8 Best Proxy Affiliate Programs To Promote In 2024 πŸ₯‡ Which One To Join?

Are you a newbie or an experienced affiliate marketer looking for the best proxy affiliate programs to promote in 2024?

Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or just starting your affiliate journey, embark on this exploration of proxy prowess and discover the key to securing steady income online.

Look no further! In this article, you will discover some of the top affiliate programs available regarding proxy services.

Why Proxy Affiliate Programs?

Before exploring the best proxy Affiliate Programs, let’s understand why proxy affiliate programs are lucrative for marketers.

Proxy services have gained significant importance in today’s digital landscape, offering enhanced online security, privacy, and network performance.

As an affiliate marketer, you can tap into this growing market and earn consistent commissions by promoting these valuable services.

Proxy Affiliate Programs Commission Structure Minimum Payout Cookie Duration Support & Resources Ease of Onboarding Industry Reputation
ZenRows Up to 50%, $49-$249 plans $50 30 days Dedicated support, rich marketing materials Suited for various levels of experience Well-regarded for high commissions and support
Bright Data Up to $2.5K per customer $25 90 daysΒ  Dedicated support, fast payouts, flexible structure Easy, 4-question form for onboarding Category leader with lucrative commissions
Oxylabs 50%, up to $2,000 per client $25 30 days Personalized support, diverse earning opportunities Detailed documentation, live chat support The industry leader in web intelligence
Smartproxy Up to $2,500 per customer $30 60-day cookie policy High commissions, versatile promotion, user-friendly Straightforward registration on Impact Ideal for tech-savvy audiences
High Proxies 25% on ongoing fees $50 30 days Real-time tracking, various referral methods Free to join; no technical knowledge required Competitive commission for proxy services
Nimble Proxy Up to $3,000 per customer No minimum payout 30 days Simple sign-up, dedicated support, high conversion rate High earning potential, no earning cap Suitable for data collection enthusiasts
Rayobyte’s 15% recurring commission $50 90 days Flexible product selection, extended cookie validity Free to join, real-time tracking interface Attractive for passive income seekers
Liberty Shield Up to 30% commission No minimum payout 60 days High conversion rate, easy onboarding Quick sign-up, access to marketing materials Notable for high commission rates and conversion

8 Best Proxy Affiliate Programs To Promote In 2024

1. Bright Data Affiliate ProgramΒ 

Bright Data’s Affiliate Program is ideal for those seeking substantial commissions, quick payouts, and comprehensive support in a thriving industry.

Bright Data

Bright Data is the right choice for you if you want hassle-free onboarding, transparent tracking, and a dedicated partner to help you succeed.

Why I Recommend the Bright Data’s Affiliate Program?

The top reasons to go for Bright Data’s affiliate program are: –

Lucrative Commissions: Benefit from the industry’s highest commissions, with up to $2.5K per customer and a flexible commission structure tailored to your needs upon request.

Quick Payouts: Enjoy fast payments within 30 days, ensuring you receive your earnings promptly.

Easy Onboarding: Sign up in seconds with a simple 4-question form, eliminating onboarding hassles and allowing you to start earning immediately.

Transparent Tracking: Access a user-friendly platform to transparently track your affiliate performance, access resources, and communicate directly with experts.

No Time Limits: Unlike other programs, there are no time limits on when you get paid. Receive commissions for customers, regardless of when their cap is reached.

Dedicated Support: Gain a Personal Account Manager to guide your progress and ensure your success.

Market Leader: Bright Data is a category leader in web data and proxy, making it easier to convert referrals into customers.

Comprehensive Support: Utilize various materials, including links, marketing collateral, reports, and ongoing assistance to enhance your affiliate journey.

2. Oxylabs Affiliate Program

If you are looking for a high-paying, low-risk affiliate program with a wide range of products and services to promote, then the Oxylabs Affiliate Program is an excellent option.


Why I Recommend the Oxylabs Affiliate Program?

