Zerobounce vs Neverbounce 2023 : Ultimate Comparison

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ZeroBounce and NeverBounce are both email validation services that help keep your email list clean by verifying the validity of email addresses. They both have their pros and cons, so let’s take a closer look at each one.

Zerobounce vs Neverbounce 2023 : Ultimate Comparison

What Is ZeroBounce?

ZeroBounce is a US-based, renowned email verification service that is also one of the fastest-growing companies in the email verification industry.

Their API integration can validate any email addresses to stop unwanted signups and have clean email lists. Even they provide a well-managed API dashboard to look over the daily and monthly reports.

Zerobounce vs Neverbounce : Zerobounce

Their A.I. technology is beneficial to get the score of your email address that is identified as the catch-all but quite risky to send through A.I. scoring you get a proper idea of whether to send an email on each email address.

This technology allows you to determine how risky it is to send an email campaign to any given address. You can also see how likely it is to end up in the spam folder

What Is NeverBounce ?

NeverBounce is a bulk email list cleaning service provider. They offer standard email verification accuracy of 92%. Their pricing for 10K is $50, which is quite reasonable compared to QEV and ZeroBounce, who offer $60 and $65 respectively for 10K.

Zerobounce vs Neverbounce : NeverBounce

Their new Sync functionality is unique. This function automatically cleans your email list at Mailchimp and other similar services. They are GDPR compliant and follow the rigorous data security standards of the EU privacy policy. NeverBounce offers a money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with their service.

ZeroBounce Pricing

New ZeroBounce users have 100 free email reviews.

In the case of users after their registration, their e-mail validation services are essentially divided into lists:

Zerobounce review- pricing

For a price of $ 150, ZeroBounce offers 100,000 email reviews.
For a $ 250 plan, 250,000 email reviews are provided.
The $ 400 plan offers 500,000 email reviews.
The $ 770 plan offers 1,000,000 email validations.

ZeroBounce Pricing Plans

In addition, ZeroBounce provides several features, including detection of all domains, detection of email abuse and attachment to the email address of the gender, detection of email toxicity, and detection of email detection of disposable e-mails. Bounce detection It also provides an email validation API. ZeroBounce also offers an offer with 5,000 email reviews and $ 10.

You would also receive 25% more credits for free when you purchase pay as you go plan

ZeroBounce free credits

ZeroBounce Enterprise Plan

What do you get with business solutions?

SLA: 99.99% Guaranteed Availability When you use our email validation platform, you do not have to worry about performance. The service level agreement guarantees the availability of 99.99%. You can count on the availability and responsiveness of our e-mail auditor.

Customs agreements: We believe that trust is paramount. That’s what we’re looking for in alliances and what we suggest. Your corporate account contains a mutual confidentiality agreement that guarantees the confidentiality of our cooperation. In addition, with our personalized service level agreement, you can be sure that a developer will always help you in good time.

Zerobounce Review- Enterprise Plan

NeverBounce Pricing 

ZeroBounce offers both free and paid plans. Their free plan includes the email verification of up to 100 addresses per day, while their paid plans offer more features and unlimited verifications. You can see all of their pricing plans and features on their website.

NeverBounce pricing

Pay As You Go Rates     

Emails Price per email
up to 10,000 $0.008
up to 100,000 $0.005
up to 250,000 $0.004
up to 1,000,000 $0.003

Enterprise Packages 

over 1,000,000 Contact Us

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Conclusion : Zerobounce vs Neverbounce 2023

ZeroBounce is a little more expensive than NeverBounce, but it does offer some features that NeverBounce doesn’t, such as the ability to correct misspelled addresses. It also has a longer history and better reputation than NeverBounce.

NeverBounce is less expensive than ZeroBounce, and it offers more features than ZeroBounce, such as the ability to determine whether an email address is valid or not. However, it doesn’t offer the same level of accuracy or customer service as ZeroBounce.

So, which service should you choose? Well, that depends on your needs. If you’re looking for a more affordable option with more features, NeverBounce is a good choice. But if accuracy and customer service are important to you, ZeroBounce is the better option. Either way, you’ll be getting a top-quality email validation service.

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