ScalaCube Review 2023: How Trustworthy Is ScalaCube?

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Ease of Use


  • Multiple payment options
  • Multiple servers across the world
  • DDoS protection
  • Reasonable price
  • Easy to work with


  • No options for refund or money back guarantee

ScalaCube's game hosting is excellent, and its premium plans provide many features for those who want a little more capacity.


In this blog, I am going to share my honest ScalaCube Review 2023.

Finding a good game server hosting company can be difficult. There are so many different options to choose from, and it can be hard to know which one is the right fit for your needs. 

Finding a good game server hosting company is challenging, but it can also be expensive. Many companies charge high prices for their services, and you may not even be sure you’re getting what you paid. 

ScalaCube is the perfect solution for your game server hosting needs. They offer affordable prices without sacrificing quality or service. Their servers are reliable, and their customer support is top-notch.

Let us check out ScalaCube in detail. 

What Is ScalaCube?

ScalaCube focuses mainly on Minecraft server hosting but also provides hosting for Rust, Ark, and several other games.

ScalaCube Review

However, the hosting provider guarantees that you may use the server for various reasons so long as you do not break any laws or the terms and conditions of the firm.

Since low latency is one of the most critical factors for online gaming, ScalaCube offers virtual and dedicated servers worldwide, including in North America, Europe, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Asia. So you can rely on finding one close to your location to achieve the lowest ping times.

Services Offered by ScalaCube

  • Free Minecraft Server Hosting:

ScalaCube offers free Minecraft server hosting with premium server features. Your Minecraft server will always be completely free. However, you may upgrade to a premium plan anytime, which is ideal for large communities.

scalacube Free Minecraft Server Hosting

All server data will be kept, including installed game servers, their IP addresses, maps, uploaded modifications, and plugins. Everything will be moved instantly from the free Minecraft server without purchasing a new server.

  • Minecraft Server Hosting:

ScalaCube offers inexpensive Minecraft server hosting. ScalaCube provides VPS servers with limited amounts of memory, CPU, and disk space.

scalacube Minecraft Server Hosting

With adequate RAM and CPU capacity, servers can host a massive number of players without issues. Plan descriptions only approximated the number of concurrent users the server can support. Depending on the plugins and modifications loaded on your server, this number may be more or less in reality.

  • Minecraft PE Server Hosting:

scalacube Minecraft PE Server Hosting

Minecraft Pocket Edition server hosting is the cheaper version of Minecraft server hosting. They have a lot of features and also a sale going on. 

  • Hytale Server Hosting:

Hytale Server Hosting is the complementary server infrastructure for the Hytale game. It has been intended to ensure that your server experience runs without problems.

scalacube Hytale Server Hosting

With access to complete DDoS protection from the beginning, you never have to question if you are in control. There are also several mechanisms and choices for customizing your server. Due to the server hosting system’s unique architecture, it is simple to modify numerous parameters to optimize the gaming experience.

  • Ark Server Hosting:

When you hire an ARK server hosting package from us, you will have access to your ARK server management panel. You may administrate your ARK server, alter its configurations, restart it, etc. The server control panel also enables the installation (or reinstallation) of the ARK server program and the automatic updating of the server application when a new version is published.

scalacube Ark Server Hosting

Additionally, you may install additional maps, modifications, etc., through the control panel. The ARK server control panel is also where you give player rights and modify your server’s configuration parameters. You may also ban and unban players and IP addresses in this section.

  • Rust Server Hosting:

You can access your Rust server management panel when renting a Rust hosting server from us. This site allows you to operate your Rust server, modify configurations, restart it, etc.

scalacube Rust Server Hosting

The server control interface is loaded with features. The Rust server program may be updated, shut down, started, and continued.

The control panel contains all the necessary credentials for administering your rust server. This provides the Rust administrator password required to become a Rust administrator in-game. The control interface also offers extensive player management capabilities. You can prohibit users based on player name, IP address, etc., and unban them and modify their information.

  • Valheim Server Hosting:

Want to discover how to create Valheim server experiences for yourself and your friends? This popular sandbox game inspired by the Vikings has more than its fair share of fans and regular users.

Here are some advantages of Valheim server hosting if you’re interested in participating in this. 

scalacube Valheim Server Hosting

The control panel provides rapid access to a free domain with a fast setup. You will also have full access to files, mod and plugin support, and lag-free DDOS protection. Just a few steps are required to create your own Valheim gaming server. There is no prerequisite expertise for server management, and the control panel’s intuitive design enables you to do all necessary tasks.