Let me mention a few of the most compelling reasons for the same: –

High Commissions: Earn a generous 50% commission on every sale, potentially earning up to $2,000 per client.

Diverse Earning Opportunities: Benefit from recurring sales commissions and discuss fixed fees based on your unique requirements.

Transparent Tracking: Easily monitor and track your earnings through the HasOffers affiliate platform, ensuring clarity and accountability.

Steady Monthly Payments: Receive reliable monthly payments, providing you with a consistent income stream.

Personalized Support: Access dedicated account managers who offer personalized assistance for program- or service-related matters, ensuring your success.

Promotional Materials: Utilize custom banners, ready-to-use landing pages, and special promo codes to enhance your marketing efforts.

Industry Leadership: Partner with Oxylabs, an industry leader in web intelligence collection solutions, providing credibility and market-leading products.

Free Trial and Support: Offer your audience a free trial of Oxylabs products, supported by detailed documentation and live chat support for a seamless experience.

3. Smartproxy Affiliate Program

The Smartproxy Affiliate Program is recommended for those seeking high commissions, a user-friendly platform, and flexibility in promotional methods.

Best Proxy Affiliate Programs To Promote- best residential proxy

Smartproxy is an excellent choice for maximizing your affiliate earnings if your audience is tech-savvy and interested in data-driven businesses.

Why I Recommend the Smartproxy Affiliate Program?

Lucrative Commissions: Earn up to $2,500 per new customer, enjoying competitive commissions of up to 50%, providing a substantial income potential.

Extended Cookie Policy: Benefit from a generous 60-day cookie policy, giving you an extended timeframe for earning commissions from your referrals.

User-Friendly Registration: The registration process on Impact is straightforward, allowing you quick access to your unique tracking link and marketing materials.

Versatile Promotion: Promote Smartproxy across various platforms, reaching a broad audience interested in technology and data-driven businesses.

Transparent Tracking: Utilize your unique tracking link to ensure sales are attributed to you, providing transparency and accountability in your affiliate journey.

Flexible Advertising: Explore paid advertising options, excluding bidding on Smartproxy’s Brand name keywords and avoiding using Smartproxy URL as a landing destination.

Wide Audience Appeal: Ideal for affiliates with an audience interested in technology and the future of data-driven businesses, aligning with the Smartproxy offering.

4. ZenRows Affiliate program

The ZenRows Affiliate program is ideal for anyone looking to make money online, regardless of their experience level or niche. It’s particularly well-suited for:

Best Proxy Affiliate Programs To Promote- ZenRows

  • Bloggers and content creators who can promote ZenRows’ products to their audience.
  • Webmasters and SEO professionals who can integrate ZenRows’ tools into their websites.
  • Online marketers and social media influencers who can leverage their reach to promote ZenRows.

Why I Recommend the ZenRows Affiliate Program?

I’m excited to share why the ZenRows Affiliate program is one of the best opportunities for those looking to make money online.

Unparalleled Earning Potential: I’ve yet to find an affiliate program that offers such generous commission rates as ZenRows. With their plans ranging from $49 to $249 per month and the potential to earn up to 50% commission, there’s a clear path to making substantial income.

Dedicated Support and Resources: ZenRows is committed to the success of its affiliates, providing each one with an account manager for personalized support and advice. They offer a wealth of marketing materials, real-time reporting, and everything you need to promote their products effectively.

High Conversion Rates: I’m confident your referrals will convert into paying customers thanks to ZenRows’ industry-leading conversion rates. Their user-friendly products provide real value, making them an easy sell.

Making a Positive Impact: By joining the ZenRows Affiliate program, you’re not just earning money but also contributing to a worthy cause. ZenRows aims to democratize access to data, making the internet more open and transparent.

I recommend checking out the ZenRows Affiliate program if you’re serious about making money online. Their generous commission rates, dedicated support, and high conversion rates make it an excellent choice for affiliates of all levels.

