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Zonbase is the one-stop shop for the tools and resources Amazon sellers need to automate processes, make data-driven decisions and grow profitable

Expert Product Analysis & Sales Estimates - The Best Tools To Sell And Succeed On AMZ. We've Helped Thousands of Sellers Grow Their Businesses Within

  • Mentorship
  • Photo Enhancer
  • Product Validator
  • PPC AutoPilot
  • PageOne
  • Review Tool and Kinetic PPC Tool
  • Product idea scoring and ranking
  • Market Intelligence Tool
  • Product Discovery Tool
  • Keyword Research Tools
  • Support you daily
  • Concentrate your search on the most lucrative goods
  • Database is updated hourly
  • Investigate the goods shown on Amazon's search results
  • Hot Products are those that rank in the Top 100
  • robust artificial intelligence system
  • 24 hours a day Support
  • comprehensive range of tools for launching a product
  • well-designed and intuitive solution
  • simple-to-use
  • More pricing options needed
  • volume of information might be daunting
  • learning curve might be high

Selling online, particularly on Amazon, entails intense rivalry. Profitability is a serious problem. Finding the most lucrative goods on Amazon is the first step toward earning money. Following that, you’ll need to do keyword research and improve your listings.

The issue is whether you have the time and expertise necessary to do these jobs efficiently.

Amazon Fulfillment by Amazon software and product research tools have evolved into indispensable resources for vendors. We examine two of the top Amazon research tools in this article: ZonBase and Viral Launch.

I’ll also assist you in determining which is the greatest option for your company. When comparing ZonBase with Viral Launch, it’s important to keep in mind that all three tools have a lot to offer. While having this many features is not required for everyone, it is for some.

Therefore, how do you decide which tool to use? Both of these instruments are one-of-a-kind. As a result, you may have a preference for one over the others. Generally, your selection will be determined by your requirements, budget, and other variables.

ZonBase Vs Viral Launch In 2024

ZonBase Vs Viral Launch-2024 Choose The Best Amazon Seller Tool

Why Do I Need Amazon Tools?

Amazon.com is a well-known marketplace for both suppliers and customers. It has developed its FBA solution to handle the suppliers’ rising requirements.

This solution allows manufacturers to use the platform’s robust distribution network and customer base to turn their business dreams become reality. It is one of the most recommended platform options for merchants.

FBA stands for “Satisfaction by Amazon.com,” which signifies that Amazon.com will maintain your products in stock, fulfill your orders, and also provide customer service.

To utilize the Amazon.com FBA service, you must first create an Amazon vendor account and add FBA to it. You must configure your service by the website’s recommendations.

Create your product listings and also provide or integrate your inventory information into the Amazon.com platform. Prepare the items that will be given and upload them to the Amazon.com warehouse.

When a customer places an order, Amazon.com Fulfillment by Amazon fulfills the purchase and also sends the customer the necessary shipment and monitoring information. Both merchants and consumers have access to 24/7 customer care.

As a seller, you will be without inventory management, packing, and shipping operations. This approach says it’s pretty extremely simple for you to begin.

Amazon’s enduring FBA model both supports and enables you to develop your business overseas. Additionally, if you are an Amazon.com Fulfillment by Amazon seller, you enjoy gratis delivery on purchases above $ 25 (publications) and additionally $ 49 (all other products).

Additionally, you will be authorized for the Amazon Prime program, which provides customers with unlimited either two-day shipping or complimentary one-day delivery.

In comparison to other order fulfillment centers, the Amazon.com FBA charge is more cost-effective. Additionally, the Amazon FBA program enables you to sell on a variety of networks.

You may sell on eBay, via your eCommerce store, or in a variety of other markets in addition to Amazon.

How much capital do you need to start selling on Amazon? This relies on a lot of different aspects nevertheless even if you have a tiny quantity of money (less than $500), you may obtain some things and also launch an Amazon FBA firm.

Start with a private account and then upgrade to a Pro account as your sales increase. Finding profitable things is critical, as is reinvesting your gains.

How exactly do you begin an Amazon FBA service? This article discusses this in detail and leads you through all of the necessary stages to being a successful Amazon FBA dealer.