  • Project Zomboid Server Hosting:

You should examine what they offer if you’re interested in operating your own Project Zomboid server. Playing with your friends is one of the significant benefits of online gaming, and engaging in hijinks with your buddies is excellent fun.

If you’re looking for Project Zomboid server hosting, you’ve come to the correct spot, as their system offers several advantages.

scalacube Project Zomboid Server Hosting

Using the hosting services provided by ScalaCube, you may instantly create Project Zomboid server chances for yourself and your friends. There are several advantages to doing so.

The servers you make with us will have no latency and be accessible at all times, allowing you to play with your friends whenever you choose. They are simple to use and provide comprehensive multiplayer features, so you’re set to start.

ScalaCube Features

  • Unlimited Traffic: ScalaCube offers unrestricted, limitless traffic and bandwidth that can support an infinite number of users.
  • Storage: Depending on how often they may need to access the data on their server, a user can select either traditional HDD storage or SSD storage.
  • Low Pinning Time: Ping time is a crucial component in online gaming. ScalaCube provides its customers with many server location choices, allowing them to choose the one that is geographically nearest to their nation. It dramatically enhances their overall game experience.
  • Plugin Support: ScalaCube allows the use of mod packs such as StoneBlock, FTB Infinity, SkyFactory, and several others and also encourages the use of existing plugins such as Sponge, Paper, Spigot, etc. It enables optimal personalization for each user and enhances their game experience.
  • Provides Complete Access to All Files: ScalaCube’s Minecraft hosting is powered by Ubuntu 18.04, a highly reliable and robust Linux distribution, and customers may monitor the servers in depth through the command line. Users may also use FTP, which enables the transmission of files, and MySQL.
  • Easy Navigation: ScalaCube has done an excellent job of making its control interface intuitive and easy to navigate. It encourages new users to explore more of the game world and learn new things. Transparency is maintained throughout.

ScalaCube Pricing and Buying Guide

Here is how you can buy services from ScalaCube – 

Step – 1: Go to the official website of ScalaCube from here, hover your mouse to ‘GAME HOSTING,’ and click on the one you wish to buy. 

ScalaCube Buying Guide step1

For now, I will go for ‘MINECRAFT SERVER HOSTING.’ 

Step – 2: Click on ‘View Full List of Plans.’

ScalaCube Buying Guide step2

Step – 3: Check out their plans. Choose one for yourself, and click on ‘Get your Server’.

ScalaCube Buying Guide step3

Step – 4: Choose the edition of your choice and click on ‘Next.’

ScalaCube Buying Guide step4

Step – 5: Choose a location and click on ‘Next’ again.

ScalaCube Buying Guide step5

Step – 6: You will have an option for a lot of servers; you can narrow down the search from here – 

ScalaCube Buying Guide step6

When you have chosen one, click on ‘Select.’ 

Step – 7: You can click on the ‘plus’ sign to add more servers and click on ‘Next.’

ScalaCube Buying Guide step7

Step – 8: Click on ‘Choose’ for one of their plans that you think would be the best for you and click on ‘Next.’

ScalaCube Buying Guide step8

Step – 9: Choose the server address and click ‘Next.’

ScalaCube Buying Guide step9

Step – 10: Check yes or no for these applications and click on ‘Next.’

ScalaCube Buying Guide step10

Step – 11: Fill up the signup details and click on ‘SIGN UP.’ Then click on ‘Continue.’ 

ScalaCube Buying Guide step11

Step – 12: Click on ‘PAY’.

ScalaCube Buying Guide step12

Step – 13: Choose the payment method of your choice and click on ‘PAY’.

ScalaCube Buying Guide step13

Complete the payment and enjoy ScalaCube hosting. 

ScalaCube Ease of Use

ScalaCube offers ten Minecraft VPS hosting options, nine Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition) VPS server plans, twelve Ark server hosting plans, four Rust server hosting plans, nine Hytale server hosting plans, and two Valheim server hosting plans.

This gaming server hosting options allow you to install unlimited slots on a single VPS server, depending on the maximum number of players your server can support. It indicates that your Minecraft server can smoothly accommodate a large number of people if the CPU power and RAM are sufficient.

Despite a focus on gaming, the web hosting plans include everything you would expect to find in a standard hosting service, including an intuitive Apache server, PHP, phpMyAdmin, MySQL, FTP, root access, and a control panel. Additionally, you get a free pre-designed website and discussion forum.

ScalaCube hosting enables you to choose between HDD and SSD storage devices and provides unmetered bandwidth. Scalacube offers a minimum of 99.9 percent availability, ensuring that your servers and company are always operational.