5. High Proxies Affiliate Program

The High Proxies Affiliate Program is recommended for those looking for diverse referral methods, a reasonable minimum payout, and a competitive commission structure.

Best Proxy Affiliate Programs To Promote- High Proxies

High Proxies is a solid choice for maximizing your affiliate earnings if you have an audience interested in proxy services, especially in the tech or online security niche.

Why I Recommend the High Proxies Affiliate Program?

Diverse Referral Methods: High Proxies offers multiple referral methods, including affiliate links on your blog, referring your clients and business associates, or even placing a logo, providing flexibility in your promotional approach.

Minimum Payout and Rollover: With a minimum payout of $50, any balance below this threshold is rolled over to the next month. This ensures that you can accumulate earnings and reach the payout minimum.

Flexible Payout Request: You can request a payout once your balance is above $50, giving you control over when you receive your earnings. This adds convenience and allows you to manage your affiliate income effectively.

Commission Structure: High Proxies offers a competitive 25% commission on all ongoing subscription fees from customers you refer. This presents a lucrative earning opportunity for affiliates.

Free to Join: The affiliate program is free to join, making it accessible to anyone interested in earning commissions through High Proxies. No technical knowledge is required, ensuring a user-friendly experience.

Real-time Tracking Interface: Benefit from a real-time click and conversion tracking interface, allowing you to monitor your affiliate performance seamlessly.

Special Arrangements for Payouts: High Proxies may offer special arrangements, such as crediting your earnings against your own subscription fees, providing additional flexibility and potential cost savings.

6. Nimble Proxy Affiliate Program

If you have an audience interested in data collection solutions, especially in the tech or business niche, Nimble Proxy is an excellent choice for monetizing your efforts.

Nimble Proxy

The Nimble Proxy Affiliate Program is perfect for individuals seeking a program with a simple onboarding process, substantial earning potential, and dedicated support.Β 

Why I Recommend the Nimble Proxy Affiliate Program?

Simple Sign-Up Process: Joining the Nimble partner program is a breeze. The straightforward sign-up process allows you to join the program and start earning quickly.

Lucrative Earning Potential: Nimble Proxy offers an impressive earning potential, with affiliates having the opportunity to earn up to $3,000 per customer. The high earning potential makes it a rewarding choice for those looking to maximize their affiliate income.

No Limit or Cap on Earnings: Unlike some programs, Nimble Proxy does not impose a limit or cap on your earnings. Your potential profits are uncapped, allowing you to earn as much as you spread.

High Conversion Rate: Nimble Proxy boasts a high conversion rate thanks to its simple, efficient, and secure service. Your traffic is more likely to convert into customers, ensuring that your efforts translate into earnings.

Dedicated Support: Dedicated support adds value to the affiliate program. Whether you need assistance with your strategy or have questions, Nimble Proxy is committed to providing the help you need for success.

Promoting a Data Revolution: Nimble Proxy’s mission aligns with the growing importance of web data collection. By promoting the world-leading data collection platform, you contribute to the data revolution while earning money.

7. Rayobyte’s affiliate program

Rayobyte’s affiliate program is a great way to generate passive income. I have earned significant money by promoting Rayobyte’s products and services to my audience.

Best Proxy Affiliate Programs To Promote- Rayobyte's

Why I Recommend the Rayobyte’s Affiliate Program?

I highly recommend Rayobyte’s affiliate program to anyone looking to make money online.

Lucrative Commission Structure: With a 15% recurring commission on each sale, you have the potential for substantial monthly profits.

Affordable Proxy Packages: The retail price for 500 proxies at $550 makes Rayobyte’s offerings competitive and attractive to potential customers.

Passive Income Potential: The recurring nature of the commission ensures a steady stream of passive income, allowing you to earn consistently.

Flexible Product Selection: Whether you’re interested in promoting proxies or servers, Rayobyte’s affiliate program provides multiple product options to cater to different audiences.

No Limit on Earnings: There’s no cap on the amount of income you can generate, providing unlimited earning potential based on your marketing efforts.

