  • Suzuki
  • Karvy
  • IIFL


FAQ’s Related to Freshchat Reviews

What does full access to Dashboard mean?

Full access to the dashboard means: Real-time insight into all account-related activities Summarized reports on your team’s performance Track the response time to all the tickets created Monitor your sales team’s conversion rates and lead management Understand your agent’s workload better to assign tasks accordingly There are two types of Dashboard views available in Freshchat based on your account plan: Basic and Advanced. Only Estate and Forest plan users have access to the Advanced dashboard.

Why are chats not auto-converted to tickets?

As you use Freshchat, you can create automated answers for your customers, this, in turn, helps your customers initially if the query is general and it is done by giving them answers to the most common FAQs for your products and services. If your chat is not accessible to your customer or somehow they missed your messages then emails are sent to them to ensure proper communication. The emails can be replied to so that when a ticket can be created if the query needs advanced help. To make the workload simpler it is always better to first let the auto chat bot resolve the query of the customer. If auto-tickets are created for each and every query or concern put out by customers then it will become really difficult for you to manage your business and clients.

How can I get Freshchat widget across all my websites/portals/products?

Freshchat offers you a single instance(account) across multiple websites. To do so, you will have to declare a unique site for each and every website you access while adding the Freshchat widget code to the websites. Usually, users ping you from these websites, each conversation/user from the different websites will be treated as a different user/conversation. Whereas, pages/sites with the same siteID will have common users/conversations.

When should I enable Priority Inbox?

This will totally depend on how you would like to approach your customers in relation to time and team management. For bulk queries of important product-related queries, a priority inbox will help you. The suggested option is that you identify your client conversations and then work on creating such inboxes. Priority Inbox will help you tackle a large number of conversations better by segregating and allotting the right customers with your agents and team members. This will in turn help you in reducing your revert times to the chats. If you have not more than 50 conversations a day then setting up priority inboxes would not be of great help to your business.

What if I don't want to pay by card?

You have the option of paying through Paypal. Freshchat also accepts offline payments. To avail of the offline payment option, your account must meet the following criteria: Be a paid plan Be annually billed Must have at least 15 agents The offline payment mode does not support active team member pricing. Chat with us or email [email protected] for more details. Check out our detailed billing guide or email us at [email protected]

What is MUV and how is it tracked?

MUV is an abbreviation for Monthly Unique Visitor. A monthly unique visitor is an individual user who visits or accesses your website within a period of thirty days. They could either be your potential leads or your clients who could be interested in your product or services offered by you. The unique visitors are determined by a cookie that lasts for a period of 1 year or until the users clear their browser cookies for websites. For mobile apps, the equivalent is a monthly active user - an app user who opened your app at least once within the 30-day window. A unique app user is determined as the unique instance of the app installation until the user's app data is cleared or the app is uninstalled.

Will data collected by Custom Bots be synced in a CRM or other apps? Which apps will Custom Bots connect with?

The data will be created as a user property on Freshchat to further run campaigns or have personalized follow-up bot conversations(using placeholders) The data will be auto-uploaded on Freshsales CRM We will also support export to other CRMs listed on our marketplace in the future

How does Freshchat determine the display language of FAQs?

You can add your categories and FAQs in multiple languages for your customers and site visitors. For now, Freshchat is supporting around 30 languages. There is an option for the user to select their preferred language from the locality setting and then the correct language is displayed to them. For mobile uses, the location can be determined by the location setting access provided by the user. If the website is being used on a computer then Freschat automatically uses the location and suggests the languages that can be accessed by the customers or site visitors. This is only possible if you add and enable the languages from your admin dashboard. If this has not been done then only the primary language shall be visible to all your customers. .

Which conversations are marked as offline conversations?

A conversation will be marked as 'Offline' conversation when, It gets started (created or reopened) outside business hours through the Offline Experience flow. An ongoing conversation that has a follow-up message outside business hours will be marked as ‘offline’ conversations.

How can I make a set of FAQ categories visible exclusively on a specific page of my website?

By adding tags to the web pages you can provide access to FAQs accordingly. Once you create a new FAQ category and associate it with the right tags and set fresh parameters using the Freshchat dashboard, you can define the categories on different web pages for your customers and site visitors. To set tags to your web pages, check out our developers documentation FAQ customization on the official website forums.

Conclusion: FreshChat Review 2021 with FreshChat Discount Coupon

No Doubt, Freshchat is an awesome and one of the most advanced customer support software right now. It keeps on updating the software and adds new features to it. It has got some of the unique features lately which includes the Bot and IntelliAssign.

The best part is that this live chat software is free at first with access to 10 team members. If you use discount coupon codes, your plans would get cheaper.

This was my detailed review of the Frehchat live chat software. If you have used the coupon and feel to give a feedback, please share with us in the comment box.

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