ScalaCube Customer Support

In several respects, ScalaCube’s customer service is inferior to its rivals. They are available 24/7 to solve any query you may have.  In contrast, carriers like Shockbyte and Apex provide continuous customer service around the clock.

In the era of live chat, you can only send a ticket for any issue through the control panel, which is quite depressing. Additionally, there is no phone assistance offered. There is a pre-purchase chat for server-specific inquiries only.

For this assessment of ScalaCube, I evaluated their pre-sale customer support. As long as it was within business hours, they responded in minutes.

If their restricted availability is not a deal-breaker for you, I can state that the customer service personnel are lovely and knowledgeable.

I have perused some online customer evaluations, and the agents have received astoundingly high acclaim. This is occasionally a hit-or-miss feature with service providers. I believe ScalaCube’s level of support will not let you down.

If you’re more of a do-it-yourselfer, you’ll find a wealth of information on their website. In addition, they offer a YouTube channel with well-narrated, easy-to-follow instructions. Everything from server configuration to mod installation is handled without technical expertise.

Why Do I Recommend ScalaCube?

  • Automated Backups: If your server crashes after several hours of modifying your Minecraft server, you must start from scratch. They do offsite backups of every Minecraft server regularly. ScalaCube can restore your server from these backups.
  • Ultra-Low Latency: Ask every online gamer what the most vital aspect of online games is, and they will respond, “ping.” The lower your latency, the quicker your server access and the more responsive the gaming will be. ScalaCube offers a variety of global server locations, allowing you to choose the one nearest to you for the lowest possible ping times.
  • DDoS protection: ScalaCube monitors proactively for DDoS assaults, even the tiniest ones, and then automatically takes actions to minimize the attack. This indicates that random DDoS assaults on public-facing servers will not render your server unavailable.
  • Applications: ScalaCube Minecraft Server Hosting Control Panel offers free management and administration of various services and applications. These include the whole LAMP stack of Apache, MySQL, and PHP. You also get access to an FTP server, RCON, and PHPMyAdmin, among other things.
  • Free Subdomain: Every server rented from ScalaCube includes a free subdomain of This enables connecting to your server easily for you and your players. If you have your top-level domain or want to purchase one from us, you may also use it.
  • 24/7 Servers & Support: ScalaCube places a premium on client service. They provide a live chat function accessible 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. No matter what assistance you need, it is never more than a brief talk away.
  • Mod & Plugin support: Using Paper, Sponge, Spigot, and Bukkit, you may experiment with every potential plugin available. You may construct your modpacks using the forge by merging your favorite modifications. You may also install famous modpacks such as SkyFactory, FTB Infinity, StoneBlock, and many more.
  • Full Access to Files: ScalaCube’s servers are all powered by Ubuntu 18.04, one of the most resilient and reliable Linux versions. You have complete access to the server, allowing you to administrate your server using their control panel and additional access services such as MySQL and transfer files via FTP.

FAQs On ScalaCube Review

Is ScalaCube’s VPS hosting worth it?

ScalaCube's VPS hosting is ideal for hosting Valheim, Rust, ARK, Hytale, and Minecraft servers as a dedicated gaming server provider. Over 1,000 click-to-install mod packs, such as Spigot and Fabric, are designed to be simply scalable and moddable.

Does ScalaCube offer free trials?

ScalaCube does not provide free trials for its commercial products. However, an accessible single-player server is available for testing. This free plan has no time restriction, but it can't be used to organize a Minecraft party, so it won't tell you how the servers will function with numerous players; you'll need to switch to a premium plan to find out.

How good is ScalaCube’s customer support?

ScalaCube's hosting service offers 24/7 customer support. I contacted them and it went really well. They seemed pretty informed and solved the query instantly. Also, their live chat works from 9 am to 5 pm (GMT +3 Time Zone).

How long does ScalaCube take to configure?

ScalaCube offers you a dedicated server that takes just 10 minutes for the configuration. It’s pretty quick.

Is ScalaCube laggy?

You should not feel any latency if you choose a server near your location. Before subscribing to a subscription plan, it is essential to test their servers using the free tier. ScalaCube lag is relatively uncommon.

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Conclusion: ScalaCube Review 2023

If you choose dependability and features above cost, this is one of the most acceptable alternatives available on the market. The majority of reviews for ScalaCube are good. 

ScalaCube’s free plan is ideal for anyone seeking to test the service or construct their first server. The premium plans provide a professional experience that may attract a larger player population to your server.

The somewhat higher-than-average price is justified by the exceptional performance characteristics, free website, forum, and bespoke ScalaCube Minecraft launcher. All of this is accompanied by an intuitive control interface and one-click installations.

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