Extended Cookie Validity: The 90-day cookie validity ensures that you earn commissions for referring customers who make a purchase within this period.

Reseller Program Benefits: For those looking to start a proxy business without significant investment, Rayobyte’s Reseller Partner Program offers API access, support for various authorization methods, and quick setup, enabling you to enter the market swiftly.

8. Liberty Shield Affiliate program

Liberty Shield has a high conversion rate, meaning that the people you refer to their website are likelier to buy their products and services. This is because Liberty Shield offers high-quality products and services that are in demand.

Best Proxy Affiliate Programs To Promote- Liberty Shield

High Conversion Rate = More Money!

Why I Recommend the Liberty Shield Affiliate Program?

I’m excited to share why the LIBERTYSHIELD Affiliate program is one of the best opportunities for those looking to make money online.

Earn Up to 30% Commission: With the LIBERTYSHIELD Affiliate program, you can earn up to 30% commission on every sale you refer. This is one of the highest commission rates in the industry, and it means that you can make a significant amount of money by promoting LIBERTYSHIELD’s products and services.

Long Cookie Duration: LIBERTYSHIELD has a long cookie duration, which means that you will get credit for any sales that are made within 60 days of the person clicking on your affiliate link. This is a great feature because it means that you can still earn a commission even if the person you referred doesn’t buy immediately.

Easy to Sign Up and Get Started: Signing up for the LIBERTYSHIELD Affiliate program is easy and can be done in just a few minutes. Once signed up, you can access all the marketing materials and resources to promote LIBERTYSHIELD’s products and services.

What to Consider When Choosing Proxy Affiliate Programs?

Evaluating various factors while selecting the best proxy affiliate programs is essential to ensure maximum success. Here are some key considerations:

Commission Structure:

Examine the commission rates offered by different programs. Look for ones that provide competitive rates and recurring commissions.

Product Quality:

The proxy services you promote should be reliable, fast, and secure. Quality products will attract more customers and result in higher conversions.

Marketing Resources:

Access to marketing materials like banners, landing pages, and pre-written content can significantly ease your promotional efforts.

Affiliate Support:

Check if the affiliate programs offer dedicated support and guidance to assist you in your marketing journey. This support can be invaluable, especially for newcomers.

Cookie Duration:

Longer cookie durations can maximize your chances of earning a commission even if the user doesn’t purchase immediately.

Thus, after carefully evaluating all these factors, I have listed the top 8 Proxy Affiliate Programs. I highly recommend these affiliate programs, and I am confident that they will help you achieve your affiliate marketing goals.

Make sure to check them out and start earning commissions today!


πŸ€” How do proxy affiliate programs work?

Affiliates sign up for a proxy affiliate program, receive unique tracking links, and earn commissions for every sale or referral generated through their links.

πŸ‘‡ What makes a proxy affiliate program the best to promote?

The best proxy affiliate programs offer competitive commissions, reliable services, strong customer support, and marketing resources to help affiliates succeed.

πŸ€₯ How are commissions earned in proxy affiliate programs?

Affiliates typically earn commissions based on the number of customers they refer or the sales generated through their unique affiliate links.

🧐 Do proxy affiliate programs offer recurring commissions?

Some proxy affiliate programs do offer recurring commissions, providing affiliates with ongoing income for each customer they refer who continues to use the service.

πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ How do I join a proxy affiliate program?

To join a proxy affiliate program, visit the program's website, look for an affiliate or partner section, and follow the sign-up instructions. Approval processes vary among programs.

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Conclusion: Best Proxy Affiliate Programs To Promote

So, whether you’re new to affiliate marketing or a seasoned pro, exploring proxy affiliate programs in 2023 can be rewarding.

By considering the abovementioned factors and selecting the right programs, you can build a profitable affiliate business in the growing proxy services market.

Get ready to dive into this exciting niche and earn commissions by promoting the best proxy affiliate programs today!

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