If you’re just beginning your business, you’ve come to the right place to learn more about Amazon FBA. Let us begin.

While it is possible to begin without a gadget, the likelihood is that you will fall short. There are numerous competitors on Amazon.com these days, which is precisely why it is critical to utilize a powerful device.

Additionally, there are well over a hundred gadgets available, making it difficult to decide which one to use ZonBase vs Viral Launch

To my mind, you should employ a gadget that enables you to properly manage your firm. However, what is critical is that it provides 100 percent accurate information.

Finally, you do not want to spend money on a source of erroneous data. Such a gadget is essentially worthless. Therefore, if you’re interested in learning which Amazon vendor tools work best, you’ve come to the right place.

ZonBase Vs Viral Launch – Tools

Viral Launch Tools and What Viral Launch Offer

1. Review Tool and Kinetic PPC Tool:

Viral Launch Overview

The review tool forecasts the number of reviews that a proposed product will get. While Kinetic PPC assists you in automating your PPC campaign.

2. Product idea scoring and ranking:

This characteristic will decide if a product is worthwhile the effort and whether it will be sold.

3. Market Intelligence Tool:

viral launch Procduct Launch

It gathers data on a range of items and generates a reliable estimate of sales.

4. Product Discovery Tool:

You may use these tools to identify new market potential for your items. Additionally, you’ll get real-time updates on the catalogs accessible on Amazon.

5. Keyword Research Tools:

This function enables you to do a keyword search for your items. Additionally, you may monitor the analytics and statistics for certain terms.

ZonBase Tools and What ZonBase Offer

1. Mentorship:

Amazon specialists share their knowledge and skills to assist you in achieving success on Amazon.

2. Photo Enhancer: 

Enhance product photos to capture the attention of shoppers and boost sales.

3. Product Validator:

After selection, your products will be evaluated by experts.

4. PPC AutoPilot:

ppc autopilot zonbase

Automate your Amazon Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns

5. PageOne:

Show up on page one with these tools.

6. Listing Optimizer:

Increase conversions by optimizing listings.

7. Listify:

Optimize the impact of your product listing by including selected keywords.

8. Hot Products: 

Discover Amazon’s best-selling goods.

9. Reverse ASIN: 

Monitor your rivals’ keyword use to get a competitive advantage.

10. Keyword:

Utilize your Amazon product listings to their full potential by identifying the most successful keywords.

11. ZonTracker:

You can see how Amazon ranks for any term.

12. Sales estimator: 

Analyze how much your competitors sell on Amazon based on their ASINs.

13. Chrome Extension:

zonbase extension

This plugin will help you locate Amazon’s popular goods.

14. ZonResearch:

Discover niche-specific goods from Amazon’s over 20 million product catalog.

How ZonBase Can Help You Scale Your Business?

Scaling an AMZ firm is not as straightforward as it may seem on paper. New sellers are often brought back to reality when they find the amount of labor required.

The exhilaration that comes with a new company diminishes in the face of the hard responsibilities they have to complete.

Contrary to popular belief, you cannot just list things on Amazon and walk away. To begin, you’ll need to undertake product research to determine which goods are the greatest sellers.

Following that, the process of keyword research and listing optimization begins. These procedures are critical and cannot be disregarded. However, there is a good probability that you will be unable of carrying them out efficiently.

AMZ software may assist you in automating these tasks. Utilizing software ensures superior outcomes. Typically, the fork in the road occurs when it comes to selecting software that fits within your budget.

Certain vendors get irritated as a result of using pricey but inefficient tools. This implies that you face the danger of investing in software that serves no use yet is prohibitively expensive. To avoid this, you should use ZonBase.

The program has a robust collection of tools for doing product research. AMZ enterprises depend on more than this. As a result, ZonBase also provides keyword research and listing improvement tools.

Here are some ways ZonBase may assist you in scaling your company –

ASIN Zonbase

1. Run Automated Promotions: 

Amazon enables you to run sponsored advertisements. However, conducting promotions may be a burden, particularly for novice sellers who are unfamiliar with the process. Your best chance is to automate your PPC advertising.

At the moment, ZonBase’s PPC tools are the finest available. These solutions enable you to automate your PPC campaigns and get first-page rankings.

Apart from PPC advertising, try employing Google and Facebook advertisements to increase your exposure. Additionally, you may use social media to grow your following. This allows us the possibility of reaching a broader audience outside of Amazon. After that, you may lead them to your listings.

ZonBase offers more capabilities in addition to product research, keyword research, and listing tools. All of these technologies operate in tandem to ensure your success on AMZ.

2. Keyword Research: 

Keywords are critical when it comes to conversions. Increase your reach by ranking better for many keywords. Amazon’s algorithm mainly depends on keywords. By including relevant keywords in your listings, you may enhance your exposure and conversions.

You may improve listing performance by including an increasing number of high-converting keywords. ZonBase offers the optimal mix of tools for keyword research.

These tools will inform you of the terms for which your rivals rank. ZonBase will provide the optimal collection of keywords for your shop based on this information.

3. Create Well-Optimized Listings: 

After identifying profitable goods for your business, you’ll need to sell them. This is where listing creation comes into play. Generally, you may make listings with just a little understanding. However, listing optimization entails much more.

Listing optimization entails providing bullet points, headings, and descriptions in your listings. If you’re unfamiliar with the marketplace, you may find this a little confusing. Not to worry; ZonBase’s listing tools will take care of everything.

These tools assist you in creating well-optimized listings that include these components. You may also look out for your competitors’ listings and take inspiration from them.

4. Discover The Hottest Products On AMZ: 

If you lack the necessary items, achieving advancement on AMZ may be difficult. Therefore, if you are unsure how to locate lucrative items, ZB is your go-to tool. ZB provides you with excellent product research tools.

These tools take advantage of critical Amazon data to provide you with the best product suggestions. You cannot go wrong with software that makes product recommendations based on past sales. Additionally, what is there? The hot items feature provides you with a list of verified providers.

ZonBase Vs. Viral Launch: Pricing Comparison

ZonBase Pricing

Zonbase pricing plans features

ZonBase offers two pricing plans –

Standard Plan: This one will cost you $ 47 per month in case paid monthly and $ 37 per month in case paid yearly. This one will include –

  • 10 ZonResearch searches per day
  • 10 Keyword Base searches per day
  • 10 Reverse Keywords per day
  • 40 ZonTracker trackings per day
  • 40 Sales Estimator valuations per day
  • 10 Hot Products searches per day
  • 10 Listify searches per day

Legendary Plan: This one will cost you $ 97 per month in case paid monthly and $ 67 per month in case paid yearly. This one will include –

  • 250 Chrome Extension searches per day
  • 250 ZonResearch searches per day
  • 250 Keyword Base searches per day
  • 250 Reverse Keywords per day
  • 1000 ZonTracker trackings per day
  • 1000 Sales Estimator valuations per day
  • 250 Hot Products searches per day
  • 250 Listify searches per day

Keep in mind that they also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Viral Launch Pricing

Viral Launch Pricing

Viral Launch offers three pricing plans –

Essentials: This one will cost you $ 69 per month in case paid monthly and $ 58 per month in case paid yearly. This one will include –

  • Global data
  • Advice & guidance
  • Browser research extension
  • Keyword Search Volume
  • Amazon product filtering

Pro: This one will cost you $ 99 per month in case paid monthly and $ 83 per month in case paid yearly. This one will include –

  • Everything from the Essentials Plan
  • Listing health analysis
  • Rank tracking & alerts
  • SEO & listing optimization
  • Competitor monitoring
  • Use metrics like monthly revenue, historical sales, and price trends

Pro Plus Ads: This one will cost you $ 199 per month in case paid monthly and $ 166 per month in case paid yearly. This one will include –

  • Everything from the Pro Plan
  • Organic + PPC keyword tracking
  • 24/7 campaign monitoring & adjustments
  • Create & customize your automation
  • Detailed advertising analytics and data
  • Robust Amazon advertising platform

ZonBase Vs. Viral Launch Pros and Cons

ZonBase Pros and Cons

ZonBase Pros

  • Allow your coach to support you daily. They recall how difficult it may be to reach Page 1. Their professionals will assist you.
  • The Chrome Extension reveals the Amazon results page with a single click. It provides real-time sales predictions and data estimations.
  • Investigate the goods shown on Amazon’s search results page from a behind-the-scenes perspective.
  • Discover possible home-run goods that meet your business’s requirements and tastes by searching Amazon’s massive database.
  • Their database is updated hourly, guaranteeing that you get the most current data and make the most informed business choices possible.
  • Concentrate your search on the most lucrative goods. Select the product categories that are most appealing to you.
  • Utilize sophisticated filters to refine your search by price, number of reviews, average monthly units sold, and monthly income.
  • Hot Products are those that rank in the Top 100 Most Gifted on Amazon and have a growing sales trend and less than 30 reviews: the ideal mix of strong demand and minimal competition.
  • The Hot Goods feature provides further information about these popular products, including their price, sales history, and several reviews.
  • They provide a comprehensive 20-point report card. Their expertise eliminates the possibility of making a bad product selection.
  • Their Introduction Managers have years of expertise and have been responsible for the launch of hundreds of products.
  • You are not required to make an educated prediction about the quantity of inventory to order for your initial product. By estimating the typical monthly sales of a product, you can eliminate the uncertainty associated with inventory forecasting and ensure a successful product launch.
  • Discover how many units your top rivals on page one sell in a month.
  • Calculate the number of units you’ll need to sell to leapfrog your competition and reach page one.
  • They estimate a product’s typical monthly sales. Calculate the number of goods you might sell in a day and determine if the product is worth investing in.

ZonBase Cons

  • More pricing options needed

Viral Launch Pros and Cons

Viral Launch Pros

  • Viral Launch is a rather robust artificial intelligence system that gathers and analyzes data on your behalf.
  • Viral Launch’s customer support service is very attentive and approachable. You can reach them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Viral Launch provides a comprehensive range of tools for launching a product. You may use them to find good prospects and then jump right in.
  • Viral Launch as a whole is a well-designed and intuitive solution.
  • There are various more services available from Viral Launch to ensure that your campaigns are handled by true specialists.
  • Viral Launch is a simple-to-use chrome addon for doing product research.
  • Viral Launch is a full-stack solution that integrates several useful features into a single platform.
  • The keyword research tool gives in-depth information about keywords.

Viral Launch Cons

  • For newbies, the volume of information created by a viral launch might be daunting.
  • While Viral Launch has a slew of tools to aid in product discovery and launch, it falls short in terms of capabilities to aid in the following selling process.
  • For novices, the learning curve might be high.

FAQs- ZonBase Vs Viral Launch

🤷‍♂️How does ZonBase PPC Autopilot service work?

PPC autopilot automates the process of managing Amazon's insanely profitable campaigns. The solution makes use of cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning to continually automate campaigns 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

💁‍♂️How does the ZonBase ranking service work?

ZonBase simply uses technology that is compliant with Amazon's Terms of Service and the most cutting-edge strategies to elevate the firm from obscurity. They will promote you to the front page of Google for the most crucial keywords associated with your HIGHEST Number. Additionally, they use a mix of launch-specific PPC and 'SFB' technology to promptly grade your offer, or they will refund your money!


Conclusion- ZonBase Vs Viral Launch-2024

ZonBase is an excellent software for those of you who are new to Amazon FBA and also selling on Amazon in general, but also for more seasoned sellers, as it includes some exceptional complimentary offers.

Such as training calls and also autopilot PPC, that can truly assist you to take your business to the next level.

The software program is inexpensive, practical, and simple to use, and it will likely provide you an advantage over the competition and also assist you to save a substantial amount of money and effort over time by indicating things worth selling, search terms worth pursuing, and so on.

There is no doubt that ZonBase is a very strong, incredibly durable product, as this ZonBase study should have shown.

The product’s creators have gone above and above to create gadgets that operate, are simple to use, and can interact with and be used in conjunction with one another.

If you’re interested in promoting your goods on Amazon, there’s a good chance that you’ll find anything useful in this software program.

Additionally, the software application has a great help team and a large number of satisfied clients and evaluations, implying that you will not be disappointed with the quality, as is the case with many various other “churn and burn” software application organizations and services.

Overall, this is a victory.

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