HostGator Alternatives 2024: Choose The Correct One Which Is Best?

HostGator Alternatives- You might be facing some problems with your site on HostGator. This is because HostGator has been sold to EIG and over time its services are degrading like hosting services and customer support.

Here in this article, I will be sharing the list of five best HostGator alternatives for Web Hosting.

HostGator maintained its hosting resources even after being sold to EIG, but its customer support system is poorly affected HostGator Alternatives and it’s entirely failed to keep up with millions of its customers across the world.

Once there was a time when HostGator live chat was able to respond within minutes. Now you may have to wait for more than half an hour to connect to the same live chat.

Not only that, if you place a support ticket, it takes more than 24 hours for you to get a reply and sometimes frustratingly the reply time may extend up to days.

😎Top 5 Best HostGator Alternatives In 2024: Choose The Correct One Which Is Best?

1) 🙌InMotion Hosting:

InMotion Hosting

It is one of the best alternatives to HostGator. InMotion Hosting offers SSD servers that allow fast access to all its hosting plans. It is better because HostGator Alternatives has the spinning tape hard disk drive servers. 

InMotion Hosting offers free automatic site backup. This is free to all customers and there is no charge to get this data. Unlike HostGator that charges $19 to retrieve your data backup.

InMotion Hosting offers a 90-day money-back guarantee on all of its plans, which is twice the length of HostGator’s 45 days.

Email, chat, and phone support is offered 24/7. And a YouTube channel that provides video tutorials are also available.

2) 😉DreamHost:

HostGator Alternatives- DreamHost

DreamHost offers a custom hosting control panel that is fast and secure, it is not like cPanel which is a resource hungry system. DreamHost offers 7 days free trial hosting.

HostGator Alternatives You can try it for 7 days without paying any money. We are not sure which kind of hardware they use on their shared servers but regardless of this their shared hosting is found lightning fast and powerful.

DreamHost support is pretty good, and they are available 24/7 via live chat, ticket system. They also offer phone support at a little cost. You can get up to 3 callbacks from DreamHost per month.

DreamHost offers an optional caching system that you can enable in your hosting dashboard. HostGator Alternatives With its caching system, you can boost website performance and can reduce the load on a shared server.

You can restore your files or database from available backup copies. Backup is taken automatically on daily basis.

DreamHost gives an option to add an extra layer of security and you can enable or disable it for different hosted domains. This firewall block attacks like Brute Force, Remote Execution, SQL Injection, etc.

3) 🌏SiteGround:


SiteGround provides a fully SSD (Solid State Drives) hosting which means that it’s all servers are equipped with SSDs, and all your files and database are stored on these high-speed SSDs.

A lot has already been said about the support of SiteGround. HostGator Alternatives Customer support is one of the best things about SiteGround, no any other hosting company is anywhere near SiteGround in quality, excellence and in almost everything.

You are eligible to take advantage of One Click Staging tool if you have subscribed to Go Geek plan of SiteGround. Let me tell you, this tool is enormously useful for developers.

Often developers need a staging site. To this end, either they have to make a clone of the original site, or they fall back on editing on their local computer.

One Click Staging tool gets you rid of all this hassle. HostGator Alternatives This tool can automatically create a staging tool for you and you can make to this staging site whatever changes you want to transfer them anytime.

SiteGround is one of the finest HostGator alternatives that one can rely on.

4) 💥BlueHost: 


BlueHost is again one of the best web hosting servers. The thing which makes it unique is Cloud sites, BlueHost refers to its Cloud hosting solution which is a significant improvement over other cloud hosting solutions, including HostGator’s.

What makes Cloud Sites different is that it automatically mirrors a copy of your website onto other servers. HostGator Alternatives If the primary server goes down for whatever reason, BlueHost’s failover technology takes over.

A copy of your site residing on a backup server automatically goes up. The other copy is then used to rebuild your site on the affected server. BlueHost will also provide free SSL certificate.

BlueHost is the only provider I know that offers WooCommerce Hosting. If you are looking to set up a WooCommerce store, BlueHost is the ideal web host.

Instead of setting up WooCommerce on your hosting plan yourself; BlueHost will set it up for you, helping you save time and money in the process.

On HostGator, you will have to manually set up WooCommerce yourself.

5) ✨Arvixe:

Arivxe- HostGator Alternative

Arvixe offers reliable web hosting at an affordable price. Arvixe shared hosting has a significant influence and fast hosting driven by industry-leading hardware and software.

It works fine for bloggers and small business websites that gets a moderate amount of traffic. HostGator Alternatives Arvixe offers a premium feature for free with which user can restore his hosting account or individual files to a previous version of them.

Arvixe also features Softaculous, the most elegant software installer which allows you to install hundreds of php apps within minutes.

It sounds strange, but it is true. Arvixe is an alone reliable host that doesn’t impose any in ode limit (file count limit) on their clients’ accounts. It is really a great opportunity if you have one blog/website that contains a lot of images.


  • Unlimited storage
  • Domain registration
  • Ad credits
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Easy app integration

✔HostGator Pricing Plan:

hostgator pricing plan







What Do Their Shared Plans Include?

The first thing to notice about HostGator pricing is that they come with big discounts for the first term. A free domain name is also included in the first year (for yearly or longer plans) Be aware that the costs at renewal are much higher. I always mention both prices so you don’t get any nasty surprises.

🤷‍♀️Pros And Cons:


1.Plenty of storage

All plans come with unlimited storage, although all your files combined should not be more than 200,000.

2.Flexible terms

Hosting plans can be purchased on 1, 3, 6, 12, 24 or 36 months base.

3.Many programming languages

One of the hosting providers that supports more languages. PHP, Ruby On Rails, Perl and Python are all allowed.

4.Unmetered bandwidth

They don’t limit the traffic your site can get.


1.Tricky prices and fees

Very cheap prices the first term and expensive upon renewal. $25 is charged if you need to restore from one of their backups.

2.Constant upsells

Like many other EIG products, their backend is packed with unnecessary upsell options.

3.Speed could be better

They should improve their speed.

4.Poor backups

Unless you pay for an add-on, the backup options are very limited.

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🌿FAQs: HostGator Alternatives 2024: Choose The Correct One Which Is Best?

💥What are other alternatives to Hostgator ?

Some of the best alternatives to Hostgator are BlueHost, SiteGround, DreamHost, InMotion, and more. Check out a detailed review of each here.

🎁Why there are issues with Hostgator?

You might be facing some problems with your site on HostGator. This is because HostGator has been sold to EIG and over time its services are degrading like hosting services and customer support

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🎁Conclusion: HostGator Alternatives 2024: Choose The Correct One Which Is Best?

The above list is the best alternative to HostGator, and these hosting services will provide you the reliable hosting at an affordable price.

BlueHost will be the best choice among all of the hosting services because it will give the copy of your website residing on a backup server that automatically goes up.

The other copy is then used to rebuild your site on the affected server. It will also provide the free SSL certificate.

Let me know if you are using any of the Hosting Services in the comment section and even try to give your valuable feedback